Ukraine Import Data of Hydraulic Motor | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hydraulic Motor

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hydraulic motor collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hydraulic motor imports.

Hydraulic Motor Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hydraulic Motor

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hydraulic motor. Get Ukraine trade data of Hydraulic Motor imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178708949998"1. Parts of the steering domotornyh vehicles stalevineshtampovani not for promyslovohoskladannya to s / h tractors: 70-3400020 hydraulic booster, 10pcs. 70-3401050-B-VAL 1am. 70-3401074-B-shaft steering 3pc. 85- 3401175 VAL-2 pcs. 50-3405026 adjusting bush-3pc. 50-3405041 bushings, 2 pcs. 50-3405047 shaft 10sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk OAO "" BZTDyA "" Trademark BY BZTDyAKrayina production. "BELARUS0UA504170821.6662296.801233 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby of vulcanized rubber (not porous), except tverdoyi.Komplekt cylinder seals sprayers D-30-16-220-610-2sht, catalog number 948184, sealing ring filtraridyny 160,00X7,20-5sht sprayers, by number 936310 directory, cylinder seals sprayers Set-1pc, pokatalohu number 948003, cylinder seals sprayers Set-1pc, catalog number 948035, Set uschilnenhidrotsylindra sprayers D-30-16-220-610-2sht, pokatalohu number 948184, valve sealing ring opryskuvacha4,34h3,53-40sht, № catalog FC378, Set-5pcs uschilnenhidrotsylindra sprayers, № on cat alohu FE045, sealing kit hydraulic motor sprayers, 2 pcs, № catalog FE049, valve sealing ring Sprayers X 14 2,5-50sht, № catalog FC001, sealing ring filter liquid sprayers 76,00X5,50-1sht, № catalog FC204. Brand-AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG, torh.marka-AMAZONE. .GERMANY0UA4000300.729607.2055642
28/Apr/201784129040001. Parts of motor vehicles: TVH / 11740321 hydraulic cylinder head - 1sht.Vykorystovuyetsyau forklifts navantazhuvachah.Vsoho 1sht.Torhova mark - TOTAL SOURCE.Vyrobnyk - TOTAL SOURCE..Krayina production - Japan. .JAPAN0UA1010500.95890.97694202
28/Apr/20178425420000"1.Pidiymach hydraulic motors for the dismantling of automobiles", "BMW", "service station, art.81222184136-1sht; trademark -" "BMW", "Manufacturer - Concern" "BMW" "."GERMANY1UA1002108905085.237716
28/Apr/201784212900001. Parts of motor vehicles: L25 / F42650010 hydraulic filter, new forklifts 20sht.Vykorystovuyetsyau navantazhuvachah.Vsoho 20sht.Torhova mark - TOTAL SOURCE.Vyrobnyk - TOTAL SOURCE.Krayina production - Republic of Korea. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1010508.74180.0097343
28/Apr/20178705908090"1.Motornyy first vehicle specifically use (specially designed to accommodate a variety of devices that provide the ability to perform vyznacheninetransportni function). Self-propelled agricultural sprayers, PANTERA4502 in configuration" "H" "art.ZUA00047, 1shtuka, Brand: AMAZONE; Model: PANTERA4502 appointment, for spraying agricultural fields spodarskyh, car number: PAP0000462, capacity: 2mistsya vklachayuchy driver, engine number: 11996176, engine type: diesel, new, calendar year, 2017, model year: 2017; devices that enable you konuvaty determined not transport functions: Irrigating machine equipment skladayet be with folding design, the tank dlyarobochoho solution tank clean water tank for washing ruk.Postavlyayetsya chastkovov unassembled. In completing one self-propelled sprayer Pantera 4502v configuration "" H "" (art. ZUA00047 number) includes: labels and instructions zekspluatatsiyi ma Ying (art.№947057), a standard cabin (art .№947243) standard nahidravlika (art.№ 941,820), automatic control system (art.№941824) pidviskaz height adjustment to gauge 1800-2400mm (art. №945010) koleso320 / 90R54 BKT LI155B di ametr ET 80-4sht 1948mm (art.№LE470 + 75), wing kolisshyryna 2,55m (art.№94181 4), comfort package 1 (art.№941815) Armat cheers upravlinnyaTG (art.№936535) AMAPAD control unit (art.№100250), stickers and instruktsiyiz using the device manufacture ruvannya (art.№945589) rod SUPER-L2 36m (art.№101186) ISOBUS wiring package for Pantera (art.№941937) UV Protective takozh (art.№947352), hydraulics package Profi 2 (art.№928148) headlight lighting on cabine niXenon (art.№941517), suction hose 3 "," 230 8m (art .№941957), filter and check valve, hose 3 "" 8m (art.№ 941,958) centralized lubricating system (art.№941 959) LED-backlight cable each sunky odds for bars Super-L (art.№945604) LED-lighting S + LEAN UX / PAN for SUPER-S (art.№948305), the system of external co ntrolyu (art.№ 941038), nozzles AirMix110-02 -72sht (art.№ZF1050) nozzle AirMix 110-03 -72sht (art.№ZF1052) forsunkyAir Mix 110-05 -72sht (art.№ZF1054) sticker "" 40 "" (art.№941534) systemaDistance-Cont rol plus ISOBUS for UX / Pantera with Super-L (art.№101413) servisnaknyzhka, instructions manual Exposure Pantera, cranes shorten ting the last section (art.№947226), with AMADRIVE array management, supply line 36m (art.№928419), remote control (art .№941934) Protective caps on the wheels (art.№104066) divider oslynnoyi weight (art.№104050) .Vyrobnyk: AMAZONEN-WERKE H.Dreyer GmbH & Co.KGKrayina production: DETorhovelna brand: AMAZONE "GERMANY1UA10011011200238219.8221
28/Apr/201784254200001.Domkraty hydraulic motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): hidravlychnyy jack with handle vzbori 264158904003-8sht, hidravlychnyydomkrat knob vzbori 264158904003-8shthidravlychnyy jack with handle vzbori 264158904003-8sht, hidravlychnyydomkrat with handle vzbori 264158904003-8shtVyrobnyk TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN. .INDIA32UA112080102.4375.9854498
28/Apr/201787089390981.Zapasni parts for motor vehicles: cylinder with hydraulic clutch bearing bearings, art.: LPR3220 - 6 shttsylindr clutch art.: LPR2191 - 1 shtTorhovelna mark LPRVyrobnyk LPRSRIKrayina production IT.ITALY0UA4000302.68210.7319701
27/Apr/201740092200001. Spare parts for construction equipment Volvo: - hose assembly for motorized road graders Volvo, desks number: VOE 12742060 - 1 shtuka.Yavlyaye a product of vulcanized rubber, reinforced steel filament having fittings for connection. Set in the hydraulic system autograder Volvo. .UNITED STATES0UA7000401.16113.2733102
27/Apr/20173811210000"1.Hotovi additive for technical oils containing mineral oil (hydrocarbons) obtained from bituminous minerals, not containing molybdenum disulphide and ozone-depleting substances: VISCOPLEX 4-677 - 3500kh. (20 yr. Barrels), is a rozchynpolialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineral oil bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 7%, is a thickening and depression etc. ysadkoyu for motornyhmastyl; VISCOPLEX 0-409 - 1400kh. (8 met.bochok) is a rozchynpolialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineral oil bit uminoznoho origin, contents oil 30%, is zahu uvalnoyu additive for oils ansmisiynyh May; VISCOPLEX 1-810 - 2100kh. (12 yr. barrels), is a rozchynpolialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineral oil bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 40%, is a thickening and depression etc. ysadkoyu for motornyhmastyl, hydraulic s transmission fluids and lubricating ma Steel; VISCOPLEX7-610 -700kh. (4 yr. barrels), is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in Saints eral oil bituminous origin, oil content 30% yavlyayetsyazahuschuvalnoyu additive for hydraulic oils. VISCOPLEX 8-450 - 1400kh. (6met. Barrels), is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineralnomumasli bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 30% is to guide zahuschuvalnyuprysadkoyu ravlichnyh oils; VISCOPLEX 1-393 - 2800kh. (16 met.bochok) is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) in mineralnomumasli bit uminoznoho origin oil content of 40% is depresiynoyuprysadkoyu gns for motorcycle, hydraulic and transmission perfumer l; VISCOPLEX 12-709- 1400kh. (8 met.bochok) is a solution polialkilmet acrylate (PAMA) vmineralnomu bituminous oil source, oil content 30% yavlyayetsyazahuschuvalnoyu liquid additive to automatic transmissions, Producer - Evonik Oil Additives GmbH.Torhivelna mark - Evonik.Krayina production - DE. "GERMANY0UA1001101330059473.89841
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Product Description
"1. Parts of the steering domotornyh vehicles stal.........
HS Code 8708949998Value 2296.801233
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 821.666
Origin Country BELARUS

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