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Hum Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hum

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20173814009090"1. orhanichni complicated solvents to remove paints and varnishes: -" "Solvent coatings and Guy dratnyh jams" "- 21,000tn., Isa mixture of alcohols (methyl mercury sleep 94% isobutyl alcohol 6%), TU 2421-040 -49007700-2017 designed for word, industrial use in the vydalennyal akofarbovoho coating of metal, wood, stone, plastic and humovyhpoverhon also used as a solution nick hydrates vuhlevodnyhhaziv. POSTACh etsya not ayerozolniy bulk package, not mistytozonoruynivnyh substances, drug tation means and precursors .Vyrobnyk: OOO "" The first Natsyonalnaya Group "" Trademark: no dannyhKrayina production: RU. "RUSSIA0UA807120210009148.799126 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/201730021095001. Medical products for in vitro diagnostic use as reference material for the proper functioning yakyyneobhidnyy (calibration) manual and automatic diagnostic analyzers and control vymiryuvan.Vyhotovlenyy from stabilized human blood (containing: stabilized human eretrotsyty treated and stabilized trombotsytopodibni components) .1975005 Multykalibrator HF Man 5x5 ml LINEAR -5 pieces. 1,980,005 Multykontrol 5x5 ml normal human LINEAR -7 pcs., Lipids Control 1972010 man 3x3 ml -1 units. .SPAIN0UA1251001.5774.5094026
30/Apr/20177096010001.Perets sweet fresh genus Capsicum, intended for human consumption: Pepper sweet GREEN-480kh. (96kor), Sweet Pepper YELLOW-600kh. (120kor), sweet pepper Red-1920kh. (384kor) Net weight 3000kg net, Trademark: vidsutnyaKrayina production: NL.NETHERLANDS0UA10012030003959.999854
30/Apr/20172701129000"1.VUHILLYA STONE tar" "TOMSSH" "0-50mm. (Mark T), not coke, net weight - 69500KH.HARAKTERYSTYKY: Limit LETKYHRECHOVYN OUT - 13.4%, ash content - 13.6%, humidity - 5.8% sulfur content - 0.33% WORKING calorific value 6872 kcal / kg, is used in the energy industry as fuel for the boiler USTANOVOK.KRAYINA PRODUCTION - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA805130695005281.999821
30/Apr/20172701190000"1.Vuhillya stone mark D, sub DV, CT ordinary LCD 1689-1-2012.Neahlamerovane.Rozfasovano bags fraction 40-80 Q (calorific value robochohopalyva) 4850. Ad (ash dry weight) - 10.30% W (humidity labor weight) -19.60% S (mass fraction of sulfur) - 0.50 for the needs naselennya.Vyrobnyk: TOO "" Maykuben- West "" Trademark: no danyhKrayina production: KZ. "KAZAKISTAN0UA8051301335807570.729933
30/Apr/20173002200000"1.Vaktsyny for people INDIRAB Rabbies Vaccine BP / INDIRAB antyrabichnaochyschena vaccine, inactivated, lyophilized, produced in Vero cell culture in the form of" "in bulk" "- 1flakon of lyophilized powder and solvent for 1ampula of 0.5 ml. (Sodium chloride solution for injections 0.3%) in plastic pen in a pack of kortonu.forma release: dried poroshokdlya solution for others "" injections not less than 2.5m / dose and solvent-24960 packing. (Ser.№62AN17001V-14911up shelf life 12 / 2019.Ser.№62AN17002V-10049up, expiration date 12/2019.) Active substance: 1flakon (1 dose (0.5 ml.) Recycled st vaccine) contains: inactivated rabies virus, stamp PM, made the culture of Vero menshe2,5MO.Dopomizhni not matter: thiomersal (preservative) -0.01% maltose, 5% albumin-1% human .Medychne purpose: production finished dosage form of medical immunobiological preparatu.Rozchynyk (62AZ16014 shelf life in 08/2020.). "INDIA0UA125100124884864.0001
30/Apr/20178061010001.Vynohrad fresh table, nekonservova nny, untreated, open ground, no purpose for indirect human consumption: Grapes fresh SortDauphine-810kh. (180kor), fresh grapes, variety Crimson-810kh. (180kor) Chystavaha net 1620kh, Trading brand: vidsutnyaKrayina production: ZA.SOUTH AFRICA0UA10012016202689.200098
29/Apr/201730029090001.Modyfikovani immunological products including obtained from zastosuvannyambiotehnolohiy do not contain animal blood, contain in their composition kulturmikroorhanizmiv (including live pathogenic bacteria, fungi and virusivroslyn), not containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors not intended to control blood sugar levels are not tests for vyznachennyavahitnosti intended for in vitro diagnostic or research diagnostic -Reahenty: Control BD (tm) Multi-Check // BD (tm) Multi-Check Control (1h2,5ml) for in vitro diagnostic use, art.: 340911-1sht. VyznachennyaCD4 human agents labeled with PE-Cy (tm) 5 // PE-Cy (tm) 5 labeled anti-human CD4 (100testiv) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, Art.: 555341 -2sht. Reagents for determination of human CD56 labeled ER // HUCD56, PE (100 tests) only for research (RUO), not for usein in vitro diagnostics, art.: 555516-1sht. Reagents for determination of CD69, micheniFITC // FITC labe led anti-mouse CD69 (Very Early Activation Antigen) (0.1) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, art.: 557392-1sht. Reagents CD11b / Mac-1 human micheniPE // Mouse Anti-Human CD11b / Mac-1 PE (100 tests), scientificresearch only (RUO), not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 555388-1sht. Reagents for determination of CD33, labeled with FITC // FITC labeled anti-human CD33 (100testiv) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, art.: 555626-1sht. A set of reagents BD (tm) for vyznachennyaHLA-B27 // BD (tm) HLA-B27 kit (50 tests) for in vitro diagnostic use, art.: 340183-1nab. Reagent BD Simultest (tm) LeucoGATE (tm) for vyznachennyaSD45 / CD14 // BD Simultest (tm) LeucoGATE (tm) (CD45 / CD14) Reagent (50 tests), dlyain vitro diagnostic art.: 342408-1sht. Reagents for determination of CD83, micheniAPC // APC labeled anti-human CD83 (100 tetiv) only for research (RUO), not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 551073-1sht. Reagents determine the CD86, labeled PerCP-Cy5.5 // HU CD86 PerCP-Cy5.5 (50 tests), only dlyanaukovyh research (RUO), not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 561129-1sht. Reagents for research streptavidin-phycoerythrin (SAv-PE) // Streptavidin-Phycoerythrin PE (0.5 mg) only for research (RUO), nedlya use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 554061-1sht. 7 Aminoaktinomitsyn D (7AAD) // AAd 7 (2 mL) for research only (RUO) Not for use vin vitro diagnostics, art.: 559925-1sht. A set of reagents MitoScreen Kit (JC-1) // MitoScreen Kit (JC-1) (100 tests) only for research (RUO) Not for use in in vitro diagnostics, art.: 551302-1sht. Reagents determine the CD22, labeled PE // PE labeled Mouse Anti-Human CD22 (100 tests) only for research (RUO), not for use in vitrodiahnostytsi, art.: 562859-1sht. Reagent BD Simultest (tm) for vyznachennyaCD3 / CD4 // BD Simultest (tm) CD3 / CD4 Reagent (50 tests) for in vitro diagnostics andUNITED STATES0UA1251000.20762324.997807
29/Apr/201740169997901.Humka of nonporous, vulcanized rubber designed dlyastyahuvannya plastic bag on the wires zkontaktamy, non-medical purposes. art.999993003 Eraser - 360000sht. .CHINA0UA40303060.12321.2072801
29/Apr/20178081080901.Plody forth meat Fresh apples, harvest 2016 species Malus Domestica L, Class II, bezHMO suitable for human consumption in SZAMPION-grade 20280kh.Ne in pervynniyupakov tsi.Torhivelna mark is absent. The country yrobnytstva PL. .POLAND0UA209200202806286.799822
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ-підприємство ""ПРОДМАШСТРОЙ"""
Importer Address
93402,Луганська обл,м.Сєвєродонецьк вул.Маяковського,2-В, Україна
Exporter Name "ООО ""Первая Национальная Группа"""
Product Description
"1. orhanichni complicated solvents to remove pain.........
HS Code 3814009090Value 9148.799126
Quantity 0Unit UA807120
Net Weight 21000
Origin Country RUSSIA

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