Ukraine Import Data of Hub Port | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hub Port

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hub port collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hub port imports.

Hub Port Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hub Port

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hub port. Get Ukraine trade data of Hub Port imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178708409998"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for sobiv.Chastyny ​​gearbox stalevin is pressed for a / m total assign ting, carrying less 75tonn not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles of transportation: 21083170115800shesternya 5th transmission secondary shaft - 8 pieces, 21070170105000 shesterenpromizhnoho shaft power transmission - 4 pieces, 21080170116410 ring blokuyuchesinhronizatora - 60sht, 21083170113300 hub gears - 40sht, 21100170308800rukoyatka lever perdach - 12p, Manufacturer - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "". Country of origin - RU.Torhivelna mark - LADA.. "RUSSIA0UA80720023.84440.7216434 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178703901090"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car designed for transportation of people been uvykorystanni brand - BMW model - i3 REX - 1am, body number (VIN) WBY1Z4C53EV274715 engine room - no data type engine - electric, engine power - 125kVt, additionally equipped Petrol charging the main battery - rob.ob'yem 647sm3 sitting, vklyuchayuchymistse driver - 5 calendar year -2014, vyhotovlennya- 2014 model year, body type - a hatchback. axle configuration - 4x2. conclusion According eksperta№t532 / 17 from 28.04.2017r .: no vehicle on the move: Has poshkodzhe ting mehanichnohoharakteru, be replaced - Bumper front panel left front bumper panel lower front bumper, insert the left front bumper, povitroprovidperedniy, duct bottom duct center bottom wing liveperednye, pidkrylok front left, cover the left front bumper, lining the outer door front left, facing the outer door zadnihlivyh, region ytsyuvannya outer left rear sidewall left cover threshold, the left panel threshold, facing left threshold radiator conditioner, vodyanyyradiator, side airbags left, side airbags head left, reminbezpeky left the front wishbone front left, stud amortyzatoraperedniy left, steering knuckle left front, drive wheels front left, steering pull left, facing roof beam front axle, the bottom kozhuhradiatora, left radiator bracket, facing the front floor. Tehnolohichnazamina: compacting the lower door front left, sealing the bottom dvereyzadnih left, the film door left, steering sensor side livyypodushky safety latch belt left, mounting kit vazhelyalivoho buffer front left, hub bearings front left, steering tyahaprava, device management airbags , antifreeze, frion. Provestyperevirku necessary to make the diagnosis of TS, check the frame body. In zoniushkodzhen possible hidden defects. A complete list of spare parts, repair work on the painting reproduced as an annex to the conclusion №t532 №1 / 17 of 28.04.2017r.Torhovelna Brand: BMW.Vyrobnyk: Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.Krayina production: DE. "GERMANY1UA8071901389.817449.999817
28/Apr/20178708409998"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for sobiv.Chastyny ​​gearbox stalevin is pressed for a / m total assign ting, carrying less 75tonn not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles of transportation: art.236-1701478-Bkorpus cuffs - 7sht; art.238M-1701009-40 sump gearbox - 2 pcs; art.201.1721416 gasket (gear case, steel) - 14sht; art.201-1701035 gasket 0.2 mm - 10 pieces; art.238M-1721382-11 tortsevesonyachnoyi ring gear ( PPC) - 5pcs, art.238-1701280 clutch rear gait -2sht; art.238M shaft-1701105 (PPC) secondary - 5pcs, art.238-1701121-10 vtulkashesterni (PPC) - 5pcs, satellite art.202.1721330-50 axis (demultyplikatora PPC) -6sht; art.236-1702027 2.3 plug switching transmission - 4 pieces; art.236-1701127shesternya 2nd transmission - 8 pieces; art.236N- 1701056-A gear position. touched - 16sht; 1,701,053 art.236U-5 gear transmission - 4 pieces; art.236U-1701129 gear 5 yiperedachi - 3pc, art.236-1701131 3rd gear transmission - 16sht; art.236- Bval intermediate-1701048 (CP) - 6 pieces; art.236-1701057 gear drive PTO (PPC) - 2 pcs; art.236-1702033 plug switch gears 4.5 - 10pc; art.238A-1701131 3rd gear transmission - 12p; art.236-1701082-B Block of gears -6sht; art.239.1701027-10 primary shaft - 1am; art.236-1701135 hub gears 3peredachi - 9sht; art.236-1701151-A synchronizer 4 th -5 th transmission - 16sht; art.239.1701150 synchronizer (PPC) - 1pc; art.336.1701151 synchronizer (PPC) - 1pc; art.236N-1702114 gear lever - 2 pcs; art.236-1701476 Bkorpus-cuffed - 1am; art.236U-1702121-B support gear lever -3sht; art.238-1722050-B plug switching mechanism (PPC) - 5pcs, art.236-1701040-A2 pervychnoho cap bearing shaft (PPC) - 6 pieces, Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - YaMVyrobnyk - PAO "" Autodiesel "" "RUSSIA0UA807200772.0367072.110894
28/Apr/20178708409998"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for sobiv.Chastyny ​​gearbox stalevin is pressed for a / m total assign ting, carrying less 75tonn not for the industrial assembly of motor vehicles of transportation: secondary shaft (PPC) 21100170110500-2sht, secondary shaft 21230170110500-20sht gearbox, clutch slip 21010170111600-24sht synchronizer rings blocking (shesterniKPP) 21010170116400-10sht, first gear transmission 21050170111000-1sht, kiltsyablokuyuchi (gears PPC) 21010170116400-90sht ring lock sinhronizatora21080170116410-10sht, 5th gear vtoryna transmission shaft 212301701 15410-17sht, hub gears 21083170113300-10sht rod 21080170207100-2sht switching fork, synchronizer 5th Lane. 21083170115210-4sht rod selection peredach21080170302401-10sht rod plugs 21080170207100-4sht switch rod vylkyperemykannya 21080170206000-15sht, shift knob peredach21100170308800 -20sht manufacturers - JSC "" AVTOVAZ "," Trade mark - LADA, Country of origin - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA80720094.1761389.561242
28/Apr/201784322100001. Disc harrow Horsch Joker 8 RT Classic -1 units. Art. 28001800, new rikvypusku 2017, serial number 28181606, Working width 7500 mm. Number of disks 60 pcs. Diameter of disc 520 mm. Disc Thickness 6 mm. The angle drive 17 hradusiv.Katok DoppelRollPack diameter of 550 mm. Hub discs not potrebuyutobsluhovuvannya. Protecting disks with rubber shock absorber. Trailer coupling, coupling loop diameter of 50 mm. Wheel size chassis 400 / 60-15.5. Supporting kolesa19.0 / 45-17. Zhystu frame system overload SoftRide. Nozhovyypoperedu drum diameter 300 mm, 6 knives, hydraulic and press a defense. Need an effort vtyahlovomu 175-235 / 240-320 kW / hp In partially disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya.Torhovelna mark: Horsch. Company manufacturer: Horsch Maschinen GmbHKrayina production: de.GERMANY1UA1252808442.92354301.94813
27/Apr/20178708999798"1.Zapasni parts for tractors: art.52-2301058 swing axle MTZ 82, 900, 100 (2323866932) -240sht; art.40-3001022 front bush bar. MTZ, UMZ (2330898817) -960sht ; art.70-4202026 axis satellita MTZ PTO (2342898821) -100sht; art.50-4605049 finger traction mechanism gear control back. Johnston (2346898827) -900sht; art.F50-4605084 finger gear control mechanism rear. MTZ lower (2346898830) -2000sht; art.50-4605068-B1 hub axle fur. gear control back. Johnston (puck) (2346898832) -1000sht; art.50-4605100-B plug bracing MTZ 012 < control> (2346898833) -300sht; art.80-4607075 NSH32A3 pipe-A-R80 MTZ (2347809346) -150sht; Trademark - DKVyrobnyk - NINGBO EASTPOWER IMPORT & EXPORT CO., LTD. "CHINA0UA4010502302.83751.069056
27/Apr/20178482400000"1.Zapasni of the passenger and / m" "PEUGEOT" "" "CITROEN" ": - bearing supports the drive shaft (roller, needle), Art. 3247 03 - 20 pcs. - rear hub bearing needle roller, art. 3748 94 - 2 pcs. - rear hub bearing needle roller, art. 3748 A1 - 2 pcs., trademark: PEUGEOT CITROEN brand: PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN AUTOMOBILES Country of origin: FR. "FRANCE0UA1001105.05353.280071
27/Apr/201787087091001.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport means, wheel hubs, sutsilnovyly ones as stars of ferrous metals, which are designed to motornyhtransportnyh SAG obiv (for cars): Hubs front art.517501J000 -2sht. Hubs front / rear / art. 517502B010FFF -1sht. Stupytsazadnyaya (with bearings) (with ABS) art. 527103X000-1sht. Zadnyaya hub (with bearings) (with ABS) art. 527500U000 -1sht. Trademark: HYUNDAI MOBIS.Krayina production: KR.Vyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525013.1750.62793929
27/Apr/201784824000001.Pidshypnyky needle roller bearings which desig acheni for motor vehicles (passenger cars): Bearing art. 4332923010 -1sht. Bearing art.47313H1000 -2sht. Bearing art. 4737039010 -4sht. Release bearing art.4142139275 -2sht. 4142123010 Release bearing art. 4142132000 -5sht. Pidshypnykzadnoyi hub art. 527201F000 -2sht. Bearing front hub art.51720FD000 -4sht. Bearing support art. 546123S050 -6sht. Bearing oporyamortyzatora art. 546124D000 -2sht. Bearing primary shaft CPR art. 4322323000-2sht. Bearing intermediate shafts art. 491304A400 -2sht. Bearing stupytsiperedniy art. 5172002000 -14sht. Bearing front hub art. 517202D100-1sht. Podshipnik front stupytsы art. 517202J001 -1sht. Podshipnik stupytsыperednyy (yholchatыy) art. 0K01133152-2sht. Cup shock zadneho lion art. 0K9A228390A -4sht. Cup amortyzatorazadneho builds art. 0K2NA28380A -4sht. Cup shock peredneho art.0K20134390B -6sht. Cup shock peredneho art. 546104D001-4sht. Cup shock front art. 546103A200 -4sht. Cup amortyzatoruperednoho art. 546102C000 -2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBISKrayina production: KRVyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBISKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525042.58233.3505937
27/Apr/201787087091001.Chastyny ​​and devices are motor transport means, wheel hubs, sutsilnovyl yti as the stars of ferrous metals, which are designed to motornyhtransportnyh SAG obiv (for cars): Hubs front art.513003E200 -1sht. Hubs front art. 513003E200 -2sht. Zadnyaya hub (spodshypnykom) (with ABS) art. 527103X000 -1sht. Zadnyaya hub (with bearings) (with ABS) art. 527500U000-2sht.Torhovelna brand: HYUNDAI MOBIS.Krayina production: KR.Vyrobnyk: HYUNDAI MOBIS. .KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1252505.7352.51030544
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Hub Port Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
Україна,62495,Харк.обл,Харк.р-н, смт.Васищеве,вул.Промислова,1
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""ЕВРОЦЕНТР-ГАРАНТ"""
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to vehicles for sobi.........
HS Code 8708409998Value 440.7216434
Quantity 0Unit UA807200
Net Weight 23.84
Origin Country RUSSIA

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