Ukraine Import Data of Hub Brakes | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hub Brakes

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hub brakes collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hub brakes imports.

Hub Brakes Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hub Brakes

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hub brakes. Get Ukraine trade data of Hub Brakes imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
07/Apr/20178716909090"1. Parts to avtomobilnohoprychepa not for promyslovohoskladannya: SAF2 34343639000000 * P / k valuhalmivnoho SK9042 / 11242, SK1000-100sht.SAF2 34343814000000 * P / k napravlyayuchyhsuporta brake KNORR SB / SN-25sht.SAF2 30050173010000 housing zahysnyyhalma SNK 420-12sht .SAF2 30570077010000 Set kolodokdyskovoho brakes KNORR 22,5 "" (SB / SN7) -40sht.SAF2 30570085010000 disk brake pads Set KNORR 22,5 "" (SK7) -40sht.SAF2 33040102020000 hub cover B (I) / S (I ) / Z (I) -10sht.SAF2 33073043020000 wheel Hubs in collecting -6sht.SAF2 33073056030000 wheel Hubs to collect B (10 srub) -4sht.SAF2 33073045020000 wheel Hubs in collecting INTEGRAL serii B (10 srub) -3sht.SAF2 33073030020000 Nave count self in gathering with bearings - SKRB 9019/9022 (10srub) -6sht.SAF2 34343650000000 Wheel Hubs with bearings in the assembly SKRB 9019/9022 (HUBUNIT) -45sht.SAF2 34343820000000 R / c napryavlyayuchyh brake caliper KNORR SN / SK-100sht.VKT2 662101109K Shkvoren 2 "" KZ108-15sht.Rozfasovano and packaged for retail and wholesale torhivli.Vyrobnyk second SAF-HOLLANDGmbHTorhovelna brand SAF-production HOLLANDKrayina DE "GERMANY0UA5041702645.13227578.10662 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
07/Apr/201787169090901.Chastyny ​​Car trailers and pivprychepiv less carrying capacity 20t general purpose: art.SB020060 Nave FRUEHAUF - 2 pcs. art.SB020060Matochyna FRUEHAUF - 2 pcs. art.SB020076 shaft bushing 32x35x37 razzhymnoho FRUEHAUF -20sht. art.SB020076 shaft bushing 32x35x37 razzhymnoho FRUEHAUF- 20pcs. art.SB020078 P / k shaft razzhymnoho FRUEHAUF - 4 pieces. art.SB020078 P / kvala razzhymnoho FRUEHAUF - 4 pieces. Brake art.SB020088 basis. baraban.419h178 FRUEHAUF - 20pcs. Brake art.SB020088 basis. drum. 419h178FRUEHAUF - 20pcs. art.SB028026 Cover M155 * 2,5 * 62 SW110 -22sht Fruehauf hub. art.SB028026 Cover M155 * 2,5 * 62 SW110 hub Fruehauf - P / k Brake. (Springs, washers, pins, holder) SMB - P / k Brake. (Springs, washers, pins, holder) SMB - Holder roller brake pads. TRAILOR L200 - 18sht. art.SB028048Trymach roller brake pads. TRAILOR L200 - 18sht. art.SB060014 finger 36x135kolodky brakes. BPW - 10pc. art.SB060014 Finger 36x135 Brake. BPW - P / k Brake. BPW - 20pcs. art.SB060038 P / k Brake. BPW- 20pcs. art.SB060076 Nave BPW - 2 pcs. art.SB060080 Nave BPW - Nave BPW - 2 pcs. Brake art.SB0600821 basis. drum. zrolykom 0509146170 BPW - 30sht. Brake art.SB0600821 basis. drum. zrolykom 0509146170 BPW- 30sht. art.SB060104 brake lever (rattle) BPW, DAF 5 ed. , L = 272- 20pcs. art.SB060104 brake lever (rattle) BPW, DAF 5 ed. , L = 272- 20pcs. art.SB060106 brake lever. (Rattle) BPW 7 Otv. , Z = 10, L = 272 -42sht. art.SB060106 brake lever. (Rattle) BPW 7 Otv. , Z = 10, L = 272 -42sht. art.SB060148 P / k Brake. (Clips, clamps, springs) BPW - P / k Brake. (Clips, clamps, springs) BPW - P / k razzhymnoho shaft axle BPW - 10pc. art.SB060158 P / k valarazzhymnoho BPW axle - 10pc. art.SB060168 P / k shaft razzhymnoho BPW axle -10sht. art.SB060168 P / k razzhymnoho shaft axle BPW - 10pc. art.SB080060 Rolyk19 * 32 * 60 brake pads. SAF - 200sht. art.SB080060 Roller 19 * 32 * 60 kolodkyhalm. SAF - 200sht. Finger art.SB080066 31.7 * 70 brake pads. TRAILOR - finger 31.7 * 70 brake pads. TRAILOR- 20pcs. art.SB080070 P / k shaft razzhymnoho TRAILOR - 4 pieces. art.SB080070 P / kvala razzhymnoho TRAILOR - 2 pcs. art.SB080096 sleeve 32 * 35 * 36.5 halm.ROR pads - 50sht. art.SB080096 sleeve 32 * 35 * 36.5 Brake. ROR- 50sht. art.SB1000121 25.5 x32x36x57 Roller Brake. ROR - 25.5 x32x36x57 Roller Brake. ROR - 44sht. art.SB100014Osnova brake pads. drum. 420h180 ROR TE / TM - 20pcs. art.SB100014 Osnovakolodky brakes. drum. 420h180 ROR TE / TM - 20pcs. art.SB100016 sleeve 32 * 35 * 36.5 Brake. ROR - 51sht. art.SB100016 sleeve 32 * 35 * 36.5 kolodkyhalm. ROR - 100 pieces. art.SB100016 sleeve 32 * 35 * 36.5 Brake. ROR- 51sht. art.SB100016 bushing 3SPAIN0UA8072003508.8878934.881817
07/Apr/20178708503598"1.Mosty leading to the a / m total pryznachennya.Ne skladannyamotornyh for industrial vehicles: 315120240001096 Bridges back (to the a / m UAZ Hunter, TYMKEN, stabs 1 445 MM PER) (with brakes and hubs) -2sht, 315120240001096most back (to the a / m UAZ Hunter, TYMKEN, stabs 1 445 MM PER) (with brakes tamatochynamy) -1sht, 374,100,240,001,095 Bridges back (to the a / m UAZ SGR, TYMKEN, stabs 1445 MM PER. O) -1sht manufacturers LLC "" UAZ "," trade mark UAZ-country production - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8072005961686.746499
06/Apr/20178714949000"1. Parts Bicycle brakes, brake hub 11GX36H, -2500sht; Halmivnavtulka 14GX36H, -10000sht, main drive assembly for brakes -8000sht, brake drums, -10000sht. Cartridges brake axis (back to 6 pcs.) - 4800komplektiv , plug the drive to brake, -5000sht.Krayina production - INTorhovelna mark - MasterVyrobnyk - LUCKY EXPORTS. "INDIA0UA100210853516216.50013
06/Apr/20178714942000"1. Bicycle brakes (in rozybranomu state), brake hub 11GX32H, -12000sht, brake hub 14GX32H, -5000sht, brake hub complete with lantsyuhovymkolesom, -17000komplektiv.Krayina production - INTorhovelna mark - MasterVyrobnyk - LUCKY EXPORTS."INDIA0UA1002101734032946.00005
05/Apr/20178708309998"1.Zapasni parts for a / m Isuzu: (halmata braking systems): mehanizmustoyankovoho drum brakes, PPC MYY6S art8983082890- 1pc, drum brake mechanism; PPC MZZ6 art 1462110571- 1pc, gear lever working halmivnohotsylindra, LHS art 8973497430-300sht , gear lever working halmivnohotsylindra, RHS art 8973497440- 200sht; axis guide calipers; NPR75 EURO 5 art 8980475310- 8 pieces; axis guide calipers; NPR75 EURO 5 8980475290- 8 pieces of art, ABS sensor rear wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 art 8980127530- 2 pcs, sensor ABS, rear wheel art 8972067603- 1pc, sensor ABS, front On the left wheel; NPR75 EURO 4 8982193940- 1pc art, sensor ABS, front left wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 8982201270- 1pc art, sensor ABS, front right wheel; NPR75 EURO 4 8982193930- 1pc art, sensor ABS, front right wheel, NPR75 EURO 5 8982201260- 1pc art, disc brake rear wheel; EURO 5 NPR75 art 8981919560- 2 pcs, disc brake, NLR 85 898 248 893 0- 4 pieces of art; Brake pads 5pcs 8971884550- art; Brake shoes; NPR75 EURO 5 8982447940- 10 pieces of art; The spring clamping brake pads 8971228690- 6 pieces of art; Spring lock brake pads 5095801011- 40sht art; Clutch separators; NQR 90 8982263250- 1pc art; Clutch brake caliper; NPR75 EURO 5 8983025320- 10 pieces of art; Clutch Brake master cylinders; NQR 71 without ABS 8971304710- 14sht art; ABS rear rotor hub 8972067753- 3pc art; ABS rear rotor hub; NPR75 EURO 5 8982079520- art 2 pcs; ABS front rotor hub; NPR75 EURO 4 2 pcs 8973871580- art; ABS front rotor hub; NPR75 EURO 5 8973871590- art 2 pcs; Caliper rear left wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 8983034680- 1pc art; Caliper rear right wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 8983034670- 1pc art; Caliper front left wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 8983034660- 1pc art; Caliper front right wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 8983034650- 1pc art; Brake cylinder, rear right wheel; NQR 71 with ABS 8973588790- 1pc art; Brake cylinder, front left wheel; NQR 71 with ABS 8973588740- 3pc art; Brake cylinder, front right wheel; NQR 71 without ABS 8971447950- 1pc art; Brake cylinder, front right wheel; NQR 71 with ABS 8973588770- 6 pieces of art; Brake cylinder head; NPR75 EURO 4 2 pcs 8980326030- art; Gear working brake cylinder, left side 8973588940- 55sht art; Gear working brake cylinder, right side 8973588950- 55sht art; Brake hose rear left wheel ABS with the NQR art 8972535690- 1pc; Brake hose rear right wheel with ABS NQR art 8972535700- 1pc; Brake hose rear right wheel; NPR75 EURO 5 8981943030- 1pc art; Brake hose rear calipers; NPR75 EURO 5 8980377572- art 2 pcs; Brake hose front wheel; NQR 70 Art 8971828980- 2 pcs; Rod lock brake pads 8971228700- 15sht art; Trademark Brand Isuzu Fujisawa Factory Isuzu Motors Ltd. "JAPAN0UA125220216.0867481.885086
04/Apr/20178708309198"1.Zapasni parts for a / m GAS (brake systems and parts for disc brakes): COMPLETE pusher axle brake pedal 3110-3504900-20sht, a set of pads front disc brakes 3302-3501800-02-96sht, a set parking brake rope 3302 -3508800-01-30sht; 23107-3103013-3sht wheel hub, brake pad linings 3302-3502105-200sht, brake pad linings 3309-3501105-40sht; OCHOBA staples BRAKE 3105-3501212-10sht; REM.KOMPLEKT DRIVE parking brake 3302- 3508900-7sht, trademark HAZVyrobnyk PAO "" GAS "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0UA100110333.2551353.567757
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Hub Brakes Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hub Brakes Importer Sample

Date 07/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТЕХНОТОРГ-ДОН"""
Importer Address
54025,м.Миколаїв,пр.Героїв Сталінграду 113/1
Exporter Name SAF-HOLLAND Polska Sp.z o.o.
Product Description
"1. Parts to avtomobilnohoprychepa not for promysl.........
HS Code 8716909090Value 27578.10662
Quantity 0Unit UA504170
Net Weight 2645.132
Origin Country GERMANY

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