Ukraine Import Data of Htc Mobile | Ukraine Import Statistics of Htc Mobile

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of htc mobile collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of htc mobile imports.

Htc Mobile Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Htc Mobile

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of htc mobile. Get Ukraine trade data of Htc Mobile imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201742029219001.Vyroby with a face of lystivplastmasy: Case for mobile Tablet telefonaVsoho 540shtchohol Total 28shtchohol for portable komp'yuteraVsoho 624shtTorhivelna Brand: SpeckVyrobnyk: Speck Product Design, manufacture IncKrayina: CN China.CHINA0UA100010515.51650.199881 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/201742021299001.Vyroby with outer surface of textile materials CHI 659 -A- BLACK chehol for mobile phone -1shtCHI 660 - K- BROWN chehol for mobile phone -2shtCHI 663 - D-BLUE chehol for mobile phone -1shtCHI 717-A- Black pencil - 2shtCHI 718-B- White pencil -2shtCHI 718-C Grey pen -2shtCHI 719-I- PURPLE pen -1shtCHI 723-A- BLACK pen -2shtCHI 727 - I- PURPLE pen -1shtCHI 729 -A- BLACK pen -1shtCHI 758 - I- PURPLE pen -2shtCHI 760 - B- WHITE pen -2shtCHI 764 - I-VIOLET pen -1shtCHI 783 -D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 807-E- Green pencil -2shtCHI 808 -D- BLUE pen -1shtCHI 809 - Q - TYRGUISE pen -2shtCHI 810 - G- RED pen -2shtCHI 811 -D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 813 -D- BLUE pen -1shtCHI 814-E- Green pencil -2shtCHI 817 -D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 818 -D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 819-E- Green pencil -3shtCHI 822 -A- BLACK pen -2shtCHI 826 -H- PINK pen -1shtCHI 830 -D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 831 -A- BLACK pen -3shtCHI 832 -H- PINK pen -3shtCHI 833 -H- PINK ne NAL -2shtCHI 834 -H- PINK pen -3shtCHI 847 - I-VIOLET pen -1shtCHI 848 -H- PINK -2shtCHI pen 849 pen -S- GREY -2shtCHI 850 -E- GREEN pen -1shtCHI 854 - I - VIOLETchehol for mobile phone -2shtCHI 856 -D- BLUEchehol for mobile phone -2shtCHI 861 - I - VIOLET pen -3shtCHI 862 -C- GREY pen -3shtCHI 864 -H- PINK pencil case - 2shtCHI 888-D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 889 -A- BLACK pen -2shtCHI 890 -A- BLACK pen -3shtCHI 891 - D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 892 - D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 893-H- PINK pencil case - 2shtCHI 894-H- PINK pen -3shtCHI 895-H- PINK pen -2shtCHI 896-H - PINK pen -3shtCHI 897 - D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 898 - D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 899-H- PINK pen -2shtCHI 900-H- PINK pen -3shtCHI 901 -K- BROWN pen -2shtCHI 902 -K - BROWN pen -3shtCHI 905 -A- BLACK pen -2shtCHI 906 -A- BLACK pen -3shtCHI 907-H- PINK pen -2shtCHI 908-H- PINK pen -3shtCHI 909 - D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 910 - D - BLUE pen -2shtCHI 911 - D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 912 - D- BLUE pen -3shtCHI 913 - I-VIOLET pen -2shtCHI 914-B- White pencil -2shtCHI 915 - D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 916- -D- BLUE -3shtCHI pen 917 pen -2shtCHI -A- BLACK BLACK -A- 918 919 -3shtCHI pen pencil -E- GREEN -2shtCHI 920 - D- BLUE pen -2shtCHI 921 - D- BLUE pen -2shtHIT 845 -A- Black pencil -3shtHIT 870- H- Pink pencil -3shtHIT 874- H- Pink pencil -3shtHIT 875-A- Black Foam -3shtHIT 876- D- Blue pencil -3shtHIT 877- C- Grey P enal -3shtHIT 878- C- Grey Foam -3shtHIT 881- E- Green Foam -3shtHIT 883-A- Black Foam -3shtHIT 898-A- Black Foam -3shtHIT 899 -A- Black Foam -3shtHIT 900 -D- Blue Foam - 3shtHIT 901 -A- Black Foam -3shtHIT 902 -E- Green Foam -3shtHIT 903 -I- Violet Foam -3shtHIT 904 -D- Blue Foam -3shtHIT 905 -H- Pink Foam -3shtHIT 906 -C- Grey Foam -3shtHIT 907 -C- Grey Foam -3shtHIT 908 -A- Black Foam -3shtHIT 909 -E- Green Foam -3shtHIT 910 -C- Grey -3shtHIT Foam 911 Foam -C- Grey -3shtTOP 106- E- Green chehol laptop -1shtTOP 106 - G- Red chehol laptop -2shtTOP 114- E- Green chehol laptop -1shtTOP 153CHINA0UA10001036.48346.3087489
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Htc Mobile Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Htc Mobile Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name Приватне підприємство 'СОКРАТ-М'
Importer Address
01023, м.Київ, бульвар Лесі Українки 6, оф.2, 3
Product Description
1.Vyroby with a face of lystivplastmasy: Case for .........
HS Code 4202921900Value 1650.199881
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 515.5
Origin Country CHINA

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