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Hs Code Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hs Code

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201739269097201.PLASTYKOVI inserts coated with NYHSHTRYH code INTENDED FOR DIESEL IDENTYFIKATSIYIVANTAZHNYH SYSTEMYCommon Rail Injector size 15h2h10 mm (500sht) art.1686333007-10sht.Torhovelna mark BOSCHVyrobnyk ROBERT BOSCH production GMBHKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1251102.673155.699991 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178523495100DVD to 1.Dysky of laser readings tion Upgrade prohramnohozabezpeche rate (activation code): ESI [tronic] 2.0 2017/1 DVD art.1987P105049 -13sht B1. ESI [tronic] 2.0 2017/1 DVD A1 art. 1987P105009 -13sht.ESI [tronic] 2.0 2017/1 DVD B3 art. 1987P105069 -1sht. CompactSoft [plus] FSA 7xxDVD 2017/1 art. 1687P102259 -1sht. KTS 340 DVD 2017/1 art. 1987P105109-2sht. CompacSoft [plus] FSA 500 2016 / A Art. 1687P102149 -1sht. C archive DVD ENart. 1987P100159 -4sht. ESI [tronic] A 12 months. Art. 1987P124169 -13sht. ESI [tronic] 2.0 SD / SIS 12 months. Art. 1987R124319 -12sht. ESI [tronic] D 12 months. Art. 1987P124569-1sht. ESI [tronic] A 12 months. add. Art license. 1987P125569-4sht. ESI [tronic] 2.0 SD / SIS 12 months. add. Art license. 1987P125719 -4sht.CompactSoft [plus] FSA 7xx 12 months. Art. 1687P150469 -1sht. KTS340 SD / SIS complete12mis. Art. 1987P123069 -2sht. CompactSoft [plus] FSA 500 12 months. Art. 1687P150619-1sht.Torhovelna Brand: BOSCHKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: ROBERT BOSCH GMBH.GERMANY73UA1002001.442730.238906
28/Apr/20178541409000"1.Fotoэlektrychni panels for solar elektrychnyhstantsiy, polykrystallycheskoho silicon, alyumynievarama, face value of 260 W., 30.6V 8.5A, for peretvorennyasonyachnoyi energy code 35FV0177-2sht; Manufacturer TALESUN SOLAR GERMANY GmbH; trademark TALESUN SOLAR GERMANY GmbH; Country of TH ;. "THAILAND0UA10002036.2227.3962182
28/Apr/20177415330000"1.Komplekt brass nuts (2 nuts, 2 polukiltse 2 pads) for connection to pipelines sonyachnyhsystem SOLAR 20/1" ", code 50990040-10sht; Manufacturer AYVAZ SINAI URUNLER TIC. VE SANAYI AS; trademark AYVAZ SINAI URUNLER TIC. VESANAYI AS; Country of TR;. "TURKEY0UA100020241.47682615
28/Apr/20178419190000"1.Sonyachnyy collector panel to the frame type TM VISION (model Manufacturer - SCM 20-58 / 1800). Neelektrychnyybezinertsiynyy water heater for residential purposes withthrough solar energy for direct peretvorennyasonyachnoyi energy into thermal energy, comprises 20 withsystem vacuum glass tubes ploscheyu3 .26 sq. m., on the frame: VISION 1800/20, 35IS0104-10sht code, Producer ZHEJIANG SHENTAI SOLAR ENERGY CO., LTD; trade mark ZHEJIANG SHENTAI SOLAR ENERGY CO LTD; Country of origin CN;. "CHINA0UA1000206502627.385025
28/Apr/20174011209000"1.Shyny pneumatic rubber, new cars for Van tazhnyh generaldestination I load index of more than 121: set: tire, camera: 11.00 R20 I-68 And ns16 Amplify. -50sht (type-universal pattern, load index 150 / 146-K index speeds, positions eye diameter 20 inch., all season season); 11.00 R20 -8sht I-111AM (type pattern, to spit, indeksnavantazhennya-149/145, ind ex speed-J, landing diameter 20 in., all season season), (lid): 295/80 R22.5 KAMA NF 201-6sht (type tread off-road, the load index-152/14 8, code speed-M, posadochnyydiamet district 22,5dyu ym., all season season) set: tire, camera: 10.00 R20Y-281, U-4-20sht (type protektoru- versatile load index-146/1 43 speed index-J, boarding diameter TR-20dyuym., all season season) 10.00 R20OY-73B-20pcs (type pattern Dor OBLIGATIONS All index load-146/143, else ksshvydkosti-K, 20-boarding diameter dU ym., all season season) 11.00 R20 KAMA-310ns 16- 50sht (type Protec tion torus universal index navantazhennya- 150/146, indeksshvydkosti-K, boarding-diameter 20dyuym., all season season); ID 12.00 R20 304, U-4ns18 -68sht (Fr. Hector-type universal, load index I-154/149, indeksshvydkosti-J, and boarding-diameter 20dyuym., All season season); (Tire) 215 / 75R17.5 KAMA NF 202-20sht (type Protec torus-road, load index-126/1 24 speed index-M, tr-boarding 17,5dyuym diam., All season season); set: tire, camera: 12.00 R24 KAMA NR 701-12sht (type of tread off-road, indeksnavantazhennya-160/156, the index speed-K-2 landing diameter of 4 inches., all season season) .Vyrobnyk - OOO "" Nizhnekamsk CMK tire plant "" Open "" Nizhnekamsk plant hruzovыhshyn "" of "" Nizhnekamskshina "" Trademark - KAMA, Country of origin - RU. "RUSSIA254UA80720015841.68835640.29471
27/Apr/201739202021001.Biaksealno-orientovani bezkolorovi polypropylene film, transparent, with dvohstoron with a thin acrylic coating, laminated, not self-adhesive, without pidkladkyta not poednani with other materials for packaging cigarette blocks 24mikrona thick, 312mm wide code 46.P181 - 594 bobin.Vyrobnyk: Innovia LimitedKrayina Films production: BE.Torhivelna mark no data. .BELGIUM0UA80707013855.4251401.19199
27/Apr/201739202021001.Biaksealno-orientovani bezkolorovi polypropylene film, transparent, with dvohstoron with a thin acrylic coating, laminated, not self-adhesive, without pidkladkyta not poednani with other materials for packaging cigarette blocks 24mikrona thick, 312mm wide code 46.E793 - 405 bobin.Vyrobnyk: Innovia LimitedKrayina Films production: BE.Torhivelna mark no data. .BELGIUM0UA807070848531336.54691
27/Apr/20178708809998"1. suspension parts, steel, cast to the car - a set of levers, articles, 3350001-6sht. Suspension components made of steel, cast, passenger car- lever Article: 1074603-10sht; 2281602-8sht; 1372002-8sht; 1371902- 8 pieces; 2102901-4sht; 2103001-4sht; 2974102-3sht; 2973201-2sht; 3621701-2sht; 1330802-2sht; 1064302-2sht; 3721601-2sht; 2708202-2sht; 1624301-2sht; 3621801-2sht; 3621901-2sht; 2713802-2sht; 2713902-2sht; 1367702-2sht; 2703001-2sht; 2962901-2sht; 2517302-1sht; 2715701-1sht; 2702701-1sht; 2702801-1sht; 1791901-1sht; 1787501-1sht; 1308602-1sht; 2099302- 1pc, 1308401-1sht; 2719202-1sht; 2161501-1sht. suspension components made of steel, cast to the car - draft stabilizer article: 2546302-32sht; 3066501-25sht; 3066601-7sht; 353 6701-16sht; 3058301-10sht; 3199201-10sht; 2587102-10sht; 1454203-6sht; 1328302-6sht; 1328402-6sht; 1057602-4sht; 2517202-4sht; 3543902-3sht; 3544002-3sht; 3547201-2sht; 1057502- 2 pcs; 3054901-2sht; 1107801-2sht; 2585802-2sht; 2585702-2sht; 2992701-1sht; 3546102-1sht; 3066601-18sht; 2714902-1sht.Elementy suspension steel, cast to the car - ball joints, Code: 3093301 -24sht; 1214902-14sht; 1457102-8sht; 2679503-6sht; 1072602-4sht; 1053601-4sht; 3390201-4sht; 1074102-2sht; 2759802-2sht; 2555002-1sht. Dlyaoptovoyi packaged and retail torhivli.Krayina production - DE.Torhovelna mark - LEMFOERDER. The company manufacturer - ZF Friedrichshafen AG.Krayina origin - DE. "GERMANY0UA100110266.016505.082426
27/Apr/20171006306700"1. Indiyskyy dovhozernystyy proparennyy rice with 5% broken ratio of length and width of more than 3: - Indian Long Parboiled Rice, 5% 52000 broken- met. Kg. Length of grain: 5.4 mm, width of grain: 1.7 mm; Humidity: maks.14%. The degree of milling ents: well milled. tstva pro Date: 15.02.2017roku. Shelf life 24 months. MARKING: NAME, TITLE AND ADRESAVYROB NIKA name and address of importer, DATE YOU ROBNYTSTVA, COMPOSITION, recommendations DOZASTOS ents , method of use, the food and the energy-energy value REKOMENDOVANYYTERMIN C POZHYVANNYA, batch number, storage conditions I, barcode, EZ HMO.Vyrobnyk: JUPITER EXPORTS.Krayina production: IN.Torhivelna Brand: No data. ".INDIA0UA1251905200020799.99997
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Hs Code Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РОБЕРТ БОШ ЛТД"""
Importer Address
02660, М. КИЇВ, ВУЛ. КРАЙНЯ, 1
Product Description
1.PLASTYKOVI inserts coated with NYHSHTRYH code IN.........
HS Code 3926909720Value 3155.699991
Quantity 0Unit UA125110
Net Weight 2.67
Origin Country GERMANY

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