Ukraine Import Data of Housing Section | Ukraine Import Statistics of Housing Section

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of housing section collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of housing section imports.

Housing Section Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Housing Section

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of housing section. Get Ukraine trade data of Housing Section imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20178433510000"1. samohidnyymarky harvester John Deere, notcontains that incorporates transmitters tapryymachi: Model S670 COMBINE, novyy.Seriynyy (identification) number / nomer1Z0S670ACHA106210, number dvyhunaRG6090G025924. Calendar year 2017rik.Modelnyy 2017rik.Komplektatsiya year: 0166 Made-to Ukraine, 0433-manual in Russian; 0507 package for cereals; 0600-No package; 1101-Cab Deluxe, 1220-seat on pnevmopodushtsi, 1370-Standard package lighting 1411-Preparations for the installation of the receiver, the 1600 fire extinguisher missing , 1803-Training and the AutoTrac with Harvest Monitor, Display 1825 GreenStar; 188J-JDLink Connect - 1 year, 50 hours JDLink Access.1950-No Harvest Mobile; 2052-3-speed transmission, 2220, front-wheel drive, 3054-Increased driving system variable speed, 4300-Small grain wire concave; 4832-upper sieve and sieve with dual control system, 4885-The configuration of the rotor variable Stream; 5232-standard system of grain transportation; 5373-Electric drive assembly grain bin; 5426-Vyvantazhnyy screw from removed housing that is mounted dealer length 6.9 m, 5756-system grinding crop residues Deluxe- spreader Sol We PowerCast, 6410, Manual rear coupler; 6648-500 / 80R28 IMP 176A8 SFT TL (MITAS) - width 3.45 m; 6777-IF800 / 65R32 CFO 178A8 (only Michelin) - width 3.80 m; 7714-Special Transport sticker, 8133-Right exterior mirror, 8525 -Nyzhniy protection fan and auger; 8649-pneumatic compressor installed from the factory; 8701, engine block heater - 220 volt8709 fuel separator posylenyy9049 Directory spare parts; 9425-concave rod increased wear resistance, large wire-9427 concave; 9433-Sectional overhead concave plate; 9435-Sektsyiyni concave cap (set of three); 9663-preferred brand Michelin, 9665-preferred brand Mitas - rear tire, wheel spacers 9669, 96 mm at the front wheels, Brand: Deere & CompanyTorhovelna Brand: JOHN DEEREKrayina production: DE "GERMANY1UA20401019100191962.6299 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
24/Apr/20178414801190"1.Zapasni of automated filling line of juices, plastic, dlyahermetyzatsiyi," "P" "- shaped, not containers and lids, sealing sylikonovyyprofil - frame housing (lid Water tank)" "n" "- like peretynuPROFILE 25 x 20 x 20 cm, art.761020012 -3sht, silicone sealing profile -ramka housing (lid water tank) "" ​​n "" - shaped intersection pROFILE 25 x 20x 20 cm, art.761020012 -3sht, silicone sealing profile - the frame body (lid water tank) "" ​​n "" - shaped cross section 25 x 20 x 20 cm, art.761020012-6sht.Krayina production - EUTorhovelna mark - RUBERTIVyro bnyk - RUBERTI SRL. "CHINA3UA10002099.382765.674576
21/Apr/20179405109890"1. electric lamps, ceiling, interior, of composite materials (metal, plastic), for use with LED lamps: Svitovyyvkazivnyk 7113-9h0.25 BS-LED, designed to provide evacuation hoosvitlennya in public housing and Section rymischennyah - 55sht. Manufacturer: OOO "" white Light 2000 "". Country of origin: RU.Torhivelna mark, "" white Light ".". "RUSSIA0UA10021042.42285.337964
19/Apr/201784321000001.Obladnannya intended for agricultural tillage: - semi-mounted reversible plow EurOpal June 4 + 1 N 100 - 1. The new, 2017 production. 5th corps, width adjustable speed (mechanical) - 33, 38, 44, 50 cm on each body, the distance between buildings 100 cm frame section 110h110h8 mm, frame height 80 cm, hydraulic unit sales E 100 with cylinder double acting , Toolbox, support stand, divided opener shaft mounting kat.2 5 pairs peredpluzhnykiv M2-S360 flat rack, 1 pair of knives field board 5 pairs of continuous dumps B40, supporting-transport wheel 10.0 / 75-15.3. Serial number: 435759. - Mounted reversible plow Juwel June 8 -1 N 100 pcs. The new, 2017-vyrobnytstva.6 enclosure and the distance between buildings 100 cm frame with tetrahedral profile 140h140h10 mm, frame height 80 cm, Toolbox, security tips plowshares, 1 pair of knives Field board 6 pairs polosovydnyh dumps DMS_CS40 6 peredpluzhnykiv pair MS1-S370, supports no-transport wheel 340 / 55-16 of hidroamortyzatsiyeyu, hydraulic folding frame, preparing for installation FlexPack. Serial number: 437076.V with: - additional housing for Juwel 8 N 100, frame height 80 cm, armored tips plowshares, 1 pair polosovydnyh dumps DMS_CS40, 1 pair peredpluzhnykiv MS1-S370. Serial number: 437565. - Integrated hydraulically-rink complex -ґruntouschilnyuvachem FlexPack JR 6-100. Serial number: 437410.V disassembled for zruchosti transportuvannya.Torhovelna Brand: LEMKENKrayina production: NimechchynaVyrobnyk: LEMKEN GmbH & Co.KGGERMANY2UA205090485048845.31282
18/Apr/20178426911000"1. Mounted hidravlychnyy versatile crane, which is designed to dlyamontazhu vehicles, and designed for loading operations tarozvantazhuvalnyh for use in forest households-ve in vyhlyadimashynokomplektu in incomplete condition: vehicle sets manipulator OMTL-70-01.00.000 -2k -t: no oil tank, without pump, without rotator without 6-Gidro tysektsiynoho without 2 sectional Gidro, bezfiltra pressure without three-way stopcock, without advertising and informatsiynyhnakleyok without 4-RVD, without a Test manipulator without oil vkorpusi OPU no delight in the raziZIP (APP according pak.vid.) Load at max. boom 7,3m 900kh; OMTL- -2k-T: without oil tank, without pump, without rotator without 6-sectional Gidro without 2 sectional Gidro without filter pressure without tryhodovohokrana without advertising and information labels without 4-RVD, without provedennyavyprobuvan manipulator without oil in co rpusi OPU, without enthusiasm, without ZIPVantazhopidyomnist 6,30kN (640kh) OMTL-97.00.000 -2k-t: without oil tank, beznasosa no ro ATOR without 6-sectional Gidro without 2 sektsiynohohidrorozpodilyuvacha without filter pressure without three-way stopcock, without reklamnyhta information labels without 4-RVD, without testing the manipulator, without oil in the housing OPU, without enthusiasm, without APP , carrying at maks.vyliti boom 7,3m 1270kh, Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - "" VELMASH "" manufacturer - the company "" VELMASH-S "" "RUSSIA6UA8071701258561454.18006
18/Apr/20179026102900"1.Prylady to control and vymiryuvannyarivnya liquids, e: VEGAKON 61 -3sht., Syhnalizatordopustymoho of conductive liquids typKON61.XG1RZ, s / n 36195575, 36195576,36195577; VEGASWING 51 - 10pc., Vibrating alarm liquid level, type SG51. XXSGBCPV, building - nerzhaviyuchastal, s / n 35994858, 35994859, 35,994,860.35994862, 35994864, 35994865, 35,994,866.35994868, 35994870, 35994874; VEGASWING51 - 8 pieces., vibrating alarm even I liquids SG51.XXTGHTPM type, steel casing -ner zhaviyucha , s / n 36195579, 36195580, 3 6195581, 36195582, 36,195,583.36195584 3 6195585, 36195586; VEGAFLEX 81 - 2 pcs., p efleksnyy level gauge dlyaneperervnoho Vym ryuvannya level and interface of liquids, FX81.AXATAAHXAMXX type, building - aluminum, length of surface compaction 16,000.00 0mm, s / n 36195587,36195588; VEGAFLEX 81- 1pc., reflex level gauge for level measurement nepererv tion and section fazri dyn type FX81.AXATAAHXAMXX, building - alju mini length from 1 poverhniuschilnennya 2500,000mm, s / n 36195589; VEGAPULS 64 - 1pc., the first reflex rivnemirdlya continuously measuring level of liquids type PS64.AXT TAAHXAMAXX, building -alyuminiy, s / n 36 245 835; VEGASWING 51 - 5pcs., Vibratory si hnalizator rivnyaridyn type SG51.XXSGBTP V, housing - stainless steel, s / n 360886 21 36,088,622.36088629, 36088648, 360886 50; VEGAPULS 64 - 1pc., Reflex equal measures dlyaneperervnoho level measurement, the idyn type PS64.AXTTAAHXAMAXX, chassis - aluminum, s / n 36245854; VEGASWING 51 - 7sh t., Vibrating alarm rivnyaridyn type SG51.XXSGBTPV, housing - stainless steel, s / n 36088624, 36,088,625.36088628, 36088632, 36088639, 36088641, 36088644. Applications: Chemical industry, food industry, for liquid level control only in closed tanks, not a telecommunications and radio equipment (not mistytradiovyprominyuvanyh devices) .Vyrobnyk: VEGA Grieshaber KG.Torhova brand: VEGA.Krayina production: DE. "GERMANY38UA12510019.959503.759465
12/Apr/20178301409000"1.Completing products for the production of sectional gate-lock for the gate DIN right in the kit (warehouse equipment: lock, housing, handle, lock core, seal, cuff fittings), artikul 80050-10 sets (do not include in its contents transmitters or transmitters and receivers) Trade mark "DOCO": DOCO International BV, ChinaChina manufactured by CN China. "CHINA0UA500060111.61274.122255
12/Apr/201785365011901.Vymykachi for a voltage not exceeding 60V keyboards and buttons, switch sections hidrovyhodu, art.RE586552-2 units, warehousing kintsevik button wheel art.AN209468-1 units, trademark-John Deere .Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John deere International GmbH. .UNITED STATES0UA1101900.288427.0778546
12/Apr/201784329000001.Chastyny ​​carbon steel to pochvoobroblyuyuchoyi technology: Bunker drills art.AC819741-2 units, Bunker drills art.AC852982-10 units, sowing disc (8030 cpl.), Art.A139240632-16 pieces, Seed disc art. AC819957-8 units, disk sowing apparatus art.AC819118-8 units, the sowing, art.AC853072-11 units, the sowing, art.AC819138-12 units, the sowing, art.AC853071-72 units, CD marker art .AC496709-3 piece, front disc coulter sections drills art.KL810921-10 units, disc cutters, art.AC821840-4 units, disc cutters, art.AC821839-6 units, coil dispensing apparatus art.AC821890-9 units, Wheel Printing, art.AC819853-2 pcs Set chystykov, art.AS805073-18 pieces Corps sowing On the machine art.AC819258-4 pieces Corps sowing machine fertilizers art.AC821910-2 pieces Corps sowing machine, art.AC852741-1 pieces Corps sowing machine, art.AC858055-2 pieces Corps fertilization (left) , art.AC821132-2 pieces Corps fertilization (left) art.AC821132-3 pcs Coil sowing, art.A139040532-1 units, a collection marker, art.AC353088-1 units, Marker drive art.AC 496177 -20 units, depth control section opener, art.AC858625-30 units, fertilizer coulter right, art.AC821131-3 pieces, thrust regulator section opener, art.AC858951-1 units, Cepphus sowing disc art.AC805853-1 units, Cepphus sowing machine, art.AC858670-10 units, Cepphus drive Sosnie and the rights art.KL810625-70 units, Cepphus prykotuyuchoho wheel art.AC819538-16 unit, subsurface seeds art.AC819745-30 piece wheel prykatyyuche, art.AC825818-7 units, kopusna detail opener, art.AC819715-6 pcs kopusnaya part housing the sowing, art.AC852073-100 units, hub assembly drills art.AC820077-1 unit, support frame opener, art.AC829100-2 units, paralelohramm coulter frame, art.AC838111-16 units, trade Marco Kverneland.Krayina vyrobnytstva- FR.Vyrobnyk-Kverneland Group Metz SAS.GERMANY0UA110190516.16719423.38611
11/Apr/201784329000001. Spare parts for c / g technology for processing ground. 3352235 Lemekh SB56Plev. naplavl. - 16sht, 347 3653 Udlynytel otvala predpl. STD2 lion. - 8 pieces, 3,473,652 Udlynytel otvala predpl. STD2 pr - 8 pieces, 402 2572 Plate kreplenyya stoyky12h235h600 E9- 5pcs, 463 Rack 50h30h1124-260 8642 - 30sht, 402 2566 Corner E9-RE-12mm (plate) - 10 pieces, 455 0303 That D45 / 35h113 M30h1,5 LH Zn - 50sht , 427 8169Podshypnyk D110 / 20x83 Rubin9 (plate opornaya) - 5pcs, 427 8170 plate opornayaD110 / 27x83 - 5pcs, 461 7925 shaft for napravlyayuschey D68x1120 L3 Z3 HU - 2 pcs, 4128111 bracket rack 90x110 / D20x128-D18 - 2 pcs, 51210012 Kreplenye bracket - 2 pcs, 412 8171 rack 60x25x900 Rubin 9 LI (B) - 10 pieces, 412 8170 Rack 60x25x900Rubin 9 RE (B) - 10 pieces, 402 2567 plate 12x209x404,5 2xD20,1 18xD16,5 - 10 pieces, 567 0328 TyahaM20x650-750 2/17 GRD - 3pc, 0403 567 Thrust M24x450-550 42/08 - 6 pieces, 567 0404 TyahaM24x700-840 15/55 - 6 pieces, 464 4991 rack 80x35x707-R800 (EvroDyamant 10) - 24sh t 464 4992 Rack 80X35X807-R900 - 24sht, 463 86 69 Rack korpusa50X30X1324-260 / 220 H900 - 24sht, 5005 R70 Here MM D30 / 16x232 2xM16 - 6 pieces, 457 2418Stoyka disc 50x18 2xD450-SM9 - 11sht, 657 2418 Disc Set 2XD450 SMARAGD 9- 6 pieces, 461 to 7925 Val napravlyayuschey D68 L3 Z3 - 5pcs 417 8111 Plastyna12x209x404,5 2xD20,1 18xD16,5 - 16sht 417 8110 Thrust 60h12h382 - 16sht 417 8098Opora 100h20h1162 2hD32 6xD16 4xD7 - 9sht, 422 6688 Ram 80x2910 2xD400-300-K- 2 pcs 440 5226 Housing Smaragd 9 K KAT2 + 3 - 1am, 6688 422 Frame 80x29102xD400-300-K - 1am, 0943 423 Roller trubchatыy D400x2954-V RE 3.00 - 2 pcs, 555 4512Stupytsa drive in the collection 30X120X100 M24X1 5 - 3pc, 427 8169 Podshipnik D110 / 20x83Rubin9 (plate opornaya) - 1pc, 51210015 holder rack Rubin LI- 4pcs, holder of 51,210,014 rack Rubi n RE - 4 pieces, 423 1009 Roller plastynchatыyD400x2954 / 11 3.00 - 2 pcs, 337 4539 Lemekh krыlch. KF48P lion. - 13sht, 337 4538Lemeh krыlch. KF48P pr. - 13sht, 46710008 Shoe 70x22L Karat - 4 pieces, 335 2234Lemeh SB56P pr. Naplavl. - 16sht, 336 4150 Chisel B2SP pr. Napl. - 24sht 417 8114Plastyna 12h510h540 1xD20,1 5xD16 - 20pcs 417 8216 Sections bokovaya Smaragd 9 / 600RE - 1am, 8217 Sections 417 bokovaya Smaragd 9/600 LI - 1am, 8229 Sections tsentr.9 417/600-K D20 - 1am, 337 5486 Lapa P22 / 9-170x5 - 64sht.Krayina manufacturer: DE.Vyrobnyk: LEMKEN GmbH & Co., KG.Torhivelna brand: LEMKEN.GERMANY0UA8071904741.67553437.9056
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Housing Section Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Housing Section Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Агросем"""
Importer Address
04210, м. Київ, пр. Героїв Сталінграда, буд. 6A, Україна.
Exporter Name John Deere international GmbH
Product Description
"1. samohidnyymarky harvester John Deere, notconta.........
HS Code 8433510000Value 191962.6299
Quantity 1Unit UA204010
Net Weight 19100
Origin Country GERMANY

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