Ukraine Import Data of Hot Roller | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hot Roller

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hot roller collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hot roller imports.

Hot Roller Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hot Roller

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hot roller. Get Ukraine trade data of Hot Roller imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20178482911000"1. Parts of tapered roller pidshypnykiv- conical rollers (not treated): RU-30315 / VU1000-55874sht. (Diameter: 11.493mm top / bottom 14.9mm height 30.317mm). 2016.Vyhotovleni year alloyed steel brands ShKh -15. Packaged in a tree "" wooden pallet boxes. Vyrobnyk- "" SKF GmbH "", DE. Trademark: no data. ".GERMANY0UA2050904302.2914954.19441 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178443999010"1.Chastyny ​​to copiers Konica Minolta: Art.4021572002-Separatortoneru-3pc; Art.4034301401-sealing pressure plate sheet of paper, 6 pieces; Art.14GE45470-Lever release sheet of paper-1am; Art.16EA40200-Plastynaochyshennya video transfer toner 1pc ; Art.55VA41411-Guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.55VA88041-unit temperature control f'yuzera-1am; Art.55VA88061-Bloktermorehulyuvannya f'yuzera-1am; Art.A03UR70300-block korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-1am; Art.A0ED568400-Guide sheet of paper, 2 pcs; Art.A0ED569100-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc; Art.A0ED569200-sheet paper Plastynapryzhymu-1am; Art.A0ED579100-plate sealing pressure and kushu paper-1am; Art.A0ED579200-sealing pressure plate, sheet of paper 1pc; Art.A0XX373000-Zatvir-1am; Art.A0XX373100-Zatvir-1am; Art.A0XX374000-Zatvir-2 pcs; Art.A0XXPP6E01-Plastynaochyschennya-2 pcs; Art. A161N10N01-block transfer korotronu elektrostatychnohozaryadu-2 pcs; Art.A1DU736000-Block photosensitive strap / removable cartridge-1am; Art.A1DUR70300-purification unit, 1pc, Art.A1DUR71300 B-lok korotronu perenesennyaelektrostatychnoho charge-20pcs; Art.A1DUR72000-controller controls podachitonera-1am; Art.A1RFR70300- lid / cap-1am; Art.A1UDR71022-Blokf'yuzera-1am; Art.A1UDR73000-block display of images, 2 pcs; Art.A1XUR70011 Blokproyavlennya-picture-4 pieces; Art.A4EU390800-purification unit, 1pc, Art.A4EUR70G00 sealing pressure-plate-1pc sheet of paper; Art.A4EUR70H00-Zatvir-1am; Art.A4EUR70U00-holder rollers feeding sheets / copies, 2 pcs; Art.A50UR70300 korotronu-block transfer of electrostatic charge-8 pieces; Art.A5AW721700 display unit-holder-1pc; Art.A5AW744900 blokaeksponuvannya-holder, 2 pcs; Art.A5AWR70400-strap photosensitive unit / cartridges, 2 pcs; Art.A5AWR70B11-purification unit-1am; Art.A5AWR70F00-control unit yakostizobrazhennya-1am; Art.A5AWR70G00- holder / guide-sheet paper 1pc; Art.A5AWR70M00 korotronu-block transfer of electrostatic charge-1am; trade mark - Konica MinoltaVyrobnyk - Konica Minolta Business Technologies Manufacturing Ltd., CN "CHINA0UA10020032.351277.755684
28/Apr/20178482990000"1. Parts of tapered roller bearings, separators, type: CP-32017XJ-6447sht.Vyhotovleni of non-alloy cold-rolled steel grade D 33 F 10021 standard to DIN ISO 2768-m.Habarytni dimensions: Diameter: 89.0mm top, bottom 72,10mm height 21.70mm.Vykorystovuyutsya for you-hotovlennya bearings for own production potreb.Separatory wrapped in plastic wrap, folded in the trees "," wooden boxes. Manufacturer: HARSHA ENGINEERS Ltd. iN. Trade mark: no data. ".INDIA0UA205090515.763860.290433
28/Apr/20178302200090"1.Armatura nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv fasteners (clips): - directing commercials for furniture, screws, materialvyhotovlennya: metal - 400 pcs. - directing commercials for furniture, screws, materialvyhotovlennya: Metal - 10 pcs. - guide rollers for furniture ,, materialvyhotovlennya: metal - 150 pcs. - directing commercials for furniture, screws., materialvyhotovlennya: metal - 150 pcs. - directing commercials for furniture, screws, materialvyhotovlennya: metal - 1 pc. - directing commercials for furniture, screws, materialvyhotovlennya : metal - 50 pcs. - directing commercials for furniture, screws, mA terialvyhotovlennya: Metal - 8 pcs. - directing commercials for furniture, screws, materialvyhotovlennya: metal - 4 pcs., Country of origin - EGTorhovelna mark - RAVIN Manufacturer - RAVIN INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. "EGYPT0UA100110145.8437.456662
28/Apr/20177315119000"1. Parts beztsentrovoshlifuvalnyh machines MRK-104/32 830: 18SF-chain 5.005.108-2sht.Vyhotovlenyy of steel grade 304. Article 10. Represent Drive dvolankovi articulated roller chain with locking connection. Designed for transmission of rotational motion drive mechanism to the various elements of machine tools. Chains are not in use, year 2017Vyrobnyk: SKF GmbH, DE. Trademark: SKF. Packaged in a tree "" wooden pallet boxes. ".GERMANY0UA2050904.1712.7896164
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni preparations for skincare, without aerosol packaging, plastic tubes and plastic jars:" "RETINOL + MG" "correction of wrinkles Day cream SPF10 + protection profound effect photoaging, 45 ml. - 180sht .;" "RETINOL + MG '' correction of deep wrinkles day cream acts 45 ml. - 108sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction wrinkle Creams deep action, 45 ml. - 144sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" correction of wrinkles Lifting mask-intensive. action d / face, neck, chest 100ml. - 100 pieces .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction peeling-pack for purification and rejuvenation of skin, 100ml. - 140sht .; "" RETINOL + MG "" wrinkle correction CREAM make up remover for face cleansing and skin around the eyes, 150ml. - 12p .; "" Sugar "" Children cream on natural oils with vitamins A and E, 75ml. - 340sht .; "" Sugar "" cream baby diapers Extreme . chamomile, 75ml. - 140sht .; ALOE VERA Cream skin care around the eyes and lips 30ml. -100sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person saturating juice Aloe and Shea butter night, 75ml. - 40sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / region ychchya rejuvenating aloe juice and vitam. A and E daily, 75 ml. - 120sht .; ALOE VERA Cream d / person that moisturizes with aloe juice and extreme. cucumber agenda 75ml. - 180sht .; ALOE VERA Cream Facial Scrub, 100 ml. - 100 pieces .; ALOE VERA Facial cleansing facial 180ml. - 12p .; ALOE VERA toner that moisturizes, 180ml. - 24sht .; CLEAN BLACK MASK film face black 75ml. - 2400sht .; BLACK CLEAN mask facial scrub that polishes, 75ml. - 1200sht .; LUX CARE BLUR-cream to restore radiance skin 50ml. - 24sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging balm, the elixir for eye and lip contour for mature skin 20ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Global Anti-aging cream daily e / face intense formula d / mature skin 45 ml. - 72sht .; LUX CARE Precious Oil Facial Care for dry or mature skin 30ml. - 30sht .; LUX CARE Night Cream Complex anti-aging facial for mature skin 45 ml. - 48sht .; LUX CARE cleansing lotion with exfoliating effect, 145ml. - 36sht .; LUX CARE Express Mask indelible 3min., 75 ml. - 75sht .; Lift INTENSE Gel Eye Roller lifting of hyaluronic acid and caffeine 15ml. - 57sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream-lifting d / face daily. Pulling and SOM. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Lifting Cream d / person ROZHLAD night. and Vienna. with hialur. sour. and ginger, 45 ml. - 300sht .; Lift INTENSE A mask / face, neck and dec resume. ELASTICITY with hialur. sour. and ginger, 100ml. - 100 pieces .; Lift INTENSE CLEAN Facial Cleanser and moisture from hialur. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 70sht .; Lift INTENSE Cream Body hydration and elasticity of hialur. sour. and ginger, 200ml. - 180sht .; Lift INTENSE Serum-concentrat. d / EXPRESS pulling faces with hialur. sour. and ginger, 20 ml. - 450sht .; Lift INTENSE toner hydration and firmness hialur with. sour. and ginger, 150ml. - 250sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect BB Cream skin corrector 50ml. tuba - 600sht .; PERFECT SKIN Perfect skin cream Intensive Serum 4 in one 45 ml. Banks in Coro "BELARUS0UA1250103013.916883.52121
27/Apr/201785371099901.Elektronni controllers pam'yatyu not programmable voltage not exceeding 1000V, and do not include automatic processing of information that controls the battery systems of independent lighting of photovoltaic module and ain on / off LED-sivtylnyka: Controller model ASL1024-10A - 120sht.Kontroller model ASL1524LD-10A, 12V / 24V - 120sht.Torhovelna mark: Altek. Manufacturer: Wuhan Wanpeng Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Country of origin: CN. .CHINA0UA110190603180.000162
27/Apr/20178542319000"1. Art. STM32F205VET6 - 3pc. Electronic Circuits integrated monolithic: mikroshemymikrokontrollery: -mistkist memory - 512Kbayt; -Technology vyhotovlennyaKMON structure; -not programmable - contains in its composition and transmitters abopryymachiv peredavachiv.Torhovelna mark - STMicroelectronicsVyrobnyk - STMicroelectronics. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1002900.03620.85420986
27/Apr/20177210708000"1.Ploskyy rolled carbon sheet steel, cold-rolled Hot polymer (lakokrasochnym) coating (applied by roller in units of continuous operation), in rolls, EN 10169, grade of steel DX51D + Z, rozm.0,45h1250mm color: RAL1015 - 25956kh. , RAL5005 - 49320kh., MATT RAL8017 - 47335kh., MATT RAL8019 - 75787kh., MATT RAL6020 - 24660kh., MATT RAL8004 - 50586kh.Torhovelna mark "" HUIJIN "". Country of origin CN.. "CHINA0UA209180273644222408.64
27/Apr/20177326909490"1.VYROBY ferrous metal stamped: FOR MACHINE TYPE HB # 0908584: - ART. 31 September 0700 LOWER STEEL CHASTYNANAPRAVLYAYUCHOYI chain, is a rectangular plate dimensions 96 * 815 MMTOVSCHYNOYU 10 mm intended for attachment to the frame easel in the manufacture of the workpiece to PARQUET -2SHT, art. 09 33 2100 STEEL delighted chain conveyor, is a plate of 60 * 40 * 30 mm to 10 mm with a hole in the center, designed for mounting to a chain -4 VT planers FOR TYPE VH-120 number 1908220: - ART.39 47 2600 grooved ring for pressure rollers - 3 pieces. With slot groove for POSA CI external to the shaft. DIAM.150 MM internal. DIAM.100 mm, 30 mm, is designed for pressing and transporting Parquet billets on the table in the processing area FOR planers - FOR MACHINE TYPE PAKUE number 208394 -120: - ART.02 67 2600 ring for smooth feeding roller -1 units. From filling the slot for landing on external shaft. DIAM.100 MM internal. DIAM.30 mm, 30 mm, is designed to press AND Tran SPORTUVANNYA Parquet billets on the table in a zone handling for planers - ART.02 67 2500 grooved ring for pressure VALYKIV- 3 pcs. From filling the groove for planting in Val external. DIAM.150 MM internal. DIAM.30 mm, 30 mm, is designed for pressing and transporting Parquet billets on the table in the processing area FOR planers - for machines TYPE S-4. # 5011146: - ART.50 15 2013 Mechanical SET BEFORE steel plate saw blade, is the plate 210 * 60 * 10mm with two holes O6 FOR FIXING-2 units used as PRYZHYMNA slats under which glides PROCESSING - ART 50 15 2200 LEFT lateral sides, is a plate of 185 * 30 * 10mm with two holes O6 FOR FIXING 2 PCS is used as PRYZHYMNA slats on which slides ZAHOTOVKA- ART. 50 15 5600 BASIS rear LIVAYAVLYAYE a rectangular steel plate 100 * 1180 * 10 mm, with six holes O10MM the center for attachment to the frame easel on the left, 2 pieces used for SLIDING piece in OBROBKY- AREA ART. 50 15 5700 POLZUNOK ZZADNIY, right, is a rectangular steel plate 100 * 1180 * 10 mm, with three holes O10MM for attachment to the frame easel on Human VT-2 - ART. 5000 50 15 Supporting plate beneath the slider, right, is a rectangular steel plate 350 * 250 * 10 mm with two holes for attachment to O10MM frame easel on which in turn are fixed PRYZHYMNI moving line of -2 PCS MANUFACTURER "" GEBR.SCHRODER GMBH & CO KG "" Country of Germany DE "GERMANY0UA20607052.054343.299055
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Публічне акціонерне товариство ""СКФ Україна"""
Importer Address
43017, м. Луцьк, вул. Боженка 34, Україна.
Exporter Name """SKF GmbH Logistics Services"""
Product Description
"1. Parts of tapered roller pidshypnykiv- conical .........
HS Code 8482911000Value 14954.19441
Quantity 0Unit UA205090
Net Weight 4302.29
Origin Country GERMANY

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