Ukraine Import Data of Hot Pot | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hot Pot

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hot pot collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hot pot imports.

Hot Pot Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hot Pot

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hot pot. Get Ukraine trade data of Hot Pot imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201785081900001.Pylosos dlyasuhoho electric household cleaning power of 2000W umontovanymelektrodvyhunom dimensions 24,8h44,65h30,94sm model SLC20 AA0, art.F083571-59sht.Pylosos household electric suhohoprybyrannya to 1600W with built elektrodvyhunompotuzhnistyu dimensions 24,8h44,65h30,94sm, model SL B16 APR, art.F086510-25sht.Torhivelna brand-Hotpoint-Ariston.Vyrobnyk-Whirlpool EMEA SpAKrayina vyrobnytstva- CN. .CHINA84UA125110710.64070.768556 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178419310000"1.ZERNOSUSHARKA for agricultural products is new, with burners supernatural FUEL WITHOUT Systems of dust collecting, dismantled TRANSPORT-TYPE" "STRAHL" "18000FR / 14 -1sht. Constant 14 modular construction in stages forthe drying temperature, -180 tons PERFORMANCE / h ZZAVANTAZHUVALNYM OB "" EMOM -246 tons of installed capacity 275.5 kW engine power upper four fan-45.0 kW each, three fans LOWER POTUZHNISTDVYHUNA 30.0 kW each, VYVANTAZHUVALNOHOTRANSPORTERA Power 5.5 kW POSTAVLYAYET Be disassembled includes SEBEELEMENTY Technical Data: ALYUMOTSYNKOVI-panel INTERNAL, EXTERNAL PANEL -HALVANIZOVANI, -Internal MOBILE PANEL, VERTICAL cage part that comes SAFETY-profile U, C, L, Z- shaped, -OSNOVA taking with chain conveyor for unloading , -PNEVMATYCHNI flaps, -channels, -C burner -METYZY for assembly (bolts, screws, nuts staples) - insulation panels -VENTYLYATOR 30,0kVt-3pc. - FAN 45,0kVt-4 pieces. - PANELS P OLUM "" YAZAHYSTU, -DATCHYKY level, -DATCHYKY PRESSURE CONTROL -PULT, -UPAKOVKY With thermal insulation materials, -KOMPLEK TUVALNI AND WITH "" YEDNUVALNI details. manufacturer "" OFFICINE MINUTE srl "" ITALIYatorhova mark "" STRAHL "" Country of IT packed in n / ethylene film vkartonnyh unpacked boxes and 255 places for 8 cars zhidnovidvantazh.spetsyfikatsiy of 1,2,3,4, 5,6, 7.8 of 04/20/2017. "ITALY0UA125270102605362051.7536
28/Apr/20178482990000"1. Parts of tapered roller bearings, separators, type: CP-32017XJ-6447sht.Vyhotovleni of non-alloy cold-rolled steel grade D 33 F 10021 standard to DIN ISO 2768-m.Habarytni dimensions: Diameter: 89.0mm top, bottom 72,10mm height 21.70mm.Vykorystovuyutsya for you-hotovlennya bearings for own production potreb.Separatory wrapped in plastic wrap, folded in the trees "," wooden boxes. Manufacturer: HARSHA ENGINEERS Ltd. iN. Trade mark: no data. ".INDIA0UA205090515.763860.290433
28/Apr/20178415810090"1. conditioners (air-conditioning), new operating voltage of 220V, switching withsystem" "cold-warm", "with power input of less than 5kW that consist of external and internal units, complete with remote control tanastinnymy control panels containing refrigerant R410A: air-kasetnohotypu GUHD42NM3FO GKH42K3FI (with protective grating TC04) consumer potuzhnist3,9kVt -3kompl. air-channel type GFH24K3HI GUHN24NK3HO spozhyvchapotuzhnist 2,5kVt -3kompl. air-cassette-type GUHD24NK3FO GKH24K3FI (zzahysnymy grating TC04) power consumption 2,21k t-2kompl. systemakasetnoho split-type GUHD18NK3FO GKH18K3FI (with protective grating TC03) Power consumption 1,64kVt -4kompl. air-cassette-type GKH42K3HI GUHN42NM3HO (zzahysnymy grating TC04) Power consumption 4,2kVt -2kompl. systemakasetnoho split-type GKH24K3HI GUHN24NK3HO (with protective grating TC04) power consumption 2,5kVt -5kompl. air-cassette-type GUHN18NK3HO GKH18K3HI (TC 03) power consumption 2kVt -10kompl. Do not include in its composition ozonoruynivnirechovyny, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Do not contain inits part of the transmitter or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna Brand: GREEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. "CHINA0UA5000102725.621285.10998
28/Apr/20178415109000"1. conditioners, new, the system switch" "cold-warm" "- split air conditioners (split system), consisting of two units, external tavnutrishnoho, complete with remote control, containing refrigerant R410A: Split systemanastinnoho type GWH07NA-K3NNB1A / O GWH07NA-K3NNA4A / I power consumption 0,68kVt-15kompl. split-system wall type GWH12NB-K3NNB1A / O GWH12NB-K3NNA4A / Ispozhyvcha 1kW power -20kompl. split system wall typuGWH24ND-K3NNB1A / O GWH24ND- K3NNA4A / I power consumption 1,9kVt -15kompl.split system wall type GWH12AAB-K3NNA2A / I GWH12AAB-K3NNA2A / O spozhyvchapotuzhnist 0,794kVt -45komp . Split-system wall type GWH18UC-K3DNA2E / OGWH18UC-K3DNA1E / I Power consumption 1,55kVt -5kompl. Nastinnohotypu split system GWH28AAE-K3NNA2A / I GWH28AAE-K3NNA1A / O power consumption 2,84kVt -5kompl.split system wall type GWH18PD-K3NNA1A / I GWH18PD-K3NNA1A / O spozhyvchapotuzhnist 1,46kVt -8kompl. split-system wall type GWH18ND-K3NNB1A / OGWH18ND-K3NNA4A / I Needs NAV power 1,46kVt -10kompl. split system nastinnohotypu GWH09QB-K3DNA1G / O GWH09QB-K3DNA2G / I Power consumption 0,8kVt -30kompl.split system wall type GWH07QA-K3DNA5C / O GWH07QA-K3DNA2C / I spozhyvchapotuzhnist 0,68kVt -10kompl. split-system wall type GWH07QA-K3DNA5C / OGWH07QA-K3DNB6C / I 0,68kVt -10kompl power consumption. split system nastinnohotypu GWH24QE-K3DNA2G / I GWH24QE-K3DNA1G / O power consumption 1,94kVt -5kompl.split system wall type GWH18QD-K3DNA1G / O GWH18QD-K3DNA2G / I spozhyvchapotuzhnist 1,58kVt -4kompl. split-system wall type GWH24AAD-K3NNA1A / OGWH24AAD-K3NNA2A / I 1,9kVt -5kompl power consumption. Itsof not contain ozone-depleting substances, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances taprekursory. Do not include in its composition transmitters or transmitters and pryymachi.Torhovelna Brand: GREEKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: GREE ELECTRIC APPLIANCES, INC. "CHINA0UA5000107951.0250212.47006
28/Apr/20178539219200"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage ponad100V (domestic, non-explosive, new): photo-optical lamps, spets.pryznachennya, studio, voltage 240V, power 2000W, potik52000Lm light, 3200K color temperature, duration of burning 400h, cap G38: 64789 CP / 73 2000W 240V G38 6X1 FKK OSRAMart.AA3004600AC, EAN: 4008321654038 - 60sht .; photo-optical lamps, spec. purpose studio, voltage 240V, 2000W for tuzhnist, 52000Lm light output, color temperature 3200K, firms required burning 400h , base G38: 64789 CP / 73 2000W 240V G38 6X1 FKK OSRAM art.A A3004600AC, EAN: 4008321654038 - Country of 72sht .; and: MX; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. "MEXICO132UA12523055.7041234.275201
28/Apr/20178703229030"1. The car that was in use: -Marka accordance with the guide - SKODA; -Model accordance with the guide - OCTAVIA; -Nomer body (VIN) - TMBHM61Z3C2154766; -Nomer chassis - H / B; -Nomer engine - H / B; -With an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and crank - crank mechanism (petrol) - engine cylinder capacity - 1197 cm3; -Potuzhnist 77 kW -Total number of seats, including the driver - 5; -Pryznachennya - to transport people; -Kolisna formula - 4x2, -Kalendarnyy year - 2012 - vyhotovlennnya Model year - 2012 - body type - Universal l -The presence of damage: damaged rear left door, left rear arch, bonnet, front left fender, front panel, bumper, usylyuvach bumper, radiator, air conditioning and engine cooling, front Langeron right and left, left headlight, building the air filter reschitka , not belt-robochiy. trademark - "" SKODA "" .- Producer - "" SKODA AUTO AS "" .- Country of origin - CZ, Czech Republic.. "CZECH REPUBLIC1UA50063012803917.160014
28/Apr/20172523100000"1.Klinker 45940000kh Portland, embankment. Indices Mass fraction of chemical composition of Portland cement clinker, silicon oxide (SiO2) - 21,30%, aluminum oxide (Al2O3) - 4,75%, iron oxide (Fe2O3) - 3,55%, calcium oxide (CaO) - 65% of magnesium oxide (MgO) - 2,40%, anhydride sulfuric acid (SO3) - 1,35%, potassium oxide (K2O) - 0,82%, sodium oxide (Na2O) - 0 28%, free lime (free lime) - 1.30%. Mass share indices Minerals: Content trykaltsiyevoho silicate C3S - 60,5%, dvokaltsiyevyy silicate C2S - 15,5%, trykaltsiyevyy aluminate C3A - 6,6%, chotyrekaltsievyy alyumoferryt C4AF - 10,8% Greece .Standart number EN 197-1.Pryznachenyy f portlandtsementu.Dlya making use of in-house, on a cement zavodi.Vyrobnyk - "" TITAN CEMENT COMPANY SA "", Country of GR, Trademark no. "GREECE0UA500100459400001770987
28/Apr/20178704219900"Trucks, pryznachenyydlya use on public roads, -buvshyy to use -marka Renault, -model Kangoo, -kuzov number VF1FW14B547937576, -kalendarnyy year 2012, -modelnyy year 2012, -ob'yem 1,461 cm3 engine, diesel , -dvyhun D105207, -Color white -type - cargo van, if -masa maximum load 1936 kg. - 601 kg payload. - number of seats, including the driver - 2 -potuzhnist 55 kW -kolisna formulas 4x2, -vyhotovleno not based on the body of the car, -vidsutni rear seats and Miss This attachment to them, -vidsutni rear safety belts and signs komfortu.Torhovelna mark "" Renault "". Brand "" Renault "" (FR) .1 pcs., without packing.. "FRANCE1UA20504013352461.282627
28/Apr/20178701209000"1.Sidelnyy tractor: -marky-DAF, -model-FTR XF 105.410; -identyfikatsiynyy number (body / chassis) - XLRTG47MS0E747858; -Total number of seats, including the driver's seat 2; -pryznachenyy to transport semitrailer; -type engine -dyzelnyy; -Operating Extent cylinder - 12902 cm3; -potuzhnist-300 kW. - second hand, -kalendarnyy year 2006; -modelnyy vyhotovlnnnya year 2006; -torhivelna mark - "" DAF ""; - producer - "" DAF TRUCKS NV "" - Netherlands (NL).. "NETHERLANDS1UA40003078134049.810381
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ІНДЕЗІТ УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
01001, м.Київ, пр.Музейний, буд.4Україна
Exporter Name Indesit Company Polska Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
1.Pylosos dlyasuhoho electric household cleaning p.........
HS Code 8508190000Value 4070.768556
Quantity 84Unit UA125110
Net Weight 710.6
Origin Country CHINA

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