Ukraine Import Data of Hot Air Oven | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hot Air Oven

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hot air oven collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hot air oven imports.

Hot Air Oven Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hot Air Oven

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hot air oven. Get Ukraine trade data of Hot Air Oven imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
07/Apr/201784193100001.Obladnannya for the treatment of materials by th temperature change. Dryers dlyasilsk ohospodarskyh products: Stationary ve rtykalna spray sushylnaustanov ka for egg yolk MSD1500 - 1 pc. Bp ozibranomu condition. All elementyustanovky made of corrosion resistant steel 304L. Designed for drying yayechnohozhovtku way th evaporation of liquid. Liquid egg yolk at vysokymtyskom progress is from the line of processing liquid egg products in to the nozzle tarozpylyuyetsya the top of the dryer is concentrated in the Middle minutes chastynisusharky in psevdoskraplenyy st p blown strong flow nahritoh at povitryata falls as powder in the bottom of the dryer where prosiyuyetsya and postupayena packing. Povtrya for drying is filtered to HEPA filters, located ushafi s filtering to achieve SEW tion level of microbiological safety of the final product. Heating the air to 180C with usharky carried out by passing it through a heating element in a coolant which has a vapor pressure avysok th. Air circulates in duct s three types - suction, so starting a duct to create psevdoskraple tion layer. For zapobihannyanadmirnoho hrivannya in the room, which is drier, vytyazhnyyvozduhovod performed isolated. Psevdoskraplenyy layer forming ARE dvomapotokam air counter n apryamku through which liquid protein conc ntruyetsyau a fog in the middle cha styni dryer. Power heating elementaustano vky designed for evaporation in an amount of 1500 - 1679 kg / h, spine Depending on the temperature of air entering the count on the heating element. When that, for ilkist finished with egg white powder in is 1270 - 1421 kg / hod.Konstruktsiya installation provides easy maintenance due to the large kilkostiploschadok service from the East roar Corrosion hatches and doors. All ploschadkyobs luhovuvannya performed by a fence, but the requirements of Ukrainian zhid normatyvnyhdokum entiv. Dimensions Assembled installation consists of 16.5 (L) x 10 m (W) x 18 m (B) .Osnovni elements of the installation - sous shylna camera, air ducts, air filters for incoming ploschadkyobsluhovuvannya. The components of the dryer: Central ni section of the top of the dryer -2sh t., Insulation for kamerы - 8 pieces., Protypozhe zhnyy sprayer - 1pc., Sunroof dlyaobsluhov ents camera - 1 pc., Plaskidetali and cameras - 28sht., Details korpusunarizani and UV ormovani - 1pc ., covering parts service platform we -2sht., Central noyi clutch cover - 1 pc., karkasdlya filters - 252sht., sektsiyioholodzhuyuchoho vozduhovodu- 2 pcs., used duct hot air - 2 pcs., suction tube - 1pc., shut-off mechanism - 1 pcs., will direct yucha - 1pc., flanges vsmoktuyuchohoventylyat Ora - 6 pcs., suction f impulsnoh at Anzio fan -6sht., pulsed suction of air treatment fan - 1pc., flanetsimpulsnoho suction fan - 1pc., support etc. A plastic case - 1 pc., bokovisektsiyi top of the dryer - 2 pcs., bent sheet parts - 14sht., flatARGENTINA0UA110110347481226590.012 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
05/Apr/20173402209000"1 of detergents and cleaning: art.P908523 MAXX BRIAL 2 - 178,02kh. Dishwashing and cleaning surfaces, all surfaces cleaned, such as glass, marmurna, plastic, etc. Cyanotriamide. Content South Africa: 1% - 5% anionic surfactants. The content of auxiliary components: 1% - 2.5% - Alkilsulfosuktsynaty fatty acids, 1% - 5% - sodium lauryl sulfate, 5% - 10% - Ethanol 0.01% - 0 5% flavors and dyes, 80% - 90% - water not containing abrasive powders. not in aerosol packaging. in 1 liter bottles in cardboard boxes of 12 pieces - 15kor; art.P908527 MAXX INDUR 2 - 291,17kh. Means washing etc. floor cleaning. For all waterproof floors, especially for shiny glossy and polished floors. The content of surfactants: 5% - 15% nonionic surfactants, 1% -5% anionic surfactants. Contents of auxiliary components: 1% -2.5% - ethanol, 3% - 5% - ethoxylate fatty alcohol, 3% - 5% - Alkilsulfosuktsynaty fatty acids, 3% - 5% - Metylhlitsyn acetic acid sodium salt, 1% - 5% - acrylic polymer, 0.01% - 0.1% Flavors, 80 % - 90% water. Not in aerosol packaging. 1l bottles in kart.korobah to 12p - 24kor; art.P908535 MAXX INTO WC2 - 91,35kh. High Efficiency detergent for toilets. It is used for cleaning toilets, plumbing and other kyslostiykyh poverhonen such as ceramics, pottery, marmur.Vmist surfactants: 0.5% -5% nonionic surfactants. The content of auxiliary components: 0.5% -5% ethoxylates fatty alcohol, 5% - 10% Citric acid 0.001% - 0.1% Aromatozytory and dyes, 85% - 95% water. Not in aerosol packaging. In polymer bottles 750ml cards. boxes of 12p - 10kor; art.P902143 OVEN RINSE POWER - 103,8kh.Myyuchyy tool for automatic cleaning systems in zaparnykah with hot air. Content South Africa:> 5 <15% non-ionic surfactants. The content of auxiliary components: 10% citric acid, 10% etaksylaty fatty alcohols etaksylaty 5% alcohol, 5% sodium sulfonate cumin. Not in aerosol packaging. In plastic canister 5 l cards. boxes 2 pieces - 10kor.Vyrobnyk: Ecolab dooTorhovelna Brand: Ecolab.Erayina production: SI "SLOVENIA0UA125250664.34690.9116292
05/Apr/20176404191000"1.VZUTTYA AT sole with PVC backs uppers of textile materials, Slippers WOMEN CANVAS SIZE 35-40 6550 pairs; -TAPOCHKY WOMEN SIZE 35-40 LIA 800 pairs; -TAPOCHKY CHILDREN SIZE 23-30 TipTop 48 pairs; -TAPOCHKY Tilda CHILDREN SIZE 23-30 432 pairs, shoes produced from DUBLOVANOHOTEKSTYLYA (punched woven, textile POLIYESTRU, Past due LYTYEVOHO-WAY MOUNTING ON PIDISHVI PVC) Shoes, sole with PVHZ backs uppers of textile materials Ltd. PRODUCER "" OLDKOM "" , MOLDOVAKRAYINA MD TRADEMARK OF PRODUCTION "" OLDCOM "". "MOLDOVA,REPUBLIC OF7830UA1252702318.319246.06234
03/Apr/201785141080001.Pechi Electric Convection (heating circulating that the pair prohotytkriz resistance elements) for cooking: Professional kuhonneobladnannya for industrial catering COMBI STEAM OVEN O 1011ic / KExtra / Convection oven Orange Vision Extra O1011ic RETIGO, voltage 400V, power 17,6kVt - 1 pc. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1001501383643.391276
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Hot Air Oven Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hot Air Oven Importer Sample

Date 07/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальн істью "" Ін Фуд"""
Importer Address
51215,Дніп-ська обл., Нов-кий р-н., с.Орлівщина, вул.Піщанська,1
Exporter Name ACTINI SAS
Product Description
1.Obladnannya for the treatment of materials by th.........
HS Code 8419310000Value 1226590.012
Quantity 0Unit UA110110
Net Weight 34748
Origin Country ARGENTINA

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