Ukraine Import Data of Hose Wire | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hose Wire

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hose wire collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hose wire imports.

Hose Wire Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hose Wire

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hose wire. Get Ukraine trade data of Hose Wire imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201740092200001. Rubber hoses reinforced outer spiral wire (or metalevymobpletennyam) with fittings. shlanh50cm-129shtKrayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - no danyhVyrobnyk - ZHEJIANG DAYUAN PUMPS INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.CHINA0UA50002019.921.92987329 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20174009220000"1.Vysokonapirni hoses: 2SN50x1700 / SFLxHF-L / SFL poz.21 3-896-3008 / 03 -5sht., 2SN10x6500 / DKOL 18x1,5 / DKOL18x1,5 / 90 poz.17 3-896-3008 / 03 - 3pc., 2SN12x6500 / DKOL 22x1,5 / DKOL 22x1,5 / 90 poz.18 3-896-3008 / 03 -3sht., 2SN40x4000 / DKOL 52x2 / DKOL 52x2 / 90 poz.19 3-896-3008 / 03 - 3pc., 2SN32x4000 / DKOL 52x2 / DKOL 52x2 / 90 poz.20 3-896-3008 / 03 -3sht., 2SN16x700 / DKOL 26x1,5 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 poz.61 3 OCH-20020 2 / 2 -4sht., 2SN16x700 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 / DKOL 26x1,5 / 90 poz.72.1 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN16x1500 / DKOL 26x1,5 / DKOL 26x1,5 poz.72.2 ; 72.3 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -4sht., 2SN25x1500 / DKOL 36x2 / DKOL 36x2 poz.59.2 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN25x2000 / DKOL 36x2 / DKOL 36x2 poz.59.1 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN32x1300 / DKOL 45x2 / 90 / DKOL 45x2 / 90 poz.57.1 ​​3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht., 2SN32x2000 / DKOL 45x2 / DKOL 45h2 / 90 postures .57.2 3 OCH-20020 2/2 -2sht. with soft vulcanized rubber, with fittings and a Language not a metal wire. By hydraulic crusher for iron ore.. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA112100181.56875.923224
28/Apr/201740092100001.Rukava of vulcanized, rubber nezatverdiloyi without fittings, combined only with metal, new, art.Rbx00003714 Sleeve Z-II-12-25 GOST 6286-73 -127,4poh.m. (2zvyazky) is a high-pressure rubber hose opletnevoyi konstrutsiyi with two metal wire with opletennyamy latunevoyu surface, the inner diameter. 12mm, working pressure 25,0MPa (250khs / cm2) for use as flexible pipelines for supplying high-pressure fluids. .RUSSIA0UA80606080.644287.7047821
27/Apr/20179019200000"1.Vyroby medical devices: Devices for oxygen, respiratory and aerosol therapy, artificial respiration tareanimatsiyi: art.1111065 (GUEDEL AIRWAY, SIZE 1, ISO 6.5) Hvedela ducts, size 1, ISO 6.5- 20sht.-art.1114100 ( GUEDEL aIRWAY, sIZE 4, ISO10) Hvedela duct size 4, ISO-10 -80sht. art.1115120 (GUEDEL aIRWAY, sIZE 5, ISO12) Hvedela ducts, size 5, ISO-12- 70sht. art.1135015 (ADULT ECO oXYGEN mASK WITH2.1M tUBE) ECO adult oxygen mask with tube length for ysnevoyu 2,1m.- 2000sht.-art.1181015 (aDULT ECO hIGH CONCENTRATI oN mASK AND tUBE) Eco oxygen mask dlyad oroslyh for Providing high concentra tion of oxygen with oxygen tube -216sht.-art.11960 15 (PAEDIATRIC ECO OXYGEN MASK WITH 1.8M TUBE) Children ECO Oxygen mask, oxygen tube 1.8 m - 40sht.-art.1441000 (CLEAR-THERM MICRO HMEF) Fil May teplovolohoobminnyy breathing, Clear- therm micro - 1000sht. art. 1453015 (CIRRUS2 aDULT ECO mASK kIT aND oXYGEN tUBE) nebulizer kit Cirrus2, ECO adult oxygen mask and tube-390sht. art. 1454015 (CIRRUS2 PAEDIATRIC ECO MAS K KIT AND TUBE) Set nebulayzerCirrus2, children's ECO oxygen mask and tube-216sht. art.1464000 (CIRRUS 2 UNIVERSAL MOUTHPIEC E T-KIT) Nebulayzernyy nabirCirrus 2 of the T-shaped mouthpiece, universal-160sht.-art.1507000 (INTERSURGICAL AQUAFLOW BUBB LE HUMIDIFIER WITH BOTTLE) Bulbashkovyyz volozhuvach Intersurgical Aquaflow, with yemk istyu - 240sht. -art.1663000 (STRAIGHT CONNECTOR 10F-10M- 7.6mm pORT fOR 10mm F / TUBE oNLY) "" Pryamyyz`yednuvach 10F-10M, the port 7,6mm only and for use with 10mm contours "" - 25sht. art .1873000 (HYDRO-TRACH II HME) filter e yhalnyy heat volohoobminnyyHydro-Trac h II, in patients with traheostomoyu-1000sht.-art.2223000 (HARNESS (sMALL) fOR CPAP FA CE MASK) fixation system for small SRARmasky - 12p. -art.2224000 (HARNESS (LARGE / MEDIUM) fOR CPAP FACE MASK) system for fixation of I / great CPAP masks - 156sht.-art.2316000 (MANAGEMENT CLIP SYSTEM FOR ANAESTHESIA) management system zazhymamydlya anesthesia - 12sht.-art.2330000 (LOW VOLUME MANUAL FILL HUMI ​​DIFICATION CHAMBER) Camera zvolozhuvacharu chnoho fill the volume of a small - 750sht. -art.4700000 (nFLOW INFANT nASAL CPAP SYS TEM hEATED WIRE) nFLOW zprovodom heating system for nasal CPAP newbo enyh length 1,6m - 408sht.-art.5007000 (SMOOTHBORE B / sYSTEM 1.6m, 1 WATER TRAP, PORTS) Hladkostovburnadyhal system to 1,6m 1 volohozbirnyk, porty- 10sht.-art.5015000 (sMOOTHBORE BREATHING sYSTEM LIMB 1.5M) smooth hose 1,5m- 60sht.-art.5120000 (sMOOTHBORE CATHETER MOUNT 1 20mm) connectors smooth smoothbore 120mm. - 50sht.-art.5508850 (10mm SMOOTHBORE B / SYSTEM 1. 6M WITH HEATED WIRE, TYPE MR850) 10mmhla dkostovburna respiratory ceiling, 1,6m, with about ihrivom such as MR850 - 150sht.-art.5510810 (SINGLE H / WIRE SYSTEM, CHAMB ER fOR MR850 / 730, 1.6M, 0.4M LIMB) 10mmh ladkostovburna respiratory ceiling, 1,6m, with one wire heating vidrizok0,4m, chamber for MR850 / 730 - 49sht.-art.5510850 (SMOOTHBORE B / SYSTEM 1.6M wITH HEATED WIRE, TYPE MR850) neonatal respiratory smooth contour with "LITHUANIA0UA100020715.9490765.815
27/Apr/201785159000001. Parts of machines to soldering or welding, liquid Block oholodzhennyacool5O U40-2 pieces. Feeder wire, water-cooled drive 4 Basic-11sht. Intermediate hose package, water-cooled MIG W 1 9POL 95qmm 550A / 60% 5m-11 units. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA100150299.411082.20257
27/Apr/201740094200001.Zapasni parts for compressors: -Shlanh of vulcanized rubber, unsteadily, assembly, reinforced and combined ztekstylnym material from fittings (pipe Transition) intended for use in air compressor system part.nomer: 574991715 -1sht.-hose Vulcanite rubber, unsteadily, assembly, reinforced and combined ztekstylnym material from fittings (pipe transition) intended for use in air compressor system part.nomer: 574984207 -1sht.-hose Vulcanite unsteady assembly, reinforced and combined ztekstylnym material and metal wire, fittings (pipe Transition) intended for use in an air system kompresorivpart.nomer: 1621963400 -1sht.-hose Vulcanite unsteady assembly, reinforced and combined ztekstylnym material and metal wire, fittings (with transition pipe) intended for use in an air system kompresorivpart.nomer: 1621954800 -1sht.Krayina production - DETorhovelna brand - ATLAS COPCOVyrobnyk - ATLAS COPCO AIRPOWER NVGERMANY0UA1251807.22604.0473467
27/Apr/20178515900000"1.Party for welding devices: -The plug for the cable for the welding machine 25mm2 - 10pcs; - The welding torch TW-14 type Bester 3m - 2pcs; - Clip 160A - 10pcs; - Torch tip for welding TW15 0,8 - 100pcs; - tip for welding TW15 d. 1,0 - 100pcs; - wire feeder for 2-roller for a welding machine - 1pc; - hose package for a welding torch 16mm / 3m - 2pcs .; - Hose package for a welding torch 25mm / 3m - 2pcs. Trademark: no dataProducer: TECWELD. "POLAND0UA40003011203.6972153
26/Apr/20178544300098"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / m. Cable (wire) in the car for those elektrychnymyz'yednuvachamy-3283748-10sht. 3642782-4sht.Krayina production - GBTorhovelna mark -" "EBS" "Brand -" "European Braking Systems" "."UNITED KINGDOM0UA1001108.423113.692892
26/Apr/20174009220000"1. Rubber hoses reinforced outer spiral wire (or metal sheath) of the fitting, not for vehicles, household Water - kh.Zahalom 15733 15733 kg. In Transport upakovtsi.Torhovelna mark - No danyh.Krayina vyrobnitstva : CN, Kytay.Vyrobnyk: "" Taizhou Highrank Valves Co., Ltd. "". "CHINA0UA5000101573317620.96014
26/Apr/20178536611090"1.Zapchastyny ​​for trucks / m. Spout for incandescent lamps in those K-wire a / m (KT). 3276736-20sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark -" "Convitex" "Brand -" "Convitex" "."CHINA0UA1001100.8940.37424087
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Hose Wire Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hose Wire Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ "" САНТ ПОСТАЧ """
Importer Address
14010, м.Чернігів, вул. Дніпровська буд.20
Product Description
1. Rubber hoses reinforced outer spiral wire (or m.........
HS Code 4009220000Value 21.92987329
Quantity 0Unit UA500020
Net Weight 19.9
Origin Country CHINA

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