Ukraine Import Data of Hoops | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hoops

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hoops collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hoops imports.

Hoops Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hoops

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176029049001.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, including their roots, to vidkrytohohruntu for decorative purposes, with torfohruntom in pots and p / e bags vasortymenti in stock: Abies proc. Glauca C5 Fir -8sht. Juniperus scop.Blue Arrow 120-140 Juniper -100sht. Fagus syl. Dawyck Gold C130 Beech -2sht. Fagussyl. Tricolor Beech 250+ -6sht. Fagus syl. Black Swain C130 Beech -1sht. Fagus syl.Black Swain 300+ Beech -2sht. Fagus syl. Purpurea Pendula PA 160 Beech -4sht. Fagussyl. Beech-C4 mix 12p. Fagus syl. Purple Fountain C130 Beech -1sht. Picea abies Konca 140-160 Spruce-6 pieces. Picea abies Inversa C45 Spruce -3sht. Picea abies Inversa 150+ Spruce -5sht.Picea pung. Spruce Hoopsii C2-10pc. Picea pung Glauca Globosa 80-100 Spruce -40sht. Pine Pinus Oculus Draconis140-160 -6sht. Pine Pinus Glauca 140+ -2sht. Pine Pinus Globe 60+ -1sht.Pinus mugo Wintergold 60-80 Pine -20sht. Pinus mugo Ophir Pa60 -6sht.Pinus 60 Pine mugo Ophir C5 Pine -7sht. Pine Pinus nigra 350+ -3sht. Pinus nigra 250+ Pine -5sht. Pinus syl. Watererri 160-180 Pine -5sht. Thuja occ. Golden Globe Thuja -50sht 40+. Thuja occ. Danica Thuja 20-30, 100 pieces. Thuja occ. Danica Thuja 30-40, 100 pieces. Thuja occ. Thuja Smaragd C2 -3sht. Thuja occ. Thuja Smaragd 350+ -51sht. Thujaocc. Thuja Smaragd 270+ -46sht.POLAND0UA2091401940010067.49235 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201796159000001.Vyroby to support hair: Girls hoops. art.83060170 99-2 sht.Sklad size: 50% polyester 50% ZALIZOREZYNKY HAIR girl. art.83070168 99-4 sht.Sklad size: 50% polyester 30% PLASTIC 20% ELASTANTorhovelna mark MANGOVyrobnyk Punto FA, SLKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA1001100.0849.026331162
26/Apr/201796151900001.Vyroby adorning feminine hairstyle, hair accessories kombinovanyhmaterialiv, coated textile materials, decorated znedorohotsinnoho metal and plastic, to maintain hair, combs, clips, and rubber bands hoops 128 kg. Goods discounted, unrealized demand during the period. .CHINA0UA100010128153.6000227
24/Apr/201787032319101.Vyroby adorning feminine hairstyle, hair accessories kombinovanyhmaterialiv, coated textile materials, decorated znedorohotsinnoho metal and plastic, to maintain hair, combs, clips, and rubber bands hoops 128 kg. Goods discounted, unrealized demand during the period. .UNITED KINGDOM1UA125160126511225.05778
19/Apr/201796151100001.Prykrasy to trim hair (elastics, hoops) plastic, new vasortymenti. .CHINA0UA2091401.0823.13991241
19/Apr/201796151100001.Prykrasy to trim hair (elastics, hoops) plastic, new vasortymenti. .CHINA0UA2091405.0772.3100378
18/Apr/201761112090001.Dytyachyy wear tall child no more 86sm. cotton knitwear range: Body with long sleeve: 5980081 height 56CM-1am. Body with long RUKAVAMY2SHT / packing .: 5973472 height 86CM-1upak. Body with long sleeve 3pc / packing 5995433zrist .: 74CM-3upak. 5995434 height 80CM-1upak. 5995550 height 74CM-1upak. 5995552zrist 86CM-1upak. 6004865 height 56CM-1upak. 6004868 height 74CM-2upak. 6004870zrist 86CM-4upak. Body with short sleeves: 5985346 height 74CM-2 pcs. 6018773zrist 62CM-1am. 6018774 height 68CM-1am. 6018775 height 74CM-1am. 6018776 zrist80CM-1am. 6018777 height 86CM-1am. 6024069 height 62CM-2 pcs. 6024070 zrist68CM-2 pcs. 6024071 height 74CM-2 pcs. 6024072 height 80CM-2 pcs. 6024073 zrist86CM-3pc. 6024081 height 62CM-1am. 6024082 height 68CM-1am. 6024083 zrist74CM-1am. 6024084 height 80CM-1am. 6024085 height 86CM-1am. Body with KOROTKYMYRUKAVAMY 3pc / packing .: 6005155 height 74CM-1upak. 6005157 height 86CM-2upak. 6006237zrist 86CM-1upak. 6024558 height 56CM-1upak. 6024559 height 62CM-1upak. 6024560zrist 68CM-1upak. 6024 561 height 74CM-2upak. 6024562 height 80CM-2upak. 6024563zrist 86CM-2upak. Body with short sleeves 5pcs / packing height .: 6024728 1upak.6024729 height 56CM-62CM-1upak. 6024730 height 68CM-1upak. 6024731 height 74CM-80CM-length 1upak.6024732 1upak. 6024733 height 86CM-1upak. sets of clothing (sleeves ZKOROTKYMY BODY + leggings): 5,980,053 height 68CM-1am. sets of clothing (BODY ZKOROTKYMY sleeve + shorts): 6,023,959 height 56CM-1am. 6023960 height 62CM-68CM-length 1sht.6023961 1am. 6023962 height 74CM-1am. 6023963 height 80CM-1am. BOLERO: 5980483 height 80CM-3pc. Overalls: 5998851 height 56CM-4 pieces. 5998852 zrist62CM-4 pieces. 5998853 height 68CM-3pc. 5998854 height 74CM-2 pcs. 5998855 zrist80CM-2 pcs. 6004551 height 56CM-1am. 6004554 height 74CM-2 pcs. Overalls 2pcs / packing.: 5996776 height 74CM-4upak. Overalls 3pc / packing height .: 5978874 2upak.5996798 height 50CM-68CM-3upak. 5996833 height 80CM-3upak. 5998882 height 80CM-86CM-length 2upak.5998883 2upak. 5999055 height 50CM-2upak. 5999056 height 56CM-62CM-length 2upak.5999057 4upak. 5999058 height 68CM-4upak. 5999059 height 74CM-80CM-length 3upak.5999060 2upak. 5999061 height 86CM-2upak. sets of clothing (KOMBINEZON2SHT. + Hoops): 5,998,984 height 62CM-2 pcs. 5998985 height 68CM-3pc. Jackets: 74CM-5972747zrist 2 pcs. 5972748 height 80CM-3pc. Leggings: 5973404 height 80CM-2 pcs. 5973405zrist 86CM-2 pcs. 6003314 height 68CM-2 pcs. 6003315 height 74CM-2 pcs. 6003316 zrist80CM-3pc. 6003333 height 74CM-1am. 6003338 height 68CM-2 pcs. 6003339 zrist74CM-3pc. 6003340 height 80CM-2 pcs. 6003341 height 86CM-2 pcs. 6011827 zrist62CM-1am. 6011828 height 68CM-2 pcs. 6011829 height 74CM-2 pcs. 6011830 zrist80CM-2 pcs. 6011831 height 86CM-4 pieces. 6011834 height 62CM-1am. 6011835 zrist68CM-1am. 6011836 height 74CM-2 pcs. 6011837 height 80CM-2 pcs. 6011838 zrist86CM-2 pcs. 6011840 height 62CM-1am. 6011841 height 68CM-1am. 6011842 zrist74CM-2 pcs. 6011843 height 80CM-2 pcs. 6011844 height 86CM-4 pieces. 6011846 zrist62CM-1am. 6011847 height 68CM-1am. 6011848 height 74CM-2 pcs. 6011849 zrist80CM-2 pcs. 6011850 height 86CM-4 pieces. 6011852 height 62CM-1am. 6011853 zrist68CM-1am.BANGLADESH0UA10001057.951684.315318
18/Apr/201796151900001. Products that decorate a woman's hairstyle: hoops of precious metal (iron) - 3248 pcs., 49 pounds. Goods are stocked, not sold during the demand period. .CHINA0UA1000104958.80003691
18/Apr/201796151100001.Prykrasy hair for finishing (gum and hoops) for women and girls zplastmasy new in stock. .CHINA0UA2091401.9226.64994981
13/Apr/20179615900000"1. combs, hairpins and similar articles: Hoops for children" "Crown" "plastykz backlight and without (6960 = packing 66,840 pieces) - 6960 pcs .;."CHINA0UA1001201426.562157.600084
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Hoops Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hoops Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ГАЛСАД"""
Importer Address
79495,м.Львів-Винники,вул.Котермака 1-а Україна
Exporter Name """KRAJEWSCY"" Szkolka Drzew i Krzewow Ozdobnych"
Product Description
1.Zhyvi plants, trees, shrubs and bushes, includin.........
HS Code 602904900Value 10067.49235
Quantity 0Unit UA209140
Net Weight 19400
Origin Country POLAND

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