Ukraine Import Data of Hinge Bracket | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hinge Bracket

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hinge bracket collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hinge bracket imports.

Hinge Bracket Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hinge Bracket

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles, metals znedorohotsinnyh., Art.B45A52240 - BRACKET WINGS left-1pc., Art.B63B501C0A - plate grille, 1pc., Art.B63B50B31 - Planck-RESHITKYRADIATORA 1pc., Art.B63C50B51 - grille slats, 1pc., art.B63D50B51 -PLANKA grille, 1pc., art.BHN150153 - BRACKET front bumper (R) -2sht., art.BHN1502H1A - BRACKET rear bumper (R) -3sht., art.BHR250251A - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA rear (R) -2sht., art.BP4K28473A - eccentric-3pc., art.D46158210A - PETLYADVERI, 2 pcs., art.D46159210A - door-hinges 2 pcs., art.D65150361B - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA-1pc., art.G18K51SJ3 - GDC Lenny lining thresholds, 10pc., Art.G46L501C0A -PLASTYNA grille-3pc., Art.G46L50712A - power RESHITKYRADIATORA, 2 pcs., Art.G46L50717A - BRACKET grille (L) -2sht., Art.G46L51694 - lights BRACKET P / T (L) -1sht., art.GHK1513HXA - BRACKET back-1pc., art.GHP950070 - power front bumper, 2 pcs., art.GHP950EB1A -KRIPLENNYA-1pc., art.GHP952240D - K RONSHTEYN wing before (L) - 1 pc., art.GHP95315X -KRONSHTEYN WINGS TOP (R) -1sht., art.GHP973762 - MOUNT-3pc., art.GS1E502J1C -KRONSHTEYN rear bumper (L) -1sht., art.KD4550EA1 - Clamps, 2 pcs., art .KD4551W24 -KRIPLENNYA-25sht., art.KD5151W24 - MOUNT-4 pieces., art.KD5350251 - KRONSHTEYNBAMPERA back of it STR-3pc., art.L20656652A - Lock-1pc., art.NA0156145 -KRIPLENNYA Lockers-30sht., Origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MAZDAVyrobnyk - Mazda Motor CorporationJAPAN0UA20502030.891553.3459883 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Apr/20178419310000"1.Zernosusharka type L 150 CE, passport number №092017 - 1pc., New, year 2017, in the unassembled for easy transportation on 3 t / a. Acquisition: remote code EC477Z pipe 1 pc, code VEC0041 1 fan pcs, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 pc, code EC121-L800 drive for regulation GXI 1 pc, code EC306 Tsyllindrichnyy caliper regulator 1 pc, code EC477Z distance pipe 1 pc, code VEC0042 fan 1 pc, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 piece ; code EC338 conical conductor 1950 ALUZINC 3 pieces, conical code EC408DX 1/2 conductor 1950 25 pcs, code EC408SX 1/2 conical conductor 1 950 25 pcs, code EC007 parallel conductors 1950 6 pcs, code ECB233 basis of grain-drying installation 1 pc, code ECI409 Metal. Panel 500 * 2050 * 2mm lateral Konycheskyy conductor Fire 2 pcs, code BMG60 burner (VD60) 1 pc, code BMG180 burner ( VD180) 1 unit; electrical control BR1 TECFLAM 1 pc, code EC338I conical conductor 1950 INOX 24 pcs, electrical panel BR2 TECFLAM 1 pc, code EC421 Power "" U "" to the drying column 324 pcs, code ECA421 Power "" U "" truncated to 24 columns of the drying unit, code EC135 Explorer to exit kondesata 1 pc, code EC243 Closing 90 * 330 * 2 mm lateral to the distributor 1 pc, code ECA033 Closing 430 * 4000 * 2mm with holes 1 pc ; Code EC022 part in a '' T '' for closing 12 units; ECA076 code Amplifier "" L "" 0.5 m 114 pcs, code EC037Z Metal. Panel lifting and connecting pieces 28, VLINGUETTA language code to the distributor 1 pc, code F302 Motoreduktor 1 pc, code EC262 internal amplifier for distributor 1 pc, code EC261Z connector motor reducer 1 pc, code VPARASTRAPPI protection gaps with orange Vulkolana 2 pcs, code EC260Z plate to slide on motororeduktora 1 pc, code VSUPP oval caliper diameter 40 mm SKF 2 pcs, code EC-SC4 joints ladder 12 pcs, code EC-SC5DX Brackets for stair carriages 6 pcs, code EC- SC5SX Brackets for stair carriages 6 pcs, code EC142 hinge stairs 9 pcs, code VTEAUT Samoverty TE 4.8 * 25mm for Insul yatsiynoho cover 300 pcs, code VTEAUT Samoverty TE 4.8 * 25mm for insulation coating 300 pcs, code VTE0816 screws 8 * 16mm 13000 pcs, code VDF0800 nut M8 13000 pcs, code VTE0830 screws 8 * 30mm 200 pcs, code VTE1030 screw TE M10 * 30mm galvanized 300 pcs, code VDM1000 average nut M10 galvanized 300 pcs, code VRP1000 flat ring M10 galvanized 300 pcs, code VBARRA20 axle with threaded M20 * 1 of 6 pcs, code VDM2000 average nut M20 galvanized 32 pc; code VRP2000 flat ring M20 galvanized 16 pcs, code EC209 Gasket support bases 60 pcs, code VSILICGR silicone 6 pcs, code VTASCHI Chemical anchor 4 pcs, code VPISTOLA device Loy silicone 1 pc, code ST0001 temperature sensor 5 pc; co EC040 caliper for temperature sensors 5 pcs, code VSUPPNEU caliper to the pneumatic device 1 pc, code IMP1000 pneumatic unit 1 pc, code IMP2000 pneumatic tank unit 1 pc, code VRYLSAN RYLSAN blue tube D.10 mm 50 pc; RACC01Z Fitting code 270 * D. 270mm to 200 mm 1 pc, code RACC02Z Fitting 300 * 300mm to 200mm D. 2 pieces, Metallic letter code ECO215 500 * 3900 * 2mm 25 pcs, code ECN215 Met "ITALY0UA40003025810151975.7894
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products and accessories for plastic design outlets and mistsprodazhu: Big plastic back support BACK-XL art.254206-200sht., Velykaplastykova back support with magnetic base BACK-XL-TM art.270077-150sht., Perforated profile Vstavkav UNITRACK UNI-LINE, art.282020-1000-50sht length 1000 mm., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, color zelenyyart.195023-07-10sht., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, kolirchervonyy (RAL 3020) art. 195023-06-13sht., insert a color TsinnykoutrymuvachiCOLOR-INSERT39, color blue (RAL 5010) art.195023-08-9sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm (p / p) art.202140-7 00sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm, black (p / p) art.202140-10-500sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 50 mm, black (p / p) art.202141-10-500sht. , Holder transparent CLAMP art.102220-80sht., Holder CLIPLARGE-VL, black art.202009-10-1000sht., Holder frame at an angle of 75 hradusivnastilnyy BASE-75 (A6-A2) art.102095-600sht., holder frame 90 degrees ivnastilnyy BASE-90 (A6-A2) art.102097-1000sht., Holder with variable angle nahyluHINGE art.400031-16-10sht 16 mm., holder plastic tubes STD-12 color siryyart.400075-03- 1300sht., clamp-holder DELI-CL, color prozoryyart.202033-00-400sht., Clam CARDCLAMP-VL art.202013-6400sht., Capture pryamyypoperechnyy SGKLG-00, 25mm art.254 054-200sht., Capture corner camokleyuschiysya SGT-2525h25 art.251018-10000sht mm., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color bilyyart.102181-01-2000sht., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color chornyyart.102181-10-300sht. , frame for making cassettes prices A4 color chornyyart.501531-10-1000sht., Carman hanging from soft PVC FW A6 art.171063-2000sht., pocket-protector anti-glare plastic PP A3 art.101013-200sht., Karman- PP A4 plastic protector anti-glare art.101014-5000sht., Quick-zamokvelykyy LARGE SNAP-38 art.251066-300sht., B-CLIP Clip art.102195-80sht., KlipsaH-CLIP-SW A6-A2 art.102047-300sht ., plastic Clip HM, length 50, consoles b single plastic length 100 mm SINGLE HOOK 100art.254244-100sht., fasteners for plastic pipes 20 mm stand kolirchornyy art.400030-10-6sht., bracket connecting DELI-UNBO 40mm, color bilyyart.102182-01 -200sht., Hook F-CLIP-SW (A6-A2) art.102051-440sht., Hook dlyapidvishuvannya frames UP-CLIP art.102193-700sht., self-adhesive hook-hanger HANGTAB 4-color transparent art.253004-15000sht ., suspended plastic tape CLIPSTRIP-W art.254064-600sht. limiter plastic cutting height of 30 mm ST-profile L-RAIL30-TF, length 1000 mm ext. art.270031-00-1000-100sht cattle. limiter plastic front height 80 mm T-profile L-RAIL80-TF, dovzhyna1250 mm ext. art.270009-00-1250-470sht velocity., 16h20 mm Adapter dlyateleskopichnoyi pipe, black art.400317-10-300sht., loop pidvishuvannyaplastykovoho profile CLICKER HOOK, white art.252040-01-40sht., to hinge PidstavkaFOT Price list holders art.202126-2500sht., Stand FOT dlyasharnirnoho list holders, black art.202126-10-300shRUSSIA0UA1000102972.827594.38928
27/Apr/20177326909890"1.Chastyny ​​used in excavators, rotary hinge cover art. 7I7400-4sht .; bracket art. 7Y0839-3sht., Ferrous metals. Manufacturer:" "Caterpillar" "; trademark:" "CAT" "; Country production: US;. "UNITED STATES0UA1000201.83237.3202989
27/Apr/20174016930090"1.Prokladky and other rubber seal (with nonporous rubber) for a / m Lada: * Seal housing right inner hinge with a spring assembly, art.21213230103400 -50 pcs * Laying pipes Radiators, art.21010810133210 -29 pc; * Laying pipes radiators, art.21010810133210 -171 pcs * Laying pipes radiators, art.21010810133210 -100 pcs * O-ring oil filter bracket, art.21230101203602 -1 pcs * damper control lever assembly, art.11180170338000 -10 pcs * Ring rail hub steering mechanism art.21080340102000 -30 pcs * Ring rail hub steering mechanism art.210 80340102000 -10 pcs * Ring rail hub steering mechanism art.21080340102000 -10 pc. LADA.Vyrobnyk trademark "" BalakovoRezynoTehnyka "" PAO h.Balakovo.Krayina production RU.. "RUSSIA0UA1251801.581242.03541086
27/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners, hardware and tech analog-ferrous metals dlyamotorn s vehicles (passenger cars x): Zaspokoyuvachlantsyuha art. 243762A000-1sht. Pacifier chain art. 243762A000 -4sht. Pacifier chain art.243772A000 -1sht. Pacifier chain art. 243862A000 -1sht. Bracket bamperaart. 865542K500 -1sht. Bracket bumper lion. Art. 865511D000 -1sht. Kronshteynbampera front left art. 865812E000 -1sht. Bracket kreplenyya radyatoraart. 253331E000 -2sht. Bracket Radiator kreplenyya levыy art. 253333K500 -1sht.Kronshteyn fixing spring art. 5525044003 -2sht. Bracket peredneho levыyart wing. 663182E000-1sht. Bracket front bumper art. 865522G500 -4sht. Bracket radiatoraart. 253342E000 -10sht. Arm lv torsion art. 542804A002 -2sht. Kronshteyntorsyona EUR (for body) art. 5428043001 -2sht. Bracket torsion etc. art.542814A002 -2sht. Sklopid mechanism. front left door art. 824034A010-4sht. The mechanism of the front left door Lifters art. 824 713K002AS -1sht.Moldynh bumper zadneho EUR (chrome insert) art. 866833K710 -2sht. Molding bamperazadnoho / bottom / art. 866122B700 -2sht. Molding left bumper art. 865853K710-2sht. Molding front bumper (under the grille) art. 865853K500-2sht. Molding BACK DOORS pravoy art. 877321 -1sht. Molding DOORS front levoyart. 8772117000CA -2sht. Molding DOORS front pravoy art. 877221C500CA-2 pcs. Molding DOORS front pravoy art. 877221E000 -2sht. Molding dveryperednoyi left to collect art. 877211C500CA -3sht. Bumper moldings perednohopravyy chrome art. 865863K710 -2sht. Moldings right front bumper hromart. 865843K710 -2sht. Rear right door moldings art. 877321C500CA -2sht.Moldinh front left art. 877211E000 -2sht. Overlay bumper art. 866452 -1sht.Nakladka rear bumper / bottom / art. 866502W000 -1sht. Overlay bumper nyzhnyaart. 865231G000 -1sht. Overlay took hold BACK DOORS art. 877702B000 -2sht. Nakladkakryshky trunk / chrome / art. 873722E510 -2sht. Overlay door right in zboriart. 877522S000 -4sht. Overlay door right to collect art. 877522S000-2sht. Left front door limiter art. 793802H000 -2sht. Art.793801G000 -1sht door limiter. Door limiter art. 794901G000 -1sht. Door hinge left art.793102E000 -1sht. Door Hinge art. 793103E000 -2sht. Loop DOORS art. 793102H000-3sht. The loop took hold BACK DOORS top. Art. 794103K000 -1sht. Loop DOORS peredneylevaya (Lower) pravoy (Upper) art. 793203E000 -2sht. Loop DOORS took hold of the front (Lower) art. 793202K000 -1sht. Loop DOORS front pravoy art. Send 793202E000 -2sht.Petlya door / back. bottom right art. 793202H000 -2sht. Hood Loop art.791201D000 -1sht. Hood Loop art. 7911026000 -2sht. Hood Loop art. 791102K000-2sht. Hood Loop art. 791201D000 -4sht. Hood Loop art. 7912026000 -2sht.Petlya hood art. 791202K000 -2sht. Hood Loop lion art. 791102E000 -2sht.Petlya bonnet lion art. 791103E000 -1sht. Hood Loop builds art. 791202E000-1sht. Hood Loop builds art. 791202E000 -2sht. Hood Loop builds art.79120KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525072.49277.6743929
26/Apr/201783023000901. Spare parts (parts) for cars, accessories for mounting: Castle (pen, rod, brackets, hinges, hinges) -5sht. Producer (brand): INTER CARS SA (CARGOPARTS).POLAND0UA40003029.577.733293
26/Apr/20178708809998"1.Sistema and suspension parts for a / m Lada: bar front suspension zkronshtey us art.21230290420000 -1sht.Poperechyna front suspension zkronshteynamy, art.2 1230290420000 - Ball 1sht.Palets re dnoyi pidviskynyzhniy with a protective cover, art.21214290408200 - 10pc. perednoyipidvisky bar with brackets art.2 1230290420000 - 3pc. zkronshteynamy bar suspension, art.21214290420010 - 1pc. hinge bracket front stretch, art.11180290404982 - 20pcs. Support the upper rack front suspension with bolts and bearings, art.21080290282000 - 127sht. Fist turning left, art.11180300101500 - 2 pcs . Levers front suspension upper right to collect it, art.21210290410000- 2 pcs. Cup springs front suspension li wa, art.21230290273500 - 3pc. Vazhelper ednoyi top left suspension assembly and rt.21230290410100 - 2 pcs. Kronshteynkripl spare shock absorber lower right, art.212 30291556001 - 13sht. Kronshteynkripleniya absorber bottom left, art.212302915 56101 - 10pc. Kulakpovorotny and right and rt.11180300101400 - 2 pcs. Re dnoyi suspension bar (LADA Kalina, LADA Granta, LADA Sport), art.11180290440087 - 1pc. Kulakpovorotnyy left, art.111963001015 00 - 4 pieces. Reliance perednoyipidvisky upper rack with bolted assemblies art.21900290 282,100 - 10pc. Reliance top stiykypered noyi suspension with bolted assemblies art.219 00290282100 - 10sht.Krayina production - RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" AVTOVAZ "" PAO g Tolyatti "RUSSIA0UA125180303.2382416.183761
25/Apr/201740111000901. Sheet metal installation of windows and turning swivel-hinged sash: MK.U.700-1 block KT art.5015908-800 pieces. OS1.U.1050-1 tire KT art.5015898-400 pieces. SK.U.1.20-13 LS bracket art.4992361-1440 pcs., DL.HT.18-13-12 LS bracket art.4990049-20 pcs., EKU1 angle art.4987427-3600 pcs., DL.K. ET 20-13 LS swivel bracket art.4986909-400 pcs., KE SL art.4982891-200 extension piece., SK2.PA 20-13 LS bracket art.4966426-5 pcs., SK1.PA 20-13 LS bracket art.4966424-5 pcs., ZV-FT SL art.4965238-2000 press a piece., OS2.PA 1025-1 tire art.4965082-5 pcs., DML.K 20-13 art.5016272-700 press a middle piece ., SK.U.1 20-13 RS bracket art.4992360-1440 pcs., GASM 1800-2 bolt shtulpovyy art.4933700-40 pcs., GVM.U.1200-3 zasu ZN.KT art.5015884-960 pcs., ALS WSK 60 KT hitch art.5032587-913 pcs., GM.UN1750-2.KT bolt art.5035793-1200 pc., GM.UN1100-1.KT bolt art. 5035791-960 pieces. ALS WSK 60 KT hitch art.5032587-87 pieces. ALS.FSS.U LS mechanism art.5032555-500 pieces. SK.SE.205 RS kronshte Jn art.4932601-3 pieces. SK.SE.152 RS bracket art.4931884-40 pcs., TFE element art.4931450-500 three functional units., GAVM 920-3 bolt art.4927941-900 pc., GASM 800 bar shtulpovyy art.4927112-20 pcs., DL.K 21-13 LS swivel bracket art.4926283-50 pcs., GAM 800 bar art.4926267-1800 pcs., GAK 465 bar art.4926221-100 pcs., OS2 1250-1 tire art.2848291 -200 pcs., ZV SL art.1791131-20 press a piece., DFE-TFE hitch ZN art.4937821-8000 pcs., SK.SE.161 RS bracket art.4932611-7 pcs., OS.SE.800 bus art.4934244-20 pcs., G AM 2300-3 D25 bolt art.4938167-20 pieces. DL.KU20-13 RS swivel bracket art.4938562-300 pcs., MK 750-1 blockade art.4940653-1000 additional pieces. Country of PLVyrobnyk Aug.Winkhaus GmbH & Co.KGTorhovelna mark WinkhausGERMANY208UA1252302252.51410987.17662
25/Apr/20178536900190"1.Chains used in excavators: hinge cover art 7I7400-4; bracket art 7Y0839-3, articles made of ferrous metals Manufacturer:" Caterpillar ""; Brand: "CAT" "; Country Production: US; "CHINA0UA1002000.20432.83909238
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Hinge Bracket Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hinge Bracket Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП ""АВТО ІНТЕРНЕШНЛ"""
Importer Address
04073, м.Київ, пр.Московський, 22А
Product Description
1.Armatura fasteners and hardware to new vehicles,.........
HS Code 8302300090Value 553.3459883
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 30.891
Origin Country JAPAN

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