Ukraine Import Data of High Voltage Board | Ukraine Import Statistics of High Voltage Board

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of high voltage board collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of high voltage board imports.

High Voltage Board Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of High Voltage Board

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of high voltage board. Get Ukraine trade data of High Voltage Board imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178544300098"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting parts, not for industrial assembly of vehicles: 2170-3724527 tow (udlynitel) for datchykukysnya -6sht. 402-3707244 CARGEN harness high conductivity (with tip) vupakovke-30sht. 4091- 3707244 CARGEN, high-voltage wires harness (with tip) vupakovke -24sht. AX-102 high-voltage wires wiring Aveo 1.4 Lanos 1.6 16vKalos 1.4 16v Lacetti (KLAN) Nexia 1.5 DOHC Rezzo 1.6 Cruze 1.6-in packages 10pc. AH-101 tow wires high Aveo 1.4; Lanos 1.4,1.5; Kalos 1.4, Nexia 1.5 in packages -10sht. AH-107 (307-3707080-10 MeM3,96305387GM) dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires Lanos1.3 (Sens + Chance) 1.3 (MeM3) Lanos 1.5 up.-in 10pcs. 2123-3707080-10 harness wires high in the pack. -60sht.21214-3707080-10 CARGEN harness wires high in the pack. -30sht. 5102091-10CARGEN harness high wires -5sht in packages. 2111-3707080 CARGEN dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages -300sht. 82000506297 AH-CARGEN dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages, 30sht. 21073-3707080 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-30sht. 21213-3707080 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-90sht. 2111-3707080-10 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-180sht. 4216.3707080-23 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-120sht. 4216.3707090-10 CARGEN harness wires in packages of high-30sht. 2101-3707080 CARGEN harness wires high in packages -300sht.1118-3724148 tow-ignition coils 15sht. 21104-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 40sht. 21073-3724037 wiring connection elektrobenzonasosa -3sht. 21082-3724037dzhhut connection elektrobenzonasosa -3sht. 2110-3724155 tow pidklyuchennyaelektrousylitelya -15sht helm. 2110-3724234 tow wires, heaters (carburetor) -3sht. 2105-3724026-20 tow-16sht ignition system. 2108-3724026-11 tow-ignition system 3pc. 2111-3724036 tow -20sht nozzles. 2112-3724036 injectors wiring harness -20sht.11186-3724036 -10sht nozzles. 21214-3724036 injectors wiring harness -20sht.2123-3724036-10 -10sht nozzles. 4216.3707070-00 injectors wiring harness -20sht.4216.3707070-10 -10sht nozzles. AH-366-1 Rem set-Block for peremykachuvent 1117.1118.1119 heater, with wires -45sht. AH-366-3 Rem set-Block kperemykachu 2123.2170 Vent heater, with wires, 30sht. AX-366 set-Ram Block 4-pin contact (responsible part AH-308) zprovodamy -30sht. AX-470 Rem. set-Block for block switches to drive. dveri1117,1118,1119 -10sht with wires. AX-436 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 2170, zprovodamy -20sht. AX-471 Rem. set-Block for prikurit-lu VAZ-2110-2115, 2123,1117-1119, 2170, 2190 -20sht with wires. AX-431 Rem. set-Block for email. pryvodui DPDZ d / e with engin. pedalyu accelerate (8 piano fall board) with wires -20sht. AX-432 Rem.nabor-Block for el.pryvodu and DPDZ d / engin with el.pedalyu accelerate (piano fall board 16) zprovodamy -20sht. AX-430 Rem. set-Block for elektronnoy pedal akseleratoraVAZ, with wires, 10pc. AH-502-K Rem.nabor kt pads for zad.lihtaryam board for Gazelle., Zprovodamy -20sht. AX-323 Rem.nabo "RUSSIA0UA807170850.8849921.578057 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20178539299800"1.Lampochka miniature incandescent pos-tiynoho current on voltage from 24 V to highlight VA9S24 VDC electronic boards for industrial machines, multifunctional that handles flexible electrical conductors marks" "insects" "in the amount of 6 pieces.."GERMANY6UA2091800.01210.3588876
21/Apr/20178538909900"1.Verhnya panel for rozpod.schyta (metal) art.08436-2sht, Head button switch (metal / plastic) art.ZB4BA47-3sht, art.ZB5AG4-10sht, art.ZB5AA335-4sht, art.ZB5AW743-2sht, head button switch with LED indicator (metal / plastic) art.ZB4BW343-1sht, Rear (metal) for distribution schytaart.08736-1sht, Protective cap for the (plastic) art.ZBPA-10pc, art.ZBPA, 20pcs, C 'yednuvalnyy unit for avtomat.vymykacha (metal / pVC) art.GV2AF3-40sht, art.GV2AF3-5sht, art.GV2AF01-2sht, cassette to vysokovoltnohovymykacha Evolis kompl.z a tire grounding and Protective shutters (metal / pVC) art. 59317-2sht, pocket dock ments (plastic) for distribution schytart.NSYDPA4-2sht, terminal cap to the switch (plastic) art.LV429518-1sht, art.LV429516-10sht, art.LV429515-20sht, terminal plugs for the breaker (PVC) art.28958-2k Yes, (in 2 pieces), contact plate (metal) for avt.vymykachaart.LV432490-1k-t (3pc) art.LV432490-3k th (by 3pc) Contact block dovymykacha (metal / pVC) art.ZBE102- 35 pcs, art.ZBE102-20sht, art .ZBE101-180sht, Korobkaposta control (without equipment) art.XALE2-1sht, art.XALE2-4sht, Mehanizmuvimknennya poles to the high-voltage switch ISF2 art.51077310A1-1sht, Montazhnapanel (metal) for distribution art.NSYMM66-4sht shield, AR t.NSYMM64-2sht, Nabirrozshyryuvalnyh plates to avtomat.vymykacha NSX400 / 630 (metal) art.LV432492-6k-ing (by 3pc) limiter voltage contactor for art.LAD4RCE-2 pcs, Basis for art.ZB5AA2-4sht buttons, Base art.ZB4BZ009-90sht a button, Osnovnarama to door distribution board (metal / pVC) art.08406-1sht, front panel (metal) for distribution board art.03805-2sht, art.03204-6sht, art.03203-1sht, art.03342-7sht, front for avt.vymykacha in rozpod.shafu (metal / pVC) art.03803-6sht, art.03802-6sht, Front panel for distribution board (metal / pVC) art.03806-2sht plate cable entry to rozpod.shafy (metal / layer k) art.NSYTLC-3pc, art.08566-1sht, distribution cabinet, is not equipped aparaturoyuart.NSYS3D3415-2sht, art.NSYS3D10830P-1pc, art.NSYS3D5425P-5pcs, art.NSYS3D6420P-1pc, art.NSYS3D10630P-4 pieces, art .NSYS3D5420P-2 pcs, art.NSYS3D5525P-4 pieces, art.NSYS3D3215P-2 pcs, Cap (metal) for avt.vymykachaart.LV429289-6sht.Krayina production - FR.Torhovelna mark - SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC.Vyrobnyk - "" SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC INDUSTRIE S SAS "". "FRANCE0UA1000102033399.994185
18/Apr/201785444290911.Kabelna assembly 3090CM12-60 -6 pieces. ser.nom.: 9V990 (a high temperature to 500 300hr.F-tight cable hr.F low equa- nemshumovyprominyuvannya has connecting optional board), cable length - 1.5 m. onoutput channel voltage measurement does not exceed 27 volts. Designed for stendovohoobladnannya. .UNITED STATES0UA1120200.228854.0851284
13/Apr/201785049099001.Plata REFURB INITIATOR, CCS, 4460, Vart.S704878T in an amount of 1 shtYe part (component) high-voltage generator (CCS Source) optical emission spectrometer ARL 4460. isis printed circuit board with active and pasyvnymyelektronnymy components, circuits, components throttle , and elektrychnymyprovodamy kontaktamy.Pryznachena to form vysokovoltnohoimpulsu plugs needed in order schobionizuvaty gap between the sample and elektrodom.Torhivelna brand: Thermo Fisher ScientificVyrobnyk: Thermo Fisher ScientificKrayina production: CH.SWITZERLAND0UA7000600.72137.106084
13/Apr/20178538909100"1. The electronic modules for operation in servo ELEKTROLANTSYUHAH THAT components components for its own production needs when serial industrial production of LLC" "plant" "CRYSTAL" "machine oxygen cutting CNC Type Of" "Crystal-PPlKP-2.5 '': SERVOPOSYLYUVACH events . A25A100 - 4 pieces. ID. number: 74129-1013, 74129-1029, 74129-1169, 74129-1175. Products designed for control of DC motors type DC and PMDC with / without tachometer feedback; FETs sURFACE AND TECHNOLOGY INSTALLATION Provides up to 99% EFFEKTYVNOSTI at frequencies up to 22 KOMMUTATSIYI Hz. Power Rated - 1.1 kW peak - 1.1 kW CURRENT: continuous - 15A, peak - 25A, Voltage - 20-80V.SERVOPOSYLYUVACH events. DC212EE15A40LSC-SRC - 3pc. ID. Number: 66074-1002, 57604- 1007, 57604-1008.VYROB designed to run AND MANAGEMENT KOLLEKTORNYMY DC motor with voltage high frequency (for operating the engine with adjustable speed, equipped servo status indicators (working / emergency), potentiometers; Input voltage (AC) - 40-429V, voltage OUT ON. (POST.STRUMU) - 24-75V; CURRENT MAX. (Imax) +/- 15A; INDUKTYVNIST- 600mN. PRODUCER: "" ADVANCED MOTION CONTROLS "", US. TRADEMARK: AMC. Deposition Figurative MARK LOGO TM. 1st place: packaged in a box made of cardboard and PET film. "UNITED STATES0UA5041703.7033818.274156
12/Apr/201785365011901.Peremykachi electromechanical buttons on board for a voltage not exceeding 60V (30V, 0.1A): art. PB6133FBL-13 - 1pc. Do not include in its composition transmitters or transmitters and receivers. For civil industrial electronics. Manufacturer - HIGHLY ELECTRIC CO., LTD, trade mark - HIGHLY ELECTRIC. .CHINA0UA1002000.0021.744641002
12/Apr/201785363090001.Obmezhuvach overvoltage series SENTRON type 3, 2-pole, single phase, katehoriyaD. Set in the distribution board to protect low-voltage obladnannyavid high voltage surges on the line consumers. Level zahystuobmezhuvacha between PE and N or phase 3 kV. Operating voltage 230V, maximum napruha253V AC. Art. 5SD7432-1-3sht. Total: 3 shtuky.Torhovelna brand: Siemens AutomationKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Siemens Automation.GERMANY0UA1250600.3121.4273112
06/Apr/20178544300098"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting parts, not for industrial assembly of vehicles: 2101-3707080 GARGEN vysokovoltnyhprovodov tow-in packages 300sht. 2170-3724527 tow (extension) for oxygen sensor -10sht. 2123-3707080-10dzhhut high-voltage wires in the pack. -30sht. 245.3707090 / 100/110/114 dzhhutvysokovoltnyh wires in packages, 30sht. 1118-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 10pc. 21104-3724148 ignition coils, wiring 10pc. 2105-3724026-20 tow ignition system, 8 pieces . 11184-3724036 tow nozzles -5sht. 11186-3724036 wiring harness -6sht.2111-3724036 nozzles nozzles -20sht. 2112-3724036 tow nozzles -20sh t.21214-3724036 tow nozzles -10sht. Bank Wire 3302-3724150 for a / m "" Gazelle "" dv.406 "" - "" -2sht. Bank Wire 2105-3724070 for a / m 2101-2105, 2107 " "+" "-10sht.2106-3724070 Wire batteries for a / m 2106" "+" "- 2 pcs. 2108-3724080-10 Wire batteries for a / m 2108-21099,2113-2115" "-" "-2sht Bank Wire .31029-3724050 for a / m GAZ-3110 with dv.406 "" + "" -2sht. 2217-3724150 ProvodAKB for a / m "" Gazelle "" December uzovaya dv.402 -2sht. AH-369-1 Rem set-Block signal for vymykachuavariynoy 2104-2107, 2113-2115, with wires -20sht. AH-366-1 Remnabor-Block Vent heater switch for 1117.1118.1119, with wires -105sht.AH 366-3-Ram Block for set-Vent heater switch 2123.2170, with wires, 30sht. AX-366 set-Ram Block 4-pin contact (responsible part AH-308) zprovodamy -30sht. AX-435 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 1117, 1118, 1119, zprovodamy -10sht. AX-436 Rem. set-Block for block Phare 2170, with wires -20sht.AH-431 Rem. set-Block for email. and about DPDZ d / e with engin. pedalyu accelerate (8klap) with wires -30sht. AX-432 Rem. set-Block for el.pryvodu and DPDZ d / engin zel.pedalyu accelerate (piano fall board 16) with wires -20sht. AX-306 Rem.nabor-4 Kolodkabenzonasosa contact with the wires -20sht. AH-313-Rem.nabor Kolodkadatch.kolen.vala with wires -140sht. AH-320-Block Rem.nabor datch.masovoyivytraty air with wires -30sht. AH-316-Rem.nabor Kolodkadatch.temper.oholodzh.ridyny, with wires, 30sht. AH-311-Block Rem.nabor knock sensor, with wires -60sht. AH-315Rem.nabor-Block gauge polozh.drosselnoy flaps, with wires, 60sht. AX-337 Block Rem.nabor-speed sensor 1117,1118,1119, with wires, 20pcs. AX-312 Block Rem.nabor-speed sensor, a Hall sensor with wires, 210sht. AH-317-Rem.nabor Block gauge idle pace, with wires -75sht.AH-309 Rem.nabor-pads for nozzles pidkl.k 0280158502 bosh, with wires, 60sht. AH-310-Block Rem.nabor connection for nozzles with wires -105sht.AH Rem.nabor-324-Block zad.shvydkosti 1118, nesting 2 acc. With wires, 60sht. AX-308 Rem.nabor-Block for the fuel pump, fuel datch.rivnya, with wires, 20pcs. AX-331 Rem.nabor-Block for blokir.vybora linyii zadn.hoda (motor 1118), zprovodamy -30sht. AH-377-2 Rem.nabor-Block for vmymkachu zovnishnohoosvitlennya (Dimensions) 2113-2115, with wires -20sht. AH-509-Block Rem.nabor kdatch.det, temp.oh.rid., Air zad.hoda, nozzles for GAZ, with wires. -15sht.AH Rem.nabor-512-Block button for sklopi "RUSSIA0UA807170242.3424538.13857
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High Voltage Board Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

High Voltage Board Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Авто Тренд"""
Importer Address
61052,Харківська обл,м.Харків,пров. Сімферопольський,б.6 Україна
Exporter Name "ТОВ ""АвтоДеВиЗ"""
Product Description
"1.Komplekty wires for vehicles with connecting pa.........
HS Code 8544300098Value 9921.578057
Quantity 0Unit UA807170
Net Weight 850.884
Origin Country RUSSIA

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