Ukraine Import Data of Herbal Extracts | Ukraine Import Statistics of Herbal Extracts

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of herbal extracts collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of herbal extracts imports.

Herbal Extracts Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Herbal Extracts

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of herbal extracts. Get Ukraine trade data of Herbal Extracts imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
23/Apr/20176402999800"1 of excipients based on a mixture of herbal extracts, SYNTETYCHNYHDYSPERSNYH AGENTS USED DURING tanned leather working: -FLORETAN TBM (8 H25KH paper bag = = 200kg). Company manufacturers" "CODYECOS.r.A." "( IT). TRADEMARK "" CODYECO "".. "CHINA1370UA1001105622589.29995 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/201733019030001.Vytyazhky herbal essential oils for use vharchoviy industry: extracts: art. AA011401 celery olerezyn 12% -10kh. art.AA012001 nutmeg olerezyn 40% -34kh.Torhovelna mark: Naturex SAKrayina production: INVyrobnyk: Naturex SA.INDIA0UA100110441762.024468
20/Apr/20171302198000"1.Syntezovani laboratory reference standards for quality control farmatsevtychnyhsubstantsiy. Herbal extracts. KVILAYI purified saponins (CAS68990-67-0) - 30MG, art. Y0001537 - 1pc. Net net weight of 30 mg. VALER'YANYUNIFIKOVANYY dry extract (C AS 3569 -10-6) - 400MG, art. Y0000583 - 1pc. Chystavaha net 400 mg. pryznachennya.Torhivelna products are not medical grade - "" EDQM "". Producer - "" European Directorate for the Quality of medicines COUNCIL OFEUROPE "", France .Krayina production - FR (France). "FRANCE0UA1251000.00043174.0697251
19/Apr/20171302198000"1.Soky and herbal extracts, contain no drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, dry extract of artichoke 5% tsinarin (Artichoke dry extract 5% cynarine). It is used in the production medprepar ativ. Series: N7031901- 150 kg. Shelf life: 16.01. 2022r.Vyrobnyk: "" Evear Extraction Vegetale Et Aromes "" Trademark - evear. Country of origin - FR.Upakovano 6 cartons on the pallet.. "FRANCE0UA1251001503188.577043
18/Apr/201732030010001. Food additives for confectionery and bakery industry: 4391837Beta Caroteen 1% CWS (beta carotene) vegetable dye, mild includes herbal extracts, emulsifiers, tocopherol-360 kh.Vyrobnyk - Givaudan .Krayina production - CH.Torhovelna mark - Givaudan. .SWITZERLAND0UA1252203604168.189924
18/Apr/20172309909690"1.Products for animals used for preventive purposes for cats and dogs, not in aerosol packaging, in a package for retail trade: Cat Bajun infusion (for cats and dogs), 3 flak for 10 ml, -6000 packs ( 200 boxes X 30upak.), A means in the form of sterile water infusion of medicinal plants: herbs of mint, grass grass, rhizomes with roots of valerianum, flowers and fruits of hawthorn, cones of hops, herbs of pistachio, leaves of peppermint, grasses of a puddle, herb cats, Herbs of Melissa, Flowers of Tavolga of Vjazolistnoy, Eyelash Herbs, Thyme Herbs, Herbs with The cats of Bayon tablets (for cats and dogs), 50 tablets per 0.2 g, and the color of the cabbage of the bay, the grass of the saltin of the hill, the leaf grass, and the water of the lyslylivaya.It is a liquid from light yellow to browncolor with a slight herbal odor. - 5000 pack. (125 box X 40 pack). A tool for cats and dogs containing extracts, broths and infusions from medicinal plant material (flowers and fruits of hawthorn, hips, hawthorn herbs, herbs of spinach, grass grass , Roots and rhizomes of valerian, leaves of peppermint, grass buds of plyuschevidnoy, herbs nepeta, herbs, lemon balm, kvitivtavolhy vyazolystnoy, herb St. John's wort, thyme herb, grass cudweed marsh, herb soups holmovoyi, nettle leaves, roots peony evading) and auxiliary components (lactose, starch, calcium stearate, distilled water). It is a biconvex tablet from white to light yellowcolor.Inclusions and slight marbling are allowed.Keterwin Infusion For Oral Use, 3fl. 10 ml. - 7500 pack. (250 box X 30 pack.), In the form of sterile infusion of medicinal plants, grass of the bird humpback, herb horsetail, grass of the gorgespocheuchuyu, the root of the stove and the water distilled. It is a clear liquid from light brown to Dark brown with a specific smell.Products for animals used for preventive purposes for cats and dogs, based on medicinal herbs, in tablet form, in a package for retail trade: Phytoelitis Healthy kidneys, 50 tablets. By 0.2 g, - 2000 pcs. (50 boxes X 40 pack). Phytoelite cytosta, 50 tablets. By 0.2 g, - 1000 pack. (25 box X 40upak.), Manufacturer company: "VEDA" Ltd. "Trade mark (tm):" "VEDA" "Country of production: Russian Federation / RU."RUSSIA0UA1252201382.521507.31137
14/Apr/20173302109000"1.Rozchyny aromatic components in DOS Peninsula and identychnyhnaturalny of natural flavoring substances for use in the food industry: Flavor jelly with horseradish" "K-301194 Jelly Meat" "- 500kart.korobok -9990kh, UWI See Color beige powder, ingredients: salt (carrier), monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), maltodextrin (carrier) huanilat sodium (pidsylyuvachsmaku) dioxide silicon Exposure (antyzlezhuvach), potassium phosphate (rehulyatorkyslotnosti), extracts of vegetable (pepper), flavoring substance. Manufactured: Party MA00154193, MA00154209 , MA00154210, MA00154211 - 07/04/2017, Needs you do04 / 10/2017. Flavor barbecue "" QG30251 Shashlik "" - 300kart.korobok -6000kh in the form of dust Color beige fur, ingredients: salt (carrier), dextrose (medium), monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), huanilatnatr Exposure (flavor enhancer), silicon dioxide (a ntyzlezhuvach) fosfatkaliya (acidity regulator), herbal extracts (paprika), flavoring rechovyna.Vyhotovleno: Party MA00154323, MA00154324- 08.04.2017spozhyty to 05/10/2017. With astosovuyetsya foodproducts in production. "HUNGARY0UA2091801599060904.12936
13/Apr/20173202900000"1 of excipients based on a mixture of herbal extracts, SYNTETYCHNYHDYSPERSNYH AGENTS USED DURING tanned leather working: -FLORETAN TBM (8 H25KH paper bag = = 200kg). Company manufacturers" "CODYECOS.r.A." "( IT). TRADEMARK "" CODYECO "".. "ITALY0UA504080200397.5286794
13/Apr/20171302198000"1. herbal extracts: - Cranberry extract 5: 1 (Cranberry Extract 5: 1) -5kh - Cordyceps Extract 5: 1 (Cordyceps Extract 5: 1) -5kh - Cordyceps extract 10: 1 (Cordyceps Extract 10: 1) -5kh - Reishi extract 5: 1 (Reishi extract 5: 1) -5kh - Rainbow extract 10: 1 (Phallus Impudicus extract 10: 1) -5kh - Artichoke extract 5: 1 (Artichoke extract 5: 1 ) -25kh - tribulus extract 5: 1 (Tribulus extract 5: 1) -25kh - extract Prutnyaka 5: 1 (Vitex Agnus extract 5: 1) -25kh. vyhlyadiporoshkiv extracts of brown, tan, dark brown, purple-red color. It is used as a raw material for the production of cosmetic products, and tabiolohychno tive supplements. Not for retailers. donarkotychnyh not belong drugs, psychotropic substances and prekursoriv.Torhovelna brand: Hunan Nutra Max.Vyrobnyk: Hunan Nutramax Inc.CN.Krayina production: CN. "CHINA0UA8072101002329.999872
11/Apr/20172106909200"1. Dietary food supplements and herbal teas, in form of a mixture of plant extracts, bezvmistu alcohol and animal products. Origin for balanced supplement tofood" "Fruits of Cassia Alexandria" "(Chinese coffee beans), TM tianDe, 10hrart.120109- 6000sht. It is not drugs, and zasobamymed.pryznachennya.Vyrobnyk: see. electric. invoysKrayina production: CN.Torhovelna mark: "" tianDe "".. "CHINA0UA10001070779.9402976
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Herbal Extracts Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Herbal Extracts Importer Sample

Date 23/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ВІЛЛОС"""
Importer Address
Product Description
"1 of excipients based on a mixture of herbal extr.........
HS Code 6402999800Value 2589.29995
Quantity 1370Unit UA100110
Net Weight 562
Origin Country CHINA

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