Ukraine Import Data of Herb Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Herb Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of herb oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of herb oil imports.

Herb Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Herb Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of herb oil. Get Ukraine trade data of Herb Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201715155019001. Oil herbal kunzhutova crude, refined (1,8l) for harchuvannyanaselennya 6 pieces in box, 50 kart.korobok only 300 pieces. The term prydatnosti- 24misyatsivTorhivelna Brand: HOSHIVyrobnyk: QINGDAO SUN-GROWING TRADE CO., LTDKrayina vyrobnytstva- CN, China.CHINA0UA1000104952395.810128 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20172103909000"1.Cmako aromatic compositions for usage in food industry last one, that bezvmis ethanol: Ref. 20454683 BM1285 CAJUN BATTER 25kg (pshenychneboroshno, semolina, red pepper, salt, herbs (oregano, thyme), spices (paprika), flavors, flavor enhancers and flavor (E621, E627, E631), coloring (E160s)) - 600kh, 24mishkiv to 25kg; Ref. 20392169 SOUR CREAM & ONIONFLAVOUR (20-30% sucrose and romatyzatory, 10% maltodextrin, salt, poroshokpahty, dextrose 5.10% cream powder, acid (E330), a tool against bad chewing (E341 (yiyiyi)), sunflower oil, Mr idsylyuvach taste (E635)) - 2000kh, 80mishk s po25kh, whirlpool Country obnytstva - PLTorhovelna mark - KerryVyrobnyk - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo. "POLAND0UA10001026007132.681967
28/Apr/20171905906000"1. Samples. Finished products, confectionery with added sweeteners, frozen desserts in primary packaging: Dessert - Mini patries assortiment (mini cakes in the range) net weight 420 -8 December sht.Dessert - Creme Brulee (Dessert - cake creme brulee) in box 2 pcs x 120 g, net weight of 240 gr sht.Dessert -12 - Orange sherbets (orange sherbet dessert -tistechko) net weight of 270 g - 6 sht.Dessert - Shocolate Lava cake (Dessert shokolodnyy Lava cake) in box 18 pcs x 95 g, net weight 1710 g - 1 sht.Dessert - Mini chocolate lava cake (chocolate cake Mini Lava) in box 48 x 26 grams, net weight 1248 g - 1 sht.Dessert - Cruncy Choccola te Halzenut Cake (chocolate with hazelnuts Perigot) net weight of 2100 g - 1 sht.Tovar delivered in primary packaging cardboard boxes 29, all 29 boxes of goods packed in two large cardboard boxes inside the foam, thermo foil and ice cubes to maintain temperature control during transport and zberihannya.To rhovelna mark PROLAINAT; The manufacturer PROLAINAT SAS; Country of FR "FRANCE0UA10029012.918565.8119727
28/Apr/201733074900001. Flavor household premises without dezinfekuyuchyh properties (not aerosol packaging) Aromatic oil composition: aromatyzyrovana oil / glass container / wood-palychkyart.1947500 ALVILDE, capacity 100 ml, with magic 12up.Aromatychne oil composition, oil aromatyzyrovana / glass yemnistart.2741300-INDAL, capacity 100 ml 9sht.Osvizhuvach-air composition, flavor / paper, four flavors (white tea, rose, lavender, herbs) art.3982100-HELGE, size 8 * 12cm, 5 pcs / yn- 48up.Torhovelna mark JyskKrayina CN China production.CHINA0UA10005011.71176.32689631
27/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni care shki-swarm of hands, face and body without aerozolnoyiupakovky" "Anna Lotan" "(not containing, ethanol, narkotychnychnyh, psychotropic substances and precursors notcontains ODS): Moisturizing foundation №2 35 mlart. 300-2 -12sht.Zolote oil 250 ml art. 4142 -12sht.Hidruyucha mask 625ml art. 7240 -120sht.Aktyvna mask with vitamin C White Sea 12pr art. 241 -6sht. Alhohel 2000 ml art. 4233 -8sht . Oil-Free sun kremSPF 25 Barbados 50 ml art. 039 -12sht. Bio peptide eye mask 50ml art.188P -12sht. A rich night cream for dry skin 5 0 ml Art. 055P -24sht. Cell 2Cell Revitalizing Emulsion 50 ml of peptides art. -60sht 768P. Revitalizing tonik240 ml Art. 387P-24sht. Revitalizing Tonic 500ml Art. 387S-30sht. Soothing Gel 500ml Echinacea Art. 089S - 24sht. hidruyuchyy AT gel 240ml art. 375P-12p. hidruyuchyy ON gel 500 ml art. 375S-15sht. hidruyuchyy ON gel 500 ml art. 375S-30sht. Green Deo - 30hr flow art. 3740T -24sht. Protective day cream UV A / UVB SPF25 75ml art. 039P -48sht. Inlayt Recovery booster 30 mL art. 384P -12sht.Intensyvna Hyaluronic Serum 4 ml * 8 pieces of art. 393P -24sht. Calendula dennyykrem UVA / UVB SPF 30 75 ml of art. 026P -48sht. Kalmin sebobalansuyucha emulsion 200ml art. 171S -12sht. Kalmin sebobalansuyucha emulsion 75 ml of art. 171P -12sht.Karotinol exfoliant 75 ml of art. 379S-48sht. Papaya Enzyme Concentrate 50g art. 136P -20sht. Papaya 50g fermentnyykontsentrat art. 136P -96sht. Air conditioning with Mediterranean herbs 450mlart. 718P -20sht. Cream Eye Wrinkle 150ml art. 149S -12sht. Kremnavkolo Eye Wrinkle 30 mL art. 149P -36sht. Cream-Care for neck and eye shkirynavkolo 100 ml of art. 071S -42sht. Cream-Care for neck and skin around the eyes 50ml Art. 071P -48sht. Touch of gold beauty mask 325 ml of art. 100S -24sht. Dotykzolota beauty mask 75ml Art. 100P-24sht. Cooper-rich dust-off mask 325 ml of art. 072S -6sht. Intensyvnamaska ​​- based exfoliant Asai berry 325 ml of art. 399S -6sht. Intensive Mask -eksfoliant based Asai berry 325 ml of art. 399S -6sht. Intensive Mask -eksfoliant from berries Asai 70 mL art. 399P -12sht. Shea Butter Balm hub15 mL art. 029P-40sht. Instant Lift Eye 4 ml * 8 pieces of art. 394P -12sht. MaskaMorinha a calming effect 400ml art. 805S -12sht. Mask effect moringa izzaspokiylyvym 70 mL art. 805P -12sht. Noni balm 50 ml of art. 364P -12sht.Nichnyy cream exfoliant 50ml Art. 169P-12p. Foam with fruit acids, renewing skin 150ml art. 365P -48sht.Sontsezahysnyy lotion UVA / UVB SPF30 100ml art. 067P -32sht. Styahuyuchamaska ​​feed for oily problem skin 100ml art. 383P -12sht. Feed slimming maskadlya oily problem skin 325 ml art. 383S -12sht. The first step zvolozhuyuchyydohlyad 100 ml of art. 380P -24sht. The first step Moisturizing Care 240ml art. 380S-20pcs. Laktopilinh professional with cranberries 240 ml 16% art. 093S -12sht. Zelenyychay concentrate for hidriruyucheho gel 42 gr art. 002P -36sht. PremiumBB Cream with SPF 36 Nat "ISRAEL0UA12510050614217.04024
27/Apr/2017602904900"1. pot plants, decorative dlyavidkrytoho soil neplodonosyaschi taneschepleni no edible fruit, aged 3 years, not of the European dlyalisnytstva: spicy varieties of plants (rosemary, thymus, Mensah, Orihanum) / Gardenherbs (Rosmarinus, Thymus, Mentha, Origanum) Tuinkruiden Gem (IT) -40sht.Chysta weight: 27,6kh, Country of origin: IT; Producer: DE GOOIJER INTERNATIONAL BV; trade mark: no data. ".ITALY0UA10001027.654.89024809
27/Apr/20172106909890"1. Products which are used as flavorings containing sugars aboproduktiv processing of starch (maltodekstrinu) more than 5%., Vharchoviy processing industry: Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (65.3%), salt, gum arabic, vegetable oil, triacetin, alpha-tocopherol art. 1201102225 "" Flavor, prosciutto "" -500kh. Flavor, schomistyt flavoring substances maltodekstrin (96.8%), gum arabic, alpha tokoferolart. 1201504206 "" Flavor Spices for Leberkeze "" - 500kg. Flavor, schomistyt flavoring substances maltod kstrin (57.5%), gum arabic, triacetin, acetic acid art. 1218503460 "" Flavor, apricot "" - 75kg. flavoring containing the flavoring substances maltodekstrin (75.6%), gum arabic, vegetable oil, alpha-tocopherol art. 1200211192 "" Flavor, Flesh "" - 75kg. flavoring containing the flavoring substances maltodekstrin (80.7%), gum arabic, triacetin, acetic acid art. 1200609109 "" Flavor "" apricot "" "" - 3kg. Flavor containing Aro matic substances maltodekstrin (59.0%), salt, gum arabic, vegetable oils, triacetin art. 1401005238 "" Flavor Cheese '' - 250 kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (62.5%), gum arabic, propylene glycol, triacetin art. 1219507204 "" Flavor "" Pineapple "" "" - 20kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (90.0%), gum arabic, calcium phosphate, triacetin, propylene glycol art. 1229808134 "" Flavor "" Peach "" "" -3kh. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (60.0%), gum arabic, triacetin, propylene glycol art. 1211112203 "" Flavor "" Melon "" "" - 3kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (53.8%), gum arabic, triacetin art. 1219107331 "" Flavor, Chocolate "" - 50kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (97.1%), alpha-tocopherol art. 1400408153 "" natural flavors Herbs "" -20kh.Aromatyzator containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (75.3%), gum arabic, vegetable oil, alpha-tocopherol art. 1201010174 "" Flavor, Mushroom '' - 20kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (78.0%), gum arabic, triacetin art. 1200002152 "" Flavor, Hazelnut "" -3kh. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (69.4%), vegetable oil, gum arabic, triacetin, alpha-tocopherol art. 1201305235 "" Flavor, Beef "" - 100kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (60.0%), gum arabic, triacetin art. 1210205119 "" natural flavors of garlic "" - 10kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (74.4%), gum arabic, triacetin, alpha-tocopherol art. 1401601235 "" Flavor "" Fruits "" "" - 10kg. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (51.0%), gum arabic, vegetable oil, triacetin, alpha-tocopherol art. 1401005270 "" Flavor Bacon "" -25kh. Flavor containing aromatic substances maltodekstrin (60.0%), gum arabic, ethanol, triacetin art. 1219611185 "" Flavor "" Cranberry "" "" - 20kg. Flavor containing aromatic p "GERMANY0UA100080172721153.13863
27/Apr/201738089315101. Chemicals - herbicides based atsetohloru - preparatSahara, CE, herbicide (active ingredient atsetohlor 900 g / l.): Agrochemicals atsetohloru 90% kontsentratemulsiyi - 48000 liters. (2400 plastic cans of 20 liters), look - striped in navy blue liquid. Soil doshodovyy selective herbicide to control annual grasses and dicotyledonous weeds. Not in aerosol packaging. It is not ozone-depleting and contains no ozone-depleting substances. Trademark: SAHARA.Firma Manufacturer: HANGZHOU QINGFENG AGROCHEMICAL CO., LTD.Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA90201052800152639.9999
27/Apr/20172106909890"1.Diyetychna supplement to the diet of people that do not contain ingredients of animal origin, not in aerosol upakovtsiDobavka dietary HerbaLOR for throat lozenges in blister №16 / sugar, glucose syrup, water, dense extract of marshmallow root, elderberry juice extract thyme, vitamin C, acidity regulator: citric acid, oil of sage, lemon oil, menthol, oil of thyme / producer Pharmaceutical Works "" Polpharma "" SA, Poland;. "POLAND0UA11003078018000.00008
27/Apr/201733049900001. Samples of the product. Cosmetic skin care packaged for retail sale not in aerosol packaging, free of narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors. Oil massage All Seasons Body Massage Oil, is a blend of natural plant oils of sesame, turmeric, serpasarylu, Village mallow, wheat. Available in 200ml bottles. Number - 48sht.Vyrobnyk Mediflora Herbal SolutionsTorhovelna mark MedifloraKrayina manufacturing IN. .INDIA0UA12510010.32199.3807486
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Herb Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Herb Oil Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТАМАРІН"""
Importer Address
65011, Одеська обл.м.Одеса, вул.Рішельєвська буд.38, оф.503
Product Description
1. Oil herbal kunzhutova crude, refined (1,8l) for.........
HS Code 1515501900Value 2395.810128
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 495
Origin Country CHINA

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