Ukraine Import Data of Heat Stabilizer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Heat Stabilizer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of heat stabilizer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of heat stabilizer imports.

Heat Stabilizer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Heat Stabilizer

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of heat stabilizer. Get Ukraine trade data of Heat Stabilizer imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201740169952901. Spare parts for cars, rubber-metal (non-hardened vulcanized non-porous rubber): barrel sheath (sailentblock), art.: FZ90359-1 piece. Spring (sailentblock), art.: FZ9765-1 piece, spring (sailentblock), art .: FZ90644-6 pcs. Of spring (sailentblock), art.: FZ90875-14 sht.k-t repair. Traction of the stabilizer (to the tire of rubber-metal sleeves), art .: FZ90450-9 pcs. Trademark FORTUNA LINE Producer INTER CARS SAProduction of PL.POLAND0UA4000309.0762.6508086 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
26/Apr/20178302300090"1.Armatura fasteners, fittings and similar articles of nedorohotsiynyh metalivdlya a / m Lada: Bracket speed sensor, art.2121435 3,841,000 - 5sht.Kronshteyndatchyka of speed and art.21214353841100 - 5sht.Kronshteyn charmer on shtanhyperednoho stabilizer perechnoyi stability in domestic art .21010 290604300 -25sht.Vazhel belt tensioner roller, art.21214104111025 - 3sht.Tyaha lock art.21010610514600 - 10pcs. Loop hood, art.21210840701001 - 6sht.Kronshte ynpryymalnoyi pipe art.21080120304200- 20sht.Oboyma mounting cushion rod Mr erednoho stabilizer to nyzhnohovazhe la rights art.21010290604800 - 100 pieces. Kp at nshteyn generator bottom art.210823701 65200 - 1 pc. Hook fastening traction control pan innya Heater, art.21010810913500 - 6 pcs. fastening bracket receiving pipe art.21214120302500 - 10pc. Bracket Cree prisoners receiving pipe art.2121012030 2500 - 5pcs. fastening bracket Noah took the pipe art.21210120302500 - 15sht. onshteyn Cr generator art.11189104103400 - 8sht.Sklopidyomnyk tro sovoho type to LAD A Samara right front door art.21140610400882 - 2 pcs. Hoist rope th type to the Chevrolet Niva pravyyperedn oyi door art.21230610400882 - 4 pieces. Reset lopidyomnyk type of cable doChevrolet Niva Right front door art.212306 10400882 - 2 pcs. Sklopidyomnyktrosovoho type to LADA Samara Left Front and art.21140610400982 - 2sht.Sklopidyom nickname of cable type to the first Chevrolet Niva Liv front door art.21230610400982- 11sht. Hoist rope type LADA 4x4 to the right of the front door, art.21218610400882 - 1pc. Hoist rope th type to the left LADA 4x4 perednoyidve cut, art.21218610400982 - 1pc. Staple Cree prisoners accelerator art.21010110804100- 100 pieces. Lock left door lock, art .21050610520500 - 60sht. Sklopidyomnykpe Ref left door assemblies art.2121361 0,402,100 - 10pc. Door handle backward vsbor e, art.21040630515000 - 5pcs. ICA lock on the door art.21050610520400 -120sht. K orpus latch lock art.1118061052080 0 - 2 pcs. Handle exterior zadnyaliva, art. 11180620515100 - 15sht.Krayina production and - RUTorhovelna mark - LADAVyrobnyk- "" TSSKB-Progress "" HNPRKTS g Samara "RUSSIA0UA12518093.243762.7755387
24/Apr/20178484200000"1.Food additives for use in the food industry without the content of ethyl alcohol: Art 20327329 SAUMAD MAG (25 kg) (starch 50%, modified starch, stabilizer (E451), gelling agent (E407a), animal protein, dextrose, antioxidant (E316 ), Thickeners (E415, E410), flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631), flavoring) - 4725 kg, 189 mixes of 25 kg; Art.20418650 Saumad mag fill, modified starch, stabilizer (E451 ( I), E508), gelling agent (E4 07a), acidity regulator (E262 (ii)), flavoring agent, antioxidant (E316), wheat germ extract, thickeners (E415, E410), flavor enhancers (E621, E627, E631), dry glucose syrup, flavor aroma smoke, anti-adhesive agent (polyether polyol on glucose syrup)) - 275kg, 1lp 25kg, Art 20108704 SAUMAD UNIVER SAL (stabilizer (E451) , Glucose syrup (26.28%), modified starch (14.33%), gelling agent (E407a), dextrose (5, 3%), taste enhancer (E621), antioxidant (E316), thickeners (E415, E410 ) - 70 0kg, 28messels of 25kg; Art. 20107979 SAU MAD XEV3 (modified starch, starch (15%), stabilizers (E450, E451, E452), salt, antioxidant (E316), aromatised aort, thickener (E415), preservative (E250) - 2800kg, 25kg; Country of production - PL Trademark - KerryProducer - Kerry Polska Sp.zoo "CHINA0UA40003020.48584.6638472
24/Apr/201733059000001.Harchovi products based on flour, starch, baking (enhancer) Krapfenkontsentrat 15% / 15% Krapfenkonzentrat Dosage: 15% boroshnaSklad: sucrose (34.1%), dry whey (15%), wheat (12%) , lactose (11%), salt (9%), vegetable oil (6.8%), baking powder (7%), powdered milk obezzhyrene (6%), enzymes (<1%), ascorbic acid (<1% ), beta-carotene dye (<1%) is used in the production pampushkiv.Nomer parties: 5067452, expiration date, batch 05.01.2018Nomer: 5067453, expiration date, batch 05.01.2018Nomer: 5067454, expiration date: 05.01.2018Hlibo baking improver for the production of wheat and rye-wheat varieties baked goods Stabia F / Stabil FDozuvannya 0.5% of the total weight boroshnaSklad: gluten, wheat (31%), textured wheat (31%), corn starch texture (30%), flour of wheat malt (<2%), cereals, potato (<2%), stabilizer: guar gum E 412 (<2%), Organic flour: ascorbic acid E 300 (<1%), enzymes (<1%) number party: 5067455, expiration date: 06.04.2018Hlibopekarskyy improver for the production of wheat baked goods Volumin / VolluminDozuvannya: 1.0% of the total weight boroshnaSklad: wheat flour (49%), emulsifiers, esters of glycerol, diatsetylvynnoyi fatty acids E 472e (14%), oxidants: citric acid E 330, sodium acetate E 262 (ii) and calcium phosphate E 341 (i) (12%), stabilizer: guar gum E 412 (10%), flour, soy (10%), enzymes (3%), Organic flour: ascorbic acid E 300 (2%). batch number: 5067456, Shelf life: 06.04.2018Hlibopekarskyy improver for the production of croissants Croissant 9 / Croissant 9Dozuvannya: 9.0% to flour Ingredients: wheat flour (47%), wheat gluten (22%), sugar (22%), dry zakv ska wheat (6%), emulsifier: ethers diatsetylvynnoyi acid mono-diglycerides E 472e (2%), enzymes (<1%), Organic flour: ascorbic acid E 300 (<1%) Batch number: 5067457, expiration date: 06.04.2018Hlibopekarskyy improver for the production of rye-wheat baked goods Rohenmaks / RoggenmaxDozuvannya: 10.0% to boroshnaSklad: wheat gluten, salt, malt, roasted barley flour with, stabilizer: guar gum, rye flour, dextrose, wheat flour, wheat starch, emulsifier: ethers glycerol and fatty acids diatsetylvynnoyi, le ytyn soy, acidity regulator: sodium diacetate, enzymes, flour improver: ascorbic kyslota.Nomer parties: 5067458, expiration date: 05.04.2018Universalnyy Baking improver wheat varieties for the production of bakery products and leafy Euro / EuroDozuvannya: 0.3% - 0 5% of the total weight boroshnaSklad: wheat flour (70%), gluten, wheat (10%), emulsifiers, esters of glycerol, diatsetylvynnoyi fatty acids E 472e (10%), dextrose (9%), enzymes (<1%) Organic flour: ascorbic acid E 300 (1%) batch number: 5067459, expiration date O: Improve 06.04.2018HlibopekarskyyHUNGARY0UA125190545.76273.833099
24/Apr/201787089910001. Mixes for the production of bakery and flour confectionery products: Baking mix for the production of gluten-free cupcakes Gluten Free Cake: sugar, starch (native and modified maize, corn), emulsifiers: E 471 fatty acid mono- and diglycerides, polyglyceride esters and Fatty acids E 475, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate E 481 (ii), corn flour, rashes: sodium pyrophosphate E 450 (i) and sodium bicarbonate E 500 (ii), egg white dry, salt, vegetable fat dry (palm oil , Glucose syrup, milk avenue Tein), dry milk serum, thickeners: guar gum E 412, xanthan gum E 415, carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt E 466, flavoring. Batch number: 5067791, expiration date: April 03, 2018 Mixture for cheese pompushki (quarks) Quarkblohenmix / QuarkballchenmixDosage: Ready to use mixture. Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, egg yolk dry, palm oil dry (palm oil, glucose syrup, milk protein), wheat starch, rashes: sodium pyrophosphate E 450 (i), sodium hydrogen carbonate E 500 (ii) And potassium tartrate E 336 (i), emulsifier: Mo Oily diglycerides of fatty acids E 471, egg white protein, sea salt (iodized), stabilizer: guar gum E 412 and xanthan gum E 415, flavors. Batch number: 50674410, expiration date: 10.10.2017 Mixture for the production of special breads from High protein content Protein Bread Protein BreadSolid protein (wheat protein, soy protein, lupine protein), soya bean, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, soya flour, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, apple fiber, sesame seeds , Salt, malt flour with fried boletus Menu, lecithin, soy, sodium diacetate. Lot number: 5067491, expiration date: 07.10.2017KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA112080695.2344188.268859
21/Apr/20171901909900"1.Hotovi food on osnoviboroshna or starch intended dlyapshenychnyh baked goods from bakeries metoyupokraschennya vlastyvosteyboroshna and improve orhanoleptychnyhpokaznykiv bakery products inbag coated label manufacturer (name of food product, the name and address tapovna iimportera phone manufacturer, country of origin, in kilkistnetto kg calorie and nutritional value, date of production and expiry date, production batch number, storage conditions, terms of use): art.№ GEX18-10 "" Bamba "" for 50% ondyterskyy concentrate dough for making bakery products - powdered substance consisting of wheat flour, sugar, modified starch, cocoa (7%), drug emulsifying (starch, E475, E471), raising agents: E450 (i), E500 (ii) , E150c caramel coloring, flavoring, salt, sugar mass fraction of 20% packaging - sandwich bags coated with polyethylene in 10kg, art.№ GDF04-10 "" BRUNEKO "" Burn malt ting for more information and a dark-colored baking appropriate taste olfactory benefits at a dose of 1% on the total weight of flour threshold shkopodibna substance comprising: up to 12% protein, including gluten, 58% starch (native) and 8% sugar. Packing - trohsharovi bags of 10kg, art.№ GMM05-10 "" ECO Onion "" 25% Onion flour mixture (composition: wheat, onions and dried concentrate (23.5%), salt, dry rye brew malt, wheat, soy flour, soy lecithin, enzymes, ascorbic acid). Mass fraction of crude oil is 0.6 wt.%. Milk fat, sucrose were found. Packing - trohsharovi bags coated with polyethylene in 10kg, art.№ GST06-10 "" SYRMIKS "" anti-cheese mass (intended for the production of cheese mass, method of use - 900g / 6700h mixes, cheese cakes, 300g / 1800. mixes cheese filling for buns rolls) contains some kind of sugar (sucrose mass fraction of 42.1 wt.%), skimmed milk powder, wheat starch, modified starch E1414, chicken egg white powder, fat powder, emulsifier E471, flavoring identical to natural; packaging - bags of 10 kg) art.№ GKK01-10 "" EKOVANILA "" concentrate for pastry cream vanilla boiled type, composition: sugar, modified starch, whey powder, milk powder substitute (glucose syrup, lactose, hydrogenated palm oil, milk proteins, stabilizers E322 (ii), E340 (ii), E452 (i); emulsifiers E471, E481; antyzlezhuvach E551, beta-carotene, salt, flavor), sodium alginate - stabilizer karahen, flour from fruit carob, riboflavin and B-carotene - colors, flavors. Mass fraction of sugars 63,0mas.%; Packaging - trohsharovi bags of 10kg, art.№ GEX53-10 "" ECO Dominator "" improver for bakery products (dosage 0.1-0.3% by weight of flour) (composition: calcium carbonate, soy flour, enzymes, ascorbic acid ). Mass fraction of sugars 0.9%. Packing - trohsharovi bags coated with polyethylene to 10kg. Trademark ECO "POLAND0UA20918016802739.378057
21/Apr/20173901109000"1.Kompozytsiya polyethylene for cable industry: polyethylene brand in 153-10K / g, in granules - 20000kh net made based on density polyethylene brands 15313-003 (GOST 16337-77) with a specific density (free of additives) 0,919- 0.922 g / cm3, with the addition of carbon black 2.5% and 0.1% heat stabilizers according to GOST 16336-77.Polietylen used for their own use in the manufacture of cable produktsiyi- to overlay insulation covers and protective coatings kabeliv.Tovarnyy sign - figurative trademark OAO "" Kazanorgsintez "" (service mark - bags for packaging) - Kazpэlen.Torhovelna mark - no danyh.Firma manufacturer - PAO "" Kazanorgsintez "". Country of origin - RU.. "RUSSIA0UA5000602000035097.64682
20/Apr/201732141010901.Pina single component mounting poliuret anova, comes in aerozolnomubaloni (contains no ozone-depleting substances) intended for sealing, heat lo ishumoizolyatsiyi seams, cracks and installing components when performing construction work taozdoblyuvalnyh. Chemical composition: polymer dyfenilmetandiizotsyanat - vid30 do50% mixture of polyethers - 30 d 45% plasticizer - 15 d 30% vuhlevodorodnyy propellant - 10 d 25% dimethyl ether - 5 to 15% silicone stabilizer - from 0.5 to 5 % amine catalyst - from 0.5 to 3% Professional PROFPUR mega, 870ml, 12240sht. Household PATRON kalybr45, vsesezonna750ml-672sht, Professional PROFPUR ultra, 750ml, 1632sht,.BELARUS0UA40815014094.2528931.12994
19/Apr/201735079090001. The enzyme preparations Ronozyme (R) NP (CT) (Ronozym (R) NP (CT) in the form of granules, art.5013992293 - 1000kg. It contains the active ingredient - at least 10000OD phytase and other ingredients: sodium sulphate (stabilizer), kaolin (strengthens pellet and reflects heat), cellulose, dextrin (is stable granules abrasion by mechanical friction), vegetable hydrogenated oil (stabilizer reduces the hydrophilic) acetate, zinc dihydrate (antiseptic). used for inclusion in feed to reduce their viscosity , improving zasvoyuvannosti plant feed at doses 60 -300mh / kg (0,006-0,03%). Vyrobnyk- Novozayms A / C, DaniyaTorhovelna marka- RonozymeKrayina vyrobnytstva- Denmark (EU).DENMARK0UA10001010003995.737151
19/Apr/201735079090001. The enzyme preparations Ronozyme (R) VP (CT) (Ronozym (R) VP (CT) in the form of granules, art.0485535293 - 200kg. 1g contains active substance - endo-1,3 (4) -In-hlyukanazu not less than 50 IU and excipients: sodium sulfate (stabilizer), kaolin (strengthens pellet and reflects heat), calcium carbonate, enzyme ekstrakttselyuloza, dextrin (is stable hranuldo abrasion by mechanical friction). used for inclusion in feed to reduce their viscosity , improving zasvoyuvannosti nutrients promotes splitting polisaharydiv.Vyrobnyk- Novozym A / C, DaniyaTo rhovelna marka- RonozymeKrayina vyrobnytstva- Denmark (EU).DENMARK0UA1000102001378.551183
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Heat Stabilizer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Heat Stabilizer Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Inter Cars Ukraine"""
Importer Address
м. Хмельницький, вул.Толстого, 1/1Україна.
Exporter Name INTER CARS S.A.
Product Description
1. Spare parts for cars, rubber-metal (non-hardene.........
HS Code 4016995290Value 62.6508086
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 9.07
Origin Country POLAND

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