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Head Guides Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Head Guides

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784281020001.Lifts with electric control in a partially disassembled state: - lift ЛП-0610БКЭ head № 225238-225240- 3шт, in the package: electrical equipment-3шт, cabin-3шт, control cabinet-3шт, cargocontents - 3шт, лебедка-3шт, детали Hardly trolleys, installations-3pcs, guides-3pcs, door of the mine-3pcs. .BELARUS0UA1001501551830979.41721 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
21/Apr/20173926300090"1. fasteners, fittings and similar to them plastic goods, used in the a / m '" HYUNDAI "". Bushings steering mechanism: kat.N YSBB091105FFF -24sht .; kat.NYSBB091105FFF-24sht .; kat.N YSBB091105FFF-5pcs. ; kat.N YSBB091105FFF -81sht .; Bushing clutch kat.N 3288329000-2sht .; Emblems: kat.N 863103N000 -1sht .; kat.N 863204H000 -1sht .; kat.N863000U000-1sht .; kat.N 863004H900 - 1pc .; kat.N 863002H000-1sht .; Cap cylinder block kat.N 1573440000 -5sht .; Blind map kat.N827343A0009P -5sht .; motor protection kat.N left 291301R400 -3sht .; Protection dvyhunaperedniy kat.N 291101R600 -1sht ., left radiator protection kat.N 291362W000 -2sht., Video Clips: kat.N 865952T500 -62sht .; kat.N 8775626900 87756269 kat.N -5sht .; 00 - 5pcs.; Kat.N 8581837000 -30sht .; kat.N 877562W000 -20sht .; kat.N 877562J000 -10 pcs .; Klipkonsoli central kat.N 84657D3000 -1sht .; Clip Sparks kat.N 8659028000-100sht .; The clip mount lights kat.N 9219135000 -3sht .; headlight covers, cat. N921402M000 -2sht .; kat.N 921911R000 - 5pcs .; filter cover condi Dr. kat.N971291U000 -1sht .; Molding door rear left kat.N 877311C500CA -1sht .; Nakladkadverey right front assembly kat.N 877222S000 -1sht .; Overlay covers bahazhnykakat.N 873722E510 -1sht .; Overlay lamp rear right kat.N 866134H000-1sht .; Overlay windshield moldings / right / kat.N 861903X600 - 1pc .; Napryamnalantsyuha kat.N 233674A030- 10pcs .; The guide chain lower kat.N 2443126000 -3sht., Chain guides occasion: 2443123500 kat.N -1sht .; kat.N 2442025002 -4sht., edging fog lights, left kat.N 865273X700 - 2 pcs .; Right kat.N865283X700 -2sht .; Right kat.N 865862Y000 -1sht .; Right / color chrome / kat.N865542Y000 -1sht .; Toolbar buttons kat.N 933104L100RY -1sht .; Pidkrylok rear / left / front / kat.N 868233X100 -1sht .; Lockers front / left /: kat.N868102B200 -6sht .; kat.N 868112W000 -2sht .; Lockers front / right /: kat.N868202B200 -1sht .; kat.N 868202B200 -6sht .; kat.N 868123X000 - 5pcs .; kat.N868124L500 -2sht .; kat.N 868123S500 -3sht .; kat.N 868123V000-3sht .; kat.N86812B8000 -2sht .; Planck lamp rear right kat.N 975242E000 -1sht., Radiator grilles, kat.N 86350F2100 - 1pc .; kat.N 863512W050 -1sht .; Ruchkydverey: Rear right exterior / color chrome / kat.N 836612W010 -1sht .; front / rear left mid kat.N 826102E000WK -1sht .; Right front / zad.vnutrishnya kat.N 826202S020SAS - 1pc .; Handle switch PPC kat.N 437113X200RY-1pc .; Filter fuel pump (mesh) kat.N S310902B900 -10sht.Torhovelna mark "" Hyundai "". Producer: "" Hyundai Motor Company "". Country of origin: KR. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10012053.61385.240067
21/Apr/201773049000001.Trubky seamless steel fitting-out - art.3087784 fuel tube x / c high pressure seamless steel with fittings, various config for feeding fuel from the pump to the engine-ICE CUMMINS N14 -1sht-art.3087786 fuel tube x / c high pressure seamless steel with fittings, various config for feeding fuel from the pump to the engine-ICE CUMMINS N14 -1sht-art.3068014 tube installed in lyniyi submission oil in the cylinder head in ICE's CUMMINS N14 / a high pressure seamless steel with fittings, various konfyhurats her, -3sht-art.3038028 fuel tube x / c high pressure seamless steel with fittings, various config for feeding fuel from the pump to the engine-ICE CUMMINS N14 -1sht-art.3087766 fuel tube x / c high pressure seamless steel with fittings, various config for feeding fuel from the pump to the engine-ICE CUMMINS N14 -1sht-art.101814 guides TUBE MEASURING probe of oil and seamless circular section of stainless steel, various configurations of the fitting-1pc .-1pcUNITED STATES0UA1100300.8853267.1727424
11/Apr/20178458112000"1.Verstat turning, multi, metal, revolver, machine, CNC FANUC Oi-TD, spindled, horizontal modeliDOOSAN" "LYNX 220B" "- 1pc., Dlyatokarnoho processing parts ukomplekti with accessories in a disassembled state dlyatransportuvannya serial nomerML0014-005968, new, rikvyhotovlennya-2017r.Tehnichni specifications: dimensions (mm) -Height / length / width-1655/2325/1600; rotation diameter over bed-510mm, the diameter of rotation of the caliper, 290mm, recommended turning diameter, 210mm; maximum diameter of 320mm, turning, turning -305mm maximum length; dia meter-treated rod 51mm, 210mm diameter chuck-; move on axes X / Z-175mm / 330mm, spindle speed, 5000ob / min spindle taper (ASA) -A2-6; spindle bearing diameter 100 mm, the diameter of the hole shpyndelya- 61mm, type revolving head-DI base holder; number of stations, 12st instrument, tool-square section 25h25mm, boring diameter 40mm-holder, a turning turret head (1 step) -0,11s; type guides (X, Z) -LMG; accelerated progress on axes X / Z-30m.hv / 36m.hv; main spindle motor (15 min / continuous) -15/11 kW; maximum torque spindle-125N.m; servomotors axes X / Z-1,8 / 1,8 kW; COP-0,4kVt pump; control system FANUC Oi-TD; connecting electricity (rated power) -3-phase AC380V / 50Htsh23,7kVA. Precision machine: positioning X / Z-0,01mm / 0,02mm. Package for "" LYNX 220B "": COP-supply system 1komplekt; bryzhozahystne fence-1komplekt; hidravlychnyy cartridge (210mm diameter) with a set of '' raw '' cam-1 set; 1 set of tool holders set; autotransformer (3fazy, 380V, 50Hz) -1komplekt; footswitch opening / closing chuck-1komplekt; electromagnetic door lock bryzkozahysnoho barrier-1komplekt; Tool kit Operator-1 set; hidravlychna system-1komplekt; leveling set screws and spacers for installation 1 kit; automatic lubrication system 1 set; working area illumination, 1 set; Auto-dimensional binding instrument 1 set; interface for connecting rod podatchyku-1 kit. Manuals, operating manual "" LYNX 220B "" (English); Guide to the care and service "" LYNX 220B "" (English); electrical drawings "" LYNX 220B ""; user system FANUC Oi-TD (in Russian); guide service system FANUC Oi-TD (in Russian); drawing foundation for "" LYNX 220B "". Producer: "" DOOSAN MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD ""; Country of-KR. Trade mark "" DOOSAN "". "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA110030250035516.67065
11/Apr/201787083091981.Halma and brake systems, amplifiers and accessories for disk halmdlya goods vehicles: clamp calipers callipers K001105REMKOMPLEKT BPW AXLE (linings pusher) caliper repair kits (PROKLADKYSHTOVHACHA) caliper repair kits (SAMOREHULYATOR, forks, chains, IHOLCHATYYPIDSHYPNYK, pusher With anther) Repair kits caliper (pLUG calipers) REMKOMPLEKTSUPORTA (pLUG calipers) Remco OMPLEKT caliper (caliper pLUG) REMKOMPL EKTSUPORTA (pLUG calipers) Brake Clutch (fork carriage) Repair kits Supoy PTA (VAL regulators) REM OMPLEKT caliper (VAL regulators) Repair kits caliper (bracket PRYZHYMNI bushings, springs) Remco MPLEKT caliper (brackets, springs) Remco OMPLEKT caliper (gaskets, bushings, ZAHL USHKA) Repair kits caliper (BINOKOL) Rem set of calipers (bracket spring, when zhymni bushings) Repair kits caliper (BINOK Ol, spring) Repair kits caliper (bushings A PRYZHYMNA ZRIZBOYU) Repair kits caliper A (string) Gear regulator REMKOMP LEKTSUPORTA (brackets, springs) Remco PLEKT caliper (the plug pLUG calipers) Repair kits caliper (gaskets, bolts from Crewe HLOYU HEAD) Covers REHULYATORASUPORTA with sensors COVER REGULATOR Caliper D ATCHYKOM repair kits caliper (cover mechanic nism regulators) Repair kits caliper (H APRAVLYAYUCHI, anther, bolts with round NGO cunningly) Repair kits caliper (guides, anther, bolts ZKRUHLOYU heads) ER MKOMPLEKT caliper (guides , anther, bolt KRUHLOYUHOLOVKOYU) caliper repair kits (guides, anther, CA UHLOYU bolt heads) caliper repair kits (NAP RAVLYAYUCHI, anther, bolts with round bare VKOYU) caliper repair kits anther fingers (Red Bumps) REMKOMPLE CT caliper (guides, bushings, bolts) Repair kits Supoy PTA (guides, anther, bolts ZKRUH fat head) REM. Complex. Caliper SB (ON ruled. Plast.) Rebuild Kit Caliper (eg AVLYAYUCHI, anther, bolts with round head CCW) Repair kits caliper (directing, P YLNYKY, bolts with round heads) Remco MPLEKT caliper (guides, bushings, BALL T anther) Repair kits caliper (head, plug) Repair kits caliper (PLUG EMS Horta) Lever NAZHYMNYY caliper repair kits SUPORTASB5 (asterisk) Repair kits caliper A (guides, anther, bushings, bolts ZKRUHLOYU heads) Repair kits caliper (H APRAVLYAYUCHI, anther, bolt KRUHLOYUHO cunningly) Repair kits caliper (cover mechanic nism Regua YATORA) REMKOMPLEKTSUPORTA (K RYSHKA MECHANISM regulators) Staples brake VNOHO Caliper WABCO SAF AXLEPAN19 (RIGHTS A) Staples calipers WABCO SAF A XLE PAN19 (left) Repair kits caliper (ON PRAVLYAYUCHI, anther, bushing, bolt Crewe HLOYU heads) Repair kits caliper ( turned up YPNYK, bushings) Repair kits caliper (plug A caliper) Repair kits caliper (gears SAMOREHULYATORA, springs, washers) REMKOMPL EKTSUPORTA (gaskets, bushings, plugs) PLATE PRYZHYMNA caliper repair kits caliper (PRYZHYMNA PLATE RIGHT) Repair kits caliper (PRYZHYMNA PLATE LEFT) Repair kits caliper ( APRAVLYAYUCHI, anther, bushings, bolts with round head) REMKOMPLEKTSUPORTA (regulators cart) caliper repair kits (withTURKEY0UA2091403752.61735794.7018
11/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m products zvulkanizovanoyi nonporous rubber krimtverdoyi: Bushing front stabilizer, art.06510 KIT-SMT-305-3sht., GASKETS calipers, KOMPLEKTart.01463-TL0-G51-6sht art.01463 .; -TL0-G51-4sht., sealers art.48143-R7L-000-1sht .; art.48143-R7L-000-1sht., MECHANICAL Condensation water pump art.78130-YB4-901-1sht., Gaskets 51X70X7.5 art.91207-RT4-003-5sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-RTA-003-10sht., Gaskets 13MM art.91252-ZV1-003-8sht .; art.91252-ZV1-003-2sht., sealing RING art.91302-PA9-003-10sht., sealing RING, 23X2.6 art.91303-P4T-003-1sht., sealing RING, 15X1.9 art.91333 003-5sht-PNA-PNA-art.91333 .; -003-8sht .; art.91333-PNA-003-1sht., PROK Ladko ENGINE, SET-art.06111 ZF6-R81-2sht., Sealers LIDS cylinder head art.12341-R70-A00-19sht .; art.12391-KV0-720-2sht., Sealers BASIS oil filter art.15313- RZA-003-2sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-2sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-1sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-1sht .; art.15313-RZA-003-10sht. ; Sealant carburetor, Kit and rt.16010-KCR-900-2sht., sealers GLASS CASE SWITCHES (campaign 5WN) art.35752-S9A-305-1sht., sealers valve VTEC art.36172-P8A-A01-8sht .; anther guides calipers art.45132-166-016-2sht., bushings SUSPENSION art.51306-T2B-R02-9sht., stabilizer bushings art.51307-TL0-G01-20sht., sealers rod dampers, utility CT art.51490-MCA-S41-1sht .; art.51490-MFR-671-1sht., stabilizer bushings art.52306-TL2-A02-15sht .; art.52306-TL2-A02-35sht., gasket (A) front right door handle art.72143-T2A-A21-1sht., sealing RING, 71X5.7 art.78118-YB4-004-1sht., oil seals, 34X62 .2X7 art.90753-MG5-670-1sht., Gaskets 51X70X7.5 art.91207-RT4-003-3sht., oil seals, 12X24X5 art.91211-Z0H-003-1sht., Gaskets 41X56X7 art.91212-R70- A02-10sht., oil seals, 10X20X5 art.91212-Z0H-003-1sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-5A2-A01-4sht .; art.91212-5A2-A01-6sht., Gaskets 39X53X8 art.91213-RKG-003-10sht., Gaskets 22X35X7 art.91252-ZW4-003-10sht., sealing RING, 54X2.4 art.91302-KF0-003 -1sht., RING sealing, 10.2X1.8 art.91307-RCA-A01-20sht., sealing RING, 13X1.5 art.91319-PR3-003-6sht .; art.91319-PR3-003-1sht., RING sealing art.91346-R40-A01-1sht .; art.91346-R40-A01-1sht .; art.91346-R40-A01-1sht., RING sealing, 20.6X2.4 art.91351-MG7-003-1sht., sealing RING, 69X3.1 art.91351-ZZ5-003-1sht., RING sealing art. 63702-ZV5-000-1sht., RING sealing, 10.2X1.9 art.91319-R70-A01-1sht., steering rack repair kits art.06531-SEA-E03-3sht .; art.06531-SEA-E03-2sht., sealers LIDS cylinder head, sets art.12030-PNC-000-1sht., stabilizer bushings art.52306-TL2-A02-4sht., oil seals 80X98X10 art.91214-PWA- 003-10sht., RING USCHILNYUCHE, 19.1X2.4 art.91303-R7L-003-6sht .; art.91303-R7L-003-4sht., stabilizer bushings art.51306-TL0-G01-6sht .; art.51306-TL0-G01-24sht .; art.51306-TL0-G01-20sht .; art.51307-TL0-G01-12sht .; art.51307-TL0-G01-26sht .; art.51307-TL0-G01-2sht., RING sealing, 10.2X1.8 art.91307-RCA-A01-15sht .; art.91307-RCA-A01-5sht., RING sealing, 18.3X3.5 art.91308-P8A-A01-10sht., RING sealing, 14.8X1.8 and "JAPAN0UA20509023.1291852.366375
05/Apr/20178409990000"1.CHASTYNY DIESEL ENGINES DOKAR'YERNOYI technology: fuel supply conduit to the nozzle 289683100-1SHT; yoke in drawing 438604700-21SHT; 541378200-1SHT cylinder head, piston SET 430909500-7SHT; VYPUSKNYYKOLEKTOR 396836200-3SHT; KLAPANA394015200-12SHT saddle; VPUSKNYY368599600-10SHT VALVE, piston NABIR495523700-3SHT; 396471500-5SHT rods, rocker arm in drawing: 438604800-6SHT, 431199100-11SHT, cylinder head 534797700-1SHT, pISTON RINGS SET 408964400-12SHT; 494472500-12SHT pusher guides, nozzles 530929100- 2 pcs, a set of inlet valves 380034000-12SHT, a set of exhaust valves 380034100-12SHT, VT NGA 394417400-12SHT, not for military purposes; ".UNITED STATES0UA110080434.12311764.0906
03/Apr/20179403500000"1.Mebli wooden type bedroom bedside cupboard - 10pcs .; Bed in parts (including: headboard, iznizhzhya, guides) - 1pc .; Bed disassembled (composed iznizhzhya, guides) - 2 pcs. Manufacturer: SHINGMARK ENTERPRISES CO., LTD.; Trademark: Pulaski; Country of origin: VN;. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA100120573.51158.469966
03/Apr/20179403500000"1.Mebli wooden type bedroom bedside cupboard - 4 pcs .; Bed in parts (including: headboard, iznizhzhya, guides) - 3pc .; Bed disassembled (composed of a headboard, iznizhzhya, guides) - 2 pcs. Manufacturer: LACQUER CRAFT MFG. CO. LTD.; Trademark: Legacy Classic Furniture; Country of origin: CN;. "CHINA0UA1001206321276.63998
03/Apr/20179403500000"1.Mebli wooden bedroom type: Bed disassembled state (including: headboard, iznizhzhya, guides) - 3pc., Bedside cupboard - 5pcs., Apartments in a disassembled state (including: headboard, iznizhzhya , guides) - 2 pcs., bedside cupboard - 2sht.Vyrobnyk: Starwood Furniture; trademark: Home Insides Furniture; Country of origin: VN;. "VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF0UA1001207651545.299906
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Head Guides Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Head Guides Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідаль- ністю ""ПРІМЕКС-2016"""
Importer Address
61001 м. Харків, площа Захисників України, буд. 7/8
Exporter Name "ОАО ""Могилевлифтмаш"""
Product Description
1.Lifts with electric control in a partially disas.........
HS Code 8428102000Value 30979.41721
Quantity 0Unit UA100150
Net Weight 15518
Origin Country BELARUS

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