Ukraine Import Data of Hdb 12 | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hdb 12

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Hdb 12 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hdb 12

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
19/Apr/20179018311000"1. Disposable plastic syringes with a catheter, without needles, in disassembled form, 20 ml capacity, quantity of 10000, consisting of a cylinder without drawing a scale with a cap, art T1539 / 2А-540-0099, art. T1582 / 2-550 -0099, white, (1-card, 8400-piece, 1 card. 1600-box); piston without drawing scale and rings for dosing, Art. T1583 / 1-540-0099, white, (8 cartons of 1250 pcs. ) Catheter art.T1370-6, transparent color, length 580mm (5kart.korobok by 2000pcs.). Total 10,000pcs (15 carton boxes) used in veterinary medicine for intrauterine injectionsDrug brand. HDB brand. Manufacturer: Hubert de Backer NV. Made in Belgium. BE. "BELGIUM0UA4010203354199.060986 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/201740081900001.Fasonni profiles porystoyivulkanizovanoyi rubber intended dlyavulkanizatsiyi: patch: 22-30-903 (FU3) 100 pieces / pack -24sht22-30-904 (FU4) 90sht / up -12sht22-30-906 (FU6) 50sht / up -12sht22- 10-509 (164VK ST-10HDBK) -3600sht22-10-822 (182AR CT42AR) 5pcs / pack -6sht22-10-824 (184AR CT44AR) 5pcs / pack -6sht22-10-610 (FR10HD 65x80) 20pcs / up -15shtlatka : 22-50-005 (117NV) 70sht / up -15sht. 22-50-008 (115VK) 500sht / up -28sht. 22-50-009 (116VK) 250sht / up -28sht. sheet: 22-90-009 (850 1h10f) -5sht. Manufacturer TECH INTERNATIONAL LTDKrayina production GB.Torhivelna TESN mark. .UNITED KINGDOM0UA1000101304739.477202
12/Apr/20178534001900"1. Circuit conductive ceramic with metallized yelementamy types: 1) DH DBC40x40x1,16-127 / h & DBC 40x40x1,16-127 / s - 5000 pairs, size: 40x40x1,16mm. 2) DHDBC 30x30x1,25-127 / s - 1000 pieces; Size: 30x30x1,25mm. 3) DH CPM25.4x28x0,63-161 / h & CPM 25.4x25.4x0,63-161 / s - 200 pairs, size: 25.4x28x0,63mm, 25.4x25.4x0, 63. 4) DH DBC 23x23x0,63-127 / h - 300 pieces, Size: 23x23x0,63mm. Schomayut yelementy conductive metalized contact and connection vyvodiv.Vykorystovuyutsya in the production of semiconductor thermoelectric modules.. "CHINA0UA12510082.883788.00009
11/Apr/201769109000001.Santehnichni ceramics. SKU: 3010146 HDC387PZ / S9901 / UF5011 withcovers toilet seat, tank lining and double sink FLUSH-SMART-devit-100 pieces. SKU: 2110128 HDB457BTW Bidet SCREW-AURORA 2.0-devit -3sht.Artykul: 3010124 HDC307P / S307 / UF5011 toilet seat lid, fastening ibachkom double sink FLUSH-PRESTIGE-devit -39sht. Reference: 3020129HDC357WH / UF5170S toilet seat lid-GREDOS-devit-50sht. SKU: 1610132 HDLU008 Wash SCREW-QUADRA-devit -30sht.Artykul: 1610136 HDLU013 Wash SCREW-OVALE-devit -99sht. Reference: 1010135HDWL004 Wash SCREW-SMALL-devit-20pcs. SKU: 1510137 HDA036 Wash-ALLROUND-devit -50sht. Reference: 1611136HDLU1 Wash SCREW-OVALE-devit -20sht. SKU: 1512136 HDL401Umyvalnyk-OVALE-devit -20sht. SKU: 4010139 HDU580A Urinal SCREW-SWIFT-devit-70sht. SKU: 4110139 HDU580A Urinal SCREW-SWIFT-devit -40sht. Reference: 1520128HDFL6131A Wash-Aurora-devit -30sht. :: Article 1510136 HDA028Umyvalnyk-OVALE-devit -100sht. Art ykul: 3110123 HDC201NP / S201D / UF3001 withcovers toilet seat, fastening ibachkom double sink FLUSH-COMFORT2.0-devit-15sht. SKU: 3010121 HDC339P / S339 / UF5061 toilet seat lid, tank lining and double sink FLUSH-FRESH-devit -21sht. Reference: 8220022HDC427WH / BU209Q toilet seat lid-GRAND-Primera -25sht.Artykul: 8100022 HDLP427 Wash SCREW-GRAND-Primera -20sht. Reference: 8100016HDLP236 Wash SCREW-ANTIQUE-Primera -30sht. Reference: 3110123HDC201NP / S201D / UF3001 toilet seat lid, fixing tank and drain zpodviynym FLUSH-COMFORT2.0-devit -28sht. SKU: 2010123 HDB201 BideSCREW-COMFORT-devit -30sht. SKU: 3010130 HDCI322P / SI322 / UF5200 withcovers toilet seat, tank lining and double sink FLUSH-OPTIMA-devit-10pc. SKU: 3030130 HDCI322BTW / UF5200 toilet lid dlyasydinnya-OPTIMA-devit -24sht. SKU: 2020141 HDB391WH Bidet SCREW-IVEN-devit -5sht.Artykul: 3010121 HDC339P / S339 / UF5061 toilet seat lid, fastening ibachkom double sink FLUSH-FRESH-devit -118sht. Reference: 3020121HDC339WH / UF5061S toilet seat lid-FRESH-devit-140sht. SKU: 1010127 HDLP300 Wash SCREW-RETRO-DEVIT -10sht.Artykul: 1110127 HDLP300B Wash SCREW-RETRO-DEVIT -20sht. Reference: 2020129HDB357WH Bidet-GREDOS-devit -10sht. SKU: 2010129 HDB357BTW Bidet SCREW-GREDOS-devit -10sht.Artykul: 1611132 HDLU011 Wash SCREW-QUADRA-devit -80sht. Reference: 1511132HDA054 Wash-QUADRA-devit -30sht.Torhovelna Brand: DEVITKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: HUIDA SANITARY WARE CO., LTDCHINA0UA1000203015037416.15018
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Hdb 12 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hdb 12 Importer Sample

Date 19/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""O.L.KAR-АГРОЗООВЕТ-СЕРВІС"""
Importer Address
м.Шаргород,вул.Леніна б.272В, Вінницька обл.Шаргородський р-н.Україна
Exporter Name """Hubert de Backer NV"""
Product Description
"1. Disposable plastic syringes with a catheter, w.........
HS Code 9018311000Value 4199.060986
Quantity 0Unit UA401020
Net Weight 335
Origin Country BELGIUM

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