Ukraine Import Data of Harness Frame | Ukraine Import Statistics of Harness Frame

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of harness frame collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of harness frame imports.

Harness Frame Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Harness Frame

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
14/Apr/201784339000001. Spare parts for self-propelled beet harvesters ROPA: Roller-cleaning receiving table compl. Welded art.100096311-2 pieces., Receiving roller right DR .108 * 12.5 (incl. Fittings) art.100098911 -2 pcs., Roller roller Art. 100103004 -20 pcs., Mounting bracket for rotary top cleaning rollers art.100097601-2 pcs., Roller armor for cleaning art .100098401-2 pcs., Shaft fixing shaker for bort art.100108600-1 pc., Plate for wearing a roller shaker for art. .100124501 -10 pcs., Left cone left complete art .100131911 -3 pcs., Suspension support harness for rear cleaning from 98 r.v. Art.100132801-2 pcs., The trowel is worn by the conveyor channel 900 mm steel art.100156500 -4 pcs., The eccentric plate / hub for the actuator drive art.100178300 -5 pcs., The supplying roller D 133 is a left-leaning complete table, braided with reinforced wire Art.100180121 -1 pcs., Valets supplying station 133, reception desk complete with right, braided with reinforced wire art.100180221 - 2 pcs., Supplying roller D 152 reception desk left complete, braided reinforced wire art.100180321 -1 pc., Voice feeder d.152, reception desk is complete, braided reinforced Wire art.100180421 -1 pc., Tubing internal heap of beets, input-output 2007 art.100210901-3 pcs., Plate removes the frame of a loader 2008-, at the input of the right art.100212401-1 pc., The plate is worn by the frame of the loader 2008-, середня, нижня права арт.100212501 -1 шт., Пластина зношуєма рами перевантажувача 2008-, зовнішня, нижня права арт.100212601 -2 шт., Пластина зношуєма рами перевантажувача 2008-, на виході права арт.100212701 -1 шт., Пластина зношуєма рами перевантажувача 2008-, внутр. lower left art.100212801 -1 pieces. znoshuyema plate frame handling conveyor 2008-, bottom left external art.100212901 -1 pieces. znoshuyema plate frame conveyors 2008-, output left art.100213001 -1 pieces. znoshuyema Plate Frame 2008- handling conveyor at the beginning of lower art.100213101 -1 pcs., protective Sheet drive shaft elevator art.110043501 -3 pieces. Z Wheel directing conveyor art.110043900 shkrebkovoho 8 -10 pcs. Screw hychkozrizacha 45 cm spacing art .120043101 -2 pcs., distance ring 50.5 * 70 5 -10 art.120058300 height pcs., drum separating stars 1 H = 340mm (Amplify yuyuche ring outside) -2 art.120080401 pieces. Planck guide poliam.pozdovzhnoho shkrebkovoho conveyor hopper 570 Dovže art.120086600 -30 pcs., Plate scattering angle 9 art.120102401 -5 pcs. Screw hopper euro-Tiger art. 120112001 -1 pieces. Cepphus for angular gear eT, 99 art.120135301 -2 pieces. zahysnya roller sleeve puller (1) the right winding art.120148000 -5 pieces. Enclosures stars 2/3 / 13-16 eT 01- art.120156402 -5 pcs., protective casing flange roller digger VPV / PV6 art.120173000 -5 pc., cleansing the front roller tube, bottom feed elevator, eT, 99 art.120186401 -2 pieces. Mounting guide rod blades PR left art.120255102 -30 pcs., will direct mountGERMANY0UA12527010884.792126347.4949 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
14/Apr/201784463000001.Povyatryano-jet (bezchovnykovyy) loom type OMNlplus-2-R-220-1 kit Used 2004 RV The machine is designed to produce up to 220sm tekstylnyhtkanyn wide. The speed of the rotor to 850ob / min, e-remizo lifting carriage 12 harness frames, 2 weft feeders supply, power 4.5kVt. Vkomplekt includes: 2 drum bases 11 00 mm winding mechanism 8 Harness framework remiziv 5000, 5000 blades, odds sunky full width. Serial nomer270827. In a partially disassembled state. .BELGIUM1UA209140400013314.36373
13/Apr/201784463000001.Verstaty weaving, bezchovnykovi to produce fabrics of a width exceeding 30 cm: -Rapirni loom company SMIT GS900 model, working width 220 cm, second hand vykorystanniser.№41015734, ser.№41015735 2006 year: -2sht. Each machine is equipped with selector to 8 colors carriage company dobby Staubli 2668 KSY047, 6 DUCK storage model IRO STELLA (ser.№41015734), 4 drives DUCK model IRO STELLA (ser.№41015735), 15 harness frames, 2 Navoi 2 commodity shaft 5500 Halevy, 5500 blades 14 Berdo, 2 reels holder for false kromky.Postachayutsya unassembled for easy transp rtuvannya.Torhivelna Brand: No danyh.Vyrobnyk: SMIT. Italy.Krayina manufacturer: IT. .ITALY2UA807170907864597.41749
06/Apr/20174421909800"1-wood panels, made of particle board, laminated in a metal frame with a partially namontovanymy mounting parts used to manufacture automotive wiring harnesses in production, second hand: folding stand (wooden) (1800h1000h20mm size, year of production 2017) -1sht;. "HUNGARY0UA30516027123.9503216
03/Apr/20178448490000"1.Chastyny ​​to kruhlotkatskyh machines HDN- 4, LSFS-4, LSL-6 (EIT tsyfichni details): commercial copier (CAM ROLLER (BRG.6001)), ar t. N4060004 - 1100sht; lever (SWINGINGLE VER (10 MM PIN)), art. N4060016 -200sht; pulley (BELT pULLEY), art.N4060012- 800sht; axis (SHAFT), art. N4060020 -400sht; yn arable lever (JOCKEYLEVER), art. N406002 2 - 30sht, the shuttle assembly (COMPLETE SHUTT LE BODY) - 16sht, the lower curve (BRAKE ARM), art. N4090110 - 60sht, arc shuttle (top tion) (SHUTTLEBRACKET), art. N4090108- 50 pieces a cover (cOVER), art. N4091508 -60sht; shpulderzhatel front (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.6000)), art. N4091502 - 200sht, sheaves holder back (BOBBIN hOLDER (BRG.600 0)), art. N4091512 -200sht; axle (aXLE), art. N4091507 - 50sht; axis (back) (AXLE (FIXED END)), art.N4091513 -40sh t; Conch yidnyy roller (CHONCHOID ROLLER), Art. N40 90,406 - 200sht; rolykchovnyka (SHUTTLE WH EEL (BRG.6001), art. N4090408 - 300sht; t ulka (SPACER), art.N4090418 - 50sht, Olt eccentric (EXCENTER BOLT) -element circle lotkatskohostanka designed fo I regulated wording of movie clip to the frame, art. N4090415 -200sht; Gal MA holder spring (SPRING STRETCHER), art. N4090911 - 20 0sht, bearing socket (BEARING OUSING), and Hg. N40231005 - 300sht; upper pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art. N40245006 - 300sht; Copier (eccentric) (EXCENTER), art.N402 411001 - 16sht; funnel TRUMPET), art.N41 80120 - 10pc; ompensator (COMPENSATOR WI RE), art. N4110008 - 20000sht; MDP holder zhyny ompensatora (SPRING HOLDER), art. N 4110014 - 20000sht; konhoyidnyy Olyka (CHONC HOID ROLLER (BRG.609)), art. FS4090308 - 300sht; stopping lever JOCKEY LEVER), art .FS4060016- 60sht; alyy harness pulley (D EFLECTING PULLEY SMALL), art. FS4070624- 300sht; bandage (BANDAGE (BRG.609)), art. FS4080111 - 200sht; guide (FOLLOW ER GUIDE), art. L202412027 - 100 pieces; G K for thread (THREAD EYE), art.L202412016-2000sht; lever (LEVER), art. L202412019- 200sht; clamp (CLAMP ELEMENT), art. LE NO2241410 - 100 pieces; cholnyka body (SHUTTLE BODY), art. LSL6992218 -12sht; pol deviating pulley (DEFLECTING PULLEY), art.LSL6 071606 - 200sht; This holder inserting piles (INSERTION FINGER HOLDER), art.LSL69 92601- 400sht; Trademark: N manufacturer: M / S MOHINDRA SALER, AMRITSAKrayina production: IN. "INDIA0UA8070701585.38617581.01744
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Harness Frame Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Harness Frame Importer Sample

Date 14/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""РОПА Україна"""
Importer Address
09431, с.Полковниче, вул.Поповича 35, Ставищенський р-н., Київська обл.
Exporter Name ROPA Fahrzeug-und Maschinenbau GmbH
Product Description
1. Spare parts for self-propelled beet harvesters .........
HS Code 8433900000Value 126347.4949
Quantity 0Unit UA125270
Net Weight 10884.792
Origin Country GERMANY

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