Ukraine Import Data of Handset | Ukraine Import Statistics of Handset

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of handset collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of handset imports.

Handset Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Handset

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of handset. Get Ukraine trade data of Handset imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201785171100001. The domestic electronics 'Panasonic' - telephones wired connection combined with wireless handset (Digital Cordless Phone): - mod.KX-TG1611UAH-digital wireless phone number -531sht.- mod.KX-TG1611UAW-digital wireless phone number -42sht.- mod.KX-TG1612UAH-digital wireless phone number -15sht.- mod.KX-TG1711UAW-digital wireless phone number -21sht.- mod.KX-TGC310UC1-digital wireless phone number -18sht .- mod.KX-TGC310UCR-digital wireless phone number -18sht.- mod.KX-TCA185RU-perfect digital cordless handset first wireless system (DECT), number -15sht.- mod.KX-TGP600RUB-wireless SIP phone number -48sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production VN.VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF708UA100120279.1210189.14746 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173917320090"1.Truby, hoses, flexible plastic (PVC), not reinforced, not processed bezfitinhiv, Seamless / TU 6-19-304-86 /: - Handset F-183 TU 6-19-304- 86 yzm.3- 0.450 tys.poh.m-tube F-184 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 0,600 tys.poh.m-F-185 Tube 005 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 0.640 tys.poh.m hose-F-11B 1111-1101079 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 2,000 tys.poh.m-profile hose iM-03 PR-178 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- tys.poh.m 3,000-piece F-181 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 4,500 thousand .poh.m-tube F-10B 2106-5208426 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 10,000 tыs.poh.m-tube TU 6-19-304-86 2488, yzm.3- 5,000 thousand. pcs. petrol-resistant cars, antyfryzos tiyki and general pryznachennya.Tor hivelna marka- of "" plastic, "" Producer -OJSC "" plastic "," production RFKrayina -RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071901867.76912.387431
28/Apr/201785171100001. The domestic electronics 'Panasonic' - telephones wired connection combined with wireless handset (Digital Cordless Phone): - mod.KX-TG2511UAT-digital wireless phone number -2sht.- mod.KX-TGF320UCM-digital wireless phone number -12sht.- mod.KX-TG6821UAB-digital wireless phone number -9sht.Torhivelna brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production of CN.CHINA23UA10012020.59741.2991673
28/Apr/20178517180000"1.Telefonni wired devices called" "communications, designed and equipped for retailers, contain some kind of radio: IP-phone (monochrome display) 3 Line IP Phone with Display and PC Port art. SPA303-G2-70sht. IP-phone (color display) 5-Line IP phone with color display, PoE, 802.11g, Bluetooth art. SPA525G2-2sht. IP-phone (monochrome display) Cisco Unified SIP phone 3905, Charcoal, Standard Handset art. CP-3905 = -150sht. IP-phone (monochrome display) 1 Line IP phone With display, PoE, PC Port art. SPA502G-25sht. art. SPA502G-30sht. Manufacturer Cisco Systems, Inc.Krayina production CNTorhovelna brand CISCO. "CHINA0UA100080242.6721388.46074
28/Apr/201785171100001. The domestic electronics 'Panasonic' - telephones wired connection combined with wireless handset (Digital Cordless Phone): - mod.KX-TG2511UAS-digital wireless phone number -75sht.- mod.KX-TG2512UAT-digital wireless phone number -21sht.- mod.KX-PRS110UAW-digital wireless phone number -21sht.- mod.KX-PRW110UAW-digital wireless phone number -3sht.Torhivelna brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production MY.MALAYSIA120UA10012060.2522548.395374
28/Apr/20178517180000"1.Telefonni devices tsyfrofi dlyaprovodnoho system called" "connection to a wired handset designed for for PBX, Cisco IP Phone 8811 Series, Model: CP-8811-K9 = IP -1sht. (Complete with cable to connect to the phone network ) Radio receivers / transmitters, Wi / Fi and Bluetooth vidsutni.Telefon not intended for explosive atmospheres). Trade mark: CiscoVyrobnyk: CiscoKrayina production: CN. "CHINA0UA1002001.17174.709905
27/Apr/20178517110000"1.Telefonni devices for wired connection to a wireless handset, transform voice into signals for transmission to another device. Leading IP Phone Cisco art. II005334 - 5 sht.Telefonnyy device is designed to work with one telephone line (does not include transmitter signal). product type: IP telephone features telephone functions • Variable phone ringtones and volume - Variable options display brightness and fading - A key - Sound and vibration ringtones - Automatic identification and headset auto - answer - automatic keylock; - Call handling, Display Color 2.4 "display" (6 cm) Interfaces 2 x RJ-45 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet; 1 x RJ - 9 headset. 2 USB port Voltage: 100-240V ~ 0.2 A, 50 - 60HtsTovar not intended for sale in the customs territory of Ukraine. Trademark KSA (KSAB) Manufacturer KSA (KSAB) Country of CN. "CHINA5UA1010702.11771.964336
27/Apr/20179018908400"1.Vyroby pryznachennya.Prylady medical infusion solutions (medical) devices used in medytsyni.Podovzhuyucha handset brand" "B.Braun" ", designed for use in infusion therapy: A system for infusion pumps B.Braunart.8722919 original line Perfusor® 150 cm, black, 1,5 x 2,7-200 shtart.8722960-20 original line Perfusor® N, 150 cm, 1.5 x 2,7-15600 shtart.8723010 original line Perfusor® PE 150 cm, black, 1,0 x 2,0-200 shtart.8700036SP line Space infusion pumps, 250 cm Standard 2000 shtart.8722919 original line Perfusor® 150 cm, black, 1,5 x 2,7-200 shtTorhovelna grade B . BraunVyrobnyk B. Braun Medical SASKrayina production FR. "FRANCE0UA100020246.45964.000133
27/Apr/20179018908400"Surgical instruments made from medical-resistant steel and are designed for multiple plastykuta Use cation, namely: 1.Laparoscopic trocar with silicone valve, 12,5 x 95mm, with plain cannula, withpiramid obturator laparoscopic Trocar with silicone valve, 12.5 x 95 , zhladkoyu cannula with pyramidal obturator art. 801.008.01-1sht. laparoscopic trocar with flip-type valve, 5,5 x 95 / 120mm, with spiralcannula, with safety obturator laparoscopic Trocar with mechanical valve, 5.5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturator art.801.003.111 -2sht. Laparoscopic trocar with magnetic valve, 5,5 x 95/120 mm, with spiral cannula, with pyramid obturator Troak he laparoscopic mahnitnymklapanom of 5.5 x 95/120 mm with spiral cannula with pyramidal obturatoromart. -3sht 801,003,311. Reducer for laparoscopic trocar with silicone orflip-type valve, 10,5 - 5,5mm Redyuser for a trocar abomehanichnym silicone valve 10.5 - 5.5 mm art. -1sh 801,146 tons. silicone caps for trocars, 10,5mm silicone cap trocar, 10.5 mm art. 810.086.B2 -100sht.Silicone valve for trocars, 10,5mm silicone valve for a trocar, 10.5 mmart. 810.086.A2 -20sht. Stitching-up forceps for trocar wounds and aponeuroses, 2,5mm, up-side clip troakarnyh suturing wounds and sheath, 2.5 mm, top art. -5sht 801,103. Laparoscopic puncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 22 Holkalaparoskopichna, 5 x 330 mm, needle, number 22, art. 801.027.6 -1sht. Laparoscopicpuncture needle, 5 x 330mm, # 18 laparoscopic needle, 5 x 330 mm needle, №18 art. 801.027.4 -1sht. Laparoscopic needle holder, 5 x 330mm, straight, type BHolkotrymach laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, straight, type in the art. 801,023 -1sht.Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, endograsper type, double action Zatyskachlaparoskopichnyy, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Endohrasper "" Two moving Branche art.808.045.1 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm handle laparoskopichnohozatyskacha 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.009 -1sht. Laparoscopic forceps, 5x330mm, cholecystic clamp laparoscopic, 5 x 330 mm, type "" Babcock "" Art. 801.047-1sht. 2 Laparoscopic curved scissors-action, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 mm h330, curved, with two movable Branche art. 801.033.1-1sht. Laparoscopic hook scissors, 5x330mm laparoscopic scissors, 5 x 330 mm, beak-art. -1sht 801,034. Laparoscopic forceps handle, 5x330mm Ruchkalaparoskopichnoho clamp 5 x 330 mm art. 801F.003 -3sht. Laparoscopic forcepshandle, 5x330mm, with ratchet handle laparoscopic clamp 5 x 330 mm zkremalyeroyu art. 801F.004 -3sht. Laparoscopic clip applier, 10 x 330mm, fortitanium clips, action 2, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330 mm, tytanovyhklips with two mobile Branche, M art. -2sht 801,111. Laparoscopic clipapplier, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clips, M Klipator laparoscopic, 10 x 330mm, for titanium clip M art. 801.001.2 -1sht. Laparoscopic tube for suction andirrigation, 5 + 10 x 330mm, push-type handset for laparoscopic aspiration tairyhatsiyi 5 "CHINA0UA5002104.12046.321176
26/Apr/201774112190001.Trubky alloys of copper and zinc (brass), not direct zernozbaralnyh combines: Handset, art.500352453-1 pieces, trademarks, CNH.Krayina vyrobnytstva- IT.Vyrobnyk-CNHI International. .ITALY0UA1101900.0810.99060703
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Handset Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Handset Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Панасонік Україна ЛТД"""
Importer Address
03022, м. Київ, провул. Охтирський, буд. 7, корпус 3, оф. 3-201
Exporter Name NIPPON EXPRESS (Deutschland) GmbH
Product Description
1. The domestic electronics 'Panasonic' - telephon.........
HS Code 8517110000Value 10189.14746
Quantity 708Unit UA100120
Net Weight 279.12

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