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Hands Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hands

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201782016000001. Tools are manual, not electric, for work with two hands, with a working part of non-precious metals: Kustorius. .CHINA0UA50003012.824.19001325 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/201748182099001. Towels are colored paper, not in rolls, in sheets for hands.CHINA0UA5000301512876.9599163
28/Apr/20176116102000"1.RUKAVYCHKY workers, knitted with individual fingers, the cuff, covered with rubber, not SPETSZAHYSTU with the inscription" "TRIDENT" ", in the range: 1115 (sizes 10 '), (10 classes, Polycotton gray coated latex BLACK color) -19,920 South Africa (1660 dozen); DQ 608B (SIZE 10 ') (Class 13, nylon, white, gray nitrile coated on the palm) -15,120 South Africa (1260 dozen). -35,040 TOTAL South Africa (2920 dozen). INTENDED to protect hands while running on dirt and mechanical damage. STATEMENT OF TRADEMARK NO. MANUFACTURER: "" GAOMI GANGSHENG LABOR PROTECT PRODUCTS CO., LTD "", CN. Country of CHINA.. "CHINA35040UA90205026348286.641789
28/Apr/201785183095901. The domestic electronics' Panasonic'-wire and wireless headphones that do not include some kind of transmitter and receiver: - mod.RP-BTD10E-K-Ear, the number -10sht.- mod.RP-BTS30GC-R-Headset -10sht.- number mod.RP-BTS30GC-W-Headphones number -20sht.- mod.RP-BTS30GC-Y-Ear, the number -20sht.- mod.RP-HD6MGC-K-Ear, the number -3sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC-A-Headset amount -60sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC-K-Ear, the number -550sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC-P-Ear, the number -30sht.- mod.RP-HF300GC -W-Ear, the number -325sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUA-Ear, the number -1810sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUD-Ear, the number -410sht.- od.RP-HJE118GUG-Ear, the number -580sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUK-Ear, the number -6370sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUP-Ear, the number -400sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUR-Ear, the number -380sht .- mod.RP-HJE118GUS-Ear, the number -3400sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUV-Ear, the number -5sht.- mod.RP-HJE118GUY-Ear, the number -340sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-A-Headphones , the number -1900sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-K-Ear, the number -2280sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-P-Ear, the number -540sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-W-Headphones number -2180sht. - mod.RP-HJE125E-Y-Ear, the number -10sht.- mod.RP-HJE125E-Z-Headphones number -40sht.- mod.RP-HJE190E-K-Ear, the number -40sht.- mod.RP- HJE190E-R- avushnyky, the number -30sht.- mod.RP-HJE190E-S-Ear, the number -20sht.- mod.RP-HJX6MGC-K-Ear, the number -50sht.- mod.RP-HS34E-A-Headset amount -80sht .- mod.RP-HS34E-V-Ear, the number -5sht.- mod.RP-HS34E-W-Headphones number -20sht.- mod.RP-HS46E-K-Ear, the number -80sht.- mod.RP -HS46E-W-Headphones number -80sht.- mod.RP-HT010GU-H-Headphones number -370sht.- mod.RP-HT6E-K-Ear, the number -50sht.- mod.RP-HV094GU-K- Headphones number -2100sht.- mod.RP-TCM105E-W-Handsfree, number -1500sht.- mod.RP-TCM50E-K-Handsfree, number -170sht.- mod.RP-TCM50E-W-Handsfree, number -140sht .- mod.RP-WF830E-K-Ear, the number -40sht.- mod.RP-HV094E-K-Ear, the number -1500sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CN CorporationKrayina productionCHINA0UA1001201291.35980561.54968
28/Apr/20178507500000"1.Akumulyator hands-free communication WCS, to a / m" "BMW" "(type AA), hydride-nikelevyynovyy weight 0,09kh =, = Capacity 1,8Ah, art.76518548148 -2sht; trademark -" "BMW" "Manufacturer - Concern" "BMW" "."JAPAN2UA1002100.1846.83302806
28/Apr/201785171100001. The domestic electronics 'Panasonic' - telephones wired connection combined with wireless handset (Digital Cordless Phone): - mod.KX-TG1611UAH-digital wireless phone number -531sht.- mod.KX-TG1611UAW-digital wireless phone number -42sht.- mod.KX-TG1612UAH-digital wireless phone number -15sht.- mod.KX-TG1711UAW-digital wireless phone number -21sht.- mod.KX-TGC310UC1-digital wireless phone number -18sht .- mod.KX-TGC310UCR-digital wireless phone number -18sht.- mod.KX-TCA185RU-perfect digital cordless handset first wireless system (DECT), number -15sht.- mod.KX-TGP600RUB-wireless SIP phone number -48sht.Torhivelna Brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production VN.VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF708UA100120279.1210189.14746
28/Apr/201785183095901. Handsfree for the radio station for civill.use (contains no receiver-transmitter): model PTE-800 A-023M05 (duplex, with M05 connector) -300 pcs, model PTE-880A-025M05 (duplex, with M05 connector) -200pcs. Producer: GPCOMM Technology Ltd. Trademark: Power-Time. Production line: CN. .CHINA0UA125100313669.130273
28/Apr/201733049900001.Zasoby Skin Care: Soothing BB cream against redness for sensitive skin, 50 ml art.D1241501 -5928 sht.Zvolozhuyuchyy cream for sensitive normal to combination skin, 50 ml art.D1242102 -5928 sht.Zvolozhuyuchyy cream for sensitive very dry skin, 50 ml art.D1242302 -2964 sht.Krem "Recovery" for dry, damaged skin, 100 ml art.D1297701 -4620 sht.Zvolozhuyuchyy cream for sensitive facial skin prone to imperfections 50 ml art.D3065100 - 5928 sht.Tsyka cream, versatile restoring and regenerating cream for the face, body and hands to Children and adults 50 ml art.D3231700 -5088 sht.Ne containing narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Not upakovtsi.Ne aerosol containing ozone-depleting substances. Trademark MIXAVyrobnyk L'Oreal SA production plant Soproreal sncKrayina FR.FRANCE0UA1251102440.42827485.03933
28/Apr/20173917320090"1.Truby, hoses, flexible plastic (PVC), not reinforced, not processed bezfitinhiv, Seamless / TU 6-19-304-86 /: - Handset F-183 TU 6-19-304- 86 yzm.3- 0.450 tys.poh.m-tube F-184 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 0,600 tys.poh.m-F-185 Tube 005 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 0.640 tys.poh.m hose-F-11B 1111-1101079 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 2,000 tys.poh.m-profile hose iM-03 PR-178 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- tys.poh.m 3,000-piece F-181 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 4,500 thousand .poh.m-tube F-10B 2106-5208426 TU 6-19-304-86, yzm.3- 10,000 tыs.poh.m-tube TU 6-19-304-86 2488, yzm.3- 5,000 thousand. pcs. petrol-resistant cars, antyfryzos tiyki and general pryznachennya.Tor hivelna marka- of "" plastic, "" Producer -OJSC "" plastic "," production RFKrayina -RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071901867.76912.387431
28/Apr/201785171100001. The domestic electronics 'Panasonic' - telephones wired connection combined with wireless handset (Digital Cordless Phone): - mod.KX-TG2511UAT-digital wireless phone number -2sht.- mod.KX-TGF320UCM-digital wireless phone number -12sht.- mod.KX-TG6821UAB-digital wireless phone number -9sht.Torhivelna brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production of CN.CHINA23UA10012020.59741.2991673
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МІРАТОН ГРУП"""
Importer Address
65012, Одеська обл., м. Одеса, вул. Лейтенанта Шмідта , будинок 19
Product Description
1. Tools are manual, not electric, for work with t.........
HS Code 8201600000Value 24.19001325
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 12.8
Origin Country CHINA

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