Ukraine Import Data of Handle Lever | Ukraine Import Statistics of Handle Lever

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of handle lever collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of handle lever imports.

Handle Lever Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Handle Lever

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201787084099981. Spare parts (parts) for cars: parts gearbox, drive-synchronizing transmissions 2 pcs. Producer (brand): ZF Friedrichshafen AG (ZF), a transmission element (sleeve gear-fourth transfer) -1sht. Producer (brand): Hans Pries GmbH & Co. KG (Hans Pries), KT repair plug grip (traction gear-joint) -2sht. Producer (brand): AUGER Autotechnik GMBH (AUGER), handle (handle Lever gear) -1sht. Producer (brand): Diesel Technic AG (DT).GERMANY0UA4000301.40789.82408609 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201787084099911.Chastyny ​​gearboxes for industrial assembly of motor vehicle bus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II), t.poz.8702: 264326800134-8sht fittings thrust, thrust fittings 264326800134-8sht with 'yednuvalna 264326800134-8sht thrust, thrust 264326800134-8sht fittings, gasket lever peremykannyaperedach 264126806304-8sht gasket vazhelyaperemykannya 264126806304-8sht gear, lever peremykannyaperedach 264126806304-8sht laying, laying 264126806304-8sht gear lever, gear rychahperemykannya with bracket 264326800136- 8 pieces, Lever gear with bracket 264326800136-8sht, rycha shifting of the bracket 264326800136-8sht, Lever gear with bracket 264326800136-8sht, Lever handle vzbori 263026700102-8sht gear, gear lever Lever vzbori 263026700102-8sht, Lever handle vzbori 263026700102-8sht gear, gear lever Lever vzbori 263026700102 -8sht manufacturers TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trading ovelna brand TATA MOTORS. Country of IN.INDIA0UA112080140.064709.6963771
28/Apr/201783023000101.Armatura fasteners, hardware products from taanalohichni nedorohotsinnyhmetaliv industrial skladannyaavtobus ZAZ type A07 chassis TATA LP 613/38 (Euro-II): Z-shaped cable management zaslonkoyuopalyuvacha 264183300108-8sht, Z-obraznyytros opalyuvacha264183300108-8sht control flaps, Z- shaped cable management flaps opalyuvacha264183300108-8sht, Z-shaped cable management flaps 264183300108-8sht heater, hood zaschilka 264175200107-16sht, zaschilka kapota264175200107-16sht, zaschilka kapota264175200107-16sht, zaschilka 264175200107-16sht hood, fastening 265158904021-8sht jack, jack mount 265158904021 -8sht, fasteners 265158904021-8sht jack, jack mount 265158904021-8sht finger 264129106702-8sht clutch pedal, a clutch pedal 264129106702-8sht finger, finger 264129106702-8sht clutch pedal, a clutch pedal 264129106702-8sht finger, the finger rolling 264129106703-8sht Lever brakes, movable thumb Lever halmiv264129106703-8sht finger movable brake Lever 264129106703-8sht finger moving halmiv264129106703-8sht Lever, Lever vzbori 265483500109-8sht, in zbori265483500109-8sht Lever, Lever vzbori 265483500109-8sht, in zbori265483500109-8sht Lever, Lever left 264172306001-8sht, Lever livyy264172306001-8sht, livyy264172306001-8sht Lever, Lever livyy264172306001-8sht, clip aschilky 264175200122-16sht hood, zaschilkykapota 264175200122-16sht clip, clip zaschilky 264175200122-16sht hood, hood 264175200122-16sht zaschilky clip, wire rope over 265983300178-8sht heater, wire heater 265983300178-8sht drive, rope drive 265983300178-8sht heater, heater cable drive 265983300178-8sht, pull 252550100291-16sht fittings, tyahaz'yednuvalna252550100291-16sht, pull z'yednuvalna252550100291-16sht, tyahaz'yednuvalna252550100291-16sht, the thrust of foreign ruchky264172306003-8sht, tyahazovnishnoyi ruchky264172306003-8sht, the thrust of foreign ruchky264172306003-8sht, tyahazovnishnoyi ruchky264172306003 -8sht, pull kapota264175200125-8sht, tyahakapota264175200125-8sht, thrust 264175200125-8sht hood, pull kapota264175200125-8sht, pull handles internal 264172306004-8sht left, pull the left vnutrishnoyiruchky 264172306004-8sht, pull the left internal 264172306004-8sht handle, pull handle livavnutrishnoyi 264172306004-8sht, the thrust mechanism opalyuvacha265983300159-8sht, tyahamehanizma heater 265983300159- 8 pieces, thrust mechanism 265983300159-8sht heater, heater 265983300159-8sht thrust mechanism, focusing door assembly 265872300182-8sht, focusing door assembly 265872300182-8sht, doors in emphasis zbori265872300182-8sht, upordverey in zbori265872300182-8sht, fyksator dOORS 17DIA 269881900102- 32sht, fyksatordvery 17DIA 269881900102-32sht, fyksator DOORS 17DIA 269881900102-32sht, fyk satordvery 17DIA 269881900102-32sht manufacturers TATA MOTORS LIMITED. Trade mark TATA MOTORS. Country of IN.INDIA0UA112080287.7761175.034376
28/Apr/20174202125000"1. Articles molded plastics -yaschyk tool (17 CANTILEVER TOOLBOX) -12sht. - tool box (4-ORG. BOX WITH DRAWERS) -12sht. - tool box (21" "TOOL BOX RACK) -9sht. - tool box (16 tOOL bOX) -15sht. - tool box (19 tOOL BAG) -12sht. - tool box (22 tOOL bOX) -7sht. - tool box (tOOL 24 bOX) -6sht. - tool box (20 "" TK BAG WITH ALUMINUM HANDLE) -6sht. - tool box (22 "" TK BAG WITH ALUMINUM HANDLE) -6sht. - tool box (26 '' TK BAG WITH ALUMINUM HANDLE) -4sht.. "TURKEY0UA500550168.21391.7559615
27/Apr/20173926300090"1.Vyroby hardware and plastic for a / m Lada: * visor holder, art.21900820409600 -10 pcs * Facing left speaker, art.21720560709500 -2 pcs * Handle upholstery front door art.21720610218600 -10 pc; * button, art.21080610205300 -100 pcs * Facing right front seat assembly, art.21700681001400 -3 pieces * Facing the front left seat assembly, art.21700681001500 -4 pieces; Cap * upholstery rear door art.21700620203400 - 10 pcs * Facing trunk lid lock, art.11180560605810 -2 pcs * Bracket, art.21010110803900 -40 pcs * Facing mounting plate rail, art.21030820202000 -7 pcs * handle levers heater, art.21140810904410 -9 pieces; * Support Left luggage racks, art.21310560707310 -1 pcs * Handle upholstery Front left, art.21214681608700 -3 sht.Torhovelna mark LADA.Vyrobnyk "" Saturn-TP "" ZAO g . Tolyatty.Krayina production RU.. "RUSSIA0UA1251805.887471.20238668
27/Apr/201785365015901. Spare parts for trucks, taperemykachi switches for a voltage not exceeding 60 V, turning: LIGHT art.12-02-01-0078 lever on the handlebars MB Act., Ate, Axo, 01r- ciemny = 1 sht.Torhovelna OE OE brand PARVyrobnyk PARTSart.12-02-03-0109 the ON LIGHT VO.FH12 93r = 1 lever (switch) SC.3,4 -04r = 1sht.Torhovelna mark TZ Manufacturer TZ art. 12-02-03-0184 light switch VO.FH / FM12, 02r- ST = 1 pc. Art. 12-02-03-0184 light switch VO.FH / FM12, 02r- ST = 2 pcs. Trademark ST Manufacturer SENSORTECH art. 12-02-03-0358 the ON LIGHT MAN TGA-SX 07r- halogeny = 2 pcs. Trademark KXB Manufacturer KX British Country of CN.CHINA0UA1001201.9399.29415595
27/Apr/201784818081001.Krany Flanged Ball type: -AH-2C DN65 PN25 -40hr.S + 100g of LPG handle LEVER 3 / A065FF4007P01-5sht., - AH-11C DN100 PN25 -40hr.S + 100g = 190 L LPG (propane-butane ) to handle LEVER3 / A100FF4005 -4sht., - AH-2C DN65 PN25 -40hr.S + 100g of LPG handle LEVER 3 / A065FF4007P01-6sht., - AH-2C-MK DN25 PN40 -40hr.S + 100g of LPG handle LEVER 3 / A025FF5013-10sht., - AH-2C DN65 PN25 -40hr.S + 100g of LPG handle LEVER 3 / A065FF4007P01-9sht., - AH-2C DN80 PN40 -40hr.S + 100g of LPG handle LEVER 3 / A080FF4017B01 -21sht., - AH-11C DN100 PN25 -40hr.S + 100g LPG L = 190 (propane-butane) with the handle LEVER3 / A100FF4005 -28sht., - AH-11C DN125 PN25 -40hr.S + 100g LPG L = 3 25 of the handle LEVER 3 / A125FF4001-6sht., - AH-14C DN200 PN25 -30hr.S + 100g LPG L = 4 57 with handle LEVER 3 / A200KK4002 -1sht.Vyrobnyk BROEN OIL & GAS Sp.z ooKrayina production PLTorhivelna mark BROEN.POLAND0UA100120194425241.23425
27/Apr/20178708299000"1.Skladovi parts and devices for bodies for use in cars and / m" "Great Wall" ": Power front bumper art. 8400380XG83XA - 10 pcs., Grille lights fog rights Art. 2803104A-J08 - 10 pcs. cap bumper front art. 2803112XS56XA - 4 pcs., grille lights fog Ref. 2803203-P24A - 4 pcs., cap bumper front art. 2803212XS56XA - 6 pcs., grille bumper art. 2803213XS56XA - 6 pcs., grille lights fog art. 2803230XS56XA - 4 pcs., grille lights fog art. 2803240XS56XA - 4 pcs., left rear pidkrylok art. 2804011AS56XA - 4 pcs., right rear pidkrylok art. 2804012AS56XA 4 pcs., Cover bumper upper art. 2804107AKZ16A - 1 pc., Cap bumper rear Ref. 2804304-K24 - 4 pcs., Cover the bumper under the license plate art. 2804705XS56XA - 3 pcs., Grille lights fog art. 2804711XS56XA - 4 pieces ., grille lights fog art. 2804712XS56XA - 4 pcs., the lower bumper cover art. 2804713XS56XA - 3 pcs., engine mount beam Ref. 2810000-Y23 - 1 pc., instrument panel assembly art. 3820400XS58XA - 1 pcs., Cover the floor of the luggage compartment art. 5101200-J08 - 1 pc., Front left pidkrylok art. 5174011AJ08XB - 4 pcs., Instrument panel assembly art. 5306100XJ29XA - 1 pc., Right side panel of body art. 5401102XJ08XC - 1 pc., Right side panel of body art. 5401492BK00XA - 1 pc., Front grille art. 5509100-J08 - 8 pcs., Engine cooling radiator deflector art. 5514011XS16XA - 2 pcs., Roof art. 5701000AK80XA - 1 pc., Cover lever CPR art. 5DYM26-1702010 - 1 pc., Door handle cover naruzhnej art. 6105139A-S08 - 2 pcs., Cable opening doors art. 6105210-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6105240-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6205210-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6205230-P00 - 1 pc., Upper radiator cover art. 8400050XS56XA - 2 pc., Front panel radiator art. 8400130XS56XA - 2 pcs., Left panel spar art. 8400450-J08 - 4 pcs., Right panel spar art. 8400460-J08 - 3 pcs., Insulation hood art. 8402011XJ08XB - 1 pc., Insulation hood art. 8402012XS56XB - 1 pc., Cover lever CPR art. ZM001MF-1702010-3 - 4 sht.Torhivelna mark: GREAT WALL. Producer: "" GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED "". Country of origin: China, CN. "CHINA0UA500030213.123286.69591
27/Apr/201787141000001.Chastyny ​​to motorcycles: Set steering lever - BLACK HAND CONTROL LEVER KIT, art. 41700421 - 1. Clutch cover - CLUTCH COVER, 110, CHROME DERBY, art.60709-07A - 1. The axis thrust gear - SHIFTER SHAFT LEVER, GEAR, art. 33709-82A - 3 pieces. The equalizer set - COMPENSATOR ASY, art. 36500034A -1 units. Set lever steering - HAND LEVERS, BLACK, VRSC, art. 42275-07A - 2 sht.Pedal gear - SHIFTER PEG, VINTAGE WHITE, Art. 33600071 - 2 sht.Vazhil gear - BILLET SHIFT LEVER, CHROME, art. 34539-00 - 1 sht.Komplekt brake pads disc brake bike - BRAKE PAD KIT, art.42850-06B - 2 pcs. Lever traction gear - LEVER, GEAR SHIFT, art.33718-82B - 3 pieces. Set washers compensator - SPRING-PACK SUB-ASY, art.83936-09A - 1. Pad on the brake pedal - DIAMOND BLACK BRAKE PEDAL, SMALL, art. 41850-08 - 1. The back - CUSTOM MEDIUM LOW SISSY BAR, GLOSS BLACK, art.54256-10 - 1. Trunk - LUGGAGE RACK, GLOSS BLACK, Art. 4263-10 5 - 1 sht.Bahazhnyk - STEALTH RACK, DETACH CHROME, art. 53472-09A - 2 pcs. Bow back -UPRIGHT, MED-LOW, CHROME, art. 52540-09A- 1 pc. Windscreen - KIT, QUICK REL WINDSHIELD, FXDF, CLEAR, art. 57338-08- 1 pc. Rudder - KIT, H-BAR, TALLBOY, CHROME, art. 55800550A - 1 pc. The back driver -ADJ RIDER BACKREST, COMFORT STITCH, art. 52423-09A - 1 pc. The back - ADJ RIDERBACKREST, SMOOTH, art. 52501-09A - 2 pcs. Wheel -KIT-HANDLEBAR, TALLBOY, BLACK, ROAD GLIDE, art. 55800551A - 1 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - Harley-DavidsonVyrobnyk - Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyUNITED STATES0UA12518037.022488.16836
26/Apr/20178708999798"1. Parts and accessories for agricultural machinery used in agricultural tractors, tractor gear control Lever Art. 87455437 - 1 pc., Rear hook tractor gear control art. 5189332 - 2 pcs., Rehulirovky Handle length lanyards tractor gear control art. 405364A1 - 3 .; pieces. "ITALY0UA11016068.595913.170379
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Handle Lever Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Handle Lever Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТзОВ ""Inter Cars Ukraine"""
Importer Address
м. Хмельницький, вул.Толстого, 1/1Україна
Exporter Name Фірма 'INTER CARS S.A.'
Product Description
1. Spare parts (parts) for cars: parts gearbox, dr.........
HS Code 8708409998Value 89.82408609
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 1.407
Origin Country GERMANY

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