Ukraine Import Data of Hand Watch | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hand Watch

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hand watch collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hand watch imports.

Hand Watch Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hand Watch

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of hand watch. Get Ukraine trade data of Hand Watch imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201782055980901 hand tools for watchmakers (not containing diamonds, not electrical, not electronic equipment) is not suitable for use as the terminals are not used in potentially explosive atmospheres TOTAL -70 pc. Product Country of CHINA, CN. .CHINA0UA9020503.5117.7468517 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201782055980901 hand tools for watchmakers (not containing diamonds, not electrical, not electronic equipment) is not suitable for use as the terminals are not used in potentially explosive atmospheres: -Vidkryvach covers, thin blade, dark art.T09-MKS-49320-10sht .KRAYINA production of goods JAPAN, JP. .JAPAN0UA9020500.0859.795221
27/Apr/201790179000001.Chastyny ​​hand tools for measuring linear sizes: art.2046SBIndykator watch type 0.01-10mm -1sht art.1044SB indicator hodynnykovohotypu 1/5 0-100 .01 mm -2sht art.2110S 10 Time Indicator type 0.001-1 mm -1shtart .543-390B Digital indicator IDC 12.7 mm 0.001 mm -3shtKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - MitutoyoVyrobnyk - Mitutoyo Europe GmbH.JAPAN0UA1002901.1031015.837601
24/Apr/20178708939098"1.The modular container watchdog is fully assembled and ready for use, for drilling personnel, an area of ​​50h50m., Made of composite materials, in accordance with the structure of the plan: the racer (module) fully equipped office for the ITR: checklist number 18 : Mobile House "" Residential Wagon Office for ITR Burysma ", equipped with a mosquito net (2 tons), a convector of 2 kW (2pcs), a convector of 1kW (1pc), air conditioner split," Winter-Summer "" (2pcs), boiler 80 ( 1 pc), a toilet bowl (1 pc), a sink with a mirror (1 pc), a shower cabin (1 pc), a second-hand cabinet: a 2-chest dressing cabinet (Laminated flooring), table (laminated flooring) bed (laminated flooring), document cabinet (laminated flooring), chair (metal), refrigerator, built-in, type of cabinet: lard, electroventilyator (built-in), ventilator. Trade mark: no Producer: no data. Production area: KZ. "MEXICO0UA4000304.2439.97115152
19/Apr/201791149000901.Chastyny ​​for watches: Clockwork lever, steel, art. IWB01227- 1pc., The balance, details of the mechanism, steel, art. IWB00617- 1 pcs. Ustanovochnyyvazhil, steel, art. IWB05467- 1 pc., Clockwork shaft, steel, art. IWB02241- 2 pcs., Clockwork shaft, steel, art. IWB01826-2 pcs. Shock, steel, art.IWB05247- 1 pcs. Hvylynnyk (detalmehanizmu), steel, art. IWB01223- 1 pcs. Hvylynnyk, steel, art. IWB01222- 1 pcs. Hvylynnyk, steel, art. IWA17663- 1 pc., Central wheel, steel, art. IWB05063-1 pcs., Clockwise wheel, copper art. IWB05060- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, copper art. IWB05068- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, copper art. IWB07457- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWB07460- 1 pc., Fee for fixation mechanism, steel, art. IWB05030- 5 pcs., Stopping lever durinko, art. IWA15134- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWB05140- 1 pc., Dog, steel, art. IWB05234-1 pieces. The emphasis clockwork wheels, steel, art. IWB07151- 1 pc., Winding wheel, steel, art. IWB05058- 1 pc., Emphasis clockwork wheels, steel, art. IWB04977- 1 pc., Winding wheel, steel, art. IWB04954- 1 pieces. Anchoring plug, steel, art.IWB05239- 1 pc., Shock, steel, art. IWB07320- 1 pcs. Detail chronograph, steel, art. IWB05123- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWB05117- 1 pc., Basic axis, steel, art. IWB07311- 1 pcs. Average wind-wheel, steel art.IWB05074- 1 pcs. Average wind-wheel, steel, art. IWB05120- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWB05331- 1 pc., Lever, steel, art. IWA16649- 1pc., Shock, steel, art. IWB05136- 1 pcs., Mean watch wheel, steel, art. IWB05114- 1 pcs., Mean watch wheel, steel, art. IWB05342- 2 pcs., Mean watch wheel, copper art. IWB05133- 1 pc., Dog, copper, art.IWB05230- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, brass, art. IWB05091- 1 pcs. Hvlynnekoleso, Birdman, art. IWB05087- 1 pc., Dog, copper, art. IWB05085- 1 pc., Dog, copper, art. IWB06442- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel berylko, art. IWA36370-1 pcs., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWA61637- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWB05130- 1 pc., Dog, copper, art. IWB05127- 1 pcs. Hodynnykovekoleso, steel, art. IWB05128- 1 pc., Lever, metal alloy durniko, art.IWB08147- 1 pc., Corrector, part of the mechanism, steel, art. IWA13038- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, copper art. IWA13727- 1 pc., Clock minute wheel, copper art. IWA14576- 1 pcs. Wheel to give, copper, art. IWB05313- 1 pcs. Hodynnykovekoleso, steel, art. IWA41289- 1 pc., Clockwise wheel, steel, art. IWB05142- 1pc., In the collection drum, aluminum, copper, brass, art. IWB05051- 1 pcs. Uzbori drum, aluminum, copper, brass, art. IWA21354- 1 pc., In the collection drum, aluminum, copper, steel, art. IWA24739- 1 pc., In the collection drum, aluminum, copper, steel, art.IWA21380- 1 pc., Seconds hand, steel, art. IWE01339- 1 pc., Clock tasekundna arrows, brass, art. IWE01337- 1 pc., Clockwise brass, Art. IWE01340- 1 pc., In the collection drum, brass, steel, art. IWA25537- 1 pc.SWITZERLAND0UA1251000.2338.0571377
19/Apr/201791021100001. Clock bracelets with power, mechanical indication and logo bezvmistu gems and handed are saying: Wristwatch art. F21607-8sht. Wristwatch art. -5sht.Torhovelna F21503 Brand: FerraghiniKrayina production: CHVyrobnyk: MACMA Polska Sp. z oo.SWITZERLAND13UA1251109.242212.498443
13/Apr/20179102110000"1. Clock quartz watches are made of steel, with mechanical display, stopwatch Yakin have built-in included with the packaging origin. Box, warranty and instructions: -Clock wrist BEM-111D-1AVEF, 25 pcs; -Clock wrist BEM-111D -7AVEF, 5 pcs; -Clock wrist BEM-116D-1AVEF, -2 pieces; -Clock wrist BEM-116L-1AVEF, -55 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-526L-1AVUEF, -36 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-526L-7AVUEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-539L-1AVUEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-539L-5AVUEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-546C-2AVUEF, -5 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-546D-1AVUEF, -5 pieces; -Hodynny wrist EDIFICE EFR-547D-1AVUEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-547D-2AVUEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-547L-1AVUEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-547L-7AVUEF, -15 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-552D-1AVUEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-552D-1A2VUEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-552GL- 2AVUEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-554D-1AVUEF, -3 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFR-556TR-1AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFV-500D-1AVUEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFV-500L-1AVUEF, -5 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-121D-1AVEF, -65 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-125D-1AVEF, -35 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-125D-2AVEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF -125D-7AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-126D-1AVEF, -25 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-126D-2AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-126D-7AVEF, -5 pieces ; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-129D-1AVEF, -20 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-129D-2AVEF, -45 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-316D-1AVEF, -70 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-316D -2AVEF, -20 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-328D-1AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-500D-1AVEF, -45 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-512D-1AVEF, -10 pieces - Watches EDIFICE EF-539D-1AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-547D-1A1VEF, -60 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-552PB-1A2VEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EF-552-1AVEF , -80 pc; -Clock handily tion EDIFICE EQ-50.0D-1ADR, -2 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EQ-50.1XDB-1AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EQ-50.1XD-1AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist LRW-200H- 1BVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LRW-200H-1EVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist LRW-200H-2BVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LRW-200H-4BVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LRW- 200H-7E2VEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1128PA-7BEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1129PA-7BEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1141PA-7BEF, -20 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1154PE-7BEF, -30 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1154PQ-7AEF, -30 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1154PQ-7BEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1154PQ-7B2EF, -60 pieces - watches LTP-1177PA-2AEF, -5 pieces; b -Clock uchnyy LTP-1234PD-1AEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist LTP-1234PD-7AEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist LTP-1234PD-7BEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist LTP-1234PGL-7AEF, - "CHINA2509UA205020255.37622969.3
03/Apr/20178517620000"1. devices for switching and routing network bezdrotovohozv'yazku designed to establish connections in telecommunication merezhahzahalnoho usage, have no special protection komplektuyutsyainstruktsiyeyu installation and the installation CD with drivers, -art.TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router 300Mbit / s wireless router Nstandart, wireless transmitter (2.4GHz, 2T2R, 802.11n / g / b), built 4portovyy switch with two detachable antennas not -780 units. -art.TL-WN727N 150MbpsWi-Fi USB Adapter 150Mbit / s wireless USB adapter, standard N, Ralink chip-, Wi-handed h (2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b), support for PSP -1800 sht.-art.TL-WN725N 150Mbps Wi-Fi USB Adapter 150Mbit / s USB wireless adapter, standard N, Wireless Transmitter (2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b) -480-sht. art.TL-WR841N 300Mbps wireless N Router 300Mbit / s wireless router Nstandart, wireless transmitter (2.4GHz, 2T2R, 802.11n / g / b), built 4portovyy switch with two not removable antennas -6260 units. -art.T L-WR940N 450MbpsWireless N Router "" strengthening "," wireless router, a standard N, bezdrotovyyperedavach (3T3R, 2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b), 4-port 100Mbyt / s 3 neznimnianteny -2080 units. -art.TL-WR845N 300Mbps Wireless N Router Wireless tochkadostupu at a data rate of 300 Mbit / s -1500-sht. art.TL-WA801ND 300Mbps Wireless N Access Point Wireless Access Point, Nstandart, standard N, wireless transmitter (2T2R, 2.4GHz, 802.11n / g / b) .Dodatkovo: compatibility of PoE, QSS, setting point, "" client "", "" bridge "", "" repeater "", Multi-SSID, WMM, Ping Watchdog. 2 removable antennas -120 sht.-art.TL-WR841N 300Mbps Wireless N Router 300Mbit / s wireless router Nstandart, wireless transmitter (2.4GHz, 2T2R, 802.11n / g / b), 4portovyy built-in switch, with two not removable -11,740 antennas sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - TP-LinkVyrobnyk- TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd "CHINA0UA10012015782.8230483.9998
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Hand Watch Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hand Watch Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НВТФ ""ОКТА, ЛТД"""
Importer Address
Product Description
1 hand tools for watchmakers (not containing diamo.........
HS Code 8205598090Value 117.7468517
Quantity 0Unit UA902050
Net Weight 3.5
Origin Country CHINA

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