Ukraine Import Data of Hand Trigger | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hand Trigger

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hand trigger collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hand trigger imports.

Hand Trigger Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hand Trigger

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20178467920000"1.Chastyny ​​pneumatic hand tools chnyh: -val nuts BY-348A 1/2 (9) BY-348A-9-2sht. - impeller blades (17) BY-348A-17-30sht.-blade impeller (17) BY-358A-17-60sht.-trigger (22) BY-358A-22 -2sht. - chicken valve seat (24) BY-358A-24- 10pc. - chicken valve (26) BY-358A-26- 10pc. - shaft nuts BY-358A 1/2 (9) BY-358A-9-5sht. - impeller blades (14) BY-400A-14-30sht. chicken-valve seat (24) BY-400A-24 -5sht. chicken-valve (26) BY-400A-26-5sht. - shaft nuts BY-400A 3/4 (7) BY-400A-7-3sht. - shaft nuts BY-452A 1 '' (13 ) BY-452A-13-2sht. - hammer mechanism (15) BY-452A-15-3sht. - percussion hammer drive (16) BY-452A-16-3sht. - impeller blades (22) BY-452A -22-18sht.-trigger valve stem (38) BY-452A-38-2sht. - cluster Mr. Chicken (39) BY-452A-39-2sht.Vyrobnyk ZHEJIANG BEIYI IMP. & EXP.CO., LTDKrayina production CNTorhovelna mark BEIYI. "CHINA0UA1001106.949.52156502 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201739233010001.Kanistry plastic used exclusively for spraying liquids aborozpylennya using spray (trigger), the form-plaskyyflakon for hands without cover: Canisters 0,5-750sht AL., Canisters capacity 2l.-200sht., Silver Canister capacity 1l.-2850sht.Vyrobnyk: Madrox.Krayina production: PL.Torhovelna mark: BarwaSam. .POLAND3800UA100010179.4725.3448969
24/Apr/20178443318000"1.Chastyny ​​pneumatic hand tools chnyh: -val nuts BY-348A 1/2 (9) BY-348A-9-2sht. - impeller blades (17) BY-348A-17-30sht.-blade impeller (17) BY-358A-17-60sht.-trigger (22) BY-358A-22 -2sht. - chicken valve seat (24) BY-358A-24- 10pc. - chicken valve (26) BY-358A-26- 10pc. - shaft nuts BY-358A 1/2 (9) BY-358A-9-5sht. - impeller blades (14) BY-400A-14-30sht. chicken-valve seat (24) BY-400A-24 -5sht. chicken-valve (26) BY-400A-26-5sht. - shaft nuts BY-400A 3/4 (7) BY-400A-7-3sht. - shaft nuts BY-452A 1 '' (13 ) BY-452A-13-2sht. - hammer mechanism (15) BY-452A-15-3sht. - percussion hammer drive (16) BY-452A-16-3sht. - impeller blades (22) BY-452A -22-18sht.-trigger valve stem (38) BY-452A-38-2sht. - cluster Mr. Chicken (39) BY-452A-39-2sht.Vyrobnyk ZHEJIANG BEIYI IMP. & EXP.CO., LTDKrayina production CNTorhovelna mark BEIYI. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF160UA125120216023230.49342
13/Apr/20178424900000"1.Chastyny ​​devices for spray paint to spray application stores: art.538200 cone, 7/8" "(Diffuser, 7/8" ") - 2 pcs; art.538222 hammer to 4 fingers (Trigger assy., 4 finger kit) - 2 pcs; art.538312 Retractor plate (plate, retractor) - 2 pcs; art.538308 rear trunk (Cap, rear, machined) - 2 pcs; art.538303 hand protection (Rest, finger) - 2 pcs; art.538302 Handle (Handle, gun) - 2 pcs; art.538210 sealing unit (seal assy) - 10pc; art.538228 pen for the gun had Vector-Grip (Vector Grip small) - 1pc; art.538229 gun handle for Vector-Grip average ( Vector Grip Medium) - 1pc; art.538230 gun handle for Vector-Grip big (Vector Grip large) - 1pc; art.296289 handles Seals (Dichtung) - 10pc; art.296404 Sprayer (Diffuser g-thread) - 2 pcs; art.97294 nozzle holder for ploskostrumenevoho Adjustable nozzles (Contact guard assy) - 2 pcs; art.999053 Ploskostrumeneve rehulyuyeme nozzle 20 0.18-0.48mm 5 -50sm (Adjustable fan tip 20) - 2 pcs; art.G921.05 Aperture Zip52 (Di aphragm Zip52) - 4 pieces; art.G921.06 diaphragm support Zip52 (Support diaphragm Zip52) - 4 pieces; art.9970123 Seals handles Vector Pro (Sealing ring) - 10 pieces; art.43303 Seals handle AG-19 (Handle sealing washer) - 10pc; art.2361742 spray nozzle Wagner Wood & Metal EXTRA Corner & reach (Wood & Metal EXTRA Corner & reach) - 6 pieces; The spray nozzle art.2361736 Wagner Wood & Metal EXTRA Large (Wood & Metal EXTRA Large) - 12p; The spray nozzle art.2361744 Wagner Wood & Metal EXTRA Detail (Wood & Metal EXTRA Detail) - 16sht; The spray nozzle art.2361738 Wagner Wood & Metal EXTRA Brilliant (Wood & Metal EXTRA Brilliant) - 24sht; art.2307678 Extension Handle (Handle extension Click & Paint) - 30sht; art.2315666 adapters W985E / WP (Adaptor W985E / WP Flexio 995) - 10 pieces; art.2361754 spray nozzle structural and other colors Wagner Wall EXTRA Texture (Wall EXTRA Texture EUR) - 14sht; art.2304025 container with lid 1800ml (Cup with lid 1,800 assy. with cover WP) - 10 pieces; art.0050342 viscometer (Viscosity cup D = 4mm packaged) - 20pcs; art.0413909 800ml container (Container with cover packaged 800ml) - 20pcs; art.2356146 nozzle (Nozzle + valve kit Flexio 990 (TD)) - 20pcs; art.2353700 pressure reducing valve assembly (Pressure controller assy. Type 0449) - 5pcs; art.2362878 nozzle (Nozzle (2.5mm), black, packaged) - 50sht; Construction art.417706 nozzle (Nozzle gasket, in polybag) - 10 pieces; art.2312021 Roller Airless dispensers (Roller arm assy. with cover roller package) - 5pcs; art.2361746 spray nozzle for wall paints Wagner Wall Extra I-Spray 1300 (Wall Extra I-Spray 1300) - 24sht; art.2361749 spray nozzle for wall paints Wagner Wall Extra I-Spray 1800 (Wall Extra I-Spray 1800) - 24sht; Pneumatic art.2328905 cover W565 (Air cup, white WP W-565EUR pack) - 5pcs; art.2336705 defense nozzle holder 7/8 "" (Tip body g-thread 7/8 "" pack) - 30sht; art.2306606 suction system RR117 (Bended lacquer kit assy. PP117) - 5pcs; art.2304027 Clutch for service kontrolnoh "CHINA0UA500060163.3755367.499476
13/Apr/20178424900000"1.Chastyny ​​devices for spray paint to spray application stores: art.521012A valve spray for cleaning the G-groove (Kit, Tip Relief Valve" "G" ") - 10 pieces; art.553217 Nozzle Tip Trade 3217 (Trade Tip 3217) - 3pc, art.553517 nozzle Tip Trade 3517 (Trade Tip 3517) - 4 pieces; art.502144 Clutch gun, carving 7/8 "" (Repair kit for 7/8 "") - 5pcs, art .507254 Prime - Spray valve assembly (Prime / Spray valve assy) - 2 pcs; art.553213 nozzle Tip Trade 3213 (Trade Tip 3213) - 5pcs, art.553215 nozzle Tip Trade 3215 (Trade Tip 3215) - 3pc; art.553219 nozzle Tip Trade 3219 (Trade Tip 3 219) - 6 pieces; art.553300 adapter with thread type G to F (Adapter "" G "" thd to "" F "" thd) - 3pc, art. nozzle Tip 553,521 Trade 3521 (Trade Tip 3521) - 15sht; art.553523 Nozzle Tip Trade 3523 (Trade Tip 3523) - 5pcs, art.556077 extension nozzle, 60 cm, G-thread with the holder (Tip extension assy. 60cm G-thread) - 20pcs, art.999054 Ploskostrumeneve rehulyuyeme nozzle 28 (Adjustable fa n tip 28) - 5pcs; art.296393 coloring gun AG 08, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. 3 TradeTip state. nozzles (Gun AG-08 f-thre with holder w.tip pkgd) - 5pcs; art.556038 Clutch gun AG 08 carving 7/8 "" (Repair kit AG-08 g-thread) - 5pcs; art.502119 coloring gun AG 14, incl. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 (Gun AG-14 g-thread 7/8 "") - 2 pcs; art.508423 nozzle gasket (Seal) - 50sht; art.297007 seals the nozzle (Thrust element) - 20pcs; art.296343 spring (Pressure spring) - 10 pieces; art.538041 coloring gun Vector Pro, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 dvuhpaltsevyy trigger (Wagner Vector Pro 2 Finger) - 5pcs; art.538042 coloring gun Vector Grip, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 dvohpaltsevyy trigger (Wagner Vector Grip 2 Fing-Hold w / o Tip) - 1pc; art.538905 protective disk (Wagner Speed ​​Shield) - 2 pcs; Nozzle Tip art.553513 Trade 3513 (Trade Tip 3513) - 5pcs; art.296345 handle assembly (Handle assy) - 2 pcs; art.2306478 Extension 30 cm (Tip extension 30cm, packaged) - 30sht.Torhovelna mark: "" WAGNER "" Manufacturer: J.Wagner GmbH LTD.Krayina production: USA / US "UNITED STATES0UA50006025.276049.110365
07/Apr/20178467920000"1. Parts of pneumatic hand instrumen tiv: - JAI-1054-43, Val-off for JAI 1054 - 2 nab.; - JAI-6211-38A, exhaust reflector for JAI-6211 - 4 pcs.; - JAI-1044 -08, inlet nozzle JAI-1044 - 5 pcs.; - JAI-1054-50, Bushing chehla off for JAI-1054 - 2 pcs .; - JAI-1054-13, Kiltsehvynta for JAI-1054 - 8 pcs .; - JAI-6276- 04 valve JAI-6276 - 2 pcs .; -JAI-6 211-42, ball switch lock for JAI-6211 - 20 pcs .; - JAI-1044-17, balls tion lock, 2 pc / fo - 50 nab .; - J AI-6211-30, Ball fiksatordlya JAI-6211 - 20 pcs .; - JAI-6276-18, Ball, metal islands for JAI-6276 - 20 pcs .; -JAI-6276L- 13, the trigger for JAI-6276 - 10 pcs .; - JAI-627 6-26, rotor blades dlyaJAI-6276 - 30 at least .; - JAI-6211-13, rotor blade (EKT fo 5 pcs.) DlyaJAI-6211 - 20 Nab .; - JAZ-6704A, modular Group - spare parts pnevmoliniy - 1 subject (composition: filter, lubricants, pressure regulator), 3/8 '' 5-50 m ikron, nonseparable - 20 pcs .; -JAI-6276-0 2A, Reliance valve for JAI-6276 - 10 pcs.; - JAI-6225-8-26, Petals for JAI- 6225-8- 5 nab .; - JAI-1054-35, Petals rotor for JAI-1054 - 30 Nab .; -JAI-6276L-38B, elongated shaft for JAI-6276L - 2 pcs .; - JAI-6276-02, Prohidnyyizolyator for JAI- 6276 - 10 pcs .; - JAI-6276L-26 kt Remkomple for JAI-6276L: petals, 6 pcs / complex - 10 Nab .; - GM-02AF, pneumatic jack ychnyh products 1/4 '' (mother) - 200 pcs .; -G M-02PM, jack pneumatic products 1/4 '' (Pope) external - 500 pcs .; -JAI-6 225-8-27, Rotor for JAI-6225-8 - 4 pcs.; - JAI-6276-27, Rotor for JAI-6276 - 3 pcs.; - JAI-6276L-27 rotor for JAI-6276L- 4 pcs .; - JAI-1044-35, Rotary wheels for JAI-1044 - 30 Nab .; - JAI-6276L-01 handle and assembled for JAI-6276L - 10 Nab .; - JAI-6276-14, StoporJAI-6276 - 2 0 Nab .; - JAI-1044-24, retaining rings etc. For JAI-1044 - 10 pcs .; -JAI-1044-36, cyl Indre for JAI-1044 - 5 pcs .; - JAI-1054-36, cylinder JAI-1054- 2 pcs .; - JAI-62 25.08.25, cylinder JAI-6225-8 - 2 pcs.; - JAI-6276L-28 cylinder JAI-6276L - 3 pcs .; - JAI-1044-52, Case-off dlyaJAI 1044 - 2 pcs .; - GM-03AH, second Quick connector for pneumatic products (mom) for 10 mm hose - 200 pcs .; - GM-02BH, Quick connector dlyapnevmatychnyh robiv you (mom) for 8 mm hose - 200 pcs .; - GM-04AF, Shvydkoz'yemnyyroz'yem for Pneumatic products tation 1/2 '' - 200 pcs .; - JAI-6L-627 14 Pin dlyaJAI-6276L - 20 Nab .; - JAI-6276-12, Pins for JAI-6276 - 20 Nab., -JAI-6211-19, Brand chicken for JAI-62 11 - 10 pcs .; - JAI-6276L-12 Brand Fix tordlya JAI-6276L, 2 pcs. / Emb. - 20 Nab., ​​Country of origin - TW trademarks and - JonneswayVyrobnyk - Jonnesway Enter prise Co., LTD "TAIWAN0UA100010169.9675005.285545
07/Apr/20178703239013"1.Transportnyy vehicle with an internal combustion engine with spark ignition and with a crank mechanism with a working volume of 2,995 cm3 engine cylinders, used, car automobile brands - AUDI, second hand, model: A7 - 1 pc; Room body (VIN) WAUSGAFC4CN007310, number of seats, including the driver - 4, passenger, engine - gasoline, the number of engine - nemaэ data calendar year - 2011, model year - 2012, body type - SEDAN. Country of origin - Germany Neckarsulm , Germany.Nayavni damage and signs acc ted car, torn metal on the two left doors, large deformations rear left, no glass in the rear left door, large deformation of the central rack, rear left door does not opens, broken rear view mirror on the left door, very damaged left threshold car broken door card rear left door deformation and damage of paint perednoh and rear bumpers, fixing broken rear seat airbags worked three due triggering airbags damaged cover the driver's seat and damaged decorative trim interior, rear left wheel torn and loose, rear left damper broken, rear left Lever attaching wheels to the suspension broken, large deformation prostranstva under the rear left wheel, rear left floor axle torn from the gearbox, rear No left spring, mounting rear left shock absorber springs and broken, no fluid lubrication in the gearbox rear deformation and damage to the rear wheel drive chassis of the vehicle is small oshkodzhennya from impact, significant damage to the decorative overlays the left door on the front left door Curved hinges and fasteners, fastening partially damaged exhaust system avtomobilya.Vyvantazheno container number TCNU8774159 "GERMANY1UA5006201909.629475.000042
03/Apr/20178467910090"1.Chastyny ​​continued to chainsaws, chain brake band Chainsaws MS440 / 460 art.1128-160-5400-50sht., Head tires 3/8" "11Z 1,6 art.3003-650-2551-2sht., Art. 3003-650-2551-2sht., notched focus art.0000-660-0850-20sht., guard art.1124-080-1602-1sht., art.1128-080-1635-2sht., Kit - high-speed clamp chain art.1123-007-1008-2sht., art.1123-007-1008-8sht., shroud art.1138-080-1800-2sht., art.1121-080-1812-2sht., art.1121 -080-1812-2sht., Case fan triggering device art.1128-080-2115-2sht., Case fan triggering device for MS 650/660, 066 art.1122-080-2110-5sht., shroud chain saw MS 440, 460 art.1128-08 0-1812-4sht., Corpus fuel tank art.1141-350-0824-2sht., Art.1135-350-0826-10sht., Corpus fuel tank chain Chainsaws art.1122-350-0817-2sht., Tank fuel supply pressure art.4255-540-0202-1sht., side protection sheet inside the crankcase chain Chainsaws art.1122-664-1000-100sht., Case fuel tank l antsyuhovoyi Chainsaws MS art.1138-350-0807-5sht. Corps handle assembly art.1145-790-1008-2sht., lid brake art.1135-021-1100-6sht., carburetor box cover art.1127-021-1102-5sht., chain sprocket cover art.1129- 640-1702-1sht., art.1135-640-1704-1sht., art.1140-640-1703-2sht., chain sprocket chain cover benzo art.1138-648-0400-10sht dust MS., art.1125-640-1701-10sht., Shoe Hand protection chain Chainsaws MS art.1127-792-9100-10sht., art.1122-790-9101- 10pc., art.1128-790-9150-20sht., hand protection device on the MS 460, 046 art.1128-790-9152-5sht., coupling segment art.1138-084-7800-10sht., Segment starter chain saw art.1128-084-7801-5sht., Tubular handle art.1123-791-1701-2sht., art.1123-791-1701-2sht., art.1135-790-1700-4sht., Tubular handle art.1133-790-1700-5sht., Tubular handle chain Chainsaws MS art.1121-790-1701-1sht., art.1128-790-1753-2sht., handle art.4255-790-0301-5sht.Vyrobnyk STIHL.Torhovelna mark STIHL.Krayina production "GERMANY0UA10021044.1952333.549198
03/Apr/201784679900901.Chastyny ​​to hand-powered tools, anti-vibration chassis motokoky FS 300/350, 400/450 art.4128-790-0950-5sht., Art.4224-700-8110-4sht protective device. Carter trimmer art.1133-020- 2100-4sht., cover fan triggering device art.1133-080-2807-2sht., cover starting device triggering device art.4238-190-0302-3sht., Cam starter system trimmers art.0000-195-7200 -200sht., Nazhymna washer, diam. Art.4201-708-3004-5sht 103 mm., Rotary trimmer drive art.4119-713-3100-100sht., Pistol grip art.4128-790-1309-5sht., Tubular handle FS art.4128-790-1701 -5sht., part of the body betonoriza art.4224-700-8105-1sht., part of the body to MS art.1128-080-1624-10sht.Vyrobnyk STIHL.Torhovelna brand production STIHL.Krayina DE.GERMANY0UA10021028.5321171.660674
03/Apr/201784679100901.Chastyny ​​to chainsaws chain, clutch drum art.4140-160-2910-1sht., To guard saw art.1139-140-4702-2sht MS., Case fan art.1130-080-2114-2sht triggering device. , shroud chain Chainsaws MS art.1133-080-1802-2sht., clutch cover art.1141-021-1100-20sht., crankcase cover art.1139-021-1100-20sht., chain sprocket cover art.1139 -640-1701-2sht., hand protection device on the MS 270/280-I art.1133-792-9101-5sht., Pivkozhuh handle art.1135-791-0600-20sht., Pivkozhuh handle art.1123-791 -0600-20sht., Rama handle art.4241-790-5605-2sht., Muffler chain Chainsaws art.1127-140-0607-2sht.Vyrobnyk S TIHL.Torhovelna mark STIHL.Krayina production US.UNITED STATES0UA1002106.28264.5943672
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Hand Trigger Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hand Trigger Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Address
04060, м.Київ, вул.Щусєва, буд.36 офіс 29
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​pneumatic hand tools chnyh: -val.........
HS Code 8467920000Value 49.52156502
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 6.9
Origin Country CHINA

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