Ukraine Import Data of Hand Mixer | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hand Mixer

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of hand mixer collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of hand mixer imports.

Hand Mixer Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Hand Mixer

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201784818011001. Mixing Taps for plumbing bathrooms, kitchens and tualetnyhkimnat made of ferrous metals, Mixers, Kitchen: 40sht. Mixer-dlyakuhni: 40sht. Mixer-basin: 96sht. Mixer-basin: 376sht.Zmishuvachi, bath / shower, 48sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 320sht. Mixer-dlyadusha: 8 pieces. Mixers for shower-: 56sht. Mixers for bidet-: 8 pieces. Mixer-dlyamyyky: 104sht. Shower system with diverter: 28sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 16sht.Zmishuvachi, bath / shower, 12p. Mixers, bath / shower, 30sht. Mixer-dlyavanny / shower: 126sht. Faucets, Kitchen: 12p. Faucets, Kitchen, Kitchen-16sht.Zmishuvachi: 234sht. Faucets, Kitchen: 12p. Faucets, Kitchen, Kitchen-40sht.Zmishuvachi: 6 pcs. Mixer-basin: 18sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 24sht. Mixer-basin: 16sht.Zmishuvachi-basin: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 88sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 168sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 40sht. Mixers for in-myvalnyka: 24sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka: 32sht. Mixer-basin: 8 pieces. Mixer-basin: 16sht.Zmishuvachi-Shower: 16sht. Mixers for shower-: 40sht. Mixers for shower-: 8sht.Zmishuvachi-Shower: 96sht. Mixers for shower-: 24sht. Mixers for shower-: 88sht.Zmishuvachi-Bidet: 8 pieces. Mixers for bidet-: 16sht. Mixers for bidet-: 24sht.Zmishuvachi-Bidet: 16sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 16sht. Mixer-dlyavanny / shower: 16sht. Mixers, bath / shower, 6 pcs. Mixers, bath / shower, washbasin 12sht.Zmishuvachi, complete with hand shower, 40sht. Mixer-dlyaumyvalnyka complete with hand shower, 8sht.Krayina production - CNTorhovelna mark - Damixa, no danyhVyrobnyk - KAIPING EUOPEA PLUMBING APPARATUS CO., LTD.CHINA0UA500020443222164.62014 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785094000001.Elektropobutova appliances 'Panasonic': - mod.MJ-L500STQ-juicer, blender included, the number -6sht.- mod.MK-GB1WTQ-mixer, the number -1sht.- mod.MK-GH1WTQ-hand mixer, the number - 20sht.- mod.MX-GX1561WTQ-blender, the amount -15sht.- mod.MX-SS1BTQ-submersible blender, number -10sht.- mod.MX-SS40BTQ-submersible blender, number -50sht.Torhivelna brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic CorporationKrayina production of CN.CHINA102UA100120233.4952847.16697
28/Apr/20178509400000"1. Machinery with built motor home, grinders and food blenders, juice extractors for fruits or vegetables, hand mixer DELIMANO Bravo 3in1 DELIMANO BRAVA DISPENSER 3IN1, Art 106,028,864, count-mark 1848sht.Torhivelna DELIMANOVyrobnyk: Ningbo A Biao Plastic Industry & Trade Co., LtdKrayina production: CN. "CHINA1848UA1000201275.129048.639636
27/Apr/201785169000001.Zapchastyny ​​to elektronahrivalnoyipobutovoyi technology for civilian use tapobutovoho: Elektromahnitnyyklapan to steam irons, art.5212810631, 1pc, Torh.marka Braun.Osnovna electronic board to parovoyiprasky, art. 5212810771, 1pc, Torh.marka Braun. Fee supply dokavovarky, art. 5213218521, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Measuring capacity to coffee, art. 5332169200, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Tray drops to coffee, art. 5332181700, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Kapuchinatoru nozzle tube to coffee, art. 535708, 6 pieces, Comm. brand DeLonghi. The water tank Coffee to cooking, art. 5513200929, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Handle to coffee, art. 5513 215011, 2 pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. , Art. 5532109600, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Nut-distributor to coffee, art. 6213210451, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLong hi. Capacity to coffee, art. 7313281259, 3pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. B Euler to coffee, art. 7313285929, 2pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Filter sitechk on to coffee, art. 7313286069, 5pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Protective cover for up to avovarky, art. 7313286099, 2pcs, Comm. brand DeLonghi. Capacity (boiler) Coffee to cooking, art. 7313286139, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Filter sitechko to coffee and Hg. 7313288199, 10pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Boiler to coffee, art. 7332 118400, 1pc, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Shoulder-to bread mixer, art. EH126 3, 100 pieces, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Capacity to bread, art. EH1264, 25sht, Torh.m arch DeLonghi. Filter holder to the electric art. KW667731, 1pc, Thor h.marka Kenwood. Shoulder-to bread mixer, art. KW702957, 50sht, pKa Kenwood. , Art. KW712246, 100 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Measuring capacity to hli bopechi, art. KW712247, 4 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to bread, art. KW7 13201, 10pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to bread, art. KW714130, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. , Art. KW715090, 6 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity (Boyle d) to coffee, art. T35110, 5pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi.CHINA0UA12502025.982456.7515377
27/Apr/201784798200001. Mixers mother liquor Handler IV for use in agriculture. Number 6 pcs. Serial №№ 24734-24739. New. For easy transport in a partially disassembled state. .CANADA0UA2040201450.5224604.40825
26/Apr/201782055910001.Instrumenty manual for masons, moulders, tsementuvalnykiv, plasterers, painters and betonnykiv: PACA SZLIFIERSKA ZATRZASK 210 * 100MM (float with a spring dlyasitky) -1200sht. RAJBERKA NIERDZEWNA GL. 270MM UCH. PL. (Iron with stainless steel. With plastm.Ruchkoyu) -240sht. RAJBERKA NIERDZEWNA 270MM ZAB 4 * 4 UCH. PL. (Stainless steel grater. 270 * 130mm. Plastm. Pen tooth 4 * 4) -480sht. RAJBERKA NIERDZEWNA 270MM ZAB 6 * 6 UCH. PL. (Grater stainless steel. 270 * 130 mm. Plastm. Pen tooth 6 * 6) -360sht. RAJBERKA NIERDZEWNA270MM ZAB 8 * 8 UCH. PL. (Stainless steel grater. 270 130 mm. Plastm. Pen tooth 8 * 8) -240sht.RAJBERKA NIERDZEWNA 270MM ZAB 10 * 10 UCH. PL. (Stainless steel grater. 270 130mm. Plastm.ruchka tooth 10 * 10) -120sht. RAJBERKA NIERDZEWNA 270MM ZAB 12 * 12 UCH. PL. (Terkanerzh. 270 130 mm. Plastm. Pen tooth 12 * 12) -120sht. PACA NIERDZEWNA GLADKA 680MMUCH. DR. FS C100% (Iron 680mm wooden handle) - 50sht. SZPACHELKA MALARSKA100MM UCH. PL. (Paint Spatula 100 mm plastic handle) -1000sht. SZPACHLAFASADOWA 200MM UCH.PL. (Spatula stainless steel facade. Plast.ruchka 200) -100sht. SZPACHLAFASADOWA 350MM UCH.PL. (Spatula stainless steel facade. Plast.ruchka 350) -500sht. SZPACHLAFASADOWA 450MM UCH.PL. (Spatula stainless steel facade. Plast.ruchka 450) -300sht. SZPACHLANIERDZ. 100MM UCH.PL. NIEBIESKI (Painter Spatula 100mm, plastic ruchkaPROFI) -100sht. KIELNIA TRAP. CZARNA 160MM UCH DR FSC100% (trowel trapezova chorna160mm) - 300sht. K. KATOWA CZARNA 80 * 60MM ZEW UCH DR FSC100% (trowel kutova80 * 60mm). -100sht. K. KATOWA CZARNA 80 * 60mm WEW UCH DR FSC100% (trowel kutova80 * 60 mm.) - 100 pieces. KIELNIA SERCOWKA CZARNA 190MM UCH DR FSC100% (chornasertsuvka Trowel 190mm) -400sht. MIESZADLO SRUBOWE 60MM (Mixer wire 60) -50sht. MIESZADLO KIELICHOWE80MM OC (Mixer for a solution, a special 80 oc) -80sht.POLAND0UA2092001923391.854905
26/Apr/20178479908000"1. Parts of equipment for mixing / stirring with toning paint, cover with a mixer to handle trademark BLCA1059 EAXX FT X5 3.5 / 4.0 LID art.D14769309-102EA, Country of FR. Trademark Axalta. Brand" "Axalta Coating Systems Belgium BVBA '.'. "FRANCE0UA10008051643.2005879
25/Apr/20178205510000"Hand 1.Instrumenty domestic base metal: WP Color and Bleach Mixer vinchyk- 100 pieces, trademark WellaVyrobnyk HFC Prestige International Operations Switzerland SarlKrayina the production of CN."CHINA0UA1000802.532.54404517
24/Apr/20178513100000"1.Instrumenty hand household of base metal: WP Color and Bleach Mixer vinchyk- 100 pieces, trademark WellaVyrobnyk HFC Prestige International Operations Switzerland SarlKrayina production of CN."CHINA0UA8071700.412.21982899
24/Apr/201787033290301.Chastyny ​​mixer taps for cold and burning Water supply, domestic purposes: (made of composite materials of korpusiv- alloys (brass) steel internal components - plastic / ceramic) MIXERHANDLE PEN mixer art.AC0500010 - 1pc. MIXER HANDLE HANDLE ZMIShUVAChAart.2901N448 - 8 pieces. BATH MIXER EXTERNAL PART mixer external parts DLYAVANNY art.2901N202SB - 1pc. BATH MIXER INNER PART INTERNAL ZMISHUVACHADLYA Bath art.19006002A - 1pc. HANDLE HANDLE MIXER Mixer art.2901N448CB -1sht. WASHBASIN MIXER EXTERNAL PART outer parts of faucets for UMYVALNYKAart.F3501X5CR.RU - 2 pcs. WASHBASIN MIXER INNER PART INTERNAL ZMISHUVACHADLYA washbasin art.F3500.RU - 2 pcs. BATH MIXER INNER PART INTERNAL CHASTYNAZMISHUVACHA art.7 MHODID Bathroom 1 - EST - 2 pcs. EXTERNAL MIXER PARTZOVNISHNYA of the mixer art.RWIT5151JJ11 - 1pc. MIXER EXTERNAL PART ZOVNISHNYACHASTYNA mixer art.RWIT5675JJ31 - 1pc. MIXER EXTERNAL PART FOREIGN CHASTYNAZMISHUVACHA al t.RWIT5649JJ02 - 1pc. MIXER EXTERNAL PART outer part ZMIShUVAChAart.RWIT5649JJ03 - 1pc. MIXER EXTERNAL PART outer part ZMIShUVAChAart.BTVERCIN04 - 4 pieces. MIXER INNER PART INTERNAL ZMIShUVAChAart.ARUBI00121 / 2 # 000 --- STD - 20sht.Torhovelna mark - WEBERTVyrobnyk - WEBERT INDUSTRY SRLGERMANY1UA20919015867761.789833
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Hand Mixer Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Hand Mixer Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ДОН ВОЛОКНО"""
Importer Address
67832, Одеська обл., смт.Великодоли нське, вул.К.Цеткін 1, оф.3
Product Description
1. Mixing Taps for plumbing bathrooms, kitchens an.........
HS Code 8481801100Value 22164.62014
Quantity 0Unit UA500020
Net Weight 4432
Origin Country CHINA

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