Ukraine Import Data of Guide Strip | Ukraine Import Statistics of Guide Strip

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of guide strip collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of guide strip imports.

Guide Strip Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Guide Strip

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of guide strip. Get Ukraine trade data of Guide Strip imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173921139000"1.Poliuretanovi strip guides to conveyor belts, Art.880300: T.K 13-V60-toothed green 100m.Art.880754: T.K 13-A98-transparent modules and templates 50m: Art.890056: T. Proposition TB Pitch Guide Fan-10sht.Krayina production-DE.Torhivelna mark - "" Forbo Siegling "". Producer - "" Forbo Siegling "".. "GERMANY0UA1000404379.7833587 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20177604299000"1.Profili aluminum alloy (grade AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm used as components for the production of sectional doors and shutters): extruded aluminum profile aluminum art.AYPC.150.0102-1728 mProfil extruded L = 3,3 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-3362,7 mProfil aluminum extruded L = 4,5 m art.AYPC.150.0101 / 01-891 mprofil portal art.PRD125-56 mprofil auxiliary art.AYPC.F50 .0721-34 mprofil leveling art.AYPC.C48.0614-104 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0601-744 mprofil cover art.AYPC.110.0603-446,4 mprofil guide art.AYPC.1 15.0011-12 mprofil threshold art.AYPC.C48.0805-104 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0605-223,2 mprofil clip clip art.AYPC.110.0605-1711,2 mProfil clamping plates art.AYPC.F50.0601-3128 clamping mProfil mprofil lattice strips art.AYPC.F50.1612-13,6 art.AEG56-119 mprofil lattice art.AEG56-1400 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44F 20 mprofil thrust art.AYPC.C48.0612 -156 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC .VC65.0604-45,5 mprofil glazing bead art.AYPC.C48.0603-1053 mkutochok final art.AES30x20-240 mTorhovelna mark Alumin TechnoVyrobnyk SOOO "" aluminum Techno "" Country of BY "BELARUS0UA1252207100.32522304.70329
24/Apr/201785119000901.Skladovi of threaded accessories (skyborizok) CelmeElectric of stamped steel, plate regulator FA.GPR 25 art.16316- 30sht.Stalna strip AF. 25/30 art.16506 - 30sht.Plastynka fixing axis size adjustment art.16565 AF25 - 60sht.Trymach capacitor art.12102 - 10sht.Plastyna fixing micro art.16315A handle - lid 20sht.Kiltse central shaft CHPZ / MEC art.165622 - 10sht.Plastynka ker.vymykacha handle art.165713 - 10sht.Plastynka tsentr.korpusu art.165720 - 10sht.Dno GE / GPR300 art.16781 - 10sht.Plastynka strap holder art.16782A engine - 10sht.Stalna strip art.16786 AF300 - 10sht.Vykydach high (pcs.) art.505557 - 10sht.Vymykach protected 14 / A art.60169 - 10sht.Vtulka control switch handles TVCH MEC art.745625 - 10 sht.Blokuyuchyy device handles TVCH art.745629 - 10 units. Bloc uyucha sleeve ring shutter cover TVCH art.745640 - 10 sht.Dystantsiynyy slider AF30 TN art.74970 - 10 sht.Napravlyayucha slide 10h138 FY 220T / N art.75121 - 20sht.Shtanha guide 15h348 art.75122 - 20sht.V shelter 20x25 guide AF30 art.75477 - 70sht.Rychah press 12h255 art.75488 AF300 - 10 sht.Vykydach low (pcs.) art.805556 - 10sht.Trymach Lever press DX AF TOP art.80014 - 50sht.Trymach Lever press SX AF TOP art. 80014A - 50sht.Nasadka support panel AF 275 FE art.74005- 2sht.Vyrobnyk: no danyhKrayina production: ITTorhovelna mark: CELMEHUNGARY0UA12511082.051217.890171
20/Apr/20178207301090"1.Instrumenty variables THK Turret, manuf Annie, tool steel, robochoyuchastynoyu free of natural and synthetic diamonds for stamping on metalevoholysta otvoroprobyvnomu press, not electronic, not electrical, instrumentuv mm dimensions: D station punch oval diameter 85 2/20, art.HT.BP2OB.-2 pcs; B station square 85puanson 10/10 art. HT.BP2SQ.-2 pcs; B station punch square 85 9.2 / 9.2, art.HT.BP2SQ.-1am; B station 85 square punch 14 / 14 art. HT.BP2SQ.-1am; Bstantsiya 85 square punch 15/15, art. HT.BP2SQ.-1am; D station 85 puansonpryamokutnyk 6/80, art.HT.DP2RE.-2 pcs; B station punch 85 rectangle 5 /30,art.HT.BP2RE.-1sht; B station matrix oval diametr8 / 25 + 0.75, art.HT.BD2OB.-1am; Bstantsiya square matrix of 14/14 + 0.2, art. HT.BD2SQ.-1am; B station matrix kvadrat14 / 14 + 0.25, art.HT.BD2SQ.-1am; B station matrix oval diameter 2/20 + 0.2, art.HT.BD2OB.-1am; B station matrix oval diametr2 / 20 + 0.25, art.HT .BD2OB.-1am; Bstantsiya square matrix of 20/20 + 0.2, art.HT.BD2SQ.-1am; B station matrix for vadrat20 / 20 + 0.25, art.HT.BD2SQ.-1am; Station B matrix rectangle 5/30 + 0.2, art.HT.BD2RE.-1am; Station B matrix rectangle 5/30 + 0.25, art.HT.BD2RE.-1am; Cstantsiya square matrix (0 + 135) 30/30 + 0.75, art.HT.CD3SQ.-1am; C stantsiyamatrytsya square (0 + 135) 30/30 + 0.25, art.HT.CD3SQ.-1am; D matrytsyapryamokutnyk station 6/80 + 0.2, art.HT.DD2RE.-2 pcs; Station B matrix oval diametr10 / 20 0.2 5 art.HT.BD2OB.-1am; B station square matrix 9.2 / 9.2 + 0.25, art.HT.BD2SQ.-1am; A square matrix Station 5/5 + 0.25, art. HT.AD2SQ.-1am; Astantsiya square matrix 5/5 + 0.5, art. HT.AD2SQ.-1am; A matrix kvadrat6 station / 6 + 0.25, art. HT.AD2SQ.-1am; A station square matrix 6/6 + 0.5 art.HT.AD2SQ.-1am; D station amada holder on the cutting Poinsot, art.HI.DT9-1sht; Dstantsiya mate punch cutting square bo tnyk 6/80 Rooftop, art.HI.DM1RE.-3pc; Bstantsiya ultra punch pryamokutnyk2 / 10 art.HU.BP1RE.-1am; B station matrytsyapryamokutnyk 2/10 + 0.3 art.HT.BD2RE.-1am; 1 Size trumpf lower drills vzbori diameter punch diameter 8.5 * 6.8 * 900 * 1T, SA 170,335, art.T.1X.CKPA-1am; Size 1trumpf matrix for drills dia May 8.5 6.8 * diameter * 900 * 1T, SA170335, art.T1X.D1-1sht; 1 Size trumpf drills lower punch assembly diameter diametr6 * 7 * 900 * 1T, SA1703 36 art.T.1X.CKPA-1am; 1 Size trumpf matrix for drills diameter diameter 6 * 7 * 900 * 1T, SA170336, art.T1X. D1-1sht; 1 Size trumpf punch (long) circle diameter of 6.8 art.T1X.P1RO.-1am; 1 Size trumpf matrix circle diameter of 6.8 + 0.3, art.T1X.D1RO.-1am; Trumpf Stripper (New) circle diameter of 6.8 art.T1X.S1RO.-1am; A punch station 85 circle diameter of 8.4, art.HT.AP1RO.-2 pcs; Astantsiya matrix circle diameter of 8.4 + 0.18, art.HT.AD1RO.-2 pcs; A matrix kruhdiametr station 8.4 + 0.3, art.HT.AD1RO.-2 pcs; 85 D station punch box 3/80 art.HT.DP2RE.-1am; E85 B station punch assembly square (0+ 90) 22/22 art.HT.BA2SQ.-1am; A station E85 punch assembly square (0+ 90) 6/6 art.HT.AA2SQ.-1am; A station square matrix 6/6 + 0.18, art. HT.AD2SQ.-1am; E85 Bstantsiya guide is oval diameter 1.4 /14,art.HT.BG2OB.-1sht; A "CHINA0UA10020039.62819.107733
20/Apr/20178703239031"1.Poshkodzhenyy, passenger car, to transport people, used for personal use - 1pc .: mark - TOYOTA, model - RAV4 2.5L zhidnoVysnovku exp. Avtotovaroz. Dos. №t445 / 17 of 20.04.2017r. Brand - Toyota Rav 42.5i Limited AWD body number / VIN - JTMDFREV3GJ104124 engine room - nemayedannyh engine type - petrol, power - 131kVt, working on the "" volume tsylindrivdvyhuna - 2494sm3, environmental regulations - YEVRO5, the number of seats, including the driver - 5; calendar year - 2016, model rikvyhotovlennya - 2016, color - gray. axle 4x4. body type - uni versal.KTZ damaged. According Opinion exp. avtotovaroz. dos. №t445 / 17 vid20.04.2017r. Damaged and replaced, the front bumper, hood bamperaperednoho, lining the front bumper, front bumper damper, right kronshteynprotytumannoyi lights, air grating bottom right, bamperanyzhnye lining, decorative plate lower front bumper sensors system parkuvannyaperedni buffer front bumper, lower grating bumper, fog light pravav assembly, front right fender, front right fender pidkrylok, dekoratyvnanak Ladko wing right, transverse beam axle front, longeron pravyyperednoyi axis guide plate radiator right, duct pravyyradiatora, air diffuser is right guard radiator bottom tank washer, door front right, decorative strip right door right protective nakladkanyzhnya door front left and right, door rear right, right dverizadnoyi seal, decorative strip interior and exterior doors back right pad frame door rear right, rear bumper, lining the bottom bamperazadnoho pad yzhnya bumper rear, rights bumper rear, sides rear right, mud flaps right, pidkrylok rear left, pidkrylok rear right wing decorative plate wing rear right, side window right, wheel arch rear right internal and external, zamykayuchapanel wheel arch rear right, condenser assembly sensor zadniypravyy side airbags, side airbag upper right, block upravlinnyapodushkamy security system airbags, front left pass safety andlegal, facing roof beams LSI and front, radiator assembly, curtain perednyamotornoho compartment lining right engine compartment, muffler rear balkazadnya axle bracket guide thrust the left and right lever stabilizatorazadniy right, directing the thrust lower rear right, steering knuckle zadniypravyy, hub wheel rear right, shock absorber rear right, datchykklirensu, right rear drive shaft assembly, rear right guide rail traction, longitudinal arm rear right, rear stabilizer lever right, drive left and right kolesazadnoho, Casings Co. Forests rear left and right, broken vent hood and door backward, broken rear door opening pravyh.Poperechyna lower chuck deformed to form a trough. Doors front livavm'yatyna the bottom. Stand right to claim "JAPAN1UA8071901640.196286.320025
18/Apr/201773269098901.Inshi ferrous metals in the form of horizontal strips (grade steel 08ps, components for its own production for sectional doors): Element Radius art.RE801SL left-right radius 60 sht.Element art.RE801SR-60 sht.element radius art.RE -801T-360 sht.Element radius art.RE801L left-right radius 60 sht.Element art.RE801R-60 sht.Element radius art.RE101FL left-right radius 30-2 sht.Element art.RE101FR-unit 30-2. art.FLGU.400.0915-10 sleeve sht.byrka art.YT.30-1000 sht.Vuzol guide front left art.S940SL 20 sht.Vuzol guide front right art.S940SR 20 sht.Vuzol guides second front left art.S340NL-40 sht.Vuzol guide front right art.S340NR-40 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3505LL-60 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3505LL-100 guide front sht.Vuzol art. S-3505LR-60 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3505LR-100 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3506NL-20 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3506NR-20 sht.Vuzol guide before it left art. S840NL 20 sht.Vuzol guide art.S840NR front right, front left 20 sht.Vuzol art.S-171L-20 sht.Vuzol front right art.S-171R-20 sht.Vuzol front left art.S-172L-10 sht.Vuzol front, etc. tion art.S-172R-10 sht.Torhovelna mark AlutechVyrobnyk Alutech Vorotnыe production SystemыKrayina BYBELARUS0UA125220670.34985.6986733
13/Apr/20173921139000"1.Poliuretanovi strip guides to conveyor belts, Art.880068: T.K 10-V60-HACCP white FDA-50m.Art.880298: T.K 10-V60-toothed green 50m.Krayina production-DE.Torhivelna mark - "" Forbo Siegling "". Producer - "" Forbo Siegling "".. "GERMANY0UA1000400.767.35199281
12/Apr/201773269098901.Inshi ferrous metals in the form of horizontal strips (grade steel 08ps, components for its own production for sectional doors): Element Radius art.RE801SL left-right radius 60 sht.Element art.RE801SR-60 sht.element radius art.RE -801T-240 sht.Element radius art.RE101L left-right radius 60 sht.Element art.RE101R-60 sht.Vuzol guide front left art.S940SL 20 sht.Vuzol guide front right art.S940SR 20 sht.Vuzol guide front left art.S340NL 20 sht.Vuzol guide front left art.S340NL-40 sht.Vuzol guide front right art.S340 NR-20 sht.Vuzol guide front right art.S340NR-40 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3505LL-20 sht.Vuzol guide front-art.S 3505LR-20 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3506NL-120 sht.Vuzol guide art.S front-3506NR-120 sht.Vuzol front left art.S-171L-50 sht.Vuzol front right art.S-171R-50 sht.Vuzol front left art.S-172L-20 units. Knot front right art.S-172R-20 sht.To rhovelna mark AlutechVyrobnyk Alutech Vorotnыe production SystemыKrayina BYBELARUS0UA1252207621017.224983
11/Apr/201784439990901.Chastyny ​​and accessories for print, copy machines, not mistyatelektrychnyh and electronic components notcontains radio: Socket Printer XEROX CLUTCH ASY PULY art.-005K08780, -2sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROXFUSER for WC5325 / 5330/5335 art.-126K29404, -2sht. Limiter Printer XEROX SENSOR art.-130E19040, -1sht. Protection Printer XEROX CONTROL 2 art. THERM-130K64331, -2sht. Switch Printer XEROX DADF SWITCH / HAR art.-110K17650, -1sht. Paper feed unit for printer XEROX FINGER STRIPPER art.-019E57830, -15sht. Guide Printer XEROX GUIDE-DISP art.-032K08084, -1sht. Paper feed unit for printer XEROX FEED ROLLER KIT art.-604K56080, -5sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX FUSER UNIT 220V art.-126K24993, -3sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX FUSER for WC5325 / 5330/5335 art.-126K29404, -3sht. Ploshchadka separating paper printer XEROX DADF RUBBER art.-003N01042, -1sht. Ploshchadka separating paper printer XEROX FRICT PAD art. 019-N00742, -1sht. The guide tray Printer XEROX GUIDE TRAY LEFT art.-032K96838, -1sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX 220V FUSER art.-126N00266, -1sht. Paper feed unit for printer XEROX MEA UNIT-PICKUP art.-130N01533, -2sht. Reduction Printer XEROX DRIVE ASSYEX DN art.-007K18766, -1sht. Cover Printer XEROX CVR FRONT UP art.-848E48260, -1sht. Paper feed unit for printer XEROX FEED ROLLER KIT art.-604K56080, -5sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX FUSING ASSY 220 art.-126K34672, -1sht. Ploshchadka separating paper printer XEROX CASSETTE HOLDE art.-019N00998, -1sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX FUSER 220V art.-126K23583, -1sht. MFP scanning unit for XEROX ASSY-LED ERASE art.-101K57130, -1sht. Paper feed unit for printer XEROX FINGER STRIPPER art.-019E57830, -15sht. Guide Printer XEROX CHUTE ASSY art.-054K47100, -3sht. Cartridge for laser printer XEROX Toner-cartridge for printer art.-101R00555, -10sht. art.-106R03621, -40sht. art.-013R00664, -36sht. art.-106R03623, -44sht. art.-013R00624, -2sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX FUSER for DC 242/252 art.-008R12989, -3sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX Fuser for WC7120 / 7125/7225 art.-008R13088, -4sht. Node fixing toner printer XEROX FUSER for WCP232 / 238/245 / 255WC5632 / 38/45/55 art.-109R00751, -2sht. Cartridge for laser printer XEROX Toner-cartridge for printer art.-106R01246, -1sht. art.-106R01412, -1sht. art.-106R02306, -1sht. Block Image Printer XEROX PH7400 Cyan art.-108R00647, -1sht. Imaging unit Printer XEROX PH7400 Yellow art.-108R00649, -1sht. Block Image Printer XEROX PH6121 art.-108R00868, -1sht. Imaging unit Printer XEROX Purchase Imaging Unit PH6700Black art.-108R00974, -1sht. Cartridge for laser printer XEROX Toner-cartridge for printer art.-106R03621, -10sht. art.-106R03623, -10sht. Tray MFP XEROX Paper Tray for 550/560/570 C60 / C70 Versant 2100 art.-497K02420, -1sht. art.-497K02420, -1sht. FCHINA0UA100020628.39525220.41406
10/Apr/201776042100001.Profili hollow aluminum were owed driving (brand AlMgO, 7Si 6063, aluminum alloy for the production of sectional doors and shutters, tovsch.do2mm): Profiles extruded aluminum, extruded aluminum art.AYPC.W72.0102-6,5 mProfil art.AYPC. W72.0801-6,5 mprofil portal art.PRD1-48,72 mprofil portal art.PRD12-14,1 mprofil castle art.KPU45 / R-60 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0307-18,6 mprofil impost impost art.AYPC .C48.0301-39 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0301-39 mprofil impost impost art.AYPC.W62.0302-78 mprofil final art.ES9x45 / eco-end 30 mprofil art.ES9x45 / eco-end 30 mprofil art. ES9x45R / eco-mprofil final 360 ar .ES9x45R / eco-end 720 mprofil art.ES9x45R / eco-end 60 mprofil art.ESL9x50I / eco-end 270 mprofil art.ESL9x50I / eco-end 330 mprofil art.ESL9x50I / eco-end art.ESL9x50I mprofil 60 / eco- 30 mprofil final art.ESL9x50I / eco-end universal mProfil 90 art.ESU / 77-63 mProfil ultimate purpose art.ESU / 77-105 mProfil ultimate purpose art.ESU9x35I-780 mProfil ultimate purpose art.ESU9x35I-90 mProfil ultimate universal art .ESU9x35I 30 mProfil ultimate purpose art.ESU9x35I 30 mprofil turning art.AYPC.110.0807-12,4 mProfil clamping plates art.AYPC.F50.0611-13,6 claim mProfil ytysknoyi strips art.AYPC.F50.0612-20,4 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0618-39 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0619-39 mProfil contiguity door art.AYPC.C48.0618-6, 5 mprofil frame art.FLGU.400.0102-12 mprofil frame art.AYPC.110.0102-24,8 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0103-78 mprofil frame art.AYPC.C48.0105-156 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62 .0102-364 mprofil frame art.AYPC.W62.0103-26 mprofil pins art.ESR / 77R-21 mprofil art.AYPC.F50.0204-102 mprofil crossbar crossbar crossbar art.AYPC.F50.0205-13,6 mprofil art.AYPC.F50.0207-27,2 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44m / S-4704 mProfil Rolling extruded art.AER44m / S-1440 mprofil leaf art.AYP C.100.0201-48 mprofil art.AYPC.100.0202-48 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.110.0202-223,2 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0201-26 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0202-312 mprofil leaf leaf art .AYPC.C48.0202-26 mprofil art.AYPC.C48.0203-338 mprofil sash casement sash art.AYPC.C48.0203-26 mprofil art.AYPC.W62.0204-6,5 mprofil leaf art.AYPC.C43 .0202-78 mprofil art.AYPC.110.0301-483,6 mprofil rack rack rack art.AYPC.F50.0103-108,8 mprofil art.AYPC.F50.0108-27,2 mprofil rack art.AYPC.F50.0102 -6.8 mprofil rack art.AYPC.F50.0103-61,2 mreyka shlahbaumnaya art.RBN7-4-51,6 mreyka shlahbaumnaya art.RBN7-5-21,2 mreyka shlahbaumnaya art.RBN7-126 mshyna directing art. GR53x60IE- 24 mshyna guide art.GR53x60IE-24 mshyna guide art.GR53x60IE-24 mshyna guide art.GRM66x27IE-180 mshyna guide art.GR90x34IE-72 mshyna guide art.GR53x22I / eco-guide art.GR53x22I mshyna 3636 / eco-art guide mshyna 5832 .GR53x22I / eco-guide 180 mshyna art.GR53x22I / eco-guide 36 mshyna art.GR53x22I / eco-guide 180 mshyna art.GR53x22I / eco-mshyna 288BELARUS0UA12522012940.78545727.20986
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Guide Strip Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Guide Strip Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Белтімпорт"""
Importer Address
03083 м.Київ, вул.Пирогівський шлях, буд. 34- літера А.
Exporter Name """Forbo Siegling GmbH"""
Product Description
"1.Poliuretanovi strip guides to conveyor belts, A.........
HS Code 3921139000Value 379.7833587
Quantity 0Unit UA100040
Net Weight 4
Origin Country GERMANY

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