Ukraine Import Data of Guar Seed | Ukraine Import Statistics of Guar Seed

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of guar seed collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of guar seed imports.

Guar Seed Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Guar Seed

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of guar seed. Get Ukraine trade data of Guar Seed imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178432301900"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or processing of soil, sowing, seeding pneumatic trailer combination (drill) Compact-Solitair 9/600 K HD 125 - 1am. Do not knead composed radioobladnannya.Seriynyy number: 284697, new, 2017 issue .Maye following characteristics and packaging: Clip 6 m wide, hydraulically folding, fertilizing and seeding electronic control computer Solitronik 48 OptiDisk coulter spacing of 125 mm and a hydraulic pressure control, seed hopper 5000 l 2x2 technology track series , track width 1800 MI-MI Co. Leah tractor track width technological MI-MI 1670 (2x2, 2x4, etc.) for dvohdyskovyh Cepphus 48 shovels, 48 ​​Cepphus for pryzhymnyh spots, hydraulically compiling markers trace, right side guard D500, kat.3 shaft gear control, gear steel wheel D550, without brake, with leveling harrow beams, lighting equipment before and behind, working lights, including lighting hopper sieve for Bunka era air filter, 4 sets of fingers rozmishuvacha grass tires 420/65-R20. Manufacturer - LEMKENTorhovelna mark - LEMKENKrayina production - DE "GERMANY1UA1001101093895745.81994 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20172106909890"1.Hotovi foods containing more than 5 wt% sucrose, dietary supplements to the diet, not drugs: -Art. 674 585 Dietary supplement Energia Piu (Energy Plus) - 90shtSklad: water, natural honey, sucrose 27% alcohol Indigenous ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Meyer, an alcohol), when the essence nut (Cola nitida SCHOTT et ENDL, an alcohol), guarana essence seeds (Paullinia cupana HSK, an alcohol), L- ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), pyridoxine hydrochloride ( Vitamin B6); preservative: potassium sorbate (E202). Means for improving the energy metabolism, menshuye signs of fatigue, normalizes the activity of the nervous system. packaged in original packaging (bottles) and packed in cardboard packages of 150 ml (10 bottles) Manufacturer: EQUILIBRA SRL. "ITALY0UA12522018265.7481683
27/Apr/201721069092001.Harchovi products for special dietary consumption - standard taspetsialni mixture and probe for oral administration: Nutrikomp Drink Plus Vanilla / Nutricomp Plus vanilia, Ingredients: water, maltodextrin, sugar, rapeseed oil, milk protein, whey protein, soy protein, vegetable oil , vegetable oil (medium chain triglycerides / MCT-oil (coconut / palm kernels), calcium citrate, potassium citrate, flavor, fish oil, emulsifier: soy lecithin, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium carbonate, potassium hydrogen phosphate, magnesium citrate , choline, BC mulhator: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, vitamin C, Stabilizer: gum guar, iron (II) sulfate, niacin, vitamin E, manganese chloride, acid pantothenic, copper sulfate, sodium fluoride, vitamin B6, colorant B-carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, chromium chloride, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, sodium molybdate, vitamin K, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin Nutrikomp Drink Plus vanilla 200 ml-1008 shtTorhovelna BraunVyrobnyk B. mark B. Br aun Melsungen DE AGKrayina productionGERMANY0UA100020236.881222.300634
25/Apr/201773269098901.Vyroby carbon steel produced using several processes to combine harvesters, bushings, art.AH227761-1 pieces, bushings, art.HXE13967-2 pieces, bushings, art.AH227761-3 pieces, bushings, art.H135575-16 units, spacer bushing, art.N237829-8 units, plate mounting bracket seeding device, art.N164271-3 units, plate zashyvky saleynbloka, art.FH312002-3 units, Guard protective art.N305168-1 units, protective carapace, art .N305169-1 units, hub disc fertilizer art.AA35154-5 units, hub disc fertilizer art.AA35154-6 units, trademark-John Deere.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH. .UNITED STATES0UA11019032.1221150.503059
24/Apr/201787033290101.Vyroby carbon steel produced using several processes to combine harvesters, bushings, art.AH227761-1 pieces, bushings, art.HXE13967-2 pieces, bushings, art.AH227761-3 pieces, bushings, art.H135575-16 units, spacer bushing, art.N237829-8 units, plate mounting bracket seeding device, art.N164271-3 units, plate zashyvky saleynbloka, art.FH312002-3 units, Guard protective art.N305168-1 units, protective carapace, art .N305169-1 units, hub disc fertilizer art.AA35154-5 units, hub disc fertilizer art.AA35154-6 units, trademark-John Deere.Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH. .GERMANY1UA20601014750
24/Apr/201787089910001. Mixes for the production of bakery and flour confectionery products: Baking mix for the production of gluten-free cupcakes Gluten Free Cake: sugar, starch (native and modified maize, corn), emulsifiers: E 471 fatty acid mono- and diglycerides, polyglyceride esters and Fatty acids E 475, sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate E 481 (ii), corn flour, rashes: sodium pyrophosphate E 450 (i) and sodium bicarbonate E 500 (ii), egg white dry, salt, vegetable fat dry (palm oil , Glucose syrup, milk avenue Tein), dry milk serum, thickeners: guar gum E 412, xanthan gum E 415, carboxymethylcellulose sodium salt E 466, flavoring. Batch number: 5067791, expiration date: April 03, 2018 Mixture for cheese pompushki (quarks) Quarkblohenmix / QuarkballchenmixDosage: Ready to use mixture. Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, egg yolk dry, palm oil dry (palm oil, glucose syrup, milk protein), wheat starch, rashes: sodium pyrophosphate E 450 (i), sodium hydrogen carbonate E 500 (ii) And potassium tartrate E 336 (i), emulsifier: Mo Oily diglycerides of fatty acids E 471, egg white protein, sea salt (iodized), stabilizer: guar gum E 412 and xanthan gum E 415, flavors. Batch number: 50674410, expiration date: 10.10.2017 Mixture for the production of special breads from High protein content Protein Bread Protein BreadSolid protein (wheat protein, soy protein, lupine protein), soya bean, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, soya flour, whole wheat flour, wheat bran, apple fiber, sesame seeds , Salt, malt flour with fried boletus Menu, lecithin, soy, sodium diacetate. Lot number: 5067491, expiration date: 07.10.2017KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA112080695.2344188.268859
20/Apr/20172106909200"1.Produkt not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch, not containing ethyl alcohol, is: a daily dietary supplement AM Essentials - UA-001 UA- art.AM1-001 (Lot 0453L6) - 450up; Composition" "AM Essentials" ": each capsule contains: soya lecithin - 52 mg extract of borage seed - 17.9 mg leaves Bacopa extract - 35 mg extract of blue-green algae - 37.5 mg L-glutamine - 25 mg; leaf extract of Ginkgo biloba - 25 mg spirulina extract - 25 mg fatty acids Omega 3 - 15 mg primrose oil - 15 mg L-taurine - 12,7mh, L-phenylalanine - 12.5 mg L-tyrosine - 12.5 mg DMAE -12.5 mg ekstrak t barley - 12.5 mg chlorella - 12.5 mg proprietary blend of enzymes DIGEZYME - 12,5mh; fucoxantin -12.5 mg turmeric extract - 12.5 mg extract of green tea leaves - 10.2 mg; extract of blueberries - 10.0 mg kvartsetynu dihidrat - 7.5 mg of N-acetylcysteine ​​- 6.25 mg kayenskyy pepper - 5.0; tsantela Asian - 5.0 mg alpha-lipoic acid - 5.0 mg ; L-karnitin- 5.0 mg Astragalus extract co Rinne - 5.0 mg; Guarana Seed Extract - 4.5 mg; Royal Jelly - 4.3 mg; carnitine - 2.5 mg; Coenzyme Q10 - 2,5 mg; Purslane extract - 2.5 mg; fizetyn - 2.0 mg; betaine - 2.0 mg; Polygonum extract sahalynskoho - 2.0 mg; metylsulfonilmetan -1.9 mg; pterostylben - 1.01 mg; nori seaweed extract - 1.0 mg; Cordyceps extract - 0.9 mg; Atlantic kelp - 0.1 mg; vynohradu- peel extract 0.1 mg; Glucosamine - 0.05 mg Dietary supplement night union Essentials - UA-001 art.RM1-UA-001 (Lot 0523J6) - 450up; Composition "" union Essentials "": each capsule contains: L-arhonin - 103.1 mg; L-ornityn- 77.2 mg; soy lecithin - 43,5mh; Bacopa extract seeds - 35.0 mg; an extract of blue-green algae; extract of borage - 20.5 mg; a mixture of extracts of Brassica oleracea var. italica, Brassica oleracea var. acephala, Raphanus sativus - 20 mg; fatty acids Omega 3 - 18.1 mg; -18.1 mg primrose oil; Valerian root - 15.0; chlorella -12.5 mg; turmeric extract - 12.5 mg; fucoxantin - 12.5 mg; fenugreek extract -10.0 mg; L-tyrosine - 10.0 mg; vynohradu- peel extract 10.0 mg; L-Taurine - 8,48mh; patented blend of enzymes DIGEZYME - 8,35mh; kvartsetynu dihidrat - 7.5 mg; spirulina extract - 7,5mh; kayenskyy pepper - 5.0; extract of barley - 5.0 mg; Alpha Lipoic-ta - 5.0 mg; L-karnitin- 5.0 mg; Tomato extract LYCOBEADS - 5,0; N-atsetyltsestyyin - 4.0 mg; Royal Jelly - 3.86 mg; zapatentova mixture of probiotic: lactobacillus acidophilus, lactobacillus plantarum, lactobacillus casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum - 3,75 mg; Purslane Extract - 2.52 mg; vodorostey- brown extract 1.0 mg; acetyl-L carnitine - 2.5 mg; Calendula extract - 2.1 mg; Polygonum extract sahalynskoho - 2.0 mg; fizetyn - 2.0 mg; betaine - 1.76 mg; Coenzyme Q10 - 1,75 mg; Rosemary Extract - 1.67 mg; metylsulfonilmetan -1.5 mg; pterostylben - 1.01 mg; fitinova-ta - 1.0 mg; Pycnogenol - 0.83 mg; Cordyceps Extract - 0.59 mg; Melatonin - 0.25 mg; Atlantic kelp - 0.1 mg; Glucosamine - 0.08 mhForma you "UNITED STATES0UA1251001194419.000173
19/Apr/201712060010001.Doslidni samples of plant varieties of seeds Helianthus annuus (Helianthus annuus L) for sowing crops for show: Jaguar II Lot FJ170C-M - 20 bags 3,4kh / 68,0kh.Jaguar XL Lot FJ138C-M - 40 bags of 3 , 4kg / 136,0kh.9180DMR Lot FJ176C-L - 40 bags 5,6kh / 224,0kh.N6LM304 Lot FJ129C-M - 40 bags 2,9kh / 116,0kh.Camaro II Lot FH140C-4 - 80 bags by 2,1kh / 168,0kh.Caliber II Lot F5909XZ6C05 3-004 - 39 bags 1,9kh / 74,1kh.N4LM408 Lot FJ7165C-3 - 80 bags 2,2kh / 176,0kh.X4219 Lot FJ175C-3 - 40 bags 2,6kh / 104,0kh.N4LM409 Lot FJ182C-3 - 120 bags 2,3kh / 276,0kh.Talon Lot FJ133C-3 - 40 bags of 2,5 kg / 100,0kh.Cobalt II Lot FJ110C -3 - 80 bags 2,0kh / 80,0kh.NHK12M010 Lot FJ151C-3 - 40 bags 2,3kh / 92,0kh.N4HM411 Lot FJ155C-3 - 120 Misch Kiv on 2,2kh / 264,0kh.PSF 4639 Lot FJ126C-3 - 40 bags 2,3kh / 92,0kh.Cobalt II Lot FJ104C-4 - 19 bags 9,3kh / 176,7kh.Cobalt II Lot FJ106C -4 - 1 bag to 9,0kh / 9,0kh.N4LM408 Lot FJ7164C-4 - 10 bags 9,9kh / 99,0kh.N4LM408 Lot FJ7165C-3 - 10 bags 11,1kh / untreated 111,0kh.Nasinnya does not contain HMO.Chysta weight-2365,8,6kh. Manufacturer NUSEED EUROPE LTDKrayina production USTorhovelna mark NUSEEDUNITED STATES0UA1250102365.84731.600074
19/Apr/20171206001000"1.Nasinnya sunflower, not broken, for sowing, hybrid sunflower seeds sortuJAGUAR 260kh 72 hectares sowing, maternal, party №F0440196647C7C - 230kh (23 paper bags of 10 kg) paternal party №F0440X201970C7C - 19kh (1 paper bag 10kg 1 paper bag 9kg) paternal, partiya№F0440H151959C7C - 11kg (1 10kg paper bag, paper bag 1kg 1). Doharchovyh products does not apply. Processed chemicals (protruyene) Fludioxonil / Metalaxyl M / Thiamethoxan. genetically modified seeds.. "FRANCE0UA80518026084601.4397
18/Apr/201713023290001.Zahuschuvach of vegetable seed gum, is heleutvoryuvachem, used for viscosity solution enyy modification by chemical processing, forms a gel upon contact with water, CAS № 71329-50-5: - thickener Jaguar C 162- 75kg. Not put up for retail sale, intended for use as a raw material in industry for vyrobnytstvakosmetychnyh means, not in aerosol packaging. Packed in boxes of 25 kg of 3-pc. .FRANCE0UA209180752391.649309
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Guar Seed Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Guar Seed Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП із 100% іноземним капіталом ""ЛЕМКЕН-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03143, м. Київ, вул. Академіка Заболотного, б.150-Г, офіс 112м. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG
Product Description
"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or pro.........
HS Code 8432301900Value 95745.81994
Quantity 1Unit UA100110
Net Weight 10938
Origin Country GERMANY

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