Ukraine Import Data of Grout | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grout

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of grout collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of grout imports.

Grout Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grout

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of grout. Get Ukraine trade data of Grout imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173214109090"1 putty powder from limestone and marble powder" "Premix" "intended for the final leveling of concrete and cement-lime surfaces, filling cracks, grout-tile tiled seams, holes and pores poverhon.Upakovano 12 bihbehiv.."ITALY0UA305060120006609.065425 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201740021100001. Latexes brands: LATEX LBSK 7048. Goods is an aqueous dispersion styrol- butadiyen- carboxyl copolymer in which styrene monomer content of about 76%. Goods used as a component putty, plaster, aggregates, admixtures for grouting and others. Looks like liquid white. Comes in 2 layer. containers, weighing 2000 kg. Company manufacturer: SYNTHOS DWORY 7 spolka z organiczona odpowiedzialnoscia spolka jawna. Brand: LBSK. Country of origin: PL. .POLAND0UA10011020003112.829215
26/Apr/20173214900090"1.Zrazky grout for ceramic tile. (Not aerosol packaging) .Torhovelna mark" "WIM" ". Brand" "WIM Sp.zoo" ". Country of origin PL.."POLAND0UA10002040011.78139003
24/Apr/20177210122000"1.Nevohnetryvki mixes for building: -weber.floor HB PLUS 25 kg (Cerinol HBK) -13650kh-546 25 kg bags, ready to use dry solution is mixed with water in the form of powder, consisting of: from Portland (89 9%) and solid filler alumina (2.5%). used to seal the surface layer of fresh monolithic pidlohy. weber.tec-824 (Superflex D1) -1680kh-84 bag 20 kh.Sklad: cement 20% quartz sand (silicon dioxide) -60% additives, polymer and 20% for insulation .Vykorystovuyetsya internal surfaces in wet areas and baseynah.-weber.xerm KM Flex 25-kg bag 1050kh-42 25 g is an improved hydraulic impurities easy to use, flexible material with the addition of synthetic substances. The composition of materials: silicon dioxide (quartz sand) 50-60% gray cement - 15-30% synthetic substances (additives) -5-10% .Pryznachenyy for solution, based on sand, cement and polymer glue for universal implementation tiling work. -weber ZK557 F22 Natur al - 1050kh- 42 bags of 25 kg-colored solution grouting brick structures. Ingredients: filler or sand-lime 80-90%, -10% binders, pigment impurities 0,25% .- weber.rep 750 450 5 kg-bags kh- 90 5 kh- one-component, modifikovane resistant coating of polymers osnovi.Sklad cement: gray cement 25 +/- 10%, +/- 10 sand 60% impurities (polymeric resin, mineral filler) 5-10% .Vykorystovuyetsya to protect steel reinforcement corrosion in reinforced concrete konstruktsiyah.-weber. rep 751 25-kg bag 1050kh- 42 to 25 kg, no concrete mixed with water as a powder material based on cement. Ingredients: silicon dioxide (quartz sand) - 30-50%; Gray cement - 30-50%; Regulating impurities - 5.10%; ash (waste) - 2-5% .Pryznachenyy connecting layer to perform on the elements of building structures exposed to high-navantazhen. weber.rep 754 25-kg bag 1050kh- 42 to 25 kg, one-component, polymer solution modifikovanyy cement based synthetic fillers (improve workability, adding water resistance and shrinkage compensating additives mixture). The composition of materials: silicon dioxide (quartz sand)> 50%; Gray cement - 10-25%. To repair concrete, concrete surfacing outside and inside prymischen.Torhovelna WEBER brand. Whirlpool-to: "" Saint-Gobain Construction Products Polska Sp.zoo "". Country of PL. "GERMANY0UA1001101856318207.10181
24/Apr/20178433520000"1.Kolorova, two component, dekoratyvnaepoksydna grout for jointing sklyanoyimozayiky and ceramic coatings and mechanical pryhimichnyh navantazhennyahTakozh used as an epoxy kleyPrydatna for chemically conclusion ifuhuvannya all traditional and nesuchyhvydah bases packed in buckets 3kg - Sopro Topas nr 1000: Sopro Topas nr 1000-10sht ;. "HUNGARY2UA1251105556.00659643.48938
24/Apr/20172523290000"1.Zrazky grout for ceramic tile. (Not aerosol packaging) .Torhovelna mark" "WIM" ". Brand" "WIM Sp.zoo" ". Country of origin PL.."BELARUS0UA204040665003058.99985
24/Apr/20179031908500"1.Tsementnyy, elastic, resistant navplyv waterand pollution lehkozmyvayetsya rubbing solution dlyarozshyvky absorbent porous tiles packaged in bags - Sopro Saphir 5, cement, elastic, shvydkohustiyuchazatyrka for stitches, color and strength vidriznyayetsyastiykistyu not stvoryuyevapnyanyh deposits on the surface to vsihkeramichnyh and stone 'wooden facings, packed in buckets - Sopro DF 10, Ductile-early rubbing mud on the road, schozastosovuyetsya for grouting in ceramic, stone and glass oblytsyuvanniyplyttsi - Sopro FL 624: Sop ro Saphir 5 nr 248 -20sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 925-100sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 937 -20sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 944 -20sht; Sopro Saphir 5nr 247 -20sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 910 -50sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 912 -30sht; SoproSaphir 5 nr 914 -50sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 919 -30sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 922 -20sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 923 -20sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 924 -50sht; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 925- 20pcs; Sopro Saphir 5 nr 939 -20sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1061 -50sht; Sopro DF 10 nr1063 -10sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1064 -20sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1066 -20sht; Sopro DF 10 nr1056 -10sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1058 -5sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1059 -20sht; Sopro DF 10 nr1060 -10sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1061 -20sht; Sopro DF 10 nr 1064 -10sht; Sopro DF 10 nr1066 -20sht; Sopro FL 624 -1sht; "GERMANY0UA1251900.1989.00495945
24/Apr/20176115950000"1.Blyskitky mixing epoxy grout zdekoratyvnoyu SoproTopas or decorative elastychnoyuzatyrkoyu Sopro DF 10, giving" "metal," "effect, packaged in 100hmishechky - Sopro Brokat nr 1019: SoproBrokat nr 1019 (0,1 kg) -20sht;."CHINA9UA8050800.214.161557459
19/Apr/201732141090901.Shpaklivka to prepare bodies (trans Portnoy assets). In osnovibitumu, 3% fillers, grout, to the bottom of the car body mobilya.Nev aerosol packaging 440119 SikaGard -6060 black: (1 L bottles) -156shtVyrobnyk Diffutherm BVKrayina production - NL.Torhovelna brand Sika. .NETHERLANDS0UA100130170.04404.0609635
18/Apr/201769032090001.VYPALENI molded refractory products: SLAB valves PN-SLH-MS-AMKR (F50MM) CONTENT: AL2O3: 83.31%, C: 3.70% set in the gate SHUTTER TAVYKORYSTOVUYUTSYA for pouring steel from steel ladles ON MNLZ.OSNOVNYY components: alumina ( CONTENT AL2O3 - 80%). GOODS prepared by mixing the components with heating FURTHER, formation pressure and annealing at 1000 ° C, placement in a casing, grouting and polishing. VOHNETRYVKYST 1720-1740 ° C.CHINA0UA110070604828408.79988
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Grout Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Grout Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ПОРТО ФРАНКО."""
Importer Address
Закарпатська обл. м.Ужгород, вул. 8-го Березня буд. 23 кв. 10
Exporter Name Vencolor S.A.S. di Huchela Nataliya & C.
Product Description
"1 putty powder from limestone and marble powder" .........
HS Code 3214109090Value 6609.065425
Quantity 0Unit UA305060
Net Weight 12000
Origin Country ITALY

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