Ukraine Import Data of Grip Spring | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grip Spring

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of grip spring collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of grip spring imports.

Grip Spring Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grip Spring

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of grip spring. Get Ukraine trade data of Grip Spring imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201787089390981.Chastyny ​​grip for remontutraktoriv and s / g technology: Drive stseplenyyana ball 45-1604040-SB -120 sht.Dysk stseplenyya 70-1601130 (on elastics) -102 sht.Dysk stseplenyya SMD-18 A52.21.000-30 sht.Dysk stseplenyya ball on 45-1604050-SB-20 sht.Dysk stseplenyya vedomыy T-25-A 25.21.025 -30 pc. Drive stseplenyya vedomыy 45-1604040-SB-40 pc. Disc springs stseplenyya 85-1601130-01 at -30 pc. Drive stseplenyya 85-1601130-01 elastics at -120 units. Drive stseplenyya 53-1601130-01 GAZ -30 pc. Drive stseplenyya 150.21.024-2 -30 sht.Krayina production CNTorhovelna mark ANSHAN ANZAVyrobnyk ANSHAN ANZA ELECTRONIC POWER CO., LTD.CHINA0UA10001019775318.130033 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20178708939098"1.Chastyny ​​grip for a / m Lada: Set disc clutch art.210901601 00082- 64sht. Kit drive clutch art.21090160100082 - 64sht.Komplekt Drive vzcheplennya, art.21090160100082 - 12p. Kit drive clutch art.21090160100082 - 20pcs. Kit drive clutch art.21120160100082 - 10pc. Komplektzchep with clutch PRINCIPLES FOR GOOD GOVERNANCE ACT, art.21703160100001 - 1pc. zcheplenyya working cylinder, art.2101 0160251000 - 136sht. zcheplenyya cylinder w fearing, art.21010160251000 -824sht. Qilin others working zcheplenyya , art.21010160251000- 136sht. nazhymnyy clutch disc, art.21 030 160 108 500 - 100 pieces. zcheplennyanazh ymnyy Drive, art.21030160108500 - 19sht. disc acquired cheplennya mnyy, art.21030160108500 - 13sht. nazhymnyy clutch disc, art.21030 160108500 - 8sht.Tsylindr coupling heads tion, art.21210160261000 - 3pc. cheplennyaholovnyy cylinder, art.21210160261000 - 37sht. Plug clutch, art.21010160120000 - 393sht. Fork off zche prisoners, art.21010160120000 - 450sht.Vylk and clutch, art.210101601200 0 0 - 43sht. Cylinder zcheplennyaholovnyy, al t.21010160261000 - 300sht. The cylinder head coupled ting, art.21010160261000 - 100 pieces. Ball bearing clutch fork I art.21010160121500 - 320sht. Cover ka rtera clutch art.21080160112000 - 3pc. Cover crankcase clutch art.2108016 0112000 - 2 pcs. Vedomyy clutch disc and rt.21120160113000 - 11sht. Nazhymnyy clutch disc with nazhymnoyu spring art.217031 60108500 - 25sht. Set disc clutches tion, art.21210160100000 -8sht. Set forth yskiv clutch art.21210160100000 - 18 pcs. Set dyskivzcheplennya, art.21210 160100000 - 37sht. The set ting disc couplings, art.21213160100000 - 13sht. Kit drive clutch art.21213160100000 - 24sht.Krayina production - RU trade mark - LADAVyrobnyk - "" Vale Servis "" O OO hours Moscow "RUSSIA0UA1251803019.41218050.34959
18/Apr/201773182400901.Skladovi (spare) parts and accessories for agricultural machinery: - pin spring art.28316JD - 56sht., Country of origin - INTorhovelna mark - AgripartsVyrobnyk - Agriparts.INDIA0UA1251200.832.14523853
18/Apr/20178466940000"1. Parts and accessories of machine tools to automatic manufacture of springs of wire TYPE" "POCKET SPRING" "MOD. SPUHL P-350: ART. 35.36301.02 anvil of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel COMPLEX FORM soldering nonwovens - 2 pcs; ART . 35.36629.01 grips of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel COMPLEX FORM FOR MOUNTING AND MAINTENANCE ceiling springs in the process of drafting a spring unit - 2 pcs; ART. 35.10691.04 side STEEL PLATE 3 - 1 pc; ART. 35.10690.04 side PLATE WITH STEEL - 1 pc. TRADEMARK - SPUHL. PRODUCER: SPUHL GmbH, CH. packaged in cardboard boxes, without marking WITH AND WITHOUT OBRAZHUVALNYH sign.. "SWITZERLAND0UA50418012.3921978.582174
13/Apr/20178714100000"1.Zapasni parts for motorcycles: Seats" "SEAT LOW" "art.77207940600 () -1sht.Nabir rukiv" "I" "GRIP SET DUAL COMPOUND" "art.63002021200 () -2sht.Zahysnyy set" "HEADLAMP GRID ASSY "" art.60311994044 (Zashchita headlights) -1sht.Nabir rukiv "" I "" GRIP SET DUAL COMPOUND "" art.63002021100 () -2sht.Sklo wind "" TOURING WINDSHIELD "" art.60308965100 () -1sht. Trunks set "" CASE sET '' TREKKER '' "" art.60612922044 (Plastic / Aluminum) -1sht.Nabir rukiv "" I "" GRIP sET DUAL COMPOUND "" art.63002021100 () -1sht.Pylovyk "" DUST SEAL DL D48 SKF "" art.48600968 () -4sht.Drosel "" THROTTLE BODY CPL. "" art.50402010025 () -1sht.Ventilyator "" RADIATOR FAN CPL. "" art.79635941044 () -1sht.Zahyst engine " "Skid plate 250/350 cpl." "art.79203090044 (Aluminum) -1sht.Trubka grip" "cLUTCH PIPE 06 '' art.54832063000 () -2sht.Spytsya "" SPOKE M4,5X193-18 '' BLACK 16 "" art.7901007119330 () -10sht.Drossel "" THROTTLE CONTROL CASING CPL. "" Art.79002010025 () - 1sht.Spytsya "" SPOKE M4,5X226- 21 '' BLACK 12 "" art.7710907122630 () -10sht.Kriplennya wheel "" SPOKE NIPPLE M4,5 AL 11 "" art.77109072000 () -30sht.Vazhil loose "" HAND BRAKE LEVER + SPRING SX 14 "" art.77713002000 () -5sht.Nabir rukiv "" I "" GRIP SET DUAL COMPOUND "" art.63002021100 () -1sht.Tsylindr "" OUTPUT CYLINDER CPL. "" art.79232061044 () -1sht.Spytsya "" SPOKE M4,5X205-19 '' BLACK 16 "" art.7901007120530 () -10sht.Obolonka "" RUBBER "" art.36205018000 (Rubber) -2sht.Halmivnyy drive "" BRAKE dISC FRONT 320MM "" art.75009160000 () -1sht.Halmivni pads "" BRAKE PAD SET REAR SBS-S-40GF "" art.75013090000 () -8sht.Zcheplennya "" CLUTCH KIT 690 LC4 08-14 "" art.75032011110 ( ) was -1sht.Zahyst k "" HANDGUARD CLOSED BLACK HIGH "" art.6030217910030 () -2sht.Halmivnyy drive "" REAR BRAKE DISK D = 240MM 03 "" art.60010060000 () -1sht.Chohol seat "" SEAT COVER "" art.77207040050 ( leatherette) -1sht.Nakladka "" MUDCOVER HANDBRAKE LEVER "" art.70013004000 () -2sht.Pylovyk "" CLUTCH LEVER BOOT '95 "" art.58302126000 () -1sht.Manzheta "" CUP SET SHORT "" art.54613218000 () -1sht.Ventilyator "" FAN CPL. 12V LC4 2000 "" art.58435041000 () -1sht.Pylovyk "" DUST SEAL DL D48 SKF "" art.48600968 () -10sht.Kryshka grip "" COVER HYD. CLUTCH CPL. "" Art.54802003000 () -1sht.Korpus filtering "" AIR FILTER BOX COVER "" art.7720699800004 () -2sht.Trubka grip "" CLUTCH PIPE 06 "" art.54832063000 () -1sht.Sklo wind "" WINDSHIELD CPL. "" art.76008965044 () -1sht.Kryshka "" SILENCER ENDCAP 2-STROKE 2004 "" art.54805079052 () -1sht.Pidstavka to a motorcycle "" FRONT WHEEL LIFTI. DEVICE SMAL "" art.61129965000 () -1sht.Pidstavka to a motorcycle "" REAR WHEEL LIFTING DEVICE "" art.69329955000 () -3sht.Adapter unified "" UNIVERSAL RUBBER ADAPTER "" art.69329955030 () -1sht.Krylo " "REAR PART WHITE" "art.7650801300028 () -1sht.Nabir rukiv" "I" "GRIP SET DUAL COMPOUND" "art.63002021200 () -1sht.Sklo wind" "WIND SHIELD USA" "art.62008108000 () - 1sht.Vyrobnyk: KTM MOTORRAD AGTorhovelna brand: KTM "ITALY0UA10011048.9561636.852527
13/Apr/20178424900000"1.Chastyny ​​devices for spray paint to spray application stores: art.521012A valve spray for cleaning the G-groove (Kit, Tip Relief Valve" "G" ") - 10 pieces; art.553217 Nozzle Tip Trade 3217 (Trade Tip 3217) - 3pc, art.553517 nozzle Tip Trade 3517 (Trade Tip 3517) - 4 pieces; art.502144 Clutch gun, carving 7/8 "" (Repair kit for 7/8 "") - 5pcs, art .507254 Prime - Spray valve assembly (Prime / Spray valve assy) - 2 pcs; art.553213 nozzle Tip Trade 3213 (Trade Tip 3213) - 5pcs, art.553215 nozzle Tip Trade 3215 (Trade Tip 3215) - 3pc; art.553219 nozzle Tip Trade 3219 (Trade Tip 3 219) - 6 pieces; art.553300 adapter with thread type G to F (Adapter "" G "" thd to "" F "" thd) - 3pc, art. nozzle Tip 553,521 Trade 3521 (Trade Tip 3521) - 15sht; art.553523 Nozzle Tip Trade 3523 (Trade Tip 3523) - 5pcs, art.556077 extension nozzle, 60 cm, G-thread with the holder (Tip extension assy. 60cm G-thread) - 20pcs, art.999054 Ploskostrumeneve rehulyuyeme nozzle 28 (Adjustable fa n tip 28) - 5pcs; art.296393 coloring gun AG 08, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. 3 TradeTip state. nozzles (Gun AG-08 f-thre with holder w.tip pkgd) - 5pcs; art.556038 Clutch gun AG 08 carving 7/8 "" (Repair kit AG-08 g-thread) - 5pcs; art.502119 coloring gun AG 14, incl. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 (Gun AG-14 g-thread 7/8 "") - 2 pcs; art.508423 nozzle gasket (Seal) - 50sht; art.297007 seals the nozzle (Thrust element) - 20pcs; art.296343 spring (Pressure spring) - 10 pieces; art.538041 coloring gun Vector Pro, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 dvuhpaltsevyy trigger (Wagner Vector Pro 2 Finger) - 5pcs; art.538042 coloring gun Vector Grip, G-thread 1/4 '', inc. state. TradeTip nozzle 3 dvohpaltsevyy trigger (Wagner Vector Grip 2 Fing-Hold w / o Tip) - 1pc; art.538905 protective disk (Wagner Speed ​​Shield) - 2 pcs; Nozzle Tip art.553513 Trade 3513 (Trade Tip 3513) - 5pcs; art.296345 handle assembly (Handle assy) - 2 pcs; art.2306478 Extension 30 cm (Tip extension 30cm, packaged) - 30sht.Torhovelna mark: "" WAGNER "" Manufacturer: J.Wagner GmbH LTD.Krayina production: USA / US "UNITED STATES0UA50006025.276049.110365
13/Apr/20178205591000"1.Ruchni painters tashtukaturiv tools for working with plaster and create decorative effects on the surface: art.031 PROFESSIONAL SPATULA-Soft Gr-12p; art.505 PUTTY TROWEL-SoftHandle-sta-12p; art.184 Plastering andCleaning Spon-70sht , art.435 NOTCHEDTROWEL-Soft H.-close-12p; art.401 NOTCHED TROWEL-SoftH.-open-12p; art.405 NOTCHED TROWEL-Soft H.-open - 12p; art.481 MARBLE TROWEL-Soft Handle -op-12p; art.523 MARBLE TROWEL-Aluminium H.-s-12p; art.533 PLASTERTROWEL-Aluminium H .-- 12p; art.226 VENETIAN PLASTERING TROWEL --12sht; art.148CURVED HANDLE SPATULA-stainl-12p , art.150 CURVED HANDLE SPATULA-stainl-24sht, art.114 STEEL HAWK 24x30 cm-12p; art.701 SPATULA-Soft Grip-Springste-12p; art.704 SPATULA-Soft Grip-Spring ste-12p; art.707 SPATULA-SoftGrip-Spring ste-12p; art.725 WALLPAPER KNIFE (DKR) -12sht, art.726 WALLPAPERSPATULA (DKR) -12sht, art.175 ENGLISH (POINTING) TROWEL --1sht, art.286 POINTINGTROWEL-Soft Handle-1am; art.465 NOTCHED TROWEL-Wooden H.-sta-1pc, art .074 SCRAPER FLOAT 25 cm-1am; art.206 TRAPEZOIDAL TROWEL-stainless-1am; art.203 EPOXY GROUTING FLOAT 25cm-1am; art.729 SCRAPER SPATULA 14cm (DKR) -1sht; art.742 PUTTY TROWEL-Soft Handle 20c-1am; "TURKEY0UA11012091.9569.6899623
10/Apr/20178432900000"1.Zapasni parts tahruntoobrobnoyi seeding equipment HORSCH company: Pull dosing unit PP art.01507802-4 pieces. Cepphus opener TurboDisc II art.23044200 -350sht., Left double bracket opener Adjustable Pronto GLRD art.23295400 -6 pieces. Node ridge hrablyny double zmont. sowing DC art.23487400 -1 pieces. The shaft rotary lever mounting depth of seeding art.24012103 -1 pcs., drive stabilizing art.24018911 -120 pcs., metal plate broad option "" A "" art .24018930 -32 pc., inner Cepphus "" C "" soy art.24114209 -16 pieces. Cepphus coulter sowing maize showers. art.24116900 to 2013 GV -100 pieces. Cepphus hanging shoe Corn rights. r.v to 2013 art.24117000 -100 pcs., additional equipment for sowing small seeds sowing Maestro 12CC art.24140800 -1 pc., inner Cepphus "" A "" small seeds of spring art.24141000 -1 units. corps security apparatus under soybean seed art.24141100 -1 pcs., disc coulter d. D380-4.0 with convex bearing art.24145600 -150 pieces. Cepphus originator direct seeders fertilizer Maestro art.24145707 -360 units, housing frame maize seed 2014 GV art.24146600 -5 pieces. prykotuyuchyy Roller bracket with curved art.24147100 -1 pcs., drive D380-3,5 complete sowing Maestro reinforced art.24246100 -10 pieces. tukoprovodu left lateral plate for TG 3 Hardox art.24361201 -50 pcs., plate Side tukoprovodu rights for TG 3 Hardox art.24361202 -40 pcs. bin lid sowing Maestro SW art.24559406 -1 pcs. Bracket mounting nasinnyeprovoda left Airduc 110/140 mm art.24581102 -2 units. , retrofit sorghum for sowing drills Maestro 36 SW (SOD) -1 art.24612003 pieces. prykotuyuchyy roller finger left mounted art.24617200 -80 pieces. set dispensers for sowing sugar beet etc. I Drill Maestro 12CC art.24620706 -1 pieces. pryzhymna plate bracket opener 80x80 art.28041301 -2 pieces. Cepphus roller Farmflex LSTX art.34306602 -15 pc., rear frame work of kultvatora 4MTstarr zmont. art.34636300 -1 pcs., Frame beam front left drive 4MTstar zmont. art.34644000 -1 pieces. The frame beams discs front right 4MTstar zmont. art.34647100 -1 pcs., unit safety clutches TerraGrip 2008 120 th frame hidravl.pruzhynennya art.34655600 -2 pcs., Plate tightening 80x80 b = 240 art.34760802 -3 pieces. dispenser 30 cm3 fertilizer complex. rotating art.95163046 -36 pcs., Plate increasing cultivator Tiger 8 MT art.96153048 -8 pieces. Set gain compactors showers. Drill 6TD from 2015 RV art.96161022 -1 pieces. Set gain compactors rights. Drill 6TD from 2015 RV art.96161023 -1 units. In its composition does not contain radio transmitters and pryymachiv.Torhovelna Manufacturer Brand HORSCH HORSCH Maschinen GmbH Country of DE "GERMANY0UA1252703276.29259202.50597
10/Apr/201773202081901. Spring torkdrayvera, spiral, compression of black metal, treated vholodnomu state of the art. P-3351 - 200 units, torkdrayvera spring, spiral, stysnennyaz black metal, finished in the cold state of art. P-3349 - 100 units, Pruzhynatorkdrayvera, spiral, compression of black metal, processed cold staniart. P-3359 - 100 units, torkdrayvera spring, spiral, compression chornohometalu treated in cold art. P-3353 - 50 pieces, Spring torkdrayvera, spiral, compression of black metal, finished in the cold state of art. P-3357 -100 units, torkdrayvera spring, spiral, compression of black metal, treated vholodnomu state of the art. P-3341 - 100 units, torkdrayvera spring, spiral, stysnennyaz black metal, finished in the cold state of art. P-3369 - 50 pcs Pruzhynatorkdrayvera, spiral, compression of black metal, processed cold staniart. P-3354 - 50 pieces, Spring torkdrayvera, spiral, compression chornohometalu treated in cold art. P-3362 - 50 pieces, Spring torkdr Ayvera, spiral, compression of black metal, finished in the cold state of art. P-3371 -50 units, spring pads grip, spiral, compression of black metal, finished in the cold state of art. P-1230 - 100 pieces, Country of production - CNTorhovelna mark - has danyhVyrobnyk - LONG LINK TRADING LTDCHINA0UA807190118.3283.9501527
04/Apr/201787089390981.Zcheplennya in drafting and parts thereof: CYLINDER CLUTCH 'KONGSBERG' FI125SCANIA R PUMP PUMP 709-1520-98R GRIP MB GRIP (from the tank) RVI PREMIUM (4 / 96-) MIDLUM (1 / 00-) KERAX (6/97 -) CYLINDER CLUTCH 'KONGSBERG' FI125 SCANIA R Clutch master cylinder repair kits DAF45,55 CYLINDER CLUTCH (washers, bolts, springs s) DAF / SC.REMKOMPLEKT PUMP CLUTCH MAN F90 -97R, M2000 -04R.CHINA0UA20914027.92724.6043139
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Grip Spring Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Grip Spring Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Альянс-Агро 2006"""
Importer Address
04080,м.Київ, вул.Кирилівська 82,оф.256
Product Description
1.Chastyny ​​grip for remontutraktoriv and s /.........
HS Code 8708939098Value 5318.130033
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 1977
Origin Country CHINA

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