Ukraine Import Data of Grille Radiator Upper | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grille Radiator Upper

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of grille radiator upper collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of grille radiator upper imports.

Grille Radiator Upper Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grille Radiator Upper

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of grille radiator upper. Get Ukraine trade data of Grille Radiator Upper imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178703239011"1.Lehkovyy car, a used - 1 piece: - Mark - AUDI - Model - Q3 Premium Plus 2.0T - Body number (VIN) - WA1EFCFS2GR009281; - engine room - no data - chassis number - no data - Total number of seats, including the driver - 5 - Purpose - to transport people - from internal combustion engines with spark ignition and with a crank mechanism - cylinder capacity engine - 1984 cm3 - Power - 132 kW - Calendar year - 2015 .; - Model year - 2016 .; - body type - wagon - axle configuration - 4x4 - Meets frozen o Am EURO 5 - Technical condition - the car in a broken state. damaged (deformed), hood, front left fender, the upper and lower locking beams, fixing lights, visible shift units toward the engine compartment. None: both headlights, front bumper in assembly, grille, front shock absorber, radiators - cooling oil, climate system, cooling system depressurization. Multiple colors perimeter damage the vehicle body; - Trademark - AUDI; - Country of origin: Germany, DE; - unloaded from the container - PONU8129345. "GERMANY1UA50062019439538.000048 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178708299000"1.Skladovi parts and devices for bodies for use in cars and / m" "Great Wall" ": Power front bumper art. 8400380XG83XA - 10 pcs., Grille lights fog rights Art. 2803104A-J08 - 10 pcs. cap bumper front art. 2803112XS56XA - 4 pcs., grille lights fog Ref. 2803203-P24A - 4 pcs., cap bumper front art. 2803212XS56XA - 6 pcs., grille bumper art. 2803213XS56XA - 6 pcs., grille lights fog art. 2803230XS56XA - 4 pcs., grille lights fog art. 2803240XS56XA - 4 pcs., left rear pidkrylok art. 2804011AS56XA - 4 pcs., right rear pidkrylok art. 2804012AS56XA 4 pcs., Cover bumper upper art. 2804107AKZ16A - 1 pc., Cap bumper rear Ref. 2804304-K24 - 4 pcs., Cover the bumper under the license plate art. 2804705XS56XA - 3 pcs., Grille lights fog art. 2804711XS56XA - 4 pieces ., grille lights fog art. 2804712XS56XA - 4 pcs., the lower bumper cover art. 2804713XS56XA - 3 pcs., engine mount beam Ref. 2810000-Y23 - 1 pc., instrument panel assembly art. 3820400XS58XA - 1 pcs., Cover the floor of the luggage compartment art. 5101200-J08 - 1 pc., Front left pidkrylok art. 5174011AJ08XB - 4 pcs., Instrument panel assembly art. 5306100XJ29XA - 1 pc., Right side panel of body art. 5401102XJ08XC - 1 pc., Right side panel of body art. 5401492BK00XA - 1 pc., Front grille art. 5509100-J08 - 8 pcs., Engine cooling radiator deflector art. 5514011XS16XA - 2 pcs., Roof art. 5701000AK80XA - 1 pc., Cover lever CPR art. 5DYM26-1702010 - 1 pc., Door handle cover naruzhnej art. 6105139A-S08 - 2 pcs., Cable opening doors art. 6105210-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6105240-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6205210-P00 - 1 pc., Opening the door rope art. 6205230-P00 - 1 pc., Upper radiator cover art. 8400050XS56XA - 2 pc., Front panel radiator art. 8400130XS56XA - 2 pcs., Left panel spar art. 8400450-J08 - 4 pcs., Right panel spar art. 8400460-J08 - 3 pcs., Insulation hood art. 8402011XJ08XB - 1 pc., Insulation hood art. 8402012XS56XB - 1 pc., Cover lever CPR art. ZM001MF-1702010-3 - 4 sht.Torhivelna mark: GREAT WALL. Producer: "" GREAT WALL MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED "". Country of origin: China, CN. "CHINA0UA500030213.123286.69591
27/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products, accessories or analog Ichnya plastic motornyhtran to interchange vehicles (passenger cars in): Absorber air art.282103X010 -6sht. The plug art. 565211H000 -4sht. Play bumper art. 865611R000-6sht. Grille art. 863501M600 -1sht. Grille art. 863502H000-2sht. Diffuser fan art. 253501M000 -2sht. Diffuser radiator oholodzhennyadvyhuna art. 253501E050 -3sht. Radiator diffuser art. 253503X000 -4sht. Zahlushkaart. 986233E000 -2sht. Motor protection Art. 0K2A156121A -3sht. Protection dvyhunaperedniy art. 291103Q000 -2sht. Motor protection front art. 291103X000 -12sht.Zahyst engine front, center art. 291101R000 -4sht. Protection livyyart radiator. 291352E000 -4sht. Lower bumper Zashchita plastykovaya art. 291102H200 -8sht.Zaschyta engine perednyaya, Central Art. 291102S000 -1sht. Zashchita dvyhatelyapravaya art. 0K2A156111B -3sht. Klypsa threshold kreplenyya art. 877562E000 -100sht.Klip Sparks art. 8659028000 -100sht. Decorative wheel caps / center / art. 529603 -20sht S110. Headlight casing art. 921403K000 -30sht. Kolpak kolesadekoratyvnyy art. 529601E700 -1sht. The case of the air filter art. 281101R100-4sht. Housing air filter art. 281103X000 -1sht. Rozpodilnykazapalyuvannya cover art. KK13718V00 -4sht. Upper timing belts Krыshka art. 2136026002 -6sht.Moldynh DOORS front pravoy art. 877221E000-2sht. Molding DOORS front left to collect art. 877211C500CA -3sht. Moldynhlobovoho bottom glass art. 861601C100-4sht. Molding windshield glass art. 861302S000 -2sht. Moldings front left art.877211E000 -2sht. Overlay rear bumper / bottom / art. 866502W000 -1sht.Nakladka front bumper art. 8651056000 -1sht. BACK DOORS Overlay levoyart. 877702B000 -2sht. Drier konditsionera art. 9780217000 -8sht. Pidkrylok art.868123S000 -2sht. Pidkrylok front / left / art. 868112S001 -2sht. Pidkrylokperedniy / right / art. 868123L000 -4sht. Pidkrylok front / right / art.868202B001-4sht. Pidkrylok front / right / art. 868202B200 -6sht. Pidkrylok front / left / art. 868102B200 -2sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 8681117000 -4sht.Pidkrylok front left art. 868111C500-10sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 868111R000 -12sht. Pidkrylok front livyyart. 868112C700 -3sht. Pidkrylok front left art. 868113S000 -2sht. Pidkrylokperedniy right art. 868123S500 -4sht. Pidkrylok front right Art. 868124A001-4sht. Pidkrylok right art. 868202B000 -4sht. Pidkrylnyk front / left / art.868112H010 -5sht. Pidkrylnyk front / right / art. 868122L000 -4sht. Pidkrylnykperedniy / right / art. 868123K000 -2sht. Pidkrylnyky front / left / art.868102B000 -10sht. Podkrыlok front levыy art. 868112C500 -4sht. Podkrыlokperednyy levыy art. 868114A001 -4sht. Podkrыlnyk front / levыy / art. 868113K500-4sht. Rasshyrytel (cover) levoho zadneho wing art. 877412E000-1sht. Rasshyrytel wing zadneho levoho art. 877412E001 -1sht. Rezonatorvozdushnoho Art Filters. 281902S100 -3sht. The cavity air filter art.281901R000 -2sht. Lattices bumper art. 865603X000 -2sht. ReshKOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA125250177.11610.0652769
27/Apr/201783023000901.Armatura fasteners, hardware and tech analog-ferrous metals dlyamotorn s vehicles (passenger cars x): Zaspokoyuvachlantsyuha art. 243762A000-1sht. Pacifier chain art. 243762A000 -4sht. Pacifier chain art.243772A000 -1sht. Pacifier chain art. 243862A000 -1sht. Bracket bamperaart. 865542K500 -1sht. Bracket bumper lion. Art. 865511D000 -1sht. Kronshteynbampera front left art. 865812E000 -1sht. Bracket kreplenyya radyatoraart. 253331E000 -2sht. Bracket Radiator kreplenyya levыy art. 253333K500 -1sht.Kronshteyn fixing spring art. 5525044003 -2sht. Bracket peredneho levыyart wing. 663182E000-1sht. Bracket front bumper art. 865522G500 -4sht. Bracket radiatoraart. 253342E000 -10sht. Arm lv torsion art. 542804A002 -2sht. Kronshteyntorsyona EUR (for body) art. 5428043001 -2sht. Bracket torsion etc. art.542814A002 -2sht. Sklopid mechanism. front left door art. 824034A010-4sht. The mechanism of the front left door Lifters art. 824 713K002AS -1sht.Moldynh bumper zadneho EUR (chrome insert) art. 866833K710 -2sht. Molding bamperazadnoho / bottom / art. 866122B700 -2sht. Molding left bumper art. 865853K710-2sht. Molding front bumper (under the grille) art. 865853K500-2sht. Molding BACK DOORS pravoy art. 877321 -1sht. Molding DOORS front levoyart. 8772117000CA -2sht. Molding DOORS front pravoy art. 877221C500CA-2 pcs. Molding DOORS front pravoy art. 877221E000 -2sht. Molding dveryperednoyi left to collect art. 877211C500CA -3sht. Bumper moldings perednohopravyy chrome art. 865863K710 -2sht. Moldings right front bumper hromart. 865843K710 -2sht. Rear right door moldings art. 877321C500CA -2sht.Moldinh front left art. 877211E000 -2sht. Overlay bumper art. 866452 -1sht.Nakladka rear bumper / bottom / art. 866502W000 -1sht. Overlay bumper nyzhnyaart. 865231G000 -1sht. Overlay took hold BACK DOORS art. 877702B000 -2sht. Nakladkakryshky trunk / chrome / art. 873722E510 -2sht. Overlay door right in zboriart. 877522S000 -4sht. Overlay door right to collect art. 877522S000-2sht. Left front door limiter art. 793802H000 -2sht. Art.793801G000 -1sht door limiter. Door limiter art. 794901G000 -1sht. Door hinge left art.793102E000 -1sht. Door Hinge art. 793103E000 -2sht. Loop DOORS art. 793102H000-3sht. The loop took hold BACK DOORS top. Art. 794103K000 -1sht. Loop DOORS peredneylevaya (Lower) pravoy (Upper) art. 793203E000 -2sht. Loop DOORS took hold of the front (Lower) art. 793202K000 -1sht. Loop DOORS front pravoy art. Send 793202E000 -2sht.Petlya door / back. bottom right art. 793202H000 -2sht. Hood Loop art.791201D000 -1sht. Hood Loop art. 7911026000 -2sht. Hood Loop art. 791102K000-2sht. Hood Loop art. 791201D000 -4sht. Hood Loop art. 7912026000 -2sht.Petlya hood art. 791202K000 -2sht. Hood Loop lion art. 791102E000 -2sht.Petlya bonnet lion art. 791103E000 -1sht. Hood Loop builds art. 791202E000-1sht. Hood Loop builds art. 791202E000 -2sht. Hood Loop builds art.79120KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA12525072.49277.6743929
23/Apr/20177214911000"1.Radiatory for central heating, electic heating, steel, profiled panels and convection heating elements, equipped with side plates and upper grille, with the possibility of side (right, left) in" "unity.".GERMANY0UA1001101421.281780.951729
19/Apr/20173926300090"1. fasteners, fittings and similar to them plastic goods, used in the a / m" "HYUNDAI" ". Bushings steering mechanism: kat.N 565213Q000 -3sht .; kat.N 565213X000-5sht .; Lock kat.N 565551C100 - 3pc .; cone radiator cooling dvyhunakat.N 253503K210 -1sht .; Emblems: 86330A5000 kat.N -1sht .; kat.N 863002W010 -2sht .; kat.N 863213X000 -1sht .; kat.N 863462B500 -1sht .; cat. N 863003A001 - 1pc., kat.N 863102E000 -1sht .; Cap door cards kat.N 827702H000HZ -1sht .; Zahlushkaobshyvky ceiling kat.N 8574602000- 4pcs .; fuel tank protection kat.N 31226H1032-1sht .; motor protection: front kat.N 291103X000 .; -6sht right kat.N central 291201R400-3sht .; cat. N 291203L000 -1sht Protect .; adiatora: upper right kat.N291502W000 -2sht .; kat.N 291342W700 -1sht .; Maps trunk lid, kat.N817521R000 -1sht .; kat.N 817521R000 -1sht .; Clips: kat.N 877562E000 -38sht .; cat. N877562E000 - 38sht .; kat.N 877562E000 -12sht .; kat.N 877562E000 -10sht .; kat.N877562E000 - 5pcs .; kat.N 8231533020 -20sht .; kat.N 877562E000 -300sht. ; kat.N877561F000 - 50sht .; Clip attachment Lockers kat.N 8682526000 -20sht .; Klipporoha left kat.N 877583V000 -4sht .; Caps wiper nut, kat.N983903F000 -8sht .; kat.N 983803N050 -5sht .; kat.N 983804H050 -10sht .; kat.N983802E001 - 5pcs .; kat.N 9838007000 -5sht .; The lid of the box dispensing kat.N4731839300 - 10pcs .; The lid handle foreign kat.N 826522H020CA -5sht .; Kryshkyfar: kat.N 921912E000 -4sht .; kat.N 921402M010 - 1pc .; Caps nozzles omyvachivfar: left kat.N 986812W000 -4sht .; kat.N left 986813Z000 -1sht .; Right kat.N986822W000 -2sht .; Overlay roof right kat.N 8726125500 -1sht .; Cover doors, rear left kat.N 877332E001 -1sht .; Right back kat.N 877322W000CA -2sht., front right assembly kat.N 877222E010 -1sht .; Cover wings rear livohokat.N 877432E001 -1sht .; front right kat.N 877122W000CA-2 pcs .; Overlay trunk lid kat.N 873603L100 -1sht .; Overlay threshold right vzbori kat.N 877522S000 -2sht .; Overlay grille upper kat.N 86356F2000-3sht .; The guide chain kat.N 248203C100 -4sht .; Guide the chain drive kat.N244202B000 -6sht .; Fog lights edging the left kat.N 865852Y000 -4sht., Lockers: rear / left / rear / kat.N 868213X100 -6sht .; rear / left / kat.N868211C500 -1sht .; rear / left / rear / kat.N 868223X100 -3sht .; rear / left / kat.N 868221C500 -1sht .; Lockers front / left /: kat.N 868112H000-5sht .; kat.N 868111C500 -1sht .; kat.N 868112W000 - 4 pieces .; Lockers front / right /: kat.N 868121R010 -1sht .; kat.N 868121R000 - 8 pieces .; kat.N 868122W000-4sht .; kat.N 868202B001 -3sht .; Grille: kat.N 863504L500 -2sht .; kat.N863503X800 -2sht .; kat.N 86350D7100 - 2 pcs .; kat.N 863502W060 -2sht .; kat.N863502E001 -1sht .; / Color chrome / kat.N 863522Y000 -1sht .; Grill farprotytumannyh: left kat.N 865632W010 - 2 pcs .; Right kat.N 865642W010 -2sht., door handles front / rear exterior: kat.N 826512B210NKA -1sht .; kat.N826512B210T6S -1sht .; Left kat.N 826513X000 -3sht .; Automatic transmission shifter, kat.N467202W200RYN -1sht .; kat.N 467202W200RYN -3 "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA100120232.532747.378009
18/Apr/20178703239011"1.Poshkodzhenyy passenger car for the conditioning, transportation of people and using public orogen pod with engine of internal combustion iskrovymzapal copying, and with crank mechanism IOM (petrol) HYUNDAY brand, model TUCSON, former-use - 1pc., VIN : KM8J3CA46GU068123 dvyhunbenzynovyy, V-2000sm.kub., engine number, not the data capacity of 129 kw, environmental class - EURO 5 calendar year 2015, model year 2016, the total number of seats 5 body - Universal wheel formula 4x4, color - gray. Data on hara kter damaged car zhidnoekspertnoho conclusion -bamper front complete with bars, plates, lids dampener - no, -fary main unit 2 vidsutni. fog lights assembly 2 pieces vidsutni.-grille upper, lower, no; in -ventylyator complete with diffuser, impeller, motor housing radiatoravidsutnya; -kondensator missing, front-panel air pipe missing - complete airbag (driver) with sensors, control units, lining belts - spratsyuvala.- radiator cooling assembly of utnya.Vyrobnyk Hyundai Motor Co.Torhovelna mark HYUNDAY.Krayina production: KR. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA80719015087821.235132
14/Apr/20178703239011"1. The second hand car, pryznachenyydlya passenger transportation (Passenger): - brand FORD - model- FUSION - ID 3FA6P0HR7DR356949 body - chassis number - no data - total number of seats, including the driver's seat 5; -nomer engine - not defined; -type main engine -benzynovyy; -Operating cylinder volume / capacity-1,596 cc / 74kVt; -kolisna formula 4x2; -kalendarnyy year 2013; -modelnyy year 2013; -type body -sedan; -katyhoriya - M1; -Color bilyy.Avtomobil damaged after an accident, whack, defective: power front bumper, parking sensor left, parking sensor right, lower grille, upper grille, plastic covering the front bumper, pidkrylok front left, pidkrylok front right wing front right wing front left, insulation hood, the hood, the upper bearing radiator , crossbar, outer insulator engine compartment, windshield, front right rack supporting, and front right headlight assembly, front left headlight assembly, sensor stability control, radiator. Damaged paint-varnish coating around kuzovu.Potrebuye repair, painting. Require replacement following details: power front bumper, parking sensor left, parking sensor right, lower grille, upper grille, plastic covering the front bumper, pidkrylok front left, pidkrylok front right wing front right wing front left, insulation hood, hood, radiator support upper, rail, upper insulator engine compartment, windshield, front right rack bearing, front right headlight assembly, front left headlight assembly, sensor stability control, radiator.V robnyk: "" Ford Motor Co. "", Mexico. Country of Mexico. MHVyvantazheno of container MRKU5946252. "MEXICO1UA5006201639.642570.000107
10/Apr/20173926300090"1. fasteners, fittings and similar to them plastic goods, used in the a / m" "HYUNDAI" ". Kat.N heater valve lever 971583Z000 -1sht .; plug kermovohomehanizmu Lock kat.N 565551C100 - 1pc .; Baffle Lockers: perednoholivoho kat.N .; 868172S300-1sht front right kat.N 868182S300 -1sht .; Dyfuzorventylyatora engine cooling radiator kat.N 253501C250 -1sht .; Emblems: kat.N863302E000 -1sht .; kat.N 863202H000 -1sht kat.N .; 863212H000 - 1pc .; kat.N863631R000 -5sht .; kat.N 863211J000 -1sht .; kat.N 86300D3100 - 5pcs .; Zahlushkadzerkala left kat.N 876503S000RY -1sht .; Cap door cards kat.N827702H000HZ -1sht Cap moldings .; d Hu kat.N 87255A5000- 4pcs .; Zahystdvyhuna front kat.N 291102H200 -1sht .; Protection hood lock kat.N 863532B700-1sht .; Protect radiator, upper kat.N 291502W000 - 1pc .; kat.N291352H000 left -1sht .; kat.N left 291362R000 -1sht .; kat.N right 291362E000 -1sht., Video Clips: kat.N 865952T500 -31sht .; kat.N 865952T500 - 31sht .; kat.N 865952T500-2sht .; kat.N 82,315 38,000 - 68sht .; kat.N 8231538000 - 68sht .; kat.N 8231538000-5sht .; kat.N 8581837000 -1sht .; kat.N 87756D3000 - 4 pieces .; kat.N 9751922000 -10sht., kat.N 8412436000 -5sht .; kat.N 8581837000 - 69sht .; kat.N 865952T500 -38sht .; kat.N8231538000 -105sht .; Clips thresholds: kat.N 877583L000 -40sht .; kat.N 877583L000 -40sht .; kat.N 877583L000 -50sht .; kat.N left 877683V000 -2sht .; Case vnutrishnoyiruchky door right kat.N 826213L000WK -1sht .; Cover the terminals "" + "" kat.N 919712B370-1sht .; Timing chain cover kat.N 213502E021 -1sht .; The lid handle zadnoyizovnishnoyi right kat.N 836623X020 -5sht .; Caps external handles: kat.N826522H020 -1sht .; kat.N 826522H020 -1sht .; kat.N 826522H020 - 5pcs .; / Color chrome / kat.N 826622S020 - 3pc .; Headlight covers, kat.N 921912E000 - 3pc .; kat.N 921911R000-1sht .; Cover washer nozzles lights right kat.N 986822W500 -3sht .; Moldynhdverey front left kat.N 877211C500CA -1sht .; Door Molding Front Left / color chrome / kat.N 828503V000 -1sht .; Cover doors, trunk kat.N87371B8000YAC - 1pc .; Right back kat.N 877342E001 - 1pc .; pravyhkat.N front 822602W000 - 1pc .; Cover wings, rear right assembly kat.N87742B8000CA -1sht .; front left kat.N 877112W000CA - 3pc .; Nakladkanomernoho sign / Front / kat.N 865192BAB0 -1sht .; Overlay threshold front pravavnutrishnya kat.N 858722B000WK -1sht .; Overlay threshold right to collect kat.N877522S000 -1sht .; Overlay grille kat.N 863622WAA0 -1sht .; Napryamnalantsyuha kat.N 243774A030 -10sht .; Guide Filters kat.N 263523C250-1sht .; Trim fog lights, left / color chrome / kat.N 865532Y000 -1sht., Left / color chrome / kat.N 865532Y000 - 2 pcs .; Right kat.N 865582WAA0 -1sht., Pidkrylok rear / left / kat.N 868212E010 -1sht .; Pidkrylok rear / left / kat.N868222H000 -1sht .; Lockers front / left /: kat.N 868102B001 -1sht .; kat.N868111C000 - 1pc .; kat.N 868102B001 -2sht .; kat.N 868113L000 -1sht .; kat.N868102B000 - 2 pcs .; kat.N 868112W500 -1sht .; kat.N 868112W500 -1sht .; Pidkrylkyperedni / right /: kat.N 868202B001 -1sht .; kat.N 868202 "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10012090.831414.009308
08/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passenger a / m new art.72330-68L11-5PK - Upper escutcheon (R) -1sht. art.84802-79J12-6GS -KOZYROK Sunglasses (L) -1sht. art.72374-51K00-5PK - - Protective Side Molding 2 pcs. art.990E0-61M07-002 -MOLDYNH Side Protective 3pc. art.77540-61M00-5PK - BACK DOOR lining (L) -2sht. art.77430-54P01-000 - FRONT DOOR lining (L) - FRONT DOOR lining (R) -1sht. art.77260-55L00-5PK -NAKLADKA rear wing (L) -1sht. art.77250-79J00-5PK - rear wing lining (R) -2sht. art.77220-61M00-5PK - lining WINGS FRONT (L) - lining WINGS FRONT (L) -4sht. art.77210-54P00-5PK -NAKLADKA WINGS FRONT (R) -2sht. art.77210-79J00-5PK - lining WINGS FRONT (R) -1sht. art.77240-61M00-5PK - lining THRESHOLD (L) -1sht. art.77230-79J00-5PK -NAKLADKA THRESHOLD (R) -2sht. art.990E0-54P72-ZQQ - lining PENELI gear-gear-lining PENELI 1am. art.723 22-55L01-000 - PIDKRYLOK FRONT (L) -1sht. art.71741-61M10-000 - decorative - grille-1am. art.71721-55L00-5PK - DEKORATYVNARESHITKA radiator lower-4sht.Krayina origin - UhorschynaKrayina production - HUTorhovelna mark - SUZUKIVyrobnyk - Suzuki Motor Corporation.HUNGARY0UA20502021.88817.7451445
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Grille Radiator Upper Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Grille Radiator Upper Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Богдан - Індустрія"""
Importer Address
04176,м.Київ,вул.Електриків, буд. 29-а, Україна
Product Description
"1.Skladovi parts and devices for bodies for use i.........
HS Code 8708299000Value 3286.69591
Quantity 0Unit UA500030
Net Weight 213.12
Origin Country CHINA

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