Ukraine Import Data of Greentea | Ukraine Import Statistics of Greentea

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Greentea Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Greentea

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
13/Apr/201721069092001.Biolohichno supplements not containing milk fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch, for use in diets as a source of dietary complex biologically active substances of plant origin to create conditions optymalnyhdiyetolohichnyh: -art.F135549-17-01 Alfalfa Alfalfa (100tab ) -25sht.-art.F132514-30-01 balance balance-D-Di (210tab) -65sht.-art.F130798-10-01 Body Shield Body Shield (60tab) -35sht.-art.F135603-17-01 Black Walnut Walnut Blэk (100tab) -160sht.-art.F134602-10-01 BrainVitality Brayn Vytalyty (90tab) -50sht.-art.F004001-30-01 CalciumK2 KaltsyumK2 (120tab) -48sht.-art.F133631-10- Encompass Эnkompass 01 360 360 (120tab) -3 6sht.-art.F130054-10-01 Эternyty Eternity (750ml) -63sht.-art.F131274-10-01 FuCoyDon Intensified UFG FuKoyDon (750ml) -108sht.-art.F135551-17-01 Garlic Harlyk (100tab) - 10sht.-art.F127597-10-01 InFLUence Ynflyuэns (30tab) -115sht.-art.F133381-30-01 InnerChi for him YnnerChy for him (90tab) -30sht.-art.F135633-17-01 Pau D`Arco Pau Darko (100tab) -55sht. art.F1-35175-30-01 Renovator Renovator (60tab) -85sht.-art.F130004-10-01 SpectraMaxx SpektraMaks (750ml) -12sht.-art.F132513-30-01 SupraDetox accompanied Detox (15tab) -5sht.-art.F131668-10-01 TS-X TC-IKS (30tab) -6sht.-art.F006001-10-01 Vital Vision Vital Vision (30tab) -10sht.-art.F135042 -10-01 Te` Sencha GreenTea Green tea (30sht / 180g) -5sht.UNITED STATES0UA125100214.793432.680062 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
11/Apr/20173306100000"1.Hihiyenichni facilities for the care of Law okra free of alcohol, not aerozolniyupakovtsi packed in boxes for retail sale tion: Toothpaste: Toothpaste BABY 0-3Naturalna series Baby" "SPLAT (paying) Vanilla / Vanyl" "in com szubnoy schetkoy-fingertips, 40-ml. 120sht, Natural Toothpaste for children seriyiKIDS "" SPLAT (paying) Wild Strawberry-Cherry / Cherry Zemlyanyka, "" 50-ml. 40sht, Splat (paying) Special DREAM / Dream, 75 ml Toothpaste-80sht, road nabirSPLAT second (payment) Toothpaste Ultra complex / ml and 40 Ultrakompleks Dental schetka-264sht, road set SPLAT (payment) Toothpaste Biocalcium / Byokaltsyy 40m liters Toothbrush and -432sht, Splat (paying) Sp ecial GINGER / YMBYR 75 ml Zubnapast a-20pcs, strengthening Toothpaste for Teeth chutly series of new INNOVA SENSITIVE "" Restore novlenye enamel gums and health "" 75 ml 2 00sht, Splat (paying) SpecialARMIDENT / A RMYDENT 75 ml toothpaste, 20pcs, Splat (paying) Special ORGANIC / ORHANYK 75 ml -2000sht Toothpaste, Splat (paying) Spe cial CHILI / OR LI, 75ml, Toothpaste - 4 0sht, toothpaste Firming bezabrazyvna for the person chutlyvyhzubiv series INNOVA SE NSITIVE 75 ml 200sht, SPLAT (paying) Profes sional LIKVUM-gEL / LYKVUM gel 100 ml toothpaste -2500sht, Dorozhnыy set SPLA T (payment) Zubnapasta White pluse / Otbe lyvanye plus 40 ml and ubna brush -240sht, ukriplyuyuchaZubna toothpaste for sensitive teeth in a series INNOVA SENSITIVE "" Berezhnoy osvet lenyeэmaly "" 75 ml 400sht, BIOMED BIOCOMP LEX / BYOKOMPLEKS 100 grams, toothpaste, 4625sht, BIOMED CALCIMAX / KALTSYMAKS 100 g p Tooth pasta- 4500sht, BIOMED PROPOLINE / propolis 100 g, toothpaste, 1500sht, B IOMED SENSITIVE / SENSYTYV 100 grams, toothpaste, 2850sht, BIOMED SUPERWHITE / SUPERV Ait 100g, toothpaste, 1000pcs, SPLAT (SP LAT) Professional ACTIVE / ACTIVE, 40 ml Toothpaste-900sht, SPLAT (paying) Professi onal MEDICAL HERBS / LECHEBNЫE TRAVЫ 40 ml Toothpaste-3900sht, SPLAT (paying) Pr ofessional WHITE PLUS / PLUS OTBELYVANYE 40 ml Zubnapasta -12000sht, SPLAT (SPL AT) Professional ULTRACOMPLEX / ultra KO MPLEKS, 40ml, Toothpaste -3900sht, SPL AT (paying) Professional ACTIVE / ACTIVE, 1 00 ml -5500sht Toothpaste, SPLAT (paying) Professional BIOCALCIUM / BYOKALTSYY 10 0 ml Toothpaste-13125sht, SPLAT (payment ) Professional MEDICAL HERBS / TR LECHEBNЫE AVЫ 100 ml -6550sht Toothpaste, SPLAT (paying) Professional WHITE PLUS / PLUS OTBELYVANYE 100 ml -18075sht Toothpaste, SPLAT (paying) Professional BIO GREENTEA / green tea, 100 ml -3000sht Toothpaste, Splat (paying) Special EXTREMEWHITE / Extra OTBELYVANYE 75 ml Toothpaste 2 040sht, Splat (paying) SpecialBLACKWOOD / CHERNOE TREE 75 ml Toothpaste -2520sh t Detskaya Firming Zubnapasta with hydro Series Juicy oksyapatytom KYVY-KLUBNYKA / Kiwi-Strawb erry 35ml.-320sht, UK Detskaya riplyuyucha Toothpaste with bone salt JuicyMOROZhENOE Series / Ice-Cream 35 ml.- 3200sht, Detskaya Firming Toothpaste shydroksyapatytom series Juicy tutti-frutti s / Tutti-Frutti-35 ml. 3400sht, BIOMEDS UPERWHITE / SUPERVAYT 100 g, toothpaste and-4525sht, Country of production: RUVyrob "RUSSIA0UA10011013012.3790892.00368
03/Apr/20173402209000"1.Zasoby for washing, cleaning, put up for retail sale notcontains ozone destroying substances not in aerosol packaging: Konts.zasib dlyaavt / washing handles Teo Bebe just essentials Tender Aloe (pran.rech.novonar.ta children) 1 , 3L - art.13320-660sht .; detergent SAVEX Diamond Parfum 2in1 EmeraldBlossom automat 400g - art.9438-1232sht .; detergent SAVEX Diamond Parfum2in1 Emerald Blossom automat 2,4kh - art.9439-1200sht .; detergent SavexDiamond Parfum 2in1 Royal Orchid automat 2.4 kg - art.10452-1500sht .; Pralnyyporoshok Savex PowerZyme 2in1 Color automat 4kg - art.11561-160sht .; Pralnyyporoshok Savex PowerZyme 2in1 Fresh automat 4kg - art.11562-160sht .; Pralnyyporoshok Savex PowerZyme 2in1 Wh ite automat 4kg - art.11563-160sht .; Pralnyyporoshok Teo Bebe just essentials (for washing children's clothes) Tender Aloe 2.4 kg -art.14236-1200sht .; Detergent powder Teo Bebe just essentials (for washing dytyachyhrechey) Sweet Lavender 2.4 kg - art.14234-1200sht .; Conc. means for auth / handles washings nyaSAVEX PowerZyme 2in1 White 1.3l - art.13326-330sht .; Conditioner for tissue SavexSoft Lys vert 1L - art.14408-600sht .; Conditioner for Soft tissue Savex Sensitive1l - art.14409-600sht .; Conc. means for cars / washing handles SAVEX PowerZyme 2in1 Color1.3l - art.15718-660sht .; Conc. means for cars / washing handles SAVEX PowerZyme 2in1Fresh 1.3l - art.15717-330sht .; Air conditioner-concentrate Semana Extra Fresh BlueWhisper 1L - art.15731-550sht .; Air conditioner-concentrate Semana Extra Fresh GreenTease 1L - art.15733-550sht .; Air conditioner-concentrate Semana Extra Fresh Innocence1l - art.15734-550sht .; Air conditioner-concentrate Semana Extra Fresh Violet Kiss 1l- art.15732-550sht., LTD Manufacturer FICOSOTA, trademark Teo Bebe, SAVEX, Semana; Country of BG "BULGARIA0UA1001102062718050.21363
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Greentea Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Greentea Importer Sample

Date 13/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Аполло"""
Importer Address
Product Description
1.Biolohichno supplements not containing milk fats.........
HS Code 2106909200Value 3432.680062
Quantity 0Unit UA125100
Net Weight 214.79
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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