Ukraine Import Data of Green Tea | Ukraine Import Statistics of Green Tea

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of green tea collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of green tea imports.

Green Tea Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Green Tea

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of green tea. Get Ukraine trade data of Green Tea imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20176029049001 Plants for open ground decorative live without for meat fruit trees and bushes rooted shrubs, deciduous and shpilkovyh rocks, torfohrunti, plastic horshykah of torfosumishshyu.vikom over 2years not intended for forestry Fir-ABIES LASIOCARPA (ARIZONICA] ARGENTEA CO. 180200 / 250-3sht height from 200cm to 250sm.Pihta-ABIES LASIOCARPA COMPACTA CLT. 180-1sht 180sm.Pihta high-ABIES NORDM. PYRAMIDALIS CONT 175 / 200-3sht height from 175cm to 200sm.Pihta-ABIES NORDMANNIANA CONT 200 / 250-5sht height from 200cm to 250sm.Pihta-ABIES NORDMANNIANA CONT 250 / 300-2sht height from 250sm to 300sm.Pihta-ABIES NORDMANNIANA CONT 300 / 350-1sht height from 300sm to 350sm.Klen -ACER [ROSSI] PALM.DISS.ATROPURPUREUM CLT. 55 100/125 MEZ-2 pcs height from 100cm to 125sm.Klen-ACER CAMPESTRE NANUM CLT. 110 16/18 ALTO FUSTO-3pc 110sm.Klen high-ACER PALM. SANGO KAKU [SENKAKI] CLT. 30,125 / 150-1sht 150sm.Bereza high-BETULA UTILIS DOOR. [JACQUEMONTII] CLT. 90 16/18 ALTO FUS-5pcs 160-180sm.Hrab high-CARPINUS B ET.PYRAMIDALIS CLT. 130 18/20 ALTO FUSTO-1pc height from 180cm to 200sm.Katalpa-CATALPA BUNGEI [BIGNONIOIDES NANA] CLT. 25 10/12 ALTO FU-10pcs height from 100cm to 120sm.Kordolina- CORDYLINE AUSTRALIS ATROPURPUREA CLT. 15-2sht 150sm.Boyaryshnyk high-CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA PAUL'S SCARLET CLT. 30 10/12 ALTO FU-3pc 120sm.Boyaryshnyk high-CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA PAUL'S SCARLET CLT. 90 16/18 ALTO FU-5pcs 180sm.Boyaryshnyk high-CRATAEGUS LAEVIGATA PAUL'S SCARLET CONT 8/10 ALTO FUSTO-5pcs 100sm.Beresklet high-EUONYMUS JAP. ELEGANT. AUREUS LVQ 18 SPALLIERA-10pcs 180sm.Beresklet high-EUONYMUS JAPONICUS LVQ 18 SPALLIERA-6 pieces 180sm.Buk high-FAGUS SYLVATICA PURPUREA PENDULA CLT. 230 450/500 RAMIFI-1pc 500sm.Hinho high-GINKGO BILOBA FASTIGIATA BLAGON [R] CLT. 180 18/20 ALTO-1pc 200sm.Hinho high-GINKGO BILOBA HORIZONTALIS CLT. 130 18/20 ALTO FUSTO-2 pcs 180sm.Mahnoliya high-MAGNOLIA ACUMINATA YELLOW BIRD CLT. 55 12/14 ALTO FUSTO-2 pcs height from 120cm to 140sm.Mahnoliya-MAGNOLIA HEAVENT SCENT CLT. 90 16/18 ALTO FUSTO-1pc 160sm.Mahnoliya high-MAGNOLIA STELLATA CLT. 90 14/16 ALTO FUSTO-4sht height from 140 cm to 160sm.Mahnoliya-MAGNOLIA YULAN [DENUDATA] CLT. 130 20/25 ALTO FUSTO-1pc 130sm.Oliandr high-NERIUM OLEANDER ROSA CLT. 15 80 / 100-1sht 100sm.Yalyna high-PICEA GLAUCA ALBERTA GLOBE CLT. 10-10sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS BREVIFOLIA CLT. 45 10/12 ALTO FUSTO-3pc 120sm.Sosna high-PINUS BREVIFOLIA CLT. 55 80 / 100-6sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS MUGO MUGHUS CLT. 10-20sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS NIGRA AUSTRIACA CONT 125 / 150-3sht 150sm.Sosna high-PINUS NIGRA AUSTRIACA CONT 250 / 300-3sht 300sm.Sosna high-PINUS NIGRA PIERRICK BREGEON [R] CLT. 10-10sht 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS PINEA CLT. 30 175/200 12/14 ALTO FUSTO-4 pieces 140sm.Sosna high-PINUS STROBUS NANA [RADIATA] CLT. 35 MEZZO FUSTO-4 pieces 100sm.Sosna high-PINUS STROBUS NANA [RADIATA] CLT. 45 70 / 80-7sht 80sm.Sosna high-PINUS SYLVESTRIS CONT-2 pcs 100sm.Dub high-QUERCUS PALUSTRIS GREEN DWARF CLT. 130 18/20 ALTO FUSTO-2 pcsITALY0UA3051601440620693.65017 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173305300000"1.Zasoby hair care, rozfaso Vanya retail, spray, Hairspray '' babe '' ЭLASTYCHNOST Volume And with proteynamy shelka" "SF 200sm3-4464sht. Hairspray", "babe" "Blesk And with Volume multyvytamynamy "" SF 200sm3, -7608sht Hairspray '' babe '' Volume MAKSYMALNЫY with provitamin B5 "" s.f. 200 cm3, -9216sht. Hairspray '' babe '' s energy OBЪ EM rastytelnыmy proteynamys.f p. 200 cm3, -9216sht. Hairspray "" Professional Prelest "" "" Blesk "" SSF 300sm3, -2016sht. Lac d / hair "" Bio Prelest "" SSF with Sea mineral ymi "" 160sm3, -3456sht. Lac d / hair "" Bio Prelest "" SSF with Sea mineral ymi "" 210sm3, -2304sht. Lac d / hair "" Bio Prelest "" SF with Extreme. 210sm3 green of tea, -2304sht. Lac d / hair "" Bio Prelest "" SF s fo . byostym. ' "210 cm3, -1152sht. Lac d / hair" "Bio Prelest" "SF with ekstra. Ellen out of tea" "160 cm3, -168sht.Lak hair' 'babe' 'ЭLASTYCHNAYA FI KSATSYYA with proteynamy shelka "" SF 200sm3, -9216sht.Torhovelna mark "," babe "," trade mark "" Prelest "" Country of origin: RUVyrobnyk OJSC "" Aerosol Novomoskovsk "". "RUSSIA0UA100110912225251.72125
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby to wash your body is not aerozolniyupakovtsi: Aquolina Body wash White Teaand Vervain 250 ml (Aquolina Held / shower White Tea zVerbenoyu) art.9950862402-185sht; Aquolina Body wash Rice Milk and CherryFlowers 250 ml (d Aquolina gel / lotion dushuRysove and KvityVyshni) art.9950882403-25sht; Aquolina Bath shower Gel Verbena 300 ml (Aquolina shower Gel Verbena) art.9953071840-42sht; Aquolina Body wash Sugar Cane and Coconut Milk 250 ml (Aquolina Gel d / soul trosnyk Sugar and Coconut Milk ) art.9950852401-20sht; Aquolina Bath shower Gel Mandarin & Fig 300ml (Aquolina shower Gel Mandarin and figs) art.9953311842-72sht; Aquolina Bath shower Gel GREEN TEA HARMONY 500 ml (Aquolina shower Gel Green Harmony) art.9952441464- 68sht, trade Flax mark AquolinaVyrobnyk Selectiva SpA. "ITALY0UA100070150.421304.121473
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Aromatyzatory Car air. Flavor pendant" "Freshso Coffeepaket" "Vanyl and coffee 108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Vyshnyas mynd.-108sht, Flavor pendant" "Coffee Freshso package" "Horyachyyshokolad-108sht; Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Cappuccino-108sht, Flavor pendant "" Coffee Freshso package "" Natural. Coffee 108sht; Aromatyzatorpodvesnoy meshochek "" Coffee Freshso "" Home pechene-20pcs, Flavor podvesnoymeshochek "" Coffee Freshco "" Kapuchyno- 50sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" FreshsoCoffee "" Montpensier, 4 pieces, flavoring pendant meshochek "" Freshco Coffee "" Naturalnыy coffee 30sht, Flavor pendant meshochek "" Freshso Coffee "" Pynakolada-50sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Babies Bubble Gum "" bubble-noise-240sht, Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" green tea-30sht , Flavor pendant kartonnыy "" Be Fresh "" Lime 35 pcs, Flavor podvesnoykartonnыy "" Smile "" The new machine-210sht, represents a product that is made of paper impregnated with aromas chnymy means or as a bag of aromatychnymyrechovynamy intended for flavoring or deodorization salonivavtomobiley air. Without alcohol content, not in aerosol packaging. TM FRESHCOVyrobnyk company "" Freshko "" RFKrayina production (RU) "RUSSIA0UA80717037.38434.753985
28/Apr/20173304990000"1.Thaving tonal cream Perfect tone / Matte foundation Perfect tone tonTeam beige 24ml art 6271 -78pcs Mother toning cream Perfect tone / Matte foundation Perfect tone tone Bright beige 24ml art 6272 -702pcs. Active tonal cream Perfect tone / Matte foundation Perfect tone Purple Beige 24ml Art 6273-78pcs Color Corrector for face / Color corrector Article 6181 15.4ml 6181 -576pcs Color Corrector for face / Color corrector Article 618215.4ml Art. 6182 -384pcs Color Corrector for face / Color corrector articulum 618315,4ml Art. 6183 -96p. Milk for body Iris and Ferns seriesOrangerie 100ml art. 858 5 -540pcs Face cream sunscreen SPF50 series LETO 50ml art 2057 -1080p. Rejuvenating serum Radical measure "Renovage" series 15ml art 0755-280pcs SOS gel correction point series "UltraClean Ultra Green" "15ml art 0883-450pcs Daily Cream Balance Series Air Stream Line Oxygen Balance 50ml Art 0212-648pcs Night Cream-Injector In Series of Air Stream Line Oxygen Receiver 50ml. 0217 -864p. Night cream cream of the cascading action series Matrigenic 50ml art.0759 -864pcs. Phyto Cream Night Cranberry & Pearl Flower BOTANICA Series 50ml Art. 0707-180p. Phyto-chemic night hollow & blemishes series BOTANICA 50ml art. 0763 -1980p. Cream restorative with arginine series Expert Pharma Homemade first aid kit 75ml art. 1676-324p. Milk for removing makeup Series Air Stream line Oxygen feed 200ml. 0202 -576 pcs. Spray-ice for the face of the series Air Stream line Legendary Stone 100ml art. 0205-2925pcs Phytosterite for the skin around the eyes Aloe Vera & Orange series BOTANICA15ml art. 0704 -1350pcsPhytosterite for the skin around the eyes of Zuravlina & Pearl Flower series BOTANICA 15ml art. 0708-900pcs.Phytosterol for the skin around the eyes Iglica & Rhodiola pink seriesBOTANICA 15ml art. 0712 -1650pcsPhytosterite for the skin around the eyes. Hops & Buckthorns BOTANICA series 15ml art. 0764 -1650pcsPhyto-serum AIR STREAMline series Oxygen Power 12ml art. 0210 -210p. Mask-detox series "Air Stream" line Oxygen Shadow 55ml art. 0236-240pcs. Face mask Aloe Vera & Oohneseeria BOTANICA 10ml Art. 0705 -3150pcsMask for face Cranberry & First Cats BOTANICA 10ml Art.0709 -3150pcs. Face Mask Iglica & Rhodiola Rozuverseria BOTANICA 10ml Art. 0713 -2100 pieces. Face mask Hop & Poppy Series BOTANICA 10ml Art. 0765 -700pcs.Cream for hands series "" VERBENA "" 75ml art. 0807-1620p. Cream mask for hands Anti-aging effect of a series of PRO-hands 50мл art. 2189-1440s. Nutrition balm for hands and nails The secret of Cleopatra SPA series 75ml art.2423 -450pcs. Foot Mask series ETNObotanica 50ml art. 2112 -5400pcs. Active cream for correction of the figure. Thermoeffect of the EXPERT series 150ml art. 1194-490pcs. Sorbet for the body "" Raspberry and white chocolate "" series "" Beauty cafe "" 100ml art.1821 -810pcs. Nourishing Cream for hands and feet "" Raspberry and white chocolate "" series "" Beauty cafe "" 75ml art. 1839 -4860p. Milk for body Strudel with ice cream series Beauty Cafe 200ml art. 2258-200pcs. "RUSSIA0UA1001102639.97619135.50193
28/Apr/20173307490000"1.Osvizhuvachi air packaged pow withsmall trade spray: Trade mark" "Symphony" ":" "Gorny air" "300 cm3, -4032sht." "Dushystaya Siren" "300 cm3, -6048sht." "Lavender and grapefruit "" 300 cm3, -4032sht. "" Morskoy breeze "" 300 cm3, -4032sht. "" svezhest rain "" 300 cm3, -4032sht. "" green tea "" 300 cm3, -2016sht. "" antytabak "" 300 cm3, -2016sht.Torhovelna mark "" Sunny Day "" "" rain of flight "" 300 cm3, -6048sht. "" Dreams About sea "" 300 cm3, -2016sht. "" Antytabak "" 300 cm3, -4032sht. "" breath of spring "" 300 cm3, -6048sht.Krayina production: RUVyrobnyk OJSC "" Aerosol Novomoskovsk ".". "RUSSIA0UA1001101235120721.10027
28/Apr/20176031200901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -DI BARB GREEN TRICK / diantus 060 cm 320sht.-Di Barb Green Trick / A1 / diantus 35 cm 120sht.-Di St Apple Tea / A1 / diantus 65 cm 160sht.-Di St Apple Tea / A1 / diantus 60 cm 20sht.-Di St Apple Tea / A1 / diantus 70 cm 160sht.-Di St Jodie / A1 / diantus 65 cm -60sht.-Di St Moonaqua (licht) / 70 cm diantus 160sht.-Di St Moonlight (donker) / 70 cm diantus 80sht.-Di St Std Lizzy Lo / diantus 55 cm 400sht.-Di St Vogue / A1 / diantus 60 cm - 160sht. Total: 1640 pcs. Net weight: 57 kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: OZ Export BV.NETHERLANDS1640UA1000105766.29091071
28/Apr/20176042090001.Lystya without flowers and buds suitable for bouquets or assembly ornamental purposes fresh / GREEN FRESH: Latin name: Baby blue / 48 / Lathyr / 70 / Beargrass / 307 / Eucalipthus / 329 / Chico / 645 / Cinerea / 394 / Lelipidm / 25 / Brunia / 320 / Cycas / 30 / Plumosus / 1 / Grevi / 40 / Fatsia / 300 / Robusta / 1 / Siergrass / 50 / Aralia / 2 / Green tee / 31 / Parvifoglia / 107 / Pistachia / 1535 / Monstera / 70 / Lederv / 412 / Protea / 185 / Ruscus / 1520 / Salal / 158 / Tee Pee / 477 / Pittosporum / 605 / Phoenix sp. / 1406 / Asparagus / 150 / Ozothamus / 60 / Aspid / 758 / Cuperus / 80 / Kaaps / 180 / Nicoly / 40 / Olijf / 13 / Tana / 50 / Total: 10399sht.Torhova mark there danyhVyrobnyk: nevidomyyKrayina production: NL. .NETHERLANDS0UA1252201247.881871.888141
28/Apr/20176031200901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -carn / pink 70 cm -1600sht.-Carnation dianthus st Goblin / pink 65 cm -360sht.-Dianthus / diantus 40 cm -210sht.-Dianthus br amazone neon cherry / diantus 60 cm -50sht.-Dianthus br green trick / diantus 50 cm 50sht.-Dianthus st apple tea / diantus 65 cm 20sht.-Dianthus st dark farida / diantus 65 cm 20sht.-Dianthus st goblin / 65 cm diantus -80sht. Total: 2390 pcs. Net weight: 83 kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: OZ Export BV.NETHERLANDS2390UA1000108396.52918053
28/Apr/20176031200901.Svizhi cut flowers suitable for bouquets assembly, from 1 November to 31travnya: -carn / pink 70 cm -1900sht.-carn / pink 50 cm -400sht.-Di Ba Aldo Green / A1 / diantus 50 cm 50sht.- DI BARB GREEN TRICK / diantus 80 cm 50sht.-DI BARB GREEN TRICK / diantus 50 cm 50sht.-Di Barb Green Trick / A1 / diantus 55 cm 40sht.-Di Barb Green Trick / A1 / diantus 60 cm 50sht .-Di Barb Sweet Will White Extra / A1 / diantus 60 cm -10sht.-Di St Cappucino / diantus 65 cm -20sht.-Di St Caroline Gold Lo / diantus 70 cm 20sht.-Di St Cover Wine / diantus 65 cm -40sht.-Di St Delphi Ig / diantus 70 cm -60sht.-Di St Goblin Green / diantus 65 cm -20sht.-Di St Golem Holl / A1 / diantus 60 cm 20sht.-Di St Lege Marrone / diantus 65 cm -40sht.-Di St Tico Tico Viol / diantus 65 cm 20sht.-Di St Viper / diantus 60 cm -20sht.-Di Star Snow Tess / diantus 65 cm -10sht.-Dianthus / diantus 65 cm -750sht.-Dianthus St Antiqua / diantus 65 cm 20sht.-Dianthus St Apple Tea / diantus 65 cm 20sht.-Dianthus St Sensi / A1 / diantus 60 cm 20pcs. Total: 3630 pcs. Net weight: 127 kh.Torhovelna Brand: No danyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: OZ Export BVNETHERLANDS3630UA100010127147.7011446
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Green Tea Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name ФОП Кузнєцов Станіслав Сергійович
Importer Address
м.Харків, проїзд Автоматний буд. 3
Product Description
1 Plants for open ground decorative live without f.........
HS Code 602904900Value 20693.65017
Quantity 0Unit UA305160
Net Weight 14406
Origin Country ITALY

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