Ukraine Import Data of Grape Oil | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grape Oil

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of grape oil collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of grape oil imports.

Grape Oil Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Grape Oil

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of grape oil. Get Ukraine trade data of Grape Oil imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20173305900000"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in plastic tubes and jars: EFFECT-COMPLEX for hair restoration (tuba cream mask and serum Royal Care) - 5pcs .; aroma balm against attack. Hair 200ml (tuba) new. - 90sht .; balm for normal hair 450ml olive - 90sht .; Balm PLYUSONDA hair 200ml (tuba) - 15sht .; hair balm egg yolk (450ml new. design) - 270sht .; hair balm TON mahogany shade 03 (tuba 100ml) - 100 pieces .; hair balm TON caramel shade 05 (100 ml tube) - 40sht .; hair balm TON shade 06 brown (tubes 100 ml) - 80sht .; hair balm shade 08 TON chocolate milk (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; hair balm TON shade 13 dark chocolate (100 ml tube) - 60sht .; hair balm TON ripe cherry shade 14 (100 ml tube) - 20pcs .; hair balm shade 16 TON pearl pink (100ml tube) - 40sht .; hair balm shade 17 TON Champagne (100ml tube) - 20pcs .; hair balm mo dtinku 18 TON silver-violet (100ml tube) - 200sht .; Balm for hair shade 19 TON silver (100ml tube) - 60sht .; Balm with Argan and Jojoba oils d / thin. and weakened. Vol. Zmits. and Restore. (450ml OIL) - 90sht .; Balm oils of olive and grape seed d / standards. Vol. Power and Protection (450ml OIL) - 54sht .; Balm-recovery thyme and sage for all types of hair (450ml In broth) - 162sht .; Balm-conditioner for shine and elast. Perfect hair 400ml - 72sht .; Conditioning Balm Protective stabiliz. for Zabara. and poshk. hair (500 mL TL HC) - 30sht .; Chamomile balm-conditioner for all hair types 450ml - 18sht .; Balm-lamination for all types of hair (380ml smooth and groomed) - 270sht .; Balm-mask for colored hair (350ml Color Care) - 32sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 450ml) - 36sht .; Balm-feeding for dry and poshk. Volos (buckthorn 200ml tube) - 45sht .; Balm stimulator to Improve. Perfect hair growth 400ml - 36sht .; Balzam- strengthening sweet and golden mustache hair slope. before prolapse (450ml In broth) - 162sht .; Balm-care standards for Rye bran. and slope. to greasy hair (450ml In broth) - 126sht .; Balm-dandruff care for all type. Vol. Perfect 400ml - 36sht .; BEAUTY Balm BB-12 1 indelible for all types of hair (100ml tube smoothly and UHOZHENN) - 243sht .; Volsheb. Spray recovery d / hair indelible. with oil and black cumin extreme. moringa (100 mL Morocco) - 15sht .; Hair styling wax 75ml TL - 96sht .; Gel UKL. hair wet effect MEN (nov.) 100 ml (tube) - 40sht .; Live Conditioning Balm beer hops cones d / zmits. and shine (450ml Tsil.rish.) - 54sht .; The complex asset-dandruff indelible 100ml (tuba) new. - 75sht .; Conditioner Wall. rapid biphasic indelible brilliance 150ml new. - 144sht .; Easy-care spray for all hair types absolute moisture, UV protection (100 mL hydro) - 45sht .; Lightweight balm with lime juice for hair (350ml Cucumber-Lime) - 48sht .; Easy-conditioner with milk "BELARUS0UA1250101223.823850.367436 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173401300000"1.Zasoby for washing the skin put up for retail sale, without aerosol packaging: bath concentrate feet (1000ml PRO Pedicure) - 8 pieces .; Vechirnyavanna foot of flavor. 250ml FOOT CARE - 18sht .; Shower Gel 400ml ORANGE - 40sht .; grapefruit shower Gel 400ml - 60sht .; shower Gel Green Apple (345ml Sweet moments) - 12p .; shower Gel 250ml olive - 60sht .; shower Gel FRANCE Romantic (345ml Happy moments) - Gel that 24sht .; clears to wash for combination to oily skin (Calendula 200ml) - 36sht .; gel with microgranules for washing face optimal purification (200 mL Belita Young) - 192sht .; EL cream that moisturizes and shower 400ml - 120sht .; shower gel for intimate hygiene 150ml (nov.) - 84sht .; shower gel to wash your hair and body for men MEN (nov.) 400 mL - 1710sht Hidrobalansuyuchyy gel .; shower body Absolute moisture (hydro 345ml) - 300sht .; cream shower gel oils and grape seed oils Self cleaning (430ml OIL) - 36sht .; foaming cream wash I f all skin types (250ml Seabuckthorn) - 156sht .; Mousse foaming face wash for all skin types (175ml SO Beauty) - 12p .; Foaming wash that cleans deep (175ml ACNE) - 60sht .; Pink d / washed. face with Argan and Jojoba oils Delikat. sewa. d / standards. and dry. Skin (250ml OIL) - 24sht .; Foam for intimate hygiene for a chutl. Skin (175ml intimate.) - 12p .; Pink daisy for washing 250ml - 84sht .; Pink make up remover "" 2 in 1 "" for fat. and regulations. LIFT Skin 150ml - 36sht .; Producer SP "" belite "" OOO.Torhovelna mark BIELITA.Krayina production BY. "BELARUS0UA1250101210.92024.771676
26/Apr/201733021040001.PRODUKTY, which is a mixture of arable land SUBSTANCES flavors designedto use in the production of beverages and contain all flavoring ingredients that give taste or flavor, char teryzuyut drink: Cherry art. P0604541, containing in its composition mixture of aromatic substances Propilenh likolE1520, ethanol, co ntsentrat cherry juice, water, Triatsetyn E 1518, diatsetynE1517, antioxidants alpha tokof Erol E307 -100kh. M`yata granules art.P061 5974, schomistyt composed of a mixture of arable land by substances, maltodextrin, Ch yukozy syrup, water, emulsifier E471, E Triatsetyn 1518 -100kh. Bergamot art. R0606275 containing incorporates a mixture of aromatic agents, re, antioxidant Alpha tokoferolE307-200kh. Tropic Art. R0609424scho contains in its composition mixture zapashnyhrechovyn, Three atsetyn E1518, E1520 propylene glycol anti-oxidant alpha tokoferolE307 -400kh. Ginger art. P0605065, containing in its composition zapashnyhrechovyn blend, vegetable oil, emulsifier E471, antioxidant and alpha-tokoferolE307-50kh. I bluko art. 042 P0650, containing in its composition fragrances, propylene glycol E1520, E 1518 Triatset Ying -50kh. Grapes art. P0614410, schomistyt composed of a mixture of fragrant substances x, E1520 Propylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, antioxidants alpha-tocopherol E307-400kh. Grapefruit granules art. P0615907 containing a mixture composed of arable land by substances, maltodextrin, syrophl yukozy, emulsifier E471, water, ethyl p pyrt, drugs containing tocopherol, P oslynna oil-50kg. Raspberry granules art. P0615758, inits composition comprising ish amounts of aromatic substances, maltodextrin, glucose op cheese, water, Triatsetyn E1518, E471 Emulha tor, antioxidant alpha-tocopherol E 307-200kh. Strawberry art. P0612835, Miss tit composed of fragrances, propylene glycol E1520, antioxidants alpha-tocopherol E307-250kh. Bergamot art.P061 4688, containing in its composition sumishza arable land agents, antioxidants alpha tokofe roll E307 -200kh. Orange art.P0603828 containing incorporates a mixture of fragrant substances x, antioxidants VNAE320, Antyok sydant alpha-tocopherol E307 -25kh. Berg ILO art. P0605694, schomistyt in his baggage blend with natural aromatic substances 200kg. Vanilla art. P0603018, containing in its composition fragrances, propyl enhlikol E1520, alcohol-100kg. Raspberry art.P0615758 granules, schomistyt composed of a mixture of aromatic substances, ma ltodekstryn, glucose syrup, water, Triats etyn E1518, E471 Emulsifier, Antyoksydan t alpha-tocopherol E307-50kh. Mustard art. P0606649, containing in its composition th fragrances, vegetable Ola I BHA antioxidant E320, E321 Antioxidant BHT -500kh. (99plastyk. Canisters. 16 cardboard. Box). Place - 115 (trademark: FREY + LAU Gmbh.Krayina production: DEVyrobnyk: FREY + LAU Gmbh.GERMANY0UA100010287545823.88211
24/Apr/20174202221000"1.TUALETNA WATER Toilette" "KYUIR vetiver" "100 ml. Art.16204-196sht, Toilette" "KYUIR vetiver" "50 ml. Art.16380-300sht, Toilette" "GREEN TEA" "100 ml . art.17670-220sht, Toilette "" flower DISCO "" 50 ml. art.21770-380sht, Toilette "" moments of happiness "" 50 ml. art.25295-168sht, Toilette "" Mandarin "" 100 ml . art.26889-780sht, Toilette "" sweet siren "" 100 ml. art.26964-594sht, Toilette "" How patency "" 75 ml. art.30229-24sht, Toilette "" NATYUR OM cedar and lime "" 75 ml. art.30663-300sht, Toilette "" NATYUR OM cypresses and grapefruits "" 75 ml. art.31495-390sht, Toilette "" HOT KELK Damur "" 75 ml. art.54234-52 8 pieces; Toilette "" HOHHAR "" 75 ml. Art.57260-400sht, toilet water "," Hom EVIDENS "" 75 ml. Art.68225-72sht, Toilette "" NATYUREL RELIFT "" 75 ml. Art.77108- 3360sht, Toilette "" NATYUREL Osmanthus "" 75 ml. art.78229-112sht, Toilette "" Bohemian chic "" 100 ml. art.86472-480sht, eau de toilette "" Letters Verbena "" 100 ml. art.87040 -528sht, Toilette "" BLACK veil "" 50 ml. art.87375-330sht, Toilette "" BLACK veil "" 100 ml. art.87444-84sht, Toilette "" Cherry Blossoms "" 100 ml. art.87691-330sht.ROZFASOVANO in glass bottles not aerosol products in an UPAKOVTSI.VAHA primary packaging, 2278.318 KG. Brand "" GROUPE ROCHER OPERATIONS "" trademark "" YVES ROCHER "" Country of France FR "CHINA60UA10021022.89295.4645944
24/Apr/201785364900901. Growth regulators: Uniflor B (10L) in the amount - 14,250 l / 1,425 canisters on 10L used for soil and leaf feeding. Makes it possible to prevent boron deficiency in important crops. The content of boron (B) - 11%, water-soluble (150g / l). In a complex Boron-ethanolamine. Designed for foliar feeding beet, canola, sunflower, grapes, fruit trees and others. Used in conjunction with other crop protection products, well attached to the surface of plant leaves as a sticking properties. Not aerosol upakovtsi.Vyrobnyk - SAS SDP. Trade mark - SDP. Country of FR. .CZECH REPUBLIC0UA10001034.94682.076088
20/Apr/20173304990000"1.Kosmetychni drugs (not in aerosol packaging in plastic containers): Moisturizing lotion, conditioner body, washed with oil nasinnyamyhdalyu" "deeply Power '' series AVON Nutra Effects, 250 ml art.F0673000-216sht (6 cor) ; Perfumed body lotion series AVON Alpha for Her, 150 mlart.F0685400-65 items (1 Cor), body Scrub "" Ripe strawberries "," series AvonNaturals, 200 ml art.F1238100-55 items (1 Cor); SPA Cleansing mask "" Turkish bath "" extract of clay and amber series AVON Planet Spa, mlart.F1271900-1400 75 pieces (10 corr), Two-phase tool for removing eye make up, seryyAVON Nutra Effects, 200 m l art.F1345300-80 unit (2 Cor) Viscous tonic for oblychchyaproty "" black spots "," series Clearskin, 100 ml art.F1517300-432 unit (6 corr) Moisturizing cream "" Primary Care " "Series Avon Men, 50 mlart.F1753000-140 items (1 Cor) Cream for hands, nails and cuticles '' Intensyvnadopomoha" "series AVON Care, 100 ml art.F1767600-1350 unit (15 corr) mask dlyaoblychchya" "Petals of roses. Syay in the "" series AVON Naturals, art.F1986400-140sht 75 ml (1 Cor); Facial Wash "" Spring water and celandine "" series Naturals, 100ml art.F2375200-72 items (1 Cor); Lotion Spray Body "" Exotic coconut ikarambola "" series AVON Naturals, 100 ml art.F2549200-616 pieces (8 corr); Oholodzhuyuchyylosyon Spray Foot "" exotic paradise "" series AVON Foot Works, 75 mlart.F3481200-700 unit (5 Kor); Moisturizing cream "" Aloe and Cotton "," series AVON Naturals, 75 ml art.F3993400-2700 unit (30 Kor); Intensyvnozvolozhuvalnyy Body Lotion with bee royal jelly series AVON Care, 400 ml art.F4139700-60 unit (2 Cor); Lotion Spray Body "" Sweet plum Ivanili "" series Naturals, 100 ml art.F4814000-924 unit (12 Kor); Antytselyulitnyylosyon Body "" Freedom of cellulite 5D "", a series Solutions, 150 mlart.F5377500-65 items (1 Cor); Soothing and refreshing hand cream, nail ikutykulы "" Green tea "" with green tea extract, a series AVON Care, 100mlart.F5409800-630 items (7 Kor); Face cream "" hips and Aloe "," series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6528500-360 unit (6 corr); Scrub feet with an extract of red berry smorodynyvanilna series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6599200-140 items (1 Cor); Dennyykrem Face "" Seabuckthorn and bearberry "" series Naturals, 50 ml art.F6685700-300sht (5 Kor); Cream of corns, series AVON Foot Works, 75 ml art.F6734200-4060sht (29 Kor); Regenerating gel feet with peppermint essential oil series AVON FootWorks, 75 ml art.F6758000-420 unit (3 Kor); Night cream for foot care ekstraktomlavandy series AVON Foot Works, 150 ml art.F6761300-594 unit (11 Kor); Dlyanih mask with clay and lavender extract, series AVON Foot Works, art.F6762100-280sht 75 ml (2 Cor); Body Scrub "" Chocolate pleasure "," series Naturals, 200 mlart.F7092500-220 unit (4 Kor); Face cream "" rose petals. Glow "," seriyiNaturals 75 ml art.F7241800-180 unit (2 Cor); Body Lotion "" Spokuslyvamarakuyya and peony '' series Naturals, 200 ml art.F7790100-225 unit (4 Kor); Eye Gel dlyashkiry "" Grapes and Wheat "," series Naturals, 25 "RUSSIA0UA1002102230.438832.377487
19/Apr/201733049900001. Cosmetic preparations for skin care, in addition to drugs: - art. VB1-1 - VIA BEAUTY placental-collagen facial mask with an extract of red caviar. Active lifting - 7500sht. - Art. VB1-2 - VIA BEAUTY placental Mask shark fat and olive leaf extract. Smoothing wrinkles - 9499sht. - Art. VB1-3 - VIA BEAUTY toning and moisturizing facial mask with an extract of coral and marine algae. Hydration - 8000sht. - Art. VB1-4 - VIA BEAUTY placental antioxidant face mask with an extract of grape. Slowing down the aging processes - 4000sht. - Art. VB1-5 - VIA BEAUTY inflammatory collagen facial mask with an extract Linchzhi. Recovery properties of the skin - 14000sht. - Art. VB1-6 - VIA BEAUTY anti-stress placental collagen facial mask with Bio-crystalline gold. Activation of cell regeneration - 4470sht. - Art. VB2-1 - VIA BEAUTY placental-collagen facial mask Hydrating with shea Gold Bio-oil and gold car ITE 2 stages with ceramides biozolota - 8500sht. - Art. VB2-2 - VIA BEAUTY placental-collagen facial mask Rejuvenation of Bio-gold and wheat proteins 2 stages with ceramides biozolota - 4000sht. - Art. VB2-3 - VIA BEAUTY collagen face mask, chin lifting of the active extract Swallow's nest and pearl powder 2 stages with ceramides biozolota - 9000sht. - Art. VB2-4 - VIA BEAUTY collagen facial mask Power and restoration of Tibetan ektraktom May 2 stages with ceramides biozolota - 14500sht. - Art. VB2-5 - VIA BEAUTY placental Mask Smoothing wrinkles with aloe 2 stages with ceramides biozolota - 5485sht. - Art. VB2-6 - VIA BEAUTY BOTO-face mask with Collagen Filler 2 stages with Boto collagen gel fillerom - 19000sht. - Art. VBE-1 - VIA BEAUTY Boto Mask Eye Effect 8 - 4500sht. - Art. VBE-2 - VIA BEAUTY Eye Mask with cucumber extract - 1000pcs. - Art. VBE-3 - VIA BEAUTY Boto Mask Eye Double Lifting Ca - 2000sht. - Art. VBN-1 - VIA BEAUTY Cleansing strips nose (3 + 1 pc.) - 42466sht. - Art. VBN-2 - VIA BEAUTY Cleansing nose strips for coal (3pc.) - 37100sht. - Art. VBN-3 - VIA BEAUTY Cleansing strips nose (7 + 1 pc.) - 26331sht. - Art. VBP-1 - VIA BEAUTY Purifying Mask Moisturizer with lifting effect 2 application - 12000sht. - Art. VBP-2 - VIA BEAUTY Purifying Mask aligning complexion, moisturizing effect of regeneration 2 application - 17500sht. - Art. VBM-1 - VIA BEAUTY Mud Mask Dead Sea Mud Cleansing, vidbiliyucha control the effect of fat for preventing wrinkles 2 application - 7500sht. - Art. VBM-2 - VIA BEAUTY Mud Mask Facial Hydrating Marine algae with lifting effect 2 application - 2000sht. - Art. VBE-4 - VIA BEAUTY Cosmetic cotton pads over his eyes with cucumber extract. Fatigue - 7000sht. - Art. VBE-6 - VIA BEAUTY collagen crystal eye mask - 10533sht. - Art. VBE-7 - VIA BEAUTY collagen crystal goldCHINA0UA5000308959.9286109.44237
18/Apr/201734011100001.Mylo solid in the form of bars, soap JOHNSON's® Body Care Vita Rich waking soap with grape seed oil, 125g JH VIT-RICH GRPESEED 125SP RU, art.1022800-6912up.Dytyache Soap Johnson's Baby PURE PROTECT, 100g JHB SOAP PURE PROT 100 RU, art.8249900-7920up.Mylo JOHNSON'S Body Care Vita Rich Regenerating extract of raspberry (with the scent of wild berries) 125g JH VIT-RI REPLEN SOAP 125G RU, art.8898700-13824up.Mylo JOHNSON'S Body Care Vita Rich extract from turning flowers pomegranate (pomegranate with flavor) 125g JH VIT-RI BRIGHT SOAP 125G RU, art.8898800-13824up.Ne containing ozone-depleting substances. Trade mark Johnson's, Johnson's BabyVyrobnyk Green Planet IndustriesKrayina production AE.UNITED ARAB EMIRATES0UA12513051128682.640848
18/Apr/20172106909200"1.Biolohichno active food supplement packaged for retail, not containing ethanol, not aerosol packaging: - Rhine" "Sol" "/ Rain SOUL, fluid in packages of 60 ml, 30 bags in a carton box art. 2014171, the number: 4320 upakovok.Sklad: water, concentrated juice of sugar cane, xylitol, a natural food flavoring grape seed powder, black raspberry, black cumin seed oil, grape seed powder Chardonnay, D-ribose, acidity regulator citric acid, xanthan gum thickener , natural food flavors jam pomegranate, passion fruit, natural food flavoring, acidity regulator lactic acid, resveratrol. - Rhine "" KOR "" / Rain CORE, fluid in packages of 30 ml, 30 bags in a carton box art.3004171, number 2520 upakovok.Sklad: water, concentrated juice of sugar cane, agave syrup, powder of seeds of milk thistle powder, lemon seed oil of black cumin, fermented sugar powder, chlorella powder, spirulina powder Mr. asinnya cranberry powder juice of wheat grass powder, dandelion root powder, cabbage leaves, lemon acid (adjustable tor acidity), xanthan gum (thickener), aloe vera powder (the inside of the leaf), malic acid (acidity regulator), natural flavor mint, lemon natural flavor, lactic acid (acidity regulator), sodium copper hlorofilin extract, lemon, steviya.Torhovelna mark RainVyrobnyk Innovative Flexpak for Rain International LLCKrayina production US "UNITED STATES0UA1001101283593221.99997
17/Apr/20176022010001.Dekoratyvni plodonosyaschi plants aged 3 years in pots with soil, in the open ground, grapes grafted or ukorinenyy dimensions 25-250sm vine Vitis Vinifera -36sht.Torhovelna Brand: No dannyhKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: No data.NETHERLANDS0UA1252202519.13400838
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Grape Oil Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Grape Oil Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Владіком"""
Importer Address
УКРАЇНА м. Київ вул. Лаврська 9, корп. 19
Exporter Name "СП ""Белита"" ТОВ"
Product Description
"1.Zasoby hair care without aerosol packaging in p.........
HS Code 3305900000Value 3850.367436
Quantity 0Unit UA125010
Net Weight 1223.82
Origin Country BELARUS

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