Ukraine Import Data of Gm Led | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gm Led

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gm led collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gm led imports.

Gm Led Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gm Led

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201739251000001. Spare parts for c / g technology plastic with a capacity of more than 300 l.Yemnist trailed sprayers, 1pc, № catalog 936769. Brand-AMAZONEN-WERKE H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG, torh.marka-AMAZONE. .GERMANY0UA4000302004126.944013 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178705908090"1.Samohidnyy type sprayer brand Dammann DT 2000H, working width 36m., Zav.nomer W09DT92146HD14130, 2006 r.vyp., A used - 1 sht.Yavlyaye a motor vehicle special purpose wheeled intended for use agriculture, diesel engine 150 kW engine number a 06 1 447 7640; drafted 5113 operating hours, number and include local driver - 1, the volume of the main tank 4000l., complete with a hopper for chemicals; working width of 36 m bar ., contains transmitting or transmitting and receiving prystroyiv.Vyrobnyk: HERBERT DAMMANN Gmb H.Torhovelna Brand: Dammann. Country of origin: DE.. "GERMANY1UA4010501023080758.71253
29/Apr/20177308909800The investment in the authorized capital: 1.Zbirnyy metal frame is made of galvanized pipe that is permanently installed and designed for installation silage containers of special technical textiles and to connect to predvspinyuvacha, air filters and other components of the production line of polystyrene blocks and slabs granules Foamed polystyrene. - 4 complex. Supplied unassembled. New. Manufacturer Bernsteiner GmbH, DE. Trademarks are not checked. .AUSTRIA0UA305210224734275.14984
29/Apr/201794033091001.Mebli furniture, wood (particleboard covered with melamine) zavvyshkyponad 80cm in unassembled: -VASD3080 cabinet with door-20pcs-VASD3100 cabinet with doors, 2 pcs-VASD4080 cabinet with door-11sht-VAHD6080 cabinet with door-mark 20shtTorhova HAWORTH. Manufacturer Haworth GmbH. Country of origin DE. .GERMANY0UA100010348011792.9885
29/Apr/20172811220000"1.Neorhanichni oxygen compounds of non-metals - silicon dioxide (SiO2), synthetic amorphous silica silicate inform opalyestsyruyuschoyi ridyny.Hel mark Ludox SK (SiO2), packed in plastic barrels for 2 249,43kh 1 pallet - as called 498,86kh.Vykorystovuyetsya adhesion agent for accurate modelnoholyttya.Harakterystyky: - the content of SiO2 - 25,2%; - pH 25C - 4,2; - specific gravity 15,5S (60F) - 1,177.Torhivelna mark: Ludox SK.Vyrobnyk: Grace GmbH & Co. KG..Krayina production: DE.. "GERMANY0UA401010498.861185.134011
29/Apr/20179405105000"1.Elektrychni lighting, yakipidvishuyutsya or are fixed on a wall or ceiling for home, office, lamps with glass shades processed designedto be used with halogen lamps rozzharyuvannyata, energy-efficient 35W-60W, operating voltage of 220V, (supplied without lamps complete with mount and instructions for installing Total = 127sht in t / h: Sculptured ice lampawiszaca chandelier, glass, halogen, art.888-20; Fisherman lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, b / l art.4301AB; Dragonfly lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, b / l art.1289-16; Bijoux plafon 10 chrom krysztal chandelier, glass, halogen, art.5541CC; Hanna plafon 8 chrom krysztal Luce ra, glass, halogen, art.3408-8CC; Hanna plafon 4 chrom krysztal chandelier, glass, halogen, art.3404-4CC; Waterfall lampa wiszaca chandelier, glass, halogen, art.6134-4CC; Lanterns lampa wiszaca 3chrom szklo chandelier glass, b / l art.3003-10CC; Blocs listwa 6 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, halogen, art.9886CC; Blocs kinkiet 1 czarny chrom szklo lamps, glass, halogen, art.9881BC; Saturn listwa 3chrom szklo chandelier, glass, halogen art.8763CC; Bathroom lighting 2 chrom polweglan lamps, glass, b / l art.8293CC; Sigma kinkiet 2 chrom akryl lamps, glass, b / l art.6711-2CC; Flush plafon 2 patyna szklo 30cm chandelier, glass, b / l art.4370; Brahama plafon 3 patyna szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.6580AB; Sassari lampa wiszaca 5chrom krysztal krotka chandelier, crystal, halogen art.6555-5CC; LED bar lights lampa wiszaca 35 stal szklo mrozone chandeliers Glass, LED, art.3725-40SS; Cartwheel lampa wiszaca 5 czarny kute zelanj chandelier, glass, b / l art.2425-5BK; Trinity plafon 7 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.3017-7CC ; Orion plafon 9 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.4139-9CC; Lanterns lampa wiszaca 3 chrom szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.2273CC; Indiana lampa kula wiszaca antyczny szklo chandelier, glass, b / l art.2020AM; Hanna plafon 8 chrom krysztal 13kg chandelier, glass, halogen, art.9598-8CC; Downlighters oczko 1 mrozone szklo spot lamp, glass, halogen, art.8050R-1CC; "CHINA0UA209180321.216578.949182
28/Apr/20178704219100"1 - SUV GATOR JOHN DEERE MODEL UV 855D CE = 1pc. INDENTYFIKATSIYNYY rooms, CHASSIS: 1M0855DEKGM114401. Diesel engines, 854SM cubic 3-cylinder, ENGINE ROOM: CH3009D274301. Rated power 16,1KVT / 21,9K.S. AT engine speed 3400OB / min. BODY NUMBER: Not available. Fuel tank 20,1L. speed of 0-52 km / h Curb Weight 1350KH; LOADS towed on a flat surface - 680KH, load capacity (including freight and passengers ) - 635KH, 4x4 wheeled FORM, WITH SIZE 1143h1320h305MM loading platforms, with additional equipment Electric elevating lower CG MECHANISM ZOVA reinforced PROTECTION RYSHITKY PAR, front wings and bumper. Number of SIDINNYA - 2 new. Year 2016 Model Year 2016 is designed to perform heavy work on farms, such as shipping, transportation, towed and others. In composed IS transmitter or transmitter and receiver. TRADE MARK: JOHN DEERE. PRODUCER: 'JOH N DEERE STONEHOUSE COMMERCE PARK'. "UNITED STATES1UA9010101306.0415213.97756
28/Apr/20178539311000"1.Lampy discharge, fluorescent, ztermokatodom, dvotsokolni, dlyazahalnoho lighting (household not yevybuhonebezpechnymy new): lampatrubchasta, tube diameter 16mm, napruha230V, 6 W power, light potik270Lm, cap G5, enerhospozhyvannya7kWh / 1000h: L 6W / 640 25X1 OSRAM art.A14652A1579, EAN: 4050300008899 - 200sht .; lamp tube diameter 16mm tube type cap G5, 230V voltage, power 39Vt, luminous flux 2850Lm, 6500K light t emperatura energy consumption 42kWh / 1000h, enerhospozh class A, light efficiency 75Lm / W: HO 39W / 865 20X1 OSRAM art.A27516C1079, EAN: 4050300591681 - 20 pcs .; lamp tube diameter pipes and 16mm type cap G5, voltage 230V, 8W potuzh ness, luminous flux 385Lm, energy 9kWh / 1000h: L 8W / 640 5X1 OSRAM art.A1369533379 2, EAN: 4050300008912 - 400sht .; hundred trubcha lamp, tube diameter 16mm, Type cap G5, 230V voltage: L 8W / 765 25X1 OSRAM art.A 8334430479, EAN: 4050300035475 - 600sht .; lamp tube diameter 16mm tube, you n cap G5, voltage and 230V: L 8W / 765 25X1 OSRAM art.A8334430479, EAN: 4050300 035475 - 500sht .; Country of origin: IT; The manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "ITALY1720UA12523060.7681100.946152
28/Apr/20178513100000"1.Light batteries are electric portable, with the help of its own sourceenergy (obl.potovoe, in the composition does not contain transmitters, receivers andaddition equipment): a portable lantern, LED 21sv.d, akamulyatornyj 3.6V1600mAH Ni-Mh, is charged from the network220V and 12V autocomplete , Light current of 90Lm, light temperature 6000K: LEDIL301 INSPECTION LAMP 10XBLI1 OSRAM art.AA572330155, EAN: 4052899009592 - 10pcs; portable lantern, LED 24 + 3pcs., With built-in power supply (3xAAA), light flux 2000Lm, light temperature 6000K, with magnet and hook: LEDIL202 INSPECTION LA MP 24XBLI1 1AOSRAM Art.AA572310255, EAN: 4052899009578 - 20pcs .; Lantern portable, LED, akamulyatornyj, charged from USB, AC, luminous sweep to 15Lm, voltage 3.6V, power 0.5W, light temperature 6000K LEDIL205 IN SPECTION LAMP 10XBLI 1A OSRAM Art. AB439380055, EAN: 4052899424951 - 300pcs; Country of production: CN; Manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM.CHINA0UA12523024.021384.226317
28/Apr/20178433510000"1-propelled harvesting combines. Harvesters: CLAAS Lexion 670- 1pc, New. Year 2017. Machine number: C7400441 number of engine: PK3S0005N00373BTehnichni data Engine PERKINS 2206D K, power 308/419 kW / hp. (By ECE R120). Amnesty grain tank 11000l., reinforced. two-stage reduktoroborotiv beater, extraction of dust from the inclined camera podribnyuvachsolomy STANDART CUT, tilt the camera - AUTOCONTOUR, electric rehulyuvannyadeflektoriv solomorozkydacha. Versatile set of tools. Tehnichnadokumentatsiya. parts catalog, instruction manual. Tires ne edni800 / 70R32 175A8, tires rear 500 / 70R24 IMP 8 LX275. Set conversion naobmolot corn. Drive console standard capacity of 80 kW., farkopavtomatychnyy, TELEMATICS Basic, supplies if perevynnya permissible shyrynybilshe 3 m. partially unassembled (wheels, 4 pieces .) for transportuvannya.Torhovelna brand: CLAAS.Vyrobnyk: "" CLAAS Selbstfanrende Erntemaschinen GmbH "" firm CLAAS KGaA GmbH. Country of origin: DE. "GERMANY1UA12528015067.292210784.5556
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Агро-Гарант Україна"""
Importer Address
Черкаська обл., Золотоніський р-н, с .Піщане, вул.Коробченка,15.Україна.Україна.
Exporter Name Heinrich Schroder Landmaschinen KG
Product Description
1. Spare parts for c / g technology plastic with a.........
HS Code 3925100000Value 4126.944013
Quantity 0Unit UA400030
Net Weight 200
Origin Country GERMANY

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