Ukraine Import Data of Glass Tray | Ukraine Import Statistics of Glass Tray

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of glass tray collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of glass tray imports.

Glass Tray Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Glass Tray

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of glass tray. Get Ukraine trade data of Glass Tray imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/201773239300001. Domestic steel products from koroziynostiykoyinerzhaviyuchoyi: Flask, Art.: 61040 / 500sht., 61041 / 400sht., Trademarks - JACK DANIELS61032 / 200sht., 61039 / 300sht., 61037 / 1000pcs., 61033 / 3000sht., 61038 / 1000pcs ., 61049 / 1200sht., 61025 / 500sht., 61024 / 500sht., 61064 / 200sht., 61065 / 300sht., 61066 / 300sht., 61067 / 300sht., 61068 / 300sht., 61075 / 200sht., 61076 / 200sht ., set of 4 cups (in a case kozh.zam) art.61060 / 1600sht., set of 6 cups (in a case kozh.zam) art.61061 / 200sht., folding cup, art.61062 / 200sht., set: flask, 2 cups and knife in a cover (stainless steel, kozh.zam.) art.61020 / 50sht., Trademarks - no danyhVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD set: water bottle, cup and funnel 4, Ref.: 61009 / 120sht. , 61011 / 80sht., 61012 / 120sht., 61014 / 80sht., 61001 / 240sht., 61002 / 300sht., 61003 / 180sht., 61004 / 180sht., 61006 / 360sht., 61007 / 120sht., 61008 / 120sht. , 61036 / 180sht., 61044 / 120sht., 61069 / 180sht., 61070 / 180sht., 61071 / 180sht., set: flask, 3 cup and funnel (stainless steel) Ref.: 61072 / 180sht., 61073 / 180sht., Trademarks - GT stones ik - YONGKANG CITY GUOTAI STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER FACTORYna production areas LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD set, flask, funnel and 4 cups (stainless steel) art.61016 / 240sht., Trademarks - JACK DANIELS set, flask, funnel and 4 cups (stainless steel) art.61031 / 120sht., Trademarks - JIM BEAM kit, water bottle, two glasses, and lighter Lake, art.61074 / 180sht., Trademarks - no danyhV robnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD Set: water bottle, 2 glasses, lighter, funnel (stainless steel) art.61077 / 20pcs., Trademarks - GT Manufacturer - YONGKANG CITY GUOTAI STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER FACTORYna production areas LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD Flask in a cover (stainless steel, kozh.zam) Ref.: 61078 / 200sht., Trademarks - no danyhVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD61079 / 200sht., Trademarks - GT Manufacturer - YONGKANG CITY GUOTAI STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER FACTORYna production areas LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTD set of cups in a case 4 pieces (stainless steel), art. 61063 / 1000pcs., Trademarks - no danyhPopilnychka (metal) art.33116 / 180sht., Trademarks - Country ASHTRAY production - CNVyrobnyk - LINYI BAOZHEN TRADE CO., LTDCHINA0UA5001003314.158191.199932 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201773269040001.Vyroby metalliv.Piddony of black steel carrying goods used in the preparation and transportation of construction formwork, new (not for goods from glass): Doka stacking tray 1,55h0,85mart.586151000-Count-1am. Doka pallet for shtabelyuvannya1,55h0,85m art.586151000-Count-1sht.Doka tray dlyashtabelyuvannya 1,20h0,80m art.583016000-Count-2sht.Vyrobnyk: Doka Gmbh Country of HU. Trade mark Doka Die Schalungstechniker.HUNGARY0UA100040158299.4807855
28/Apr/20177013379900"1.Posud table drinking glass, without any inscriptions and drawings mehanichnovyhotovlenyy, HOST30407-96: Mugs for beer" "Minden" "art.02s1010-1890sht, glass" "Kristall" "art.05s1240-2700sht, glass" "Sketch" "art.05s1243-2700sht, mug" "Minden" "art.05s1254-840sht, glass" "Ode" "art.05s1256-48-2880sht, glass '' Sydney '' art.05s1268-2700sht, glass" "Kristall" "art.06s1289-48-5760sht, glass" "Tulip" "art.07s1088-36960sht, glass" "Smooth" "art.07s1140-3024sht, Mug of tea for" "Gracia" "art.13s1649 250 ml / 0-30000sht, Manufacturing Country - Russia (RU), the manufacturer - the company "" Opytnyi Glashütte "" brand - the company "" ORC "". places- 54; shtuk- 89454; Packaging - 2772 cardboard trays with plastic wrap obtyahnenyh 54 wooden pallets.. "RUSSIA89454UA10106018019.00815589.21766
28/Apr/20177020008000"1.Santehnichni glass. Boxes showers (consisting of acrylic tray, door glass, acrylic roof mounted loudspeaker lamp hood (fan), the rear wall of glass with built jets irozvodkoyu pipes to supply water from the normal water supply, dushovyhaksesuariv (drain tube siphon tray), decorative panels bill, el.panel management functions (the ability to connect the phone and CD) metalevyhnizhok floor standing, fasteners box, cardboard packaging, in rozibr nomu state): WH -263 (ZQ-263) (1000X1000X2150) CHROME TRIPLE STRIPEGLASS 3pc .; Cabs shower for bathing without hydromassage system without electric pump (consisting of acrylic tray with glass doors, shower accessories: zlyvnatrubka, siphon, pallet), metal legs for installation on the floor, kartonnepakuvannya in disassembled state): WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 200sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME GREY 129sht. WH-168 (900 * 900 * 1800) CHROME TEA 130sht.; WH-August 16 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 82sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME GREY120sht. WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY ROOUND FLOWER 270sht.; WH-113 (LP-113) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY SQUARE FLOWER 270sht .; WH-913 (LP-913) (900X900X1850) CHROME GREY 99sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 22sht.; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 65sht .; WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME TEA120sht .; WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROME PEAR 170sht. WH-178 (900X900X1850) CHROMEGREY 130sht. WH-168 (800 * 800 * 1800) CHROME PEAR 30sht .; WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME PEAR 199sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME GREY 145sht. WH-921 (900X900X1900) CHROME TEA 139sht .; Plumbing glass. Parts dokabin and shower boxes: glass shower doors: WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR40sht .; WKA-5002 (800 * 1850) CHROME MAT 40sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR50sht .; WKA-5002 (900 * 1850) CHROME MAT 50sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME MAT44sht .; WKA-5002 (1000 * 1850) CHROMECLEAR 30sht .; WKA-5006 (1200 * 1850) CHROME CLEAR45sht..Vyrobnyk: HANGZHOU KINGSUN IMP. AND EXP. CO., LTD.Krayina production CN.Torhivelna mark WATER HOUSE. "CHINA0UA12525080289151218
28/Apr/20178418999010"1.Chastyny ​​exclusively for use in household tavstanovlennya tehnikuVESTFROST, parts of refrigerators: Dveriholodylnoho 20744364-1sht love art, display panel 32028286-1sht art, art 32028972-1sht management fee, fee / Power 910WH- art 32029386-1sht, fee / Power 243 32029655-3sht art, fee management / 243 32029656-1sht art; Paraboloyidnyy reflector (VF GRAY) art42015346-20sht, flap / 391 42023869-5sht art; Overlay drawer refrigerator middle / 405 42039663-8sht art, temperature control knob / 370 art 42068390-1sht, Door shelf SW350M 42079277-15sht art, art 42079282-5sht Door shelf, drawer cover morozylnoh department / 405 had 42079291-15sht art, freezer box lid love / art 405 42079292-57sht; Ice tray / 405 42079294-10sht art, glass shelf lining on front / 405 42111881-150sht art, overlays on the glass shelf back / 405 Art 42111882-150sht, box refrigeration love / art 42111885-3sht 405, box refrigeration love / art 405 42111891-3sht, Container / art 823 42127817-2sht, Cree shka vegetable basket / 540T 42128225-1sht art; Bottle Rack Door / 566CUBE 42128397-1sht art; Container cooler / 640 42143873-1sht art; Trademark VESTFROST Producer VESTEL TICARET AS "TURKEY0UA12522071.88652.6098591
28/Apr/201770200080001.Vyroby glass, accessories microwave ovens, glass tray to modeliMW5694W / XAC kat.№DE74-20015G -20sht., Glass tray to model MW5694W / XACkat.№DE74-20015G-59sht., Glass doors to the model BFN1591G / BWT kat.№DG64-00137D -2sht. .MALAYSIA0UA12511086.65162.6981148
27/Apr/20173004900000"1.Liky for people to put up for retail torhivli.Seriya 70709TB22: HEPTRAL® lyophilized powder for solution for injection 400 mg, 5 glass bottles with powder and 5 vials of solvent (L-lysine, sodium hydroxide, water for others 'injection) in 5 mL of charunkoviy outline package; 1 contour charunkoviy packing in a cardboard box - 1500 pack. (active substance - 1,4-ademetionina butandysulfonat) Manufacturer: Famara Lyehl, FR.Seriya 25531: DRYPTAN® tablets of 5 mg, in 30 tablets in a blister, 1 blister in a carton pack 100 korobtsi-. (active ingredient - oxybutynin hydrochloride) Manufacturer: Retsyfarm Fontaine, FR.Seriya 643726: DUSPATALIN® extended release capsules, hard to 200mg, 15 capsules in blister, 2 blisters in carton packs korobtsi- 1800. (active ingredient - mebeverin hydrochloride) Manufacturer: Maylan Laboratories SAS , FR.Seriya 26081: TRAYKOR® 145MH, tablets, film-coated shell to 145 mg 10 tablets in a blister, 2 blisters in a carton pack 216 korobtsi-. (active ingredient - Fenofib RAO) Manufacturer: manufacture in bulk: Irish Lab Fournier Limited, IE, packaging, production and batch control, Retsyfarm Fontaine, FR. 644172 Series: FIZIOTENS® tablets, film coated shell on 0.4mh, 14 tablets in a blister; 1 blister in carton packs korobtsi- 2200. (active ingredient - moxonidine) Manufacturer: Production cycle: Maylan Laboratories SAS, FR. "FRANCE0UA125030278.139678136.14987
27/Apr/201785169000001.Chastyny ​​household microwave ovens and minihlibopichok LG: nakladkaplastykova buttons microwave models MH6349BS art.MFM61849402-1sht., Plastic pad with buttons microwave oven model MH-6346QMart.MFM30387304-1sht., Door of a microwave art.ADC74905714-1sht. , glass tray for microwave dishes art.3390W1G012B, 2 pcs., Country vyrobnytstva- CNTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc. .CHINA0UA1000103.0316.23987415
27/Apr/20177010904300"1.Plyashka (pitcher) with clear glass for beverages, 0.5 liter, GOST R53921-2010 stations 01536056-001-2007: BOTTLE yzbestsvetnoho glass type AC-163-500-SLEKLekar -3016sht, BOTTLE yzbestsvetnoho glass, type AC-71-500-SHRDHrafyn DiO -1980sht, Manufacturing Country - Russia (RU), producer - OJSC "" Sytall "" brand - JSC "" Sytall. ' "seat-7, 4996 pieces, packaging - cardboard trays, obtyahneni film 7 wooden pallets.. "RUSSIA4996UA1010601958.8841.3405666
27/Apr/20177010904300"1.Plyashka (pitcher) with clear glass for beverages, 0.5 liter, GOST R53921-2010, STO90550052-001-2015: BOTTLE IZ bestsvetnoho steklatyp P-31A-500 Lednykovoe Lake -3240sht, Manufacturing Country - Russia ( RU), producer - JSC "" Strategy "," brand - JSC "" Strategy "." Places 2, 3240 pieces, packaging - cardboard trays obtyahneni film 2 wooden pallets.. "RUSSIA3240UA1010601296608.3991666
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Glass Tray Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Glass Tray Importer Sample

Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""СІНТАЛ ГРУП"""
Importer Address
03141 м.Київ, вул.Миколи Амосова, буд. 4,офіс 2
Product Description
1. Domestic steel products from koroziynostiykoyin.........
HS Code 7323930000Value 8191.199932
Quantity 0Unit UA500100
Net Weight 3314.15
Origin Country CHINA

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