Ukraine Import Data of Glass Road | Ukraine Import Statistics of Glass Road

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of glass road collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of glass road imports.

Glass Road Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Glass Road

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of glass road. Get Ukraine trade data of Glass Road imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20179405409100"1.Svitylnyky for street lighting (lighting places zahalnohokorystuvannya under" "yizdiv and gate) for use with incandescent lamps with shades made of glass, supplied without lamp complete with mount and Installation instructions: Lampa ogrodowa slupek 1 Broadcast for street (column), art.1264 = 8 pieces. "CHINA0UA20918024.8171.6105706 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179001504100"1. Medical products: plastic lenses for glasses, vision schokoryhuyut: spherical and tsylyndrychna odnofokusna ophthalmic lens treated on both sides for korehuvannyazoru: SEIKO CURVED BC4 1.67 SUN BROWN75% Kategorie 2 SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat-2 pcs; SEIKO CURVED BC4 1.67 SHADE BROWNVL 70-20% Kategorie 2 SCC / SEIKOSuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO CURVED BC4 1.67 DEEP GRAY 80% Kategorie 2 MSS / MirrorSilver + SCC inside -2sht; SEIKO CURVED BC4 1.67 SUN GREY VL 75-30% Kategorie 2SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO COMPUTER Xt 1.60 D1.5 SRB / SEIKOSuperResistantBlue -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 SUN GREY VL 85-40% Kategorie 3 ISC / InnerSuperClean -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 SUN BROWN VL 85-40% Kategorie 3 ISC / InnerSuperClean -2sht; SEIKO CURVED BC4 1.67 SUN BROWN VL 85-40% Kategorie 3SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO COMPUTER Xt 1.60 D1.0 NEAT BROWN VL 20% Kategorie 1 SCC / SEIKO Su perCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS Transitions Brown /Tr.Br./ TB SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 RCC / SEIKO RoadClearCoat-2 pcs; SEIKO 1.67 AS SR B / SEIKO SuperResistantBlue -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 Transitions Grey / Tr. Gr./ TG SCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS Transitions Grey /Tr.Gr./ TGSCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht; SEIKO COMPUTER Xt Tribrid D1.0 SRB / SEIKOSuperResistantBlue -2sht; SEIKO 1.60 AS Transitions Grey / Tr. Gr./ TGSCC / SEIKO SuperCleanCoat -2sht, present graphical labeling trademark manufacturer SEIKO SEIKO Optical Europe GmbHKrayina production DE "GERMANY32UA1002900.6081020.637929
27/Apr/20178703319010"1. passenger car, a used RENAULT MEGANE model, body number (VIN) VF1KZ1G0248172319zahalna number of seats including the driver - 5, wheel formula 4x2, Vdv. = 1461 cm3, calendar year 2012, the date of first registration 03/01/2013 , model year 2012, diesel engine type, engine number - D306700, power - 81 kW, body type - Universal.Pryznachennya vehicle - to transport people on public roads. It does not contain some kind of transmitter or transmitters and pryymachivNayavni damage, signs of life: Contamination of the interior, in tertist seat, traces of oil on the engine damaged body colors perimeter rear bumper, chipped front, rear glass, signs of corrosion on pidmotorniy frame, brake disks, damaged wheels, dark chrome details kuzova.Krayina Country of origin FR FR Brand "" RENAULT SAS "". Trademark: "" RENAULT "".. "FRANCE1UA11208013845570.152345
27/Apr/201770182000001. Glass microcells in the size from 100 to 600 micrometers (from 0,100mm to 0,6mm): GLASS BEADS 100-600 H (H32-11-30R-A-1) - 20,00tn. Packed in paper bags of 25kg. Total 20 pallets. Used to provide reflective properties to lines of horizontal marking of roads. Manufacturer: INTERMINGLASS Sp. Z oo, Poland. Brand: IMG. .POLAND0UA1101502000011401.99984
26/Apr/201787032290101. The car automobile passenger, a used brand FORD modelFUSION SE / 1pc, body number (VIN) - 3FA6P0HD3ER253839 engine room - no data, chassis number - no data, the total number of seats, including the driver - 5 typdvyhuna gasoline type body - 4dr Sedan engine cylinder capacity: 1498sm3, calendar year 2014 model year 2014 kolisnaformula: 4x2, Purpose: transportation of people on the roads zahalnohokorystuvannya. Auto operation and has signs of damage: Front bumper vzbori with grill, hood, front fenders, headlight left, rear right wing, dveripravi back and front, curtain airbags and a driver left, front panel, front left wheel arkakryla glass wind vikna.Torhovelna mark - FORD.Krayina production - Mexico MX.Vyrobnyk - FORD MOTOR COMPANY. Unloaded from container BSIU9328596. .MEXICO1UA5006201554.462494.999849
26/Apr/20178711500000"1.Mototsykl brand HARLEY-DAVIDSON, model FLTRX Road Glide-1pc, VIN: 1HD1KHM12GB618594 which was damaged in use and no strollers zporshnevym engine internal combustion him crank fur anizmom irobochym cylinder capacity engin una 1690sm3, cal. year 2016, od.rikvyhotovlennya of 2016, places sydi ting-2 engine-room has no data of damaged, front right blinkers frustrated with fixing, korpusmaye damage as zchesiv surface and repairs are not provided, and the right korpusperemykach damaged as zches s surface D Online unforeseen, handle right damaged in the lateral part of vidsutnistyufrahmenta, the ignition key I missing, damaged, glass windscreen assembly zkronshteynom shell gearbox, cover the right trunk frame difficult deformov Ana withformation zhyba in veredniy parts and in the direction from right to left curve Protective aperednya displaced difficult n distorted on the entire surface, the seat has rynuvannya obyvok to the lack fragment a cover for Cova was located right in the area avariynyhdiy missing; twisted: n idnozhky bracket front right, kollektorvypu sknyy, exhaust pipe, exhaust system panel; zadniydeformovan balance, re mount is not provided; Bank nahodylas in zones and emergency action is not available; Human shifted second muffler difficult strain; mayeposhkodzhennya fuel tank to form this deformation and violation of the LCP, plug in front of borimaye traces of contact with foreign pre DMetI to form zhybiv oblytsyuvanpoverhni requires diagnostics; shkodzhennya have to LCP as schesivpoverhni: the right side of the front fairing, the front wing, lower chastynybahazhnykiv left and right, left trunk lid; unloaded from konteyneraGVCU5118204Vyrobnyk HARLEY DAVIDSON MOTORS CO, LTD. Trademark: HARLEY-DAVIDSON, of a production: US "UNITED STATES1UA8072003851169.789972
26/Apr/20177007212090"1.Avtosklo used in motor vehicles, multilayer, safe (triplex): Glass windshield lobove.Sklo 2426AGNBL BMW 5 SER E34 86-; WS GNBL --1sht., Windshield glass 2431AGNGNV BMW 3 SER E36 / 5 GF WS GRN --2sht., windshield glass 3741AGN1B FIAT IVECO DAILY II 99- --2sht., windshield glass 4621ACL LEYL ROADR 84-; WS CL --1sht., windshield glass 7246AGSBL6Z RENAULT KANGOO 11/2001; WS GN SOLAR BL 6 - 1pc., windshield glass 8306AGNGNV TOYOTA L / CRUISER / WS GNG / UA 98 1 --3sht., windshield glass 8310AGN1C TOY YARIS 00-; WS GN 1C --1sht., windshield glass 8323AGNV75 8323AGNV1P TOY RAV-4 00-; WS GN VIN 1B --2sht., windshield glass 8367AGNGN TOYOTA HI-LUX 2D 4D PU 05- --5sht., windshield glass 8533AGN VW GOLF II / JETTA 83-91; WS GN --2sht., windshield glass 3363AGS1P SUZUKI SX4 SUV 2006- --1sht., windshield glass 3739AGNH V1P FORD TRANSIT 2006- --3sht., Windshield glass 6046AGSMV1B NISSAN TILDA VISA 2007- --1sht., Windshield glass 5661AGNBL1C MITS SHOG 04-; WS GNBL 1C --2sht., Windshield glass 8603AGSVWZ VW POLO 2009; WS GN SOLAR VIN HWARE ENCAP --1sht .; manufacturer Pilkington Automotive Poland Sp.z oo; trademark Pilkington; Country of CN "CHINA0UA100110280.791485.388613
26/Apr/201787033290101.Poshkodzhenyy passenger Passenger car rskyy for passenger and touse the roads zah.korystuvannya vnutrishnoho combustion engine izzapa wording of compression, was used either brand MERCEDES-BENZ, modelGLE - 1. VIN 4JGDA0EB0GA729866 engine type - diesel, V-2143sm3, potuzhnist- 150 kW, Euro 5 engine room - no data, the total number of seats dlyasydinnya, including the driver - 5 calendar year - 2016 model year - 2016, the body - Universal color - white, kolisnaformula 4x4. Damaged by expert MoV WCU: Bumper front vzbori, grille assembly, locking the bonnet assembly, block headlight left in the congregation block headlight right to collect, pidkrylok front left, pidkrylok front right panel front end assembly, glass windows windscreen, windscreen washer - destroyed datchykradara front - was in the area of ​​emergency actions, destroyed, damaged hood - removed from fixing difficult strain on the entire surface with formation and bending back toward the front, hood insulation - damaged zdeformatsiyeyu ma preliminaries, wing front left - shifted from fixing deformed in the front of the surface complex geometric form, according to [5] should be replaced wing front right - shifted from fixing deformed in the front of the surface complex geometric form, according to [5 ] should be replaced, front passenger airbag - worked in momentDTP dashboard (top) - destroyed by spratsovuvannyapodushky passenger safety front, driver's knee airbag - worked intime accident radiator system conditioning - deformed, damaged remenibezpeky - worked at the time of the accident, the airbag driver front - spratsyuvalav the time of the accident, the steering column and steering wheel - according to [8] should be replaced, result of operation of airbags driver front, radiator systemyoholodzhennya - deformed, damaged an electric assembly -deformovanyy damaged, naduvochnoho cooler air (intercooler) -deformovanyy, damaged audio devices - were in the area avariynyhvplyviv destroyed, damaged front door left - deformed in peredniyverhniy part to form a bend on a plot measuring about 50x50 mm shift inthe wing front left, front right door - has poshkodzhennyaLFP in front, in a landslide wing front right, engine -perebuvav in the area of ​​emergency actions, contact mounted units with others rescue damaged parts, requires diagnosis, the car body (otvirkapota) - as a result of accidental impact car body was skewed pootvoru kapota.Krayina production: DE.Torhivelna mark: Mercede s-Benz.Vyrobnyk: Mercedes-Benz.GERMANY1UA8071902280.6613129.81998
25/Apr/20173210009000"1.Komponent A two-component cold plastic holodnohoplastyku: 43-1010-210HXS Bascoplast fine BA 10 white 100: 1-20800 kg 13 containers (containers) to 1600kg -yavlyaye a mixture of acrylic polymers, fillers, calcium carbonate, sand, glass beads ), titanium dioxide, etc.) bag does not contain rozchynnyka.Vykorystovuyetsya for applying road rozmitky.Komponenty supplied separately and mixed immediately before nanesennyam.Torhovelnamarka: "" BASLER "". Producer: "" BASLER LACKE AG "" - Shveytsariya- (CH). Country of origin: Shveytsariya- (CH).. "SWITZERLAND0UA1021502080041061.85018
24/Apr/20178703231930"1. Component A of two-component cold plastic plastic cold plastic: 43-1010-210HXS Bascoplast fine BA 10 white 100: 1-20800 kg in 13 containers (containers) of 1600 kg - is a mixture of acrylic polymers, fillers of calcium carbonate, sand, glass beads ), Titanium dioxide, etc.). It does not contain solvent. It is used for road marking. The components are supplied separately and mixed immediately before application. Brand name: "BASLER." Manufacturer: "BASLER LACKE AG" - Switzerland - (CH). Country of production: Switzerland - (CH). "JAPAN1UA125160168018439.04899
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Glass Road Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Glass Road Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне підприємство ""Арт-Енерго"""
Importer Address
Сокільники вул. Скнилівська ,2181130 Пустомитівськийр-н Львівська обл.
Exporter Name MIVIENA Sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
"1.Svitylnyky for street lighting (lighting places.........
HS Code 9405409100Value 171.6105706
Quantity 0Unit UA209180
Net Weight 24.8
Origin Country CHINA

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