Ukraine Import Data of Gland Pump | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gland Pump

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gland pump collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gland pump imports.

Gland Pump Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gland Pump

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20177326909890"1.Vyroby ferrous metal - part of that is structurally and functionally designed exclusively to single-stage centrifugal pumps double entry for pumping water and similar to its viscosity and chemical activity such liquids ID: sealing ring pump VD250-125 - 8 pieces., preventive plug to pump VD250-125 - 10pc., preventive plug to pump VD800-56A - 10pc., ring gland to pump VD800-56A - 10pc., labyrinth ring to the pump VD800-56A - 6 pcs., cone sleeve to the pump VD800- 56A - 10pc., Manufacturer - VIPOM JSC; Country of origin - BG; Torhilelna mark - VIPOM. "BULGARIA0UA100110761525.727048 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178413910090"1. Spare parts for centrifugal, immersion, multistage pumps for pumping clean, chemically aggressive waters: - to pump E4X35 / 7 + MC41-8 (308,165 / 3 + 0100): - 330918- E4XP-92 poz.11 with ' unity valve -1sht, -410174- E4XP35-5 poz.1 wheel working -7sht, -330807- E4XP-143 poz.15 -1sht seal glands, -430286-E4XPM-68 poz.6 liner bearing shaft pump -1sht - 411325- E4XP / 1-10 pos. 3 spacer sleeve -1sht, -450508- E4XS1-75 poz.9 cover -1sht, -450569- E4XP / C-220 poz.22 spacer sleeve shaft -1sht, -450290- E4XP- 203 pos. 17 protection from sand -2sht - to pump E4XP35 / 7 + MC41-8 (308,165 / 4 + 0026): -330918- E4XP-92 poz.11 connection valve -1sht, -411325- E4XP / 1 -10 poz.3 washer -1sht sleeve, -330807- E4XP-143 poz.15 -1sht seal glands, -450290- E4XP-203 poz.17 protection from sand -2sht, -430508- E4XS1-75 poz.9 cover -1sht, -450569- E4XP / C-220 poz.22 spacer sleeve shaft -1sht, -430286- E4XPM-68 poz.6 liner bearing shaft pump -1sht - to pump E4XP35 / 7 + MC41-8 (314,861 / 2 + 0090) /: -411,325 - E4XP / 1-10 poz.3 spacer sleeve -1sht, -430286- E4XPM-68 poz.6 liner bearing shaft pump -1sht, -410174- E4XP35-5 poz.1 wheel working -7sht, -450290- E4XP-203 poz.17 protection from sand -2sht, -450569- E4XP / C-220 poz..22 spacer sleeve shaft -1sht, -330918 "ITALY0UA12502075.619043.782651
19/Apr/20178487909000"1. cuff BAB3SL05 40,0 62,0 6,0 595 - 1360SHT., Cuffs BAB2SL 38,0 50,0 6,0 902 - 700SHT., Cuffs BABSL05 50,0 72,0 7,0 595 - 160SHT. Glands (MASLOUSCHILNYUVALNE ring) is a steel ring on which surface METHOD vulcanization coated sealing LAYER NEZATVERDILOYI nonporous rubber. ADDITIONAL SEALS ensured by coil springs, WHICH put on rubber parts. used to prevent leakage of grease and AS anther. Designed for sealing gear oils, hydraulic and motor oil in Gear pump, used in various C / machines H.MATERIAL 75FKM 595 (FTORELASTOMER, is a NEZATVERDILU, non-porous vulcanized rubber with quality indicators resistance at high temperature and chemical stability, resistance to cracking, gas barrier low) .MATERIAL 72 902 NBR (butadiene-AKRILONITRILOVA GUM, is the NEZATVERDILU, vulcanized Non-porous rubber with quality the elasticity, resistance swelling in mineral oils and P ALYVI, elasticity at low temperatures, gas barrier, compressive shrinkage) .ROZMIRY cuff (respectively) MM: 40,00, 38,00, 50,00 - dia P shaft; 62,00, 50,00, 72,00 - housing diameter; 6.00 AND 7.00 - SHYRYNA.VYROBNYK: 'Freudenberg Sealing Technologies GmbH & Co.KG'. Country of origin: CZ. TRADEMARK - Freudenberg. MARKING cuffs: BAB3 SL05 40 62 6; BAB2 SL 38 50 6; BAB SL05 50 72 7. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA90101049.9894954.846085
18/Apr/201784137030001.Nasosy single-stage centrifugal flow without bezsalnykovi for liquids intended for circulation heating and heating: UPS25-80 circulation pump N 180 -20 1x230 art.95906429 sht.Nasos circulation with wet rotor UPS25-80 N 180 1x230 50Hz 9H art.95906439 -1 sht.Nasos circulation with wet rotor UPS32-80 180 1x230V 50Hz 9H art.95906442 -15 sht.Nasos circulation with wet rotor UPS50-60 / 2 F 3x400-415V PN6 / 10 art.96402055 -1 sht.Nasos circulation of Glandless UPS65-120 F 3x400-415V PN6 / 10 art.96402280 -1 sht.Nasos circulation with wet rotor UPS25-70 180 1x230V 50Hz art.96621354 -20 sht.Tsyrkulyatsiynyy pump UPS25-40 N 180 1x2 30 art.96913060 -2 sht.Nasos circulation UPS25-60 N 180 art.96913085 1x230 -1 sht.Nasos circulation UPS25-60 N 180 art.96913085 1x230 -1 sht.Torhovelna mark GrundfosVyrobnyk GrundfosKrayina production RS.SERBIA62UA125110273.576396.825264
10/Apr/20174016930090"1. Vulcanite neporystoyihumy to s / g technology, gland art.H158676- 1pc, 4pcs art.R129726- ring, sealing ring art.T74425- 2 pcs, 5pcs art.U17409- sealing ring, a set of seals art.RE186848- 1pc, 2 pcs set art.U42703- seals, ring art.T42302- 2 pcs, 2 pcs art.AH209763- seal, seal art.AH161527 - 2 pcs, 2 pcs art.R56757- ring, seals art.RE43889- 2 pcs set, sealing ring art. R197101- 5pcs, seal art.R229769 - 4 pieces, 6 pieces laying art.R105346-, Repair kit steering pump art.AT83824- 1pc, sealing ring art.R503578 - 20pcs, sealing ring art.R76617 - 20pcs, 20pcs art.P42061- sealing ring ; art.R47153- 10pcs sealing ring, sealing washer art.R67092 - 20pcs, 4 pieces art.RE61181- seal, sealing ring art.A5598R - 2 pcs; sealing ring art.A5598R - 2 pcs; art.R65397- 24sht sealing ring, sealing ring art .P45750- 24sht, 2 pcs art.R126556- seal, a set of seals (8 pieces). art.AN206653 - 2 pcs; sealing ring art.R28776- 30sht; uschi lnyuyuche art.R61871- ring 10pc; art.R204521- sealing ring 10pc; art.R195329- 3pc sealing ring; art.R120646- lining 3pc; Seal art.AH98118 - 2 pcs; sealing ring 20pcs art.R223852-; art.R504669- 20pcs seal; sealing ring art.R216602 - 2 pcs; Seal valve art.R102882- 24sht; laying art.R519487- 6 pieces; art.R28776- 50sht sealing ring; art.RE60894- 10pcs kit seals; art.R61871- 20pcs sealing ring; Seal art.RE39354 - 3pc; sealing ring art.R216601 - 3pc; Seal art.AH137772- 1pc; seal art.RE261597- 4 pieces; Seal art.RE57190- 10pc; ring sealing art.R223863- 24sht; art.R216725- 24sht ring; art.R92097- lining 3pc; Ring art.R33167- 4 pieces; laying art.N310665- 2 pcs; Seal art.R107657- 6 pieces; Rubber art.R128539 - 3pc; art.AH21815- 5pcs seal; Seal art.R116353- 2 pcs; art.R200404- 5pcs seal; art.RE252945- 20pcs kit seals; Seal art.AH144149- 2 pcs; art.R35153- sealing ring 10pc; Seal art.RE60467- 2 pcs; art.R504885- lining 3pc; art.RE186599- 20pcs seal; art.AR98850- 10pc set of seals; Seal art.R247735 - 8 pieces; art.R134224- sealing ring 10pc; art.R524497- 5pcs gasket; Seal art.RE40600- 4 pieces; Seal art.AH137771- 4 pieces; Seal art.RE519115- 72sht; art.R526807- 5pcs seal; Kit cylinder (a-2 pcs koplekti seals, ring-3pc) art.AH216634- 2 pcs; art.RE60269- 3pc radial ring; Seal art.RE54073- 1pc; Seal art.R227480- 8 pieces; Seal art.RE238667- 10pc; Seal art.RE300810- 10pc; Seal art.RE520036- 3pc; Rubber plate art.H171960 - 10 pieces; Seal art.RE193099- 10pc; Seal art.RE574720- 10pc; laying art.R336841- 6 pieces; laying art.R321236- 6 pieces; Seal art.RE208256- 3pc; Seal art.RE235800- 12p; laying art.R327837 - 3pc; art.RE543639- 10pcs kit seals; laying art.R527884- 10pc; art.RE299899- 5pcs seal; Seal art.RE570092- 6 pieces; Rubber art.R207661- 6 pieces; Producer: John Deere International GmbH; trade mark: J "UNITED STATES0UA20401043.2425061.866438
10/Apr/201770199000001.Inshi Fiberglass: D111Q21 gland packing -3sht., Is a sealing material designed to seal stuffing chamber pump (flow of the pulp). Auction. Brand-Weir Minerals. Country of-FR. Brand-Weir Minerals. .FRANCE0UA1101900.1516.62082313
07/Apr/201784879090001.Kiltsya dust and leaking seals, seal (metal, rubber, plastic) water temperature regulator for to prevent leakage of liquid-1sht.-art.1289170 seal seal oil pump (metal, plastic, rubber ) is designed to prevent oil leakage - 2sht. art.6E4004-seal gasket-board bulldozer reducer (metal, rubber) dust in the middle of the mechanism by sealing surfaces adjacent-1sht.-art.1362216 seal gland (metal, rubber plastics) to prevent leakage of fluid in hydravlychnoyi hydrotran Shaper. --1sht. art.3803615-seal-seal (metal, rubber, plastic) to prevent leakage of engine oil bulldozer-1sht. art.3064281-seal-oil zyemnyy cap (metal, rubber,) to prevent leakage of engine oil ICE CUM N14 bulldozer-16sht. art.3010945-seal-seal (metal, rubber, plastic) to prevent leakage of engine oil ICE CUM N14 bulldozer, 2 pcs. .UNITED STATES0UA1100301.1032281.09496543
05/Apr/20174016930090"1.Vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous uschilnennya.Pryznacheni for industrial nasosiv.-TERTTL000105AVT Viton seal glands-diameter 22mm. 4sht.-TERTTL000105ADT glands EPDM sealing diameter 22mm.-2sht.-GUARORC04100XDT O-ring seals to EPDM pump" "BOXER 50" "- 40sht.."ITALY0UA1250201160.2587681
04/Apr/20174016995290"1.Zapasni (component) part-metal cuffs, which are made of metal with rubber designed for use in passenger and / m" "Mitsubishi" ": - KT calipers art.MR527979-10sht Gaskets, packing glands -K-T oil pump art.4451A042-1sht; -SALNYK CORPS transmission art.2501A019-1sht, Country of origin - THTorhovelna mark - MitsubishiVyrobnyk - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. "THAILAND0UA1251200.1578.80216272
04/Apr/20174016930090"1.Zapchastyny ​​to the a / m products zvulkanizovanoyi nonporous rubber krimtverdoyi: engine gasket, DIALING art.06111-ZF1-405-1sht .; art.06111-ZF1-405-2sht .; art.06111-ZF6-R81- 1pc., repair kits wastegate HPKart.06532-S50-003-1sht .; art.06532-S50-003-4sht., Gaskets vALVE art.12209-ZM0-003-1sht .; art.12210-PZ1-003-10sht .; art.12210-PZ1-003-10sht., sealers LIDS cylinder head art.12341 A00-18sht-R40-R40-.; art.12341-A00-22sht., sealers candle holes art.12343-5A2-A01 -16sht .; art.12343-5A2-A01-34sht .; art.12343-5A2-A01-2sht., sealers BASIS oil filter art.15302-5G0-A00-1sht .; art.15302-5G0-A00-1sht .; RING BASICS sealing oil filter art. 15303-RWC-A01-1sht., Sealers relief valve VTEC art.15815-RAA-A02-10sht., RING-sealing art.15832 PNA-023-10sht .; art.30110-PA1-732-1sht .; art. 30110-PA1-732-10sht .; art.30110-PA1-732-1sht .; art.30522-PFB-007-3sht .; art.30522-PFB-007-2sht .; art.30522-PFB-007- 10pc., bushings SUSPENSION art.51306-T2A-R02-3sht .; art.51306-TA0-A01-2sht .; art.51 306-TA0-A01-2sht., stabilizer bushings art.52306-STX-A12-8sht .; art.52306-STX-A12-21sht .; art.52306-STX-A12-1sht .; art.52306-TA0-A02-8sht .; art.52306-TA0-A02-9sht .; art.52306-TA0-A02-2sht .; art.52306-TA1-A02-38sht .; art.52306-TA1-A02-12sht .; art.52306-TE0-A01-9sht .; art.52306-TE0-A01-31sht .; art.52306-TL0-E01-15sht .; art.52306-TL0-E01-21sht .; art.52306-TL0-E01-29sht., bushings, mounting B cargo rudder art.53109-MV4-000-1sht., Gaskets 27X38X5.5 art.53660-S50-003-1sht., sealers holes DOORS luggage compartment art. 74440-TF0-003-1sht., RING sealing pump casing pumps art.78112-954-003-10sht .; art.78112-954-003-3sht., exhaust gaskets, flanges art.78114 YB4-000-1sht., sealing RING, 49X5.7 art.78118-YB3-004-2sht., sealing RING, 71X5.7 art. 78118-YB4-004-9sht., Gaskets 37X56X8 art.91206-RT4-003-2sht., oil seals, 46X70X8 art.91207-PY4-004-11sht .; art.91207-PY4-004-9sht., oil seals, 12X22X7 art.91209-612-003-9sht .; art.91209-612-003-1sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-5A2-A01-2sht .; art.91212-5A2-A01-3sht .; art.91212-5A2-A01-5sht .; art.91212-PNC-003-10sht., oil seals, 38X50X7.4 art.91212-PR3-003-1sht .; art.91212-PR3-003-1sht., Gaskets 43X58X7 art.91212-RTA-003-6sht .; art.91212-RTA-003-4sht., packing glands pump art.91249 HPC-PNC-003-10sht .; art.91249-R40-A01-3sht., Gaskets 17X30X7 art.91251-ZV5-003-3sht., Gaskets 10X21X6 art.91253-ZW1-B02-1sht., sealing RING, 7.7X2.3 art.91301-PC9- 003-10sht., sealing RING, 54X2.4 art.91302-KF0-003-2sht., RING sealing, 7.45X3.61 art.91302-PNA-003-20sht., RING sealing, 46.8X2.2 art.91302 -PX4-004-6sht .; art.91302-PX4-004-24sht., RING sealing art.91303-RDK-003-1sht., sealing RING, 92X2.2 art.91304-PRH-003-1sht., RING sealing, 18.3X3.5 art. 91308-P8A-A01-10sht., RING sealing, 26.2X2.4 art.91308-PK1-003-3sht .; art.91308-PK1-003-4sht .; art.91308-PK1-003-1sht., RING sealing, 16.3X3.5 art.91309-P8A-A01-1sht .; art.91309-P8A-A01-19sht., USCHILNYUCHE RING, 13X1.5 art.91319-PAA-A01-2sht .; art.91319-PAA-A01-10sht., sealing RING, 15X1.9 art.91333-PNA-003-12sht., Rubber condensation "JAPAN0UA20509027.0262165.057228
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Gland Pump Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Gland Pump Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Address
04071, м. Київ, вул. Почайнинська, б. 25/49, оф.74
Exporter Name VIPOM JSC
Product Description
"1.Vyroby ferrous metal - part of that is structur.........
HS Code 7326909890Value 1525.727048
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 76
Origin Country BULGARIA

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