Ukraine Import Data of Gel Heel | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gel Heel

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gel heel collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gel heel imports.

Gel Heel Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gel Heel

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of gel heel. Get Ukraine trade data of Gel Heel imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/201782074010001. Car HYUNDAI Grand Santa Fe F / L 2.2 CRDi VIP Panorama Brown AT New, passenger, passenger seats: 7 Calendar year of manufacture - 2017 Model year of manufacture - 2017 V engine: 2199sm3, diesel engine number: D4HBHU571278Ident. Body number: KMHSN81XDHU242747 Wheel formula: 4x4.Category of production - KRTorgel brand - HYUNDAI Producer - Hyundai Motor Company.CHINA0UA1001106.0690.72008224 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/201734013000001. washing the skin put up for retail sale not in aerozolniyupakovtsi: - Shower Cream 75ml ultra-nourishing, art.01CD075K11A-112sht.- Shower Gel Neroli, Orchid, 245ml, shower gel art.12GD250NO1-128sht.- Verbena 70 ml, art.15GD070VB5-128sht.- Lavender shower Gel, 250ml, shower gel art.15GD250L14-182sht.- citrus - Verbena, 250ml, shower gel art.15GD250VA5-132sht.- citrus verbena with 500ml, art. 15GD500VB3-160sht.- Verbena shower Gel (spare wheel) 500ml, art.15RC500VB3-96sht.- shower Gel Citrus Verbena (spare wheel) 500ml, art.15RG500VA4-96sht.- handwashing gel Verbena (spare wheel) 500ml, art .15RS500VB3-120sht.- gel hand washing willow to 300 mL, art.15SL300VB3-160sht.- Lemon Shower Gel, 75ml, shower gel art.20GD075CD16-196sht.- Cedrat Cologne, 75ml, shower gel art.20GD075HC6-280sht.- Loksitan, 75ml, art.20GD075O16- 196sht.- shower Gel 250ml tonic Bauks, art.20GD250BX-87sht.- Lemon shower Gel, 250ml, art.20GD250CD16A-192sht.- shower gel Cedrat Cologne, 250ml, art.20GD250HC6-216sht. - Shower Gel 250ml Loksitan, art.20GD250OC16-180sht.- Shower Gel 75ml Cherry blossom, art.24GD075CB5-112sht.- shower gel peony flower, 75ml, art.24GD075P15-196sht.- Silky Rose shower gel and Queen , 75ml, shower gel art.24GD075R15-140sht.- flowering cherryFRANCE0UA1001201609.2220112.06834
19/Apr/20173304990000"1. Cosmetics packaged for retail sale, not aerozolniyupakovtsi: - Intensive Balm 150ml Hand brown, art.01BM150K17-336sht.- water for cleaning face brown, 200ml, art.01ED200K15-80sht.- Body Lotion 75ml Brown, art.01LC075K15-364sht.- lotion for hands and body 300ml, art.01LT300K12-100sht.- Brown hand Cream, 150ml, art.01MA150K16-210sht.- body Lotion 75ml Organic Lavender, art.15LC075L15-112sht.- Lotion body 250ml Lavender, art.15LC250L14-130sht.- body Milk Citrus Verbena, 250ml, art.15LC250VA5-132sht.- Verbena hand Lotion 300ml, art.15LH300VB3-100sht.- Lavender hand Lotion 300 ml art.15LM300L11-100sht.- Salt Body Scrub 400g Verbena, art.15SE400VB5-120sht.- relaxing oil massage Aromakolohiya, 100ml, art.17HM100R14-72sht.- Revitalizing Lotion Hand & Body, 240ml, art.17LH240T15 -196sht.- Purifying mask Aromakolohiya, 75ml, art.17MV075D15-87sht.- Night Recovery concentrate Aromakolohiya 100 ml art.17OC100G17- 200sht.- moisturizing and protecting Juniper cream, 30ml, art.20FP030H14-72sht.- Gel for global facial Lemon, 50 ml, art.20GH050CD15-140sht.- Cleansing facial means lemon, 150ml, art.20NV150CD15-192sht.- Cream 50ml Juniper men, art.20SC050H12-72 t.- refreshing facial veil Cherry Blossom, 50 ml, art.24BR050CB6-159sht.- veil for the face and body and Roses Queen, 50ml, Body Lotion art.24BR050R14-159sht.- Cherry blossom 75ml, art.24LC075CB5-224sht .- Facial beauty peony flower, 75ml, art.24LC075P15A-224sht.- Facial Beauty Rose and Queen, 75ml, art.24LC075R15-196sht.- Milk body Arlezyen, 75ml, body Lotion art.24LC075S6-196sht.- Cherry blossom 250ml, art.24LC250CB4-252sht.- Facial beauty peony flower, 250ml, art.24LC250P15A-225sht.- hand Cream 30ml Cherry blossom, art.24MA030CB4-200sht.- hand Cream 30ml peony flower, art.24MA030P15-200sht. - Rose hand Cream and Queen , 30 ml, art.24MA030R14-140sht.- Arlezyen Hand Cream, 30ml, art.24MA030S6-140sht.- Cream Mask 125ml everlasting, art.27AA125MQ-90sht.- tool for face BB cream Precious everlasting, tint 1 , 40 mL, art.27BBF040I15-117sht.- tool for face BB cream Precious everlasting, hue 2,40ml, art.27BBL040I15-117sht.- Balm eye 15ml, Very Precious cream art.27BY015I14-135sht.- 50 ml Helichrysum, Helichrysum art.27CN050I14-324sht.- Precious Cream SPF20, 50ml, art.27CPS050I16-126sht.- Divine Cream SPF20, 50ml, art.27DCS050I16-96sht.- Divine serum eye contour, 15 mL, art.27DE015I13US-144sht .- Bozhes Venn everlasting Serum, 30ml, art.27DS030I13US-90sht.- Water Face 200ml, art.27EV200I14-72sht.- replacement unit Harmony Cream, 50ml, oil facial art.27HCR050I16-75sht.- everlasting, 200ml, art.27HD200I15- 96sht.- serum replacement unit Harmony, 30ml, Cleansing Foam art.27HSR030I16-60sht.- for shining face (spare wheel) 300ml, art.27RM300I14-60sht.- velvet body balm Almond "" young flesh "," 200 ml, art. 29BV200A "FRANCE0UA1001201923.3259361.21676
18/Apr/20178701903100"1. Wheeled tractors for agricultural work: The tractor" Belarus-920 "" with the kit ZІP-1 st. The number of body -80910606The chassis number -80910606The engine number -953536Type of the engine-diesel The working volume of cylinders, cm3 -4750Calendar year of manufacture -2016Model year of manufacture ELECTRICITY POWER OF THE MOTOR 61,1 kVtNe contain transmitters or transmitters and receivers. Producer MTZTorgel brand BELARUSKraina produced by BY. "BELARUS1UA504170395016044.9619
18/Apr/201787033219001. Car HYUNDAI Santa Fe DM 2.2 CRDi Norma Impress AT new, passenger, passenger seats: 5 calendar year of manufacture - 2017 Rice preparation - 2017 V engine: 2199cm3, diesel engine No.: D4HBGU552230 Body Identity: KMHST81XDHU761105 Wheel formula: 4x4 .Carry of production - KRTorgel brand - HYUNDAI Producer - Hyundai Motor Company.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF1UA125120189523699.99983
11/Apr/20178714991000"1.Chastyny ​​Bicycle -rukoyatky (horns hripsy, tape): Hripsy AGR Junior R20 l.102mm (pink-neon / black) art.33455021-2sht (1 pair) Wheel Tape AGR-Gel X7 black / white art.33558025-10sht (5par) wheel Tape AGR-Gel X7 black / yellow art.33558027-10sht (5par) Manufacturer Asiana International Co., Ltd., Taiwan; trademark AUTHOR, Country of origin TW;. "TAIWAN22UA1001200.59116.769831
11/Apr/201784791000001.Obladnannya for public works, construction, propelled wheeled pavers Vogele Super 1603, second-hand, 1996r.vypusku, serial number 673031, engine manufacturer DEUTZ, engine power 79 kW Hydraulic. extension of 2,5m to 4,75m. Max. Extension arm width of 6m. Number -1sht. Used for laying pavement (for civilian use). This product is not military and not used for ozbroyennya.Torhovelna Brand: Vogele. Producer: Joseph Vogele AG. Country of origin: DE. .GERMANY0UA1000101640021175.30824
11/Apr/20178424811000"1. Agricultural - accessories for irrigation silhosp.kultur supplied in a partially disassembled state to ease transportation and subsequent installation of accessories, items for fastening and assembly, namely: Irrigation installation Zimmatic 9500P (454m) serial number / serial number : LE 2442 year of manufacturing / year of production: 2017 - machine 1 comp .; 9500P (454m) is, according to the enclosed letter sender assembly of 11.01.2017 the following elements: -. span 219mm diameter, length 54.57 m, number 3 pcs of skladayuchyysya: Section, 8-5 / 8 "(O219mm) in ilkosti 21 pc; Section final, 8-5 / 8 "(O219mm) in the amount of 3 pieces; Sprengel, 3/4 '', 21'-9-1 / 4" (O19,0mm, dl.6,63m) in of 48 pieces, corner flew 179 "(Int. 54,57m), set in the amount of 3 sets, hose, 3/4" "X .95" ", 250 '(ext. 19,0mm O - b. O 24 , 1 mm dl.76,2m), total length 240,03m in an amount of 3.15 bays, stabilizing corner, 19'4-1 / 2 "(dl.5,9m) in kilksti 6sht.-. span O168mm -54,57m in for ilkosti of 5, skladayuchyysya of: Section, 6-5 / 8 "(O168mm) in the amount 40sht; Sprengel, 11/16 ', 21'-9-1 / 4 "(O17,5mm, dl.6,63m) in an amount 80sht; Corner flew 179 "(Int. 54,57m), set in a set of 5; Hose, 3/4 "" X .95 "", 250 '(ext. 19,0mm O - b. O 24,1mm, dl.76,2m), total length 400,05m. in an amount of 5.25 bays; Stabilizing corner, 19'4-1 / 2 "(dl.5,9m) of 10 sht.-. Console 16,76m in an amount 1pc consists of: Section console, 5-9 / 16 "(O141,3mm) in an amount 3pc; Corner console in the number 2 pcs; Hose, 3/4 "" X .95 "", 250 '(ext. 19,5mm O - b. O 24,1mm, dl.76,2m), the total length 45,72m., In an amount of 0.6 bay .-. Central truck in an amount of 1 unit, from skladayuchyysya: central angle type base support in an amount of 4 pieces; Corners central poles set in the amount of 1 set; Corner of the central pillars, set in the amount of 1 set; Ground loop in an amount 1sht.-. Nesna trolley of 8 pieces, with skladayuchyysya: Beam pivot Nesna cart in an amount of 8 pieces; Wheel in the collection, 14,9x24, a number 16sht; Reducer, 2-1 / 4 '' (the shaft 57,15mm) in an amount 16sht; Defensive corner Nesna cart in an amount 32sht; The electric motor, 0,56kVt, of 8 sht.-. Panel Vision, a number 1sht.-. Cables Electrical Cable 10 AWG, a total length of 437m, in a 9 vidrizkiv.-. Razpylyuvach Komet Twister with pressure regulators in an amount 215sht.-. Nelson SR100 with water cannons booster pump in the number 1sht.-. Electric latch O168mm 1 sht.Ta: Irrigation installation Zimmatic 9500P (454m) serial number / serial number: LE 2443 year of manufacturing / year of production: 2017 - 1 Comp .; The machine 9500P (454m) is, according to the enclosed letter sender assembly of 11.01.2017 the following elements: -. Span 219mm diameter, length 54.57 m, in the amount of 3 pieces, with skladayuchyysya: Section, 8-5 / 8 "(O219mm) in an amount of 21 pc; Section final, 8-5 / 8 "(O219mm) in the amount of 3 pieces; Sprengel, 3/4 '', 21'-9-1 / 4 "(O19,0mm, dl.6,63m) in an amount of 48 pc; Corner flew 179 "(Int. 54,57m), set"UNITED STATES0UA50801035624.5126699.9998
04/Apr/20178708709990"1. Parts for Linde forklift trucks, polyurethane driving wheels: polyurethane wheels art. 0029902329-4; wheel stabilizing art 0009933803-14; wheel with tire Continental 140 / 55-9-SC20bilot art.9815228472 -4pcs; Continental 315 / 70-15-CS20-SIT-white (300-15) art.9815235452-2; Manufacturer: RADER-VOGEL RADER- UNDROLLENFABRIK GMBH & CO. KG, Continental AG; Trademark VOGEL, RADER-VOGEL, Continental; Country of origin DE; . "GERMANY0UA100120369.022926.350981
04/Apr/201773181590901. Products made of ferrous metals with thread, with a round head: Bolt fastening the wheel, art. B41 / 9849450, TVH-ref. 9021853-4pcsUsed for forklifts with fork hook. The production line TRTorgel brand TOTALSOURCE is a producer of TVH Parts NV.TURKEY0UA1250200.77236.2676445
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Gel Heel Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Gel Heel Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Топекс Україна"""
Importer Address
вул. Кутузова, 134, 07400, Київська обл., м. Бровари, Україна
Exporter Name Grupa Topex Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
Product Description
1. Car HYUNDAI Grand Santa Fe F / L 2.2 CRDi VIP P.........
HS Code 8207401000Value 90.72008224
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 6.06
Origin Country CHINA

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