Ukraine Import Data of Gear Wheel Set | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gear Wheel Set

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gear wheel set collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gear wheel set imports.

Gear Wheel Set Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gear Wheel Set

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of gear wheel set. Get Ukraine trade data of Gear Wheel Set imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178432301900"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or processing of soil, sowing, seeding pneumatic trailer combination (drill) Compact-Solitair 9/600 K HD 125 - 1am. Do not knead composed radioobladnannya.Seriynyy number: 284697, new, 2017 issue .Maye following characteristics and packaging: Clip 6 m wide, hydraulically folding, fertilizing and seeding electronic control computer Solitronik 48 OptiDisk coulter spacing of 125 mm and a hydraulic pressure control, seed hopper 5000 l 2x2 technology track series , track width 1800 MI-MI Co. Leah tractor track width technological MI-MI 1670 (2x2, 2x4, etc.) for dvohdyskovyh Cepphus 48 shovels, 48 ​​Cepphus for pryzhymnyh spots, hydraulically compiling markers trace, right side guard D500, kat.3 shaft gear control, gear steel wheel D550, without brake, with leveling harrow beams, lighting equipment before and behind, working lights, including lighting hopper sieve for Bunka era air filter, 4 sets of fingers rozmishuvacha grass tires 420/65-R20. Manufacturer - LEMKENTorhovelna mark - LEMKENKrayina production - DE "GERMANY1UA1001101093895745.81994 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20177318220090"1.Wheels for the construction equipment JCB: a set of washers art.921 / 01900-5; a set of washes regulating gearbox art.445 / 04700-6; washers art.823 / 00220 1MM 823 / 00237-20; manufacturer - JCBtradge mark - JCB Production System - GB. "UNITED KINGDOM0UA10011011.566.48344217
27/Apr/201790299000901.Pryladdya for measuring wheel speed for motor vehicles ZAZ type bus A10: Sensor wheel rpm 0486000128100-22sht.Yavlyaye a contactless inductive electromagnetic sensor actions designed to determine the speed of rotation of the wheel, installed on the fixed element matochynnyh units front and rear wheels constructively combining sensitive and setting items. The sensor element includes inductor asking element is a gear. The sensitive element of the sensor creates a constant magnetic pole.Zubchaste wheel, passing through the field, leading to his zminy.Mahnitne field induces a voltage in the circuit of the sensor. Number of voltage pulses to the number of teeth passed over a certain length of time and frequency proportional to the rotation of the wheel. Signals rotation frequency transmitted by cable in the ABS control unit that controls the braking force of each wheel. Manufacturer no data. Country of origin DE. .GERMANY0UA1120801.65218.3326591
27/Apr/201787141000001.Chastyny ​​to motorcycles: Set steering lever - BLACK HAND CONTROL LEVER KIT, art. 41700421 - 1. Clutch cover - CLUTCH COVER, 110, CHROME DERBY, art.60709-07A - 1. The axis thrust gear - SHIFTER SHAFT LEVER, GEAR, art. 33709-82A - 3 pieces. The equalizer set - COMPENSATOR ASY, art. 36500034A -1 units. Set lever steering - HAND LEVERS, BLACK, VRSC, art. 42275-07A - 2 sht.Pedal gear - SHIFTER PEG, VINTAGE WHITE, Art. 33600071 - 2 sht.Vazhil gear - BILLET SHIFT LEVER, CHROME, art. 34539-00 - 1 sht.Komplekt brake pads disc brake bike - BRAKE PAD KIT, art.42850-06B - 2 pcs. Lever traction gear - LEVER, GEAR SHIFT, art.33718-82B - 3 pieces. Set washers compensator - SPRING-PACK SUB-ASY, art.83936-09A - 1. Pad on the brake pedal - DIAMOND BLACK BRAKE PEDAL, SMALL, art. 41850-08 - 1. The back - CUSTOM MEDIUM LOW SISSY BAR, GLOSS BLACK, art.54256-10 - 1. Trunk - LUGGAGE RACK, GLOSS BLACK, Art. 4263-10 5 - 1 sht.Bahazhnyk - STEALTH RACK, DETACH CHROME, art. 53472-09A - 2 pcs. Bow back -UPRIGHT, MED-LOW, CHROME, art. 52540-09A- 1 pc. Windscreen - KIT, QUICK REL WINDSHIELD, FXDF, CLEAR, art. 57338-08- 1 pc. Rudder - KIT, H-BAR, TALLBOY, CHROME, art. 55800550A - 1 pc. The back driver -ADJ RIDER BACKREST, COMFORT STITCH, art. 52423-09A - 1 pc. The back - ADJ RIDERBACKREST, SMOOTH, art. 52501-09A - 2 pcs. Wheel -KIT-HANDLEBAR, TALLBOY, BLACK, ROAD GLIDE, art. 55800551A - 1 sht.Krayina production - USTorhovelna brand - Harley-DavidsonVyrobnyk - Harley-Davidson Motor CompanyUNITED STATES0UA12518037.022488.16836
26/Apr/201787019020301. Tractors for agricultural work and forestry, wheeled, new, with a diesel engine of more than 25 kW but not more than 37 kW with a set of ZIPs that do not include receivers and transmitters: -TRACTOR FT 504 with a set of Zip And technical documentation-1pcs., In the following kit: new cabin with heater, floor level, A498 engine 36.8kW, Vdv = 3168 cm3, multichannel valve, counterweight front, two-track coupling, 12 + 12 gearbox (lever on the right side), Hydraulic steering, air compressor and receiver , PTO shaft on eight slots, red.Year of issue - 2017, model line - 2005.Mortgage: FTTC2A44HHZ000160, Engine No.: Т17003398.Trade Brand - FOTON Producer - Shandong Lovol Heavy Industry International Trading Co., Ltd Production Zone - CN.CHINA1UA10008026708533.639744
26/Apr/20178483908100"1.Zubchasti wheels are separately set of gears art.564032 -2sht.Yavlyayut a toothed wheel. Made of steel. Uteleskopichnyh Used Forklift MANITOU.Vyrobnyk" "MANITOU" ", trademark MANITOU.Krayina production CH.."SWITZERLAND0UA1251805.13454.3498923
26/Apr/201787019025001.Traktory for agricultural activities and forestry, wheel, new diesel engine with a capacity of more than 37 kW but not more than 59 kW of spare parts kit that does not have some kind of receivers and transmitters, -TRAKTOR FT 604 with a set of spare parts and technical documentation, 1pc., in the following configuration: cab with heater, external air and oil filter, engine capacity 44.1kVt, Vdv. = 4087 cm 3, multi-valve, counterbalance front, two-disc clutch, floor level, 12 + 12 gearbox with synchronizer, hydraulic steering, air compressor and receiver PTO shaft eight slots, tires 8.3-20 / 14.9-28, front-load 8 pieces (144kh), rear load-180kg each side, red. Year - 2017., Range - 2005. №kuzova: FTTS4A54VHC000193, engine number: T17015151.Torhovelna mark - FOTONVyrobnyk - Shandong Lovol Heavy Industry International Trading Co., LtdKrayina production - CN.CHINA1UA100080317010797.04393
26/Apr/201784839081001. Products from carbon steel with further processing to combine harvesters: gear wheels, chain sprockets and other transmission elements, presented separately: Disk of hydraulic pistols VOM, art.5143721-4 pcs, Shestrynya, art.1259634C3-2 pcs., Setirsnya GDP, art .84306936-1 piece, Trade mark-CNH. Production line-IT.Producer-CNHI International. .ITALY0UA11019018.73693.5587458
26/Apr/201787019020301. Tractors for agricultural work and forestry, wheeled, new, with a diesel engine of more than 25 kW but not more than 37 kW with a set of ZIPs that do not include receivers and transmitters: -TRACTOR FT 354.2 with a set of ZIP And technical documentation-1pcs., With the following equipment: Laidong 4L22BT-1F3 engine with capacity 25.7kW, Vdv = 2160sm3, protective curtain, sun visor, front loader, 8 + 2 gearbox, two-seated coupling, octagonal PTO shaft, red color. Issue - 2017, model line - 2005Mortgage: FTTE24A0TGW001115, Engine No.: L160758639B. Trademark - FOTON Producer - Shandong Lovol Heavy Industry International Trading Co., Ltd. Production Zone - CN.CHINA1UA10008015005450.073431
25/Apr/201730043900001.Chastyny ​​for electric start generator, starter motor vehicles vnutryshnohozhoryannya: -art. 132642, Slip Ring, I slip rings generator rotor-10sht. art. 139,572, Gear Wheel Kit, Ed uktora starter ring (set) -2sht.orhivelna brand-HC CargoKrayina manufacturer-DKVyrobnyk: Holger Christiansen A / SA Bosch Group Company. .GERMANY0UA1101204.96811143.49991
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Gear Wheel Set Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Gear Wheel Set Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ДП із 100% іноземним капіталом ""ЛЕМКЕН-УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
03143, м. Київ, вул. Академіка Заболотного, б.150-Г, офіс 112м. Київ, Україна
Exporter Name LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG
Product Description
"1.Mashyny agriculture, for the preparation or pro.........
HS Code 8432301900Value 95745.81994
Quantity 1Unit UA100110
Net Weight 10938
Origin Country GERMANY

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