Ukraine Import Data of Gasket Sealing Tape | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gasket Sealing Tape

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gasket sealing tape collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gasket sealing tape imports.

Gasket Sealing Tape Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gasket Sealing Tape

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of gasket sealing tape. Get Ukraine trade data of Gasket Sealing Tape imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201784213920001.Filtruvalne industrial air filtration equipmentfor naderevoobrobnyh enterprises, non-medical purposes: Set the filtering equipment dlyapovitrya with fans, filters, pipe lines and components typZWF 07/04/30 - 1komplekt in chastkovorozibranomu state of metoyutransportuvannya consisting of: Interim filter type ZWF 7 / 4 (vkl.obolochku, extinguishing system, base and power elements) - 1 complex., fan 22 kW - 1pc. Filter bags diam. 230 mm - 82 pcs. Trymachfiltruvalnoho hose diam. 230 mm - 72 pcs., Sealing tape - 5m., Filter element -32sht., Fan 3 kW -4sht., Tube clamp with uschilnyuvachemdyam. 400mm - 95 pieces. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 560mm - 7 pcs., Trubnyyhomut the sealant diam. 450mm- 30 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 180mm - 52 pieces. Zdyam Tube clamp. 200mm - 25 pieces. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 350mm - 100 pieces. Pipe collar with seal diam. 160mm- 8 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 300mm - 70 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 250mm -17sht., Pipe collar with seal diam. 200mm -33sht. Pipe collar with seal diam. 500mm- 32 pcs. Pipe collar with seal diam. 140mm -40 pieces. Flange diam. 710mm- 44 pcs., Flange diam. 800mm - 50 pieces. Flange diam. 630mm - 30 pieces. Flanetsdyam. 400mm -30 pieces. Flange diam. 350mm- 70 pcs. Pipe knee 90 degrees. diam. 710 mm 2D inc. Flange s = 1 mm - 1 pc., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 140 mm 2D - 3 pcs., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 350mm 2D - 3 pcs., Tube knee 90 degrees. diam. 400 mm 2D - 8 pcs., Pipe 45hrad knee. diam. 180 mm 2D - 1 unit., Tube knee 45 degrees. diam. 140 mm 2D - 1 unit., Tube knee 45 degrees. diam. 300 mm 2D s = 0,75 mm - 1 pc., Pipe diam. 400 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. -54 pcs. Pipe diam. 560 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. - 1 pc., Trubadyam. 710 mm L = 1000 mm incl. Flange s = 1 mm - 1 pc., Pipe diam. L = 630 mm 1000mmvkl. Flange s = 1 mm - 3 pieces. Pipe diam. 500 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 1 mm. - 1 pc., Trubadyam. 180 mm L = 1000 mm. s = 0,75 mm. - 2 pcs. Pipe diam. 350 mm L = 1000 mm s = 1 mm. - 56 pcs. Connecting to the machine diam. 350-352 mm s = 1 mm. - 2 pcs. Perehidnykdyam. 350-400 mm mm L = 180 mm s = 1 mm - 3 pcs., Adapter diam. 500-400- 300 MMS = 1 mm - 1 pc., Adapter diam. 180-140-140 mm s = 0,75 mm. - 1 pc., Manzhetadyam.350 mm. - 4 pcs., Adapter diam. 250-350 mm L = 300mm s = 1 mm. - 2 sht.Pidklyuchennya to the machine diam. 250-252 mm - 2 pcs., Cuff dyam.400 mm. - 4 pcs. Tube clamp with a seal diam. 120mm- 1 pcs. Tube clamp with a seal diam. 200mm - 26 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 450mm - 1 pcs. Tube clamp with gasket diam. 350mm- 71 pcs. Pipe collar with seal diam. 400mm - 90 pieces. Zuschilnyuvachem Tube clamp diam. 500mm - 2 pcs., Flange diam. 400mm - 230 pieces. Flange dyam.350 -203 mm pieces. Flange diam. -20sht 200mm. Roll of sealing tape (112m.) - 2 pcs., Transport fan type TS-EN 09/560 / 35/01 kW engine 22 - 1 pc., For the fan impeller TS-RN Serial Number 16/0507 art . №0816012,GERMANY0UA100110503528612.79268 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20178483508000"1. Component parts, products and materials used in facade systems and internal structures of public and residential buildings SCHUCO brand. Building Products of plastic., Art.268753, insulators 43 mm SI, the number -3 pack, art.268755, insulators 55 mm SI, the number -3 pack, art.288112, INSULATION GLASS folded, the number -4 pack, art.288717, insulation tape 21h5 mm, the number -3 pack, art.284801, porous filler, the number -3 pack, art.244654 , joining profiles, the number -1 pack, art.239298, receiver valves 75, the number -1 pack, art.238672, sealing element, unit number -1, art.203 102 PVC holder, the number -1 pack, art.288773, under glass substrate 100X44X4 mm -2 number of packs, art.288166, under glass substrate pack., The number -1 pack, art.268004, Drain item number -2 pack, art.268208, Prypidnimach leaf, the number -4 pack, art.244885, PVC gaskets round number -3 pack, art.228958, drain pipes 2800 mm, the number of -4 units, art.284800, Foamed Flexible filler -8 pack number, art.284803, porous filler, the number -4 pack, art.244884, medium sealant, the number -20 units, art.203111, PVC shtapika holder for colored profile, the number -4 pack, art.203109 , PVC holder shtapika, k ilkist -3 pack, art.207515, closing COVER BLACK, the number -1 pack, art.226942, PVC doors sealing element, the number -6 pack, art.237205, inlet RAL 9016, the number of -4 units, art.237282 , pipe clamp, the number -4 pack, art.244845, guiding element number -2 pack, art.266887, plastic seal junction rack, the number yn -2, art.266888, corner seal to the frame, the number -3 pack, art.281074, Circular PVC item number -2 pack, art.288280, under glass substrate 9 mm package, the number -6 pack, art.288291, Seal corner junction, the number -3 pack, art.288292, corner with Seal tick, the number -3 pack, art.288453, under glass substrate 100X57X3 mm, number -9 pack, art.288460, under glass substrate 100X57X2 mm, number -9 pack, art.288776, standard glass substrate during 62X4 mm, the number - 2 pack, art.288777, standard glass substrate during 68X4 mm, number -9 pack, art.298359, PVC bathroom with a roller, the number of -1 units, art.238440, Set odnostulkovyh sealing strip for door number -2 units, art.203102, PVC shtapika holder for colored profile number -1 pack, art.288773, under glass substrate 100X44X4 mm -1 number upVyrobnyk "" Schuco International KG "" Storage brand production SCHUCOKrayina EU "GERMANY0UA100110102.512020.807989
24/Apr/201733059000001.Vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized rubber nonporous uschilnennya.Pryznacheni for acquisition of agricultural tehniky.-218117.01 JAG09-0052 cuff hidravlichna- 3pc-218116.00 JAG09-0051 cuff hidravlichna- 3pc-239275.0 239275.02 cuff brudozyomna JAG - 5pcs-213060.01 JAG08-0437 sealing cuff - 15sht-647450.01 JAG05-0013 Rubber sealing pidsivacha Original JAG - 10pc-662661.01 JAG04-0286 sealing tape Shake board JAG Original - 7sht-600084.02 JAG03-0119 rubber gasket frame Screen Original JAG - 10pc-215112.01 JAG08-0428 cuff brudozyomna - 10pc.SWITZERLAND0UA100020130.3151731.375113
12/Apr/201740169300901.Vyroby nezatverdiloyi of vulcanized nonporous rubber: Ring art.R62070-10 pieces, rings, art.A5598R 4 pcs Ring art.R529673-10 pieces, rings, art.R89944-2 units, sealing ring, art. R222761-5 piece, O-ring, art.R75892-1 piece, O-ring, art.R516158-7 units, sealing ring, art.R47154-1 units, sealing ring, art.AN281241-10 units, fuel filter sealing ring, art.R113565-2 pieces, gaskets, art.R536310-5 pieces, gaskets, art.R505479-1 pcs Gasket fuel filter housing, art.PMMLS300ECG 3 pcs Gasket valve cover, art.R526607-1 units, regulating lining , art.R222253-2 units, Laying rod, art.R536311-5 units, P rokladka isolating, art.AH140044-6 units, Clutch cylinder, art.AHC16372-1 units, Clutch rings art.AT85197-12 pieces, gaskets, art.T53732-1 pieces, gaskets, art.B13294-10 pieces, gaskets, art.A85727-300 pieces, gaskets pump feeding the working solution art.PMLS150-G-10 pieces, sealing tape sieve, art.H155047-30 units, Seals, art.H102533-1 units, Seals, art.N305700-1 items , Seals, art.H154216-63 units, seal Crankshaft front, art.RE543639-1 pieces, seal, art.RE300797-1 pieces, seal, art.RE300797-3 units, sealing tape, art.H226878-30 units, Trade mark-John Deere .Krayina vyrobnytstva- US.Vyrobnyk-John Deere International GmbH.UNITED STATES0UA11019016.4894552.989845
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Gasket Sealing Tape Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Gasket Sealing Tape Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""АС-ІНЖИНІРИНГ"""
Importer Address
01021 Київ, вул. Кловський узвіз 18 Україна
Exporter Name NESTRO-Lufttechnik GmbH
Product Description
1.Filtruvalne industrial air filtration equipmentf.........
HS Code 8421392000Value 28612.79268
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 5035
Origin Country GERMANY

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