Ukraine Import Data of Gasket Housing Cover | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gasket Housing Cover

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gasket housing cover collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gasket housing cover imports.

Gasket Housing Cover Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gasket Housing Cover

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of gasket housing cover. Get Ukraine trade data of Gasket Housing Cover imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176815990000"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, articles of carbon fibers: Laying GASKET-STATOR COVERart.5813680, -1sht; Gasket GASKET-CYLINDER HEAD Q60art.5813345, -1sht, Seal SEAL-BELL HOUSINGart.5813941, -1sht, Brand Polaris Industries Inc.; trade mark Polaris; Country of US. "UNITED STATES0UA1001200.3253.82003011 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20176812999090"1.Vyroby of asbestos. Paronit linings from asbestos not promyslovohosk Taeda motor vehicles to the a / m purpose: art.236-1307048-A gasket water pump housing - 342sht; art.236-1308108prokladka fan drive - 5pcs; art.236-1003292 laying pipes vodyanoyi- 600sht; art.236-1308108 laying korpuusu fan drive - 65sht; art.236-1306054-A water seal boxes (thermostat) - 200sht; art.236-1002258-A3 gasket (cover unit ) - 20pcs, Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - YaMVyrobnyk - PAO "" Autodiesel "". "RUSSIA0UA8072007.736119.5923251
24/Apr/201787085099981. Production of ferrous metals. Made of steel combined method. Designed for the assembly of agricultural machinery-73-12.O JAG99-0075 head gasket 36812548 - 1pc-73-12 JAG99-0075 Gaskets-1pc-637771.01 JAG08-0263 sleeve rear beam - 5pcs-637779.00 JAG02-0184 reducer bushing finger braids - 25sht-637714.0 637714.0 Vtulka- 10pc-649431.01 JAG08-0270 steering bushing (50 * 53 * 40) - 10pc-655143.01 JAG08-0264 plug - 5pcs-683371.01 JAG08-0232 plug - 50sht-522181.31 JAG01-0039 Rip spit - 50sht- 617227-G JAG05-0002 Overlay pneumatic bitters JAG PREMIUM - 6 pcs-629046.01 JAG03-0072 Conical steel Ring - 10pc-629047.01 JAG03-0090 Conical steel Ring - 7sht-643660.00 JAG02-0033 gearbox housing about spit harvesters - 1sh -650900.00 JAG04-0170 Planck avtokontura selection - 10pc-Z32690.01 JAG21-0044 press a spit - 250sht-1307280C3.01 1307280C3 press a spit - 100 pieces-H127801.01 JAG21-0094 press a spit reaper H127801 - 84sht-644019.01 JAG03-0080 Bushing Cone - 5pcs-239339.0 239339.01 Rings - 10pc-600049.00 JAG05-0148 protection of wooden bearing - 1pc plug-614979.01 JAG02-0158 stars - 2 pcs Rip-626748.01 JAG01-0044 spit harvesters - 50sht-650903.00 JAG02-0264 Planck fasteners - 10sht- 754324.01 JAG05-0322 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-752874.00 JAG05-0324 threshing rotor blades - 25sht-754325.01 JAG05-0323 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-500053.01 JAG01-0042 press a knife - 50sht-608548-G JAG05-0011 of Overlay iynoho bitters - 16sht-608549-G JAG05-0006 Overlay pneumatic bitters - 16sht-663157.00 JAG05-0096 Overlay pneumatic bitters - 1pc-630748.00 JAG01-0164 Planck braid reinforcement - 10pc-756620.00 JAG05-0391 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-756621.00 JAG05- 0392 threshing rotor blades - 10pcs-736688.00 JAG05-0319 threshing rotor blades - 50sht-752879.00 JAG05-0320 threshing rotor blades - 25sht-736689.00 JAG05-0321 threshing rotor blades - 50sht-643659.00 JAG02-0032 gearbox housing - 2 pcs-661712.01 JAG05-0183 support springs - 604981.0 604981.4 100 pieces, sealing plate - 2pcs cover-643658.00 JAG02-0083 gear - 1pc wire-176523.1 JAG05-0121 support for zhalyuzevoho pen sieve combine 1000mm - 50sht-180627.00 JAG06-0031 Rip dotysku sleeve - 2 pcs Stopper-712660.00 JAG02-0191 of povitryavidvodom - 5pcs-670142-G JAG01-0015 Planck mounting head spit JAG PREMIUM - 2 pcs Rip-610491.00 JAG02-0002 with thumb screw two-piece ball and plastmacovoyu - 50sht-602561-G JAG03-0009 hydraulic tip - 5pcs-039389.00 JAG03-0087 tip speed hydraulic - 10pcBELARUS0UA20509049228501.478709
21/Apr/20174016930090"1. linings, rings and seals of vulcanized not porous, soft rubber used in the a / m '" HYUNDAI "". Rings tube conditioner: kat.N 9769034340-3sht .; kat.N 9769034310-5sht. ; kat.N 9769034340 -2sht .; kat.N 9769034340-2sht .; kat.N 9769034340 9769034310 -32sht .; kat.N -32sht .; ring uschilnyuvalnekat.N 263172F001 -2sht .; Automatic Sealing Rings: kat.N 456123B001 - 1pc., kat.N 456123B001 -5sht .; injector sealing rings: 3531222000 kat.N -4sht., kat.N 3531222000 - 3531222000 4pcs .; kat.N -14sht .; sealing rings palyvnohonasosa: kat.N 311211C000 -4sht .; kat.N 311211C000 - 4 pieces .; kat.N 311221C000 -4sht., O-ring sensor water kat.N 319292B900 -3sht .; rokladky zlyvnoyiprobky Automatic: kat.N 2151311000 4532339000 -2sht .; kat.N -20sht klapanaEGR .; Construction .; -5sht kat.N 2849427400 valve cover Padding: 2244126020 kat.N -3sht., kat.N 2244125002 - 2 pcs .; kat.N 224412G100 -6sht .; kat.N 2244102400 -1sht., Gaskets intake manifold / top /: kat.N 292153CAA0 - 1pc .; kat.N292153 CAA0 -1sht .; kat.N 292153CAA0 -7sht .; kat.N 292153E100 - 2 pcs .; Prokladkykolektora front intake: kat.N 283142G000 -2sht .; kat.N 283132E050 -5sht., thermostat housing Gasket kat.N 256202F000 -1sht .; Gaskets Pumps: left kat.N 213543C510 -1sht .; kat.N right 213543C520 -1sht .; Construction pruzhynyverhnya kat.N 553413K000 -1sht .; Construction of tube EGR valve kat.N 2849227000 -6sht .; Laying tube turbine kat.N 282474A150 -2sht .; Construction of the turbine kat.N2828527401 -6sht .; Lining Filters kat.N 2631827400 - 12p.; Sealants glass door, rear right outer kat.N 832201C001 -2sht., Front left external kat.N 82210D3011 -1sht .; front right exterior kat.N822202W000 -1sht.Torhovelna mark "" Hyundai "". Producer: "" Hyundai Motor Company "". Country of origin: KR. "KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10012018.25357.9820317
18/Apr/20178708509998"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Part of bridges leading. Art.70-2407060-23sht glass, art.70-2407060-01-16sht, art.1221-2407042-2sht, art.1520-2308039- 20pcs plate locking art.50-2403023-150sht, art.50-2407056-100sht gaskets, cover art.52-2301061-10sht, gaskets art.52-2302021-200sht, differential art.52-2303010-B-01- 10pcs axis art.52-2303019-20sht, gearbox housing art.52-2308014-A2-10sht, art.52-2308015-A2-10sht, cover art.52-2308030-A-20pcs, semi-axis art.52-2308065 -20sht, HYLZA art.52-2308084-A1-40sht, SHTIFT art.52-2308099-10sht, art.52-2308101-20sht BUILDING, BUILDING RIGHT art.52-2308110-A2-5sht, gears art.70-2407053 -10sht, art.70-2407053-01-20sht, clutches art.70-2409010 LOCK-B-5pcs, B RUDOVYK art.72-2308029-B-10pcs flange art.82-2308017-10sht, art.85-2403020-30sht differentials, traction art.952-1802011-20sht, art.952-1802025-20sht, gaskets art.52 -2302022-100sht plate locking art.1521-2308031-2sht, crosses art.1522-2403062-B-2 pcs, couple UPPER art.52-2308100-2sht, glass-art.50H 2407042-5sht, disco NAZHYMNYY art.70 -2409018-10sht, dirt art.72-2308029-B-10 pieces, brand: MSA "" Minsk Tractor Plant "" brand MTZ Country of-BY "BELARUS0UA1251302756.6621100.01552
18/Apr/20178708409998"1.Zapasni parts s / d traktoriv.Novi. Parts of transmissions. Art.1521-1701042-5sht gears, art.1522S-1701052-2sht, focusing art.50-1701187-200sht, bushings SHLITSEVA art.50-1701188 -20sht, gaskets art.50-1701258-200sht, art.50-1701259-200sht, bushings art.50-1701312-10sht, art.50-1701401-20sht impellers, housings forks art.50-1702080-A-45sht, Rods castle art.50-1702083-20sht plate art.50-1702084-10sht, Plug art.50-1702116-6sht lever art.50-4216022-A-20pcs, cover art.70-1701454-A2-10sht, lever art.70-1702020-A-40sht, art.70-1703011-20sht, control lever art.70-1703200-B-5pcs, leash art.70-1703202-A-200sht, art.70-1703210 POLE-B -20sht, lids Supporting art.70-1721022-40sht, Plug art.74-1702116-5sh t thrust art.80-4216060-10sht, gears art.112-1701224-1sht, cover art.70-1702010-2sht, gears art.112-1701312-5sht, art.112-1701361-2sht, cover art BOXES. 50-1702025-A-2 pcs, plug art.50-1702096-10sht shaft art.80-1701240-1sht shaft SECONDARY art.80-1701252-B 10pcs, art.80-1702010-02-1sht control mechanisms, Gear and rt.80S-1701054-2sht, Corpus art.80S-1702080-2sht, gears art.50-1721040-2sht, cover art.70-1702010-5sht manufacturers: MSA "" Minsk Tractor Plant "" brand MTZ Country of-BY "BELARUS0UA1251301029.3410016.7861
18/Apr/201740169300901.Zapasni parts for automobiles, gaskets, seals, gaskets, washers with vulcanised nezatverdiloyi nonporous rubber: Rubber O-ring, Art.: 6.33081-30 sht.kiltse sealing rubber sensor, art.: 4.20023-3 sht.prokladka rubber, art. : 4.80915-1 sht.kiltse sealing rubber, art.: 1.31294-6 sht.prokladka oil pan, art.: 6.20423-2 sht.kiltse sealing rubber, art.: 1.10891-6 sht.uschilnyuyuche ring Ref.: 2.15062- sht.k 1-t gaskets (seal oil filter housing), art.: 1.31064-3 sht.K kt rubber seals fuel filter housing, art.: 3.92120-1 sht.kiltse rubber sealing, art .: 3.89522-4 sht.kiltse sealing rubber, Art.: 6.33087-9 sht.prokladka oil cooler, art.: 3.14207-4 sht.Prokladka timing cover (rubber), art.: 2.10262-1 sht.Torhovelna brand DIESEL DTVyrobnyk TECHNIC AG Country of DE.GERMANY0UA4000302.02225.2568602
14/Apr/201784879090001.Komplektuyuchy of electrical enclosures industrial automation systems: 34571-608 faceplate 84NR -16sht 24560-055 protective cover (2 pcs.) -1kompl34560-284 horizontal rail 34560-784 rail 84NR -40sht horizontal 84NR RC-30849-002 faceplate 50sht 2U 6HP-34560-193 5pcs sidebar 3U 415D -2sht 34560-284 horizontal rail 84NR-10pcs 34560-784 horizontal rail 84NR RC -1 0sht 34560-284 horizontal reyka84NR - 10pc 34560-784 horizontal rail 84NR RC -10sht 24560-051 upper panel (2 pcs.) - 1pak 20818-019 faceplate 5NR -6sht 21101-705 plate gasket (10pc). -57pak 24560-053 84NR upper panel (2 pieces) -2 7kompl 24560-235 Plank a gasket (10 pieces). -6pak sidebar 34560-189 34562-762 -7sht 3U panel resolution 220D-24 560-052 25sht top panel (2 pcs.) 84HP 235D - 1kompl 24560-235 plankauschilnyuvach (10pc). -1pak 24564- 447 sidebar (2 pcs.) - 1kompl 24566-429 side panels (2 pieces) for -2pa 30848-304 -5sht30849-00 front panel 5 front panel 6U 3HP -5sht 34562-883 district on Eyck perechna 280D -20sht24560-235 plan ca gasket (10pc). -1pak 30848-378 ne Ref panel -35sht34561-498 corner and 6U rack -2sht 34811-136 rear panel -5sht 64 560-010rozdilyayucha panel 6U -2sht 20110- 093 20110-093 -4pak Side rail Side rail Side rails -4pak 20110-093 24812-321 -20pa for vstavnoy module -2sht 34561-3 84reyka perforov Ana M2,5 -500sht 30838-0 front panel 44 5NR -5sht 20118-590 30847-603 -2sht lower rack front panel - 20pcs 30847-604 faceplate -5sht20818-019 front panel 5NR -200sht 34560-101 horizontal rail -10sht 34560-601hory zontalna -10sht rail 34560-684 rail cial horizon -10sht in 20110-091 reykavydvizh (2 pieces) -3kompl 30118-299 front panel b -6sht 1U 2U -1 perednyapanel 30118-301 20846-431 faceplate pieces -5sht 21101 05 -7 plate gasket (10pc). -1pak 24567-173 body SUBR H W.HDL 3U 84HP 295D SL-2 pcs 24567-173 body SUBR H W.HDL 3U 84 HP 295D SL -2sht 24567-464 karkasblochnyy Heavy 6U 84HP 355D 20848-617 -2sht front panel (loop) -2sht30838-204 front panel -2sht tion 34560-984 mountains ontalna Eyck was -10sht 14575-165karkas Compac 3 PRO U 84HP -2sht 30118-301 Front Panel 2U-30118-299 2pcs front panel 1U 30 -5sht 848-304 faceplate frame -1000sht24591-336 multipacPRO 400mm -10kompl 10225- 638 housing COMPTEC 7U 600D-1 24566-43 1pc side panels (2 pieces) -80kompl 34561-384 14575-123 M2,5-100sht perforated rack enclosure compac PRO -1sht 30845-253 perforo Wang -50sht34562-756 rail mounting sir eh -8sht 21101 -707 rail mounting (10pc) -50pak 21101-705 plate gasket (10pc). -5pak 24561-199 plate compactor 1kompl 3U-34561-384 rail 34561-384 rail M2,5-100sht punched perforated M2,5-250sht 34561- 342 34560-742 M2,5-10sht rack perforated horizontal rail 42NR 10 t 34560-892 21101-707 -100sht guide rail rack mounting (10pc) -10pak3 4561-497 bill -20sht 21101-705 cover plate gasket (10pc). -2pak34560-38 4 horizontal rails 84NR SL 0-284 horizontal -50sht 3456 84NR rail-building 563-173 24 100 pieces evropac PRO -25sht 2456GERMANY0UA10011058521172.31369
14/Apr/20178484900090"1. Sets, kits iuschilnyuvachiv gaskets for motor vehicles itraktornoyi: Set of gaskets for the engine VAZ-2101 (D76) Full - 8 pieces. The set of gaskets for the engine VAZ-2108 Full - 5 pcs. Set of gaskets for the engine VAZ-2110- 2112 (8 klapannыy) Full - 3 pieces. Kit pads for ZMZ-402 Full - 22 pieces. The set of gaskets for the engine UMZ-417 Full - 28 pieces. The set of gaskets for the engine UMZ-421 Full - 40. , Set of gaskets for YaMZ Full-238 - 6 sht.Sklad materials supplied gaskets for the engine VAZ-2101 (D76) Full: front pad 2101-1002064 Cylinder cover - 1 pc. (Asbestos) laying GBTS 2101-1003020 - 1 pc. (Asbestos), valve cover gasket 2101-1003270 - 1 pc. (Reinforced Asbestos) 2101-1005155 pad holder - 1 piece . (Asbestos) laying trunk chain tensioner 2101-1006082 - 1 pc. (Asbestos) 2101-1008081 manifold gasket - 4 pcs. (metal) laying sump 2101-1009070 - 1 pc. (humoprobka) laying corps oil pumps 2101-1011021 - 1. (Humoprobka); 2101-1014215 breather pad - 1 pc. (Asbestos); laying pipe water pump 2101-101430 - 1. (Asbestos); 2101-1106170 fuel pump gasket - 1. (Asbestos); laying the foundations carburetor 2101-1107015 - 1. (Asbestos); Admission laying pipes 2101-1203020 - 1. (Reinforced Asbestos); laying pipe water pump 2101-1303017 - 1. (Asbestos); laying pipe Radiators 2101-1303042 - 1. (Asbestos); water pump cover gasket 2101-1307046 - 1. (Humoprobka); 2101-1307048 water pump gasket - 1. (Humoprobka); laying distributor ignition 2101-3706700 - 1. (Asbestos); 2101-3706700 pipe laying - 1. (Asbestos) .Sklad Materials supplied gaskets for the engine VAZ-2108 Full: laying the foundations carburetor 2101-1107015 - 1. (Asbestos); Admission laying pipes 2103-1203020 - 1. (metal); 2108-1003020 laying GBTS - 1. (Sheet reinforced); valve cover gasket 2108-1003270 - 1. (Humoprobka); holder gasket rear crankshaft oil seal 2108-1005155 - 1. (Asbestos); laying sump 2108-1009070 - 1. (Humoprobka); 2108-1011065 oil pump gasket - 1. (Asbestos); 2108-1106170 fuel pump gasket - 2 pcs. (Asbestos); carburetor gasket at 2108-1107017 - 1. (Asbestos); exhaust pipe laying 2108-1303017 - 1. (Asbestos); flange gasket supply pipe water pump 2108-1303067 - 1. (Asbestos); laying water pump housing 2108-1307042 - 1. (Asbestos); 21083-1008081-10 manifold gasket - 2 pcs. (Sheet reinforced) .Sklad Materials supplied gaskets for the engine VAZ-2110-2112 (8-valve), gasket holder omentum rear crankshaft 2108-1005155 - 1. (Asbestos); laying sump 2108-1009070 - 1. (Humoprobka); 2108-1011065 oil pump gasket - 1. (Asbestos); exhaust pipe laying 2108-1303017 - 1. (Asbestos); flange gasket "RUSSIA0UA805150112.003722.5472375
13/Apr/201783024900901.Vazhil ITBKTA4-1sht torque. ITSKTA3-2sht torque arm. Val ITB4SZ-1sht.Korpus metal for ITBKH231056D40-2sht gear. Dlyareduktora ITBKH231452D40-1sht metal casing. Metal gear housing for ITBKH331057D50-4sht.Korpus metal for ITBKH331354D50-4sht gear. Dlyareduktora ITBKH431161D60-2sht metal casing. Metal gear housing for ITBKH431656D60-2sht.Korpus metal for ITHKHU121159D35-1sht gear. Dlyareduktora ITHKHU121654D35-2sht metal casing. Case metal for reduktoraITHKHU221452D40-1sht. Metal gear housing for ITHKHU421161D60-1sht. Korpusmetalevyy for ITHKHU421656D60-1sht gear. Case metal for reduktoraITSKHU321081D50-2sht. Metal gear housing for ITSKHU321477D50-2sht. Korpusmetalevyy for ITSKHU421088D60-1sht gear. Case metal for reduktoraITSKHU421385D60-1sht. Metal cover for gearbox ITCKC1100112B5D15-4sht. Kryshkametaleva for ITCKC1132B5D25-8sht gear. Cover metal for reduktoraITCKC1160B5D25-1sht. Cover of etaleva for ITCKC18090B5D15-2sht gear. Kryshkametaleva for ITCKC190B14D12-2sht gear. Cover metal for reduktoraITCKC190B14D15-2sht. Metal cover for gearbox ITCKC2160180B5D25-1sht. MuftaITCKJ100112-4sht. Coupling ITCKJ132-8sht. Coupling ITCKJ90-2sht. Coupling ITCKJ90B14-2sht.Probka metal PLM1615G-10pc. Breather with a gasket PBM1615G-10pc. Flange dlyareduktora ITHKFO2250-2sht. Flange for ITHKFO4450-1sht gear. Flange dlyareduktora TCM110P100112B5-4sht. Flange for TCM075P8090B5-10sht gear. Flanetsdlya TCM063P80B14-10sht gear. Flange for FCM090-5sht gear. Flange dlyareduktora TCM075P8090B5-10sht.Krayina origin - KytayTorhovelna mark - TranstecnoVyrobnyk - TranstecnoCHINA0UA1000101752.3916616.39108
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Gasket Housing Cover Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Gasket Housing Cover Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""МОТОРТЕК УКРАЇНА"""
Importer Address
02088,м.Київ, в.Автотранспортна 4, к.6. Україна
Exporter Name Katoen Natie Customs Services NV
Product Description
"1.Zapchastyny ​​motovsyudyhidiv to Polaris, a.........
HS Code 6815990000Value 53.82003011
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 0.32
Origin Country UNITED STATES

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