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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
20/Apr/20174016930090With 1.VYROBY NEZATVERDILOYI porous vulcanized rubber (gaskets, oil seals, USCHI-LNYUVACHI) for cars, not for PROMYS- LOVOHO DRAWING VEHICLES: art. 2106-3716018R tow USCHILYUVALNYY taillights -20kh. Art. 2101-1003270KPROKLADKA LIDS -4000sht cylinder head. Art. 2101-1009070K PROKLADKAMASLYANOHO Carter -1000sht. Art. 2101-2804075 Sealant bracket ZADNOHOBAMPERA -300sht. Art. Condensation bending 2101-3802710 SHAFT speedometer. 2103-3510111 Condensation rod DRIVE-brake master cylinder 500sht. Art. 2103-6106146 gaskets Bracket promotion video DOOR limiter. 2108-1003270-10R cylinder head gaskets LIDS -150sht. art.2108-1009070K sump gaskets -1000sht. Art. 2101-1005034-02R SALNYKKOLENCHATOHO SHAFT FRONT -1500sht. Art. 2101-1005160-02R Gaskets KOLENCHATOHOVALA REAR -900sht. Art. 2101-1005160-02RЭ Gaskets -300sht. Art. 2101-1701043KSALNYK PERVYCHNOHO SHAFT transmission -500sht. Art. 2101-3103038K SALNYKMATOCHYNY PEREDNOH O WHEELS -1000sht. Art. 2108-1005034R Gaskets KOLENCHATOHO VALAPEREDNIY With PRUZHYNOY -2000sht. Art. 2108-1005034RЭ Gaskets KOLENCHATOHO SHAFT-500sht. Art. 2108-1005160R Gaskets KOLENCHATOHO SHAFT REAR -300sht. art.2108-1703042-01R Gaskets rod gear selection -500sht. Art. 2108-1703042-12RSALNYK rod gear selection -500sht. Art. 2108-2301034K Gaskets semi-axis right-500sht. Art. 2108-2301034R Gaskets semi-axis RIGHT -500sht. Art. 2110-1701043RSALNYK PERVYCHNOHO SHAFT transmission -500sht. Art. 2110-2301034R SALNYKNAPIVVISI RIGHT -500sht. Art. 2110-2301035R Gaskets semi-axis LEFT -500sht. art.2121-3103038R Gaskets front wheel hub -500sht. Art. With 406.1005034-02RMANZHETA PRUZHYNOY (Volga) -300sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 115RU SALNYKKOROBKY GEAR -100sht 2101-2107. Art. Repair kits for vases 91RU Box PEREDACH2108 -100sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 92RB Gaskets Gearbox -50sht 2110-12. art.REMKOMPLEKT 93R for VAZ 2101-2107 -150sht crankshaft. Art. Repair kits 93RB FOR 2101-07 -50sht VAZSALNYK crankshaft. Art. Repair kits for vases 94RB SALNYKKOLENVALA2108-099., 2110-12 -50sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 113RU 2101-07PIDVISKA front and rear -24sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 114RU 2101-07 PIDVISKAPEREDNYA -40sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 165RU GASKETS USYLENNI IZOLIRUYUSCHIPRUZHYNY front suspension -36sht. Art. Repair kits for vases 166RU PROKLADKYUSYLENNIE IZOLIRUYUSCHI Regenerated -24sht rear suspension. Art. 1118-6107028RUSCHILNYUVACH -20sht. Art. Condensation 1118-6207028R THRESHOLD back door in ZBORIPRAVA -10sht. Art. Condensation 1118-6207029R -10sht. Art. 1119-2902723R PROKLADKAIZOLIRUYUSCHA-50sht. Art. Condensation 2101-1009055R Pointer -500sht oil level. art.2101-1009140R gaskets LIDS MASLONALYVNOY HORLOVINY -500sht. art.2101-1103075R gaskets CONGESTED -200sht fuel tank. Art. 2101-1602516RUSCHILNYUVACH piston crowns -500sht pressure regulator. Art. 2101-2904195-10RPROKLADKA IZOLIRUYUSCHA Regenerated front suspension, 400sht. Art. 2101-2904195R gaskets IZOLIRUYUSCHA Regenerated front suspension, 300sht. Art. 210RUSSIA0.00UA8071702,149.3826,457.10 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
10/Apr/20177312102000"1.Chastyny ​​motor vehicles zasobivne military pryznachennya.Tros gas stainless steel dlyasnihobolotohida code: A-VPR.10.9026 - 50shtTorhivelna mark - ShERP.Krayina production - RU.Vyrobnyk - the company" "Sherpa". "."RUSSIA0.00UA10007016.80116.50 *****
04/Apr/20178708109098"1.Chastyny ​​and devices to automobiles. Bumpers and parts to the a / m generaldestination, carrying less than 75 tons, not skladannyamotornyh for industrial vehicles: 2705-2804012-30 panel zadnohobufera-8 pieces (whirlpool. PJSC" "GAS" " , torh.marka: GAZ) Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0.00UA80720029.60119.03 *****
04/Apr/20178708309198"1.Zapasni parts for a / m GAS (brake systems and parts for disc brakes): COMPLETE pusher axle brake pedal 3110-3504900-20sht, a set of pads front disc brakes 3302-3501800-02-96sht, a set parking brake rope 3302 -3508800-01-30sht; 23107-3103013-3sht wheel hub, brake pad linings 3302-3502105-200sht, brake pad linings 3309-3501105-40sht; OCHOBA staples BRAKE 3105-3501212-10sht; REM.KOMPLEKT DRIVE parking brake 3302- 3508900-7sht, trademark HAZVyrobnyk PAO "" GAS "" Country of RU. "RUSSIA0.00UA100110333.261,353.57 *****
03/Apr/20174016995290"1.Vyroby Vulcanite not porous, not solid rubber l / a: 2101-2904070R, CHEHOL protective layer finger front PODVESKY 1500 pcs. 2101-3003074R, protective cap layer NGO finger 1500 pcs. 2108-1311090R, belts KREPLENYYARASSHYRY tion tank 100 pcs. 2110-2904070R, CHEHOL protective layer PALTSAPEREDNEY PODVESKY 200 pcs. Remkomplekty 20R, mufflers for VAZ PODVESKY 2101-2107 (b 2101-1203047R belt PODVESKY BASIC issue silencer G 2 AZOV SHTVULKANYZYROVANNAYA rubber combo NYROVANNAYA C metal; 2101-1203072R blown SHKAKREPLENYYA VЫPUSKNOY Pipes Mufflers 1 piece Rubber VULKANYZYROVANNAYA K C OMBYNYROVANNAYA metal;) 500 pcs. 20RR repair kits, mufflers for VAZ PODVESKA (2101-1203047R belt PODVESKY MAIN gas silencer issue 2 pieces VULKANYZYROVANNAYA rubber KOMBYNYROVANNAYA C metal;) 1000 pcs. 2106-2803060-10R buffers PEREDNEHO bumper PRAVЫY collection in 40 pcs. 2106-2803061-10R buffers PEREDNEHOBAMPERA LEVЫY collection in 40 ShT.Vyrobnyk: OAO "" Balakovorezynotehnyka. ' "Trademark -" "Rook". "The country you robnytstva-RU."RUSSIA0.00UA807170303.762,535.48 *****
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