Ukraine Import Data of Gas Flux | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gas Flux

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gas flux collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gas flux imports.

Gas Flux Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gas Flux

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178539319000"1.Lamps gas-discharge, fluorescent, with a thermal cathode, single-sided (household, non-explosive, new ones): energy-saving lamp (CFL) of unmounted PUR, voltage 220-240V: DULUX S 7W / 840 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A6984630079, EAN: 4050300010571 - 200 lamp; energy saving lamp (CFL) of unmounted DND, voltage 220-240V, power 8,7W, light flux 600Lm, light temperature 4000K, base G23, power consumption 12kWh / 1000h: DULUX S 9 W / 840 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A7008130379 , EAN: 4050300010588 - 100pcs; lamp-energy saving (CFL) without built-in ballasts, voltage 220-240V, power 11W, world flood 900Lm, light temperature HUA 4000K, base G23, power consumption 15kW h / 1000h: DULUX S 11W / 840 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A7008600279, EAN: 4050300010618 - 50 0pcs; energy saving lamp (CFL) without built-in protection, voltage 220-240V: DU LUX L 24W / 830 2G11 10X1 OSRAM Art. A2917010979, EAN: 4050300010762 - 20pcs; Power saving lamp (CFL) without built-in flash, voltage 220-240V: DU LUX S / E 7W / 8 40 2G7 10X1 OSRAM art.A6983340079, EAN: 4050300020167 - 30pcs .; Energy saving lamp (CFL) without built-in DPS, voltage 220-240V, power consumption 11.8W, light flux 900Lm, light temperature 3000K, base G23, power consumption 15kWh / 1000h: DULUX S 11W / 830 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A7008480279, EAN : 4050300025759 - 150pcs .;Tubular lamp for general lighting, circular knob, 230V voltage, tube diameter 16mm, power 22,3W, light flux 1900Lm, light temperature 4000K, base 2GX13 (single / double-sided, power consumption 25kWh / 1000h: FC 22W / 840 12X1 OSRAM art. A2992350679, EAN: 405030052846 5 - 12pcs; Tube tubes for general lighting, ring, 230V, tube diameter 16mm, 2GX13 cap type (single / double): FC 22W / 830 12 X1 OSRAM art.A2992410079, EAN: 4050300528489 - 24pcs .; Country of production: IT; Manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "ITALY1036UA12523048.0741076.45107 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/20178515399000"1.Mehanichnyy device for welding metals: -Set" "Gasfluxer" ", model 70 -1sht., Serial # 712286, consists of kameryzmishuvacha and backup storage tank potoku.Vyrobnyk Gasfluxer Trading Gasfluxer."UNITED STATES0UA10001015773.2075624
25/Apr/20178515310000"1.Welding semi-automatic machines - only 9 pcs, including: 1) - aXe 320 double pulse HIGHT SPEEDCOMPACT H2O - 1 pc Serial No: 57130. Technical data: supply voltage 380V, power at maximum current 300A - 8.7 kV.2) - aXe 320 IN MIG MAN-4 - 5 pieces Serial No: 57338, 57339, 57421, 57422,57423. Technical data: 380V supply voltage, power at a maximum current of 300A - 8.7 kW 3) - aXe 320 PULLSE SMART GAS - 3 pcs Serial No: 57054, 57424, 57425. Technical data: 380V supply voltage, maximum current 300A - 8.7 kW. Welding semiautomatic devices are intended for electric arc welding of metals by welding wires Solid section or powder etc. These are in the environment of protective gases, self-protecting powder wires and welded wires of continuous section using the protection of welding metal with flux.It does not include: - "production equipment" for the production of metal powders suitable for use in "production" in a controlled medium of crushed Or spherical materials; - high-frequency arc plasma generators, suitable for use in the manufacture of spherical metal powders or spray powders, with the organization of the process in the medium of argon-water; - Electroplating plants suitable for use in the manufacture of spherical metal powders or spray powders, with the organization of the process in the medium of argon-water; - equipment suitable for use in the "production" of spherical aluminum powders by melt cutting in an inert medium (eg nitrogen). General use.Not a military product. Country of production CZ. Manufacturer: ALFA IN as.Trademark: ALFAIN. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA40101047810258.84901
24/Apr/20177317002000"1.Zvaryuvalni napivavtomatyni apparati 1) - KIT 405 D Processor- 3 pcs. Sn.:5059300175, 5059300176, 5059300177. Teh.dani: voltage 380V, 350A potuzhnistna maximum tokay gecko - 12.4 kVt.2) - KIT 405 - 2 pcs. Sn .: 5003200818,5003200819. Tech. data: zhyvlennya380V voltage, power at maximum toke350A - 12.4 kW. 3) - kIT 405S with feeders KIT2-4S connecting cable and control 2MS - 1 set. Sn .: 5040500123. Tech. data: voltage 380V, maximum power to the tokay gecko 350A - 12.4 kV. 4) - KIT 500 PROCESSOR - 2 pcs. Sn .: 5143400004, 5143400005. Tech. data: voltage 380V, power 450A at maximum tokay gecko - 18.1 kW. 5) - KIT 500 S PROCE SSOR of feeders KIT 2-4 S PROCESSOR control and connecting cable 2MS PROCESSOR - 1 set. Sn .: 5058300009. Tech. Data: voltage 380V, maximum power to the tokay gecko 450A - 18.1 kW. Welders are designed to arc welding metal welding wire continuous season of the emergence or, cored wire in shielding gas Self-cored wires and solid welding wire intersection using welded metal protection flux. Not belonging to: - '' production equipment '' for producing metal powders suitable for use in "" production, "" in a controlled environment crushed or spherical materials; - high-arc plasma generators suitable for use in the manufacture of spherical metallic powders or powders sprayed, the organization process in the argon-water; - elektrovybuhovyh units suitable for use in the manufacture of spherical metallic powders or powders sprayed, the organization process in the argon-water; - equipment suitable for use in "" production, "" spherical aluminum powder spray melt in an inert medium (eg nitrogen). General use. It is not military products. Country of CZ. Manufacturer: Kuhtreiber, sro trademark: Kuhtreiber. "AUSTRIA0UA1252002.56435.28215173
22/Apr/20178421396090"1.Filtry for cleaning gases (emitted during soldering, flux fumes) using a catalytic process, frames used in the equipment manufacturing production of electronic modules supplied for own production needs: Product model 1481601 FILTER SMITH - 62sht . marking model 1481701 FILTER SMITH - 67sht.Krayina origin: United States. ".UNITED STATES0UA30518014.371495.910899
18/Apr/201738249065001.Dopomizhni preparations for foundry production (stick coating, dividing agents, drugs for refining and degassing alloys) for injection molding presformmashyn: PROBAT-FLUSS EXTRA NS-2000kh. PROBAT FLUSS AL224-3000kh. DEGASAL T200 -324kh. DEGASAL CU T200 -324kh. PROBAT-FLUSSALUBRONZE-500kg. MIKROSAL CU T200 -32,4kh. CILLOLIN AL 285 -90kh. CILLOLIN AL285G -45kh. CILLOLIN AL 130 -25kh. CILLOLIN AL 3500G -40kh. CILLOLIN AL 500-50kh. FLUXIT 150WE -25kh. ALUFIX -100kh.Torhovelna Brand: SchaferKrayina production: DEVyrobnyk: Schafer Chemische Fabrik GmbH.GERMANY0UA100110655511221.11328
18/Apr/20178515310000"1.Apparatus for arc welding, rectifiers for arc welding: VDU-608 U3 -2pcs. In the following, the" rectifier "is intended for the acquisition of automatic machines and semiautomatic devices for welding and surfacing under a layer of flux in the environment of protective gases. Trademark:" ITS " Country of production: RU.Producer: ZAO NPF "" Engineering and technological service "". "RUSSIA0UA1101101323879.917386
18/Apr/201783113000001. Coated rods and wire electrode used for soldering, including refractory solder or gas welding of base metals. Art.0987107 elektroz'yednan solder for soldering without applying flux in bays to 250g. Designed for soldering electronic components. Ideal for soldering printed circuit boards. / Marking: SLDR-NO10-SN60 / PB40-250G-D1 - number - 20 sht.Torhovelna WURTH brand Brand ADOLF WURTH GmbH & production Co.KGKrayina DE.GERMANY0UA1000105.164144.780755
12/Apr/20177229200000"1. Wire doped with siliciclastic-manganese steel, copper covered: - ER70S-6 with a diameter of 0.8 mm, is wound on the spool by 4.15 kg - 15936 kg, 3,840 sheaves in each carton korobtsi.Vmist chemical elements: carbon (C ) 0.070%, manganese (Mn) 1,69; silicon (Si) 0,91%; phosphorus (P) 0,011%; sulfur (S) 0,006%; copper (Cu) 0,07%, nickel (Ni) 0 01% chromium (Cr) 0,04%; molybdenum (Mo) 0,011%; vanadium (V) 0,01% .Drit wire to protect against corrosion and improve strumoprovidnosti.Flyusove filling and coating flux vidsutni.Sposib manufacturing, cold drawn through filyery.Pryznachenyy for use at welding s work in a protective gas atmosphere of carbon and low-alloy steel welding napivavtomatamy.Vyrobnyk: JINAN WOERDE SOLDER CO., LTD.Krayina production: China (CN) .Torhovelna Brand: No data. ".CHINA0UA4030101593616136.49919
07/Apr/20176401100000"1. Rubber boots firefighters FHR 004, size 42-44 / Rubber boots for pozhezhnyhFHR 004, sizes 42-44 - 6 par.Yavlyayut a special fire-resistant rubber safety shoes with electrical insulation properties, which closed bow of protective stalevymudarostiykym subsock, shoes, made with hot curing, shoes have laces, threads, nails, feet designed to protect the fire from open flames, heat flux, water, climate impact and hazardous liquids. boots are: steel shockproof subsock, steel estuary LCI at the base, handles for easy dressing, antistatic sole with deep tread relief; svitlovidbyvanu koloru yellow box. Characteristic features of rubber boots for fire FHR 004: resistance to oils, gasoline and acids; termostiykistdo 250 ° C for 1 min .; no support combustion after exposure to an open flame height boots - 33 cm.. "SERBIA6UA70202021399.8040466
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Gas Flux Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Gas Flux Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Підприємство зі 100% іноземною інвестицією ""ЛЕДВАНС"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Ділова, 5
Exporter Name LEDVANCE GmbH
Product Description
"1.Lamps gas-discharge, fluorescent, with a therma.........
HS Code 8539319000Value 1076.45107
Quantity 1036Unit UA125230
Net Weight 48.074
Origin Country ITALY

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