Ukraine Import Data of Galvanized Pipes | Ukraine Import Statistics of Galvanized Pipes

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of galvanized pipes collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of galvanized pipes imports.

Galvanized Pipes Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Galvanized Pipes

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of galvanized pipes. Get Ukraine trade data of Galvanized Pipes imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/201773079980001.Z'yednannya pipes of galvanized stali- bandage with bolts and nuts to connect the pipes HelCor Z1000, dia. 1400 mm, art. HC-RZ2-1400-30-O2-D3 - 1 shtTorhovelna mark - ViaConVyrobnyk - ViaCon sp.zoo.POLAND0UA20502066.28148.9867464 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201773069000001.Hofrovani spiralnovyti pipes of galvanized steel with thickness 3mm, nezvarni have tight seam, which is a double lock: - pipe HelCor Z1000, dia. 1400 mm, art. HC-RU-1400-30-O2-D3-S - 6,5m.- pipe HelCor Z1000, dia. 1500 mm, art. HC-RU-1500-30-O2-D3-S - 8,5m.Vykorystovuyutsya for the installation of Road-Transport drenazhu.Torhovelna mark - ViaConVyrobnyk - ViaCon sp.zoo.POLAND0UA2050202021.733733.537745
27/Apr/20177326909490"1.Homuty single metal.zazhymni of rezynov.prokl.dlya pipes, galvanized shtampov.ta complete with dowels, screw haykoyuta: OMG6 / 4-6000sht; OMG5 / 4-1000sht; OMG3 / 4-1000sht; OMG3-600sht; OMG6-600sht; OMG1-1000sht; OMG4 (120) -10200sht; OMG4 (10x120) M8 / 10-1000sht.Vsoho-mark 21400sht.Torhovelna "" AQUER "". stones. "" AQUER "". Country of PL.. "POLAND0UA1000203022.26568.509327
24/Apr/201784133080001.Hlushnyky and exhaust pipes for trucks: PIPE MUFFLER SEREDNYADAF 85 L = 450MM PIPE PIPE MUFFLER EXHAUST PRIMARY elastic galvanized 2 MFI 90 (94289W) (Bumps) PRIMARY PIPE MUFFLER SCANIA P, R, TL = 305MM HLUSHNYKVYHLOPNYH GAS VL silencer DAF XF 95/105 EUR3 muffler exhaust VL TRUBAVYHLOPNA FI 127MM TO 30mm (corrugated) PIPE-mUFFLER HARMONIYKA I 90X 91 TRUBAVYHLOPNA MN MN eXHAUST PIPE Pipes corrugated exhaust FI121X1000MM TRUBAHOFROVANA exhaust FI103X1000MM PIPE mUFFLER final DAF CF 85 / XF 105TRUBA eXHAUST PIPE exhaust RE VL PIPE PIPE exhaust HOFROVANAVYHLOPNYH GAS FI111X1000MM PIPE MUFFLER elastic EUROSTAR PIPE HLUSHNYKASEREDNYA MAN TGA / TGS / TGX PIPE exhaust MN corrugated tubes exhaust HAZIVFI121X1000MM PIPE MUFFLER PRIMARY ACTROS PIPE MUFFLER PRIMARY RVIPREMIUM PIPE exhaust elastic galvanized 2 M FI 111 (94210W) (Bumps) TRUBAVYHLOPNA DF PIPE exhaust DAF PIPE exhaust MB / NPLN ELASTYCHNAOTSYN PIPE eXHAUST PIPE 2 M Cowan DF eXHAUST PIPE PIPE mUFFLER PRIMARY ACTROS HOFROVANAVYHLOPNYH FI70X1000MM GAS PIPE eXHAUST PIPE exhaust SC MB / NPLN TRUBAVYHLOPNA AVERAGE eXHAUST PIPE RE DAF 95XF / XF95 silencer INITIAL XF / CFTRUBA exhaust MN PIPE MUFFLER PRIMARY MB ACTROS PIPE MUFFLER-HARMONIYKAI105X285 PIPE EXHAUST MB / NPLN PIPE exhaust VL PIPE exhaust DF / BV TRUBAVYHLOPNA elastic steel 2 M FI 111 (corrugated) pipe exhaust DF TRUBAVYHLOPNA MB / NPLN corrugated tubes exhaust FI70X1000MM muffler VYHLOPNYHHAZIV MN corrugated galvanized Y 115 L = 2.0 M PIPE mUFFLER (FLYANETS) VOLVOFL-12 / FH-12/16 // RVI PREMIUM DXI 11 PIPE eXHAUST PIPE exhaust MN SC TRUBAVYHLOPNA elastic galvanized 2 M FI 128 (94227W) (Bumps) eXHAUST PIPE MNTRUBA corrugated exhaust FI80X1000MM PIPE eXHAUST PIPE DAF VYHLO NAMAN PIPE exhaust RE corrugated steel Y 128 L = 2.0 M PIPE MUFFLER POCHATKOVAELASTYCHNA RVI PREMIUM corrugated galvanized Y 115 L = 2.0 M Pipes corrugated VYHLOPNYHHAZIV FI103X2000MM PIPE exhaust MN PIPE exhaust VL PIPE MUFFLER KINTSEVAXF95 EUR3 muffler exhaust VL muffler exhaust DF PIPE VYHLOPNAVL PIPE exhaust elastic galvanized 2 M FI 128 (94227W) (Bumps) TRUBAHLUSHNYKA MEDIUM PIPE exhaust VL corrugated galvanized Y 77 L = 1.0 M PIPE VYHLOPNAMN PIPE exhaust MN corrugated steel Y 128 L = 2.0 M PIPE MUFFLER final TRUBAHLUSHNYKA PRIMARY PIPE exhaust DF / BV PIPE frilled exhaust HAZIVFI80X1000MMINDIA6UA10012031.49638.4502472
21/Apr/20177307910000"1. Flanges for pipes, not cast, made of steel, Flange DN125 galvanized wash dlyatunelyu diameter 125 mm, pressure 20 bar, Maximumtemperature 210 C, working environment, liquid gas for welding in styk- 3pc, Flange washing tunnel for DN100 galvanized diameter 100 mm, pressure 20 bar, the maximum temperature of 210 C, working environment, RI Din, gas for pryvaryuvannyav styk- 3pc, Flange bath with black paint zhididkoy first metal-DN80 diameter 80mm, pressure -20 bars, the maximum temperature of 210 C, working environment, liquid gas for welding I styk- 14sht ; Flange bath zhididk oops paint from chornohometalu diameter of DN65-6 5 mm, pressure 20 bar max 210 o ra-C robocheseredovysche, liquid gas for welding in styk- 10pcs, for vannyzhididkoy Flange DN65 galvanized and paint diametr- 65 mm, pressure 20 bar, the maximum atemperatura 210 C, working environment, liquid gas for welding in styk- 3pc, bath zhididkoy Flange DN32 paint-coated diameter 32 mm, pressure 20 bar, the maximum temperature of 210 C. , this work redovysche: liquid, gas, for pryvaryuvannyav styk- 26sht; Flange flushing tunnel for DN125 and black metal, diameter 125mm, pressure-25 bar, the maximum temperature of 220-C, the working environment: liquid, gas, f ryvaryuvannya in styk- 3pc; Trademark - EMKAVyrobnyk - EMKA BOYAMA TESISLE RI SANAYI VE TICARET LIMITED SIRKETI. "TURKEY0UA806020173.9379.10008
18/Apr/201773269060001.Vyroby of galvanized steel with polymer coating for drainage, water intake gutter 150/100 RR33 -4sht.Rynva SIBA 150 4000 BLACK FILM -13sht.Kronshteyn gutter compact universal RR33-68sht.Zahlushka 150 150 150 RR33-6sht.Zamok gutter SIBA BLACK -10sht.Dyubel for fastening pipes (brick wall) 175mm -100sht.Dyubel for fastening pipes (brick wall) 250mm -300sht.Dyubel for fastening pipes (brick wall) Siba -200sht.Kriplennya 300mm pipes wedge (brick wall) 90 RR33- 24sht.Kriplennya pipes wedge (brick wall) 100 RR33-14sht.Kriplennya pipes wedge (brick wall) 90 RR23 -160sht.Kriplennya pipes wedge ( brick wall) 120 BLACK -3sht.Triynyk SIBA SIBA pipe 90 70deg DARK GREY-2sht.Triynyk pipe 120 SIBA 60deg BLACK-1sht.Kut external gutter 90,150 RR33 -2sht.Kut internal gutter water intake RR33-1sht.Liyka 90 150 100 RR20 -4sht.Torhovelna mark: Plannja, SIBA.Vyrobnyk: "Plannja AB". Country of origin - SE. Marking producer. .SWEDEN0UA125120210980.2145736
18/Apr/20177308909800"1.Metalokonstruktsiyi of galvanized steel installed on the roof: Set for snihoupora trubchstoho of zincked. Were RSSSTB RR32 (KL3 fasteners for roofing - 4 pieces, uschilnyuvayuche ring KT3 - 4 pieces, screw LVI 7 * 50mm - 12p, rubber gasket 25 * 5 - 12p, screw M8 * 30mm - 4 pieces, nut M8 - 4 pieces) -4k-ty.RSSPIPE3000 RR22 snihoupor tube with zincked. steel (3-meter oval pipes - 2 pieces) -39k-tiv.RSSPIPE3000 RR32 snihoupor of tubular zincked. steel ( 3-meter oval pipes - 2 pieces) with fastening kit RSSSTB RR32 (for fixing the roof KL3 - 4 pieces, sealing ring KT3 - 4 pieces, screw LVI 7 * 50mm - 12p, rubber uschil yuvach 25 * 5 - 12p, screw M8 * 30mm - 4 pieces, nut M8 - 4 pieces) -14k-tiv.RSSPIPE3000 RR750 snihoupor of tubular zincked. steel (3-meter oval pipes - 2 pieces) with fastening kit RSSSTB RR750 (for fixing the roof KL3 - 4 pieces, sealing ring KT3 - 4 pieces, screw LVI 7 * 50mm - 12p, rubber gasket 25 * 5 - 12p, screw M8 * 30mm - 4 pieces, nut M8 - 4 pieces) -3k-ty.RSSPIPE3000 RR887 snihoupor May ubchatyy of zincked. steel (oval 3 meter pipe - 2 pcs) with fastening kit RSSSTB RR887 (attachment to the roof KL3 - 4 pieces, sealing ring KT3 - 4 pieces, screw LVI 7 * 50mm - 12p, rubber gasket 25 * 5 - 12p, screw M8 * 30mm - 4 pieces , nut M8 - 4 pieces) -22k-ty.Komplekt for attachment to snihoupora Finery RSBSF (screw 8 * 80mm - 4 pieces, construction - 27 * 11mm - 16sht) -5k-tiv.Torhovelna mark: Tikli. Producer: "" Tikli Group OY "". Country of origin - FI. Marking producer. "FINLAND0UA1251205101854.476072
18/Apr/20179406003100"1.Konstruktsiyi prefabricated, of iron or steel: Greenhouses size 10h100m -2komplekty. Vrozibranomu form. Consisting of: Frame (napivarky bending length 5m -204sht, central junction length 7,5m -102 pieces; internal direct stick diametr54sm, galvanized thickness 2mm -408sht, heart guilt strengthening of pipe diametr54sm, len zhyna 2m -204sht, central Dist External Anzio length 1,94m, diametr32 -100sht; distances paw length 2m -384sht; Talne distance fron paw po2m -16sht; Time Tine diameter end spacers 60, Dovže on -8sht 4,94m; Chastynyvnutrishnih spacing approx diameter 32 length -196sht 4,92m; Cen sweeping svichkydiametr 32, a thickness of 1.5 mm (hole), length of 2,43m -102sht, Central is strengthening ina "" V "", diameter 32, so ovschyna 1.5 mm, length of 3,04m - 204sht; zmitsnennyauvyhlyadi side is "" V "", diameter 32, the vschyna 1.5 mm, length of 1,82m -204sht, lateral zmitsnennyana rack, diameter 32, thickness 1.5 mm, length of 2,38m -204sht, pipes upper strengthening ohoprotyvitryanoho diameter February 3, thickness 1.5 mm, length of 2,3m -48 pc; T rubybichnoho protyvitryanoho strengthening, etc. iametr 32, thickness 1.5 mm, length of 2,9m -32sht; Accessories for greenhouse frame in -1komplekt; Profile aluminum-packing VKA; Hardware -upakovka) side holes (rails of aluminum filyu length 6m -68sht, outer side and rky diameter 28 -204sht with caps, T rubaz square junction diameter 3/4 "" length 6m -66sht) ends ( Stuffs dlyatortsiv "" A "" -zv'ya zky; COMPONENT ends "" B "" -bond and, spare strengthen frontalniprotyvitryanoho pipes, flattened on one side, diameter of 6 to 0, 2m thickness 2mmdovzhyna -8sht, Pipes French ontalni protyvitryanoho strengthening splyus Nuti on the one hand, diameter 60, thickness 2mm length 2.5m -8sht; end of tyvitryanohozmitsnennya pipes, flattened on the one at hand, etc. ametr 54, thickness 2mm length 2m -16sht; strengthening protyvitryanoho pipes, diameter 32 length 1,95m -4sht) Gable (crescent) opens (Component materials gables "" C "" -12zv'yazky, long handle for manual treduktora length 2.5m -4sht; Zubchastareyka straight holes with 1,50m, 6x4 5 screws, nuts m 6 samoblokuyuschysya -8sht; b galvanized sheet profiles 60h120 length 3 m -16sht; prozorohopolikar carbonate design with a thickness of 8 mm, with a scallop doors and lock the upper tamping zpolikarbona that -3sht; Profile galvanized sheet 60 h80 length 3m -2sht, prose orogen design with 8mm thick polycarbonate (com t 5m walls), roof zpolikarbonatu with pop eredno collected -1sht frame; Pryamokut not dystantsiyi50h30 length 1,93m -12sht; Letter transparent polycarbonate thickness 8 mm rozmir2,1h3m -1sht) Coatings (Film PATILUX EAG 12,5h105m e la -4sht roof; PlivkaPATILUX EAG 2,5h52m -8sht for windows, pipe joints square meters, a diameter of 1 '' length 6m -8sht, square junction pipe diameter 1 "," 2 m length -8sht, for Tick PlivkaPOLITEX 1,45h92m Olga -4sht, Completing materials for digging pok-1komplekt) generator producing hot air (Henrator suspension, K model50.000 / CAL, complete with remote control, sensor and Final term boiler "ITALY0UA10005018133.9956776.49026
18/Apr/20177307191000"1.Fitynhy cast of malleable iron, galvanized pipes used in system water and heating. №90 Elbow 90 * 3/4" "Art. 09025004-990sht. №90 Elbow 90 * 1" "Art. 09025005 -1500sht. №90 Elbow 90 * 1 "" x3 / 4 "" art.09025054-300sht. №90 Elbow 90 * 2 "" X11 / 4 "" art. 09005086-45sht. №90 Elbow 90 * 2 "" X11 / 2 " "art. 09025087-30sht. # 95 Elbow 90 * 1" "art. -56sht 09525005. # 95 Elbow 90 * 11/2" "art. 09505007-50sht. №97 Elbow 90 * 1/2 '' art. 09725003 -50sht. №97 Elbow 90 * 3/4 ​​"" art. 09725004-60sht. №97 Elbow 90 * 1 "" art. 09725005 -46sht. №121 Elbow 45 * 1/2 '' art. 12105003-150sht. number 121 Elbow 45 * 3/4 ​​"" art. 12105004-100sht. №121 Elbow 45 * 11/4 "" art. 12105006-60sht. Triynyk1 №130 "" art. 13025005 -990sht. Triynyk1 №130 1/4 "" and v. 13025006-60sht. Triynyk1 №130 1/4 "" x3 / 4 "" x 1 1/4 "" Art. 13025646 -390sht. Triynyk11 №130 / 2 "" x3 / 4 '' x 1 1/2 '' art . 13025747 -44sht. Triynyk1 №130 1/2 '' 1 '' x 1 1/2 '' art. 13025757-60sht. Triynyk2 №130 "" x1 1/2 '' x 2 '' art. 13025838-15sht. №240 Perehidnyk1 "" x3 / 4 "" art. 24025054-320sht. Perehidnyk1 №240 1/4 "" x1 "" art. 24025065-50sht. №2 Perehidnyk2 40 '' x 1 1/2 '' art. 24025087-44sht. №241 Perehidnyk1 1/2 '' x 1 1/4 '' art. 24125076 -70sht. Perehidnyk21 №241 / 2 '' x 2 '' art. 24125098-20sht. №245 Perehidnyk1 "" x3 / 4 "" Art. 24525054-100sht. №245 Perehidnyk1 1/2 '' x 1 1/4 '' art. 24525076 -90sht. №245 Perehidnyk2 "" X11 / 2 "" Art. 24525087-150sht. №246 Perehidnyk1 1/2 '' x 1 1/4 '' art. 24625076 -120sht. №246 Perehidnyk2 "" x1 "" Art. 24605085-60sht. №246 Perehidnyk2 "" x1 1/4 "" Art. 24625086-25sht. №246 Perehidnyk3 "" x2 "" Art. 246050A8-12sht. Mufta1 №275 1/4 "" Art. 27525006 -270sht. №275 Mufta2 "" Art. 27525008 -200sht.№280 Nippel2 1/2 '' art. 28025009 -30sht. №290 Zahlushka1 "" Art. 29025005 -120sht.№300 Zahlushka1 "" Art. 30025005 -390sht. Zahlushka1 №300 1/4 "" Art. 30025006 -80sht.№300 Zahlushka2 "" Art. 30025008 -80sht. Mufta1 №330 1/4 "" Art. 33025006 -100sht. №331Perehidnyk2 1/2 '' art. 33105009-24sht.Torhovelna Brand: F (BERG MONTANA) Country of origin: BGVyrobnyk: BERG MONTANA FITTINGS EAD "BULGARIA0UA1000102012.25954.789073
13/Apr/20178414808000"1.Inshi ventilation or exhaust recirculation hoods or cabinets with fan, filter or without him -system circulation = 1sht.V disassembled into: rastrubom pipes and fastening elements, control cabinets fan Ventylyatory.Systema air circulation consists of: 4 axial fans mounted in the tube with high vlahozahyschennistyu and box terminals for connecting IP 55, incl. fastening console galvanized profiliv4 suction and exhaust channels alyuminiyu2 devices made of air emissions from the wall fan volohosti5 sensor with high axial fans and vlahozahyschennistyu box terminals for connecting IP 55 Teh.harakterystyky: power - 2.2 kVtKilkist speed depending on your network power from 1430-1745 rev / hvStupin protection IP 55Robocha voltage of 220 - 460 VoltChastota network - 50 - 60Hz (depending on the power supply used) current strength of 4,01-8,22 a (depending on your network and connection diagrams) .1 central control cabinet for control and safety devices including ventilators. vytyazhkoyuSposib management of the system of circulation of warm and humid air is sucked in at the top of racks and using pipes and fans filed under the first floor. Thus, the temperature and humidity in the chamber vyrivnyuyetsya.Systema air emission controls humidity sensors in the chamber and limit it to a certain given value (eg, 90%). The system is not equipped with air circulation system of heating, cooling and zvolozhennya.Ne relates to: equipment and specially designed components and accessories for it, are specifically designed for the development of any equipment telecommunication transmission or switching obladnannya.Obladnannya specially designed for the production of UAVs and soup nih system.Kompresory and blowers Especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers with volume capacity at the inlet of 1 m3 / min or more of UF6 and with pressure at the outlet to several hundred kPa (100 lb / sq. inch ) .Kompresory and blowers especially designed or prepared axial, centrifugal or bulky compressors or blowers made of materials corrosion resistant to UF6, or by coating such material with a volume capacity at the inlet 2 m3 / min or more mixtures of UF6 and carrier gas (hydrogen or Elia) .Kompresory UF6 / carrier gas (MLIS) .Hazoduvky and compressors odnostupenevi, malonapirni (with pressure of 0.2 MPa or 30 lb / dyuym2) centrifugal blowers or compressors for hydrogen sulphide hazu.Vakuumni circulation pumps having all of the following characteristics: a) log diameter of 380 mm or more; b) pumping speed of 15 m3 / s or more; tac) can create a threshold vacuum better than 13.3 mPaTurborozshyryuvachi or units turborozshyryuvach type compressor having all the following characteristics: a) designed to operate at output 35 K (-238 ° C) or below; tab) designed to operate with a capacity for hazopodib "GERMANY1UA110050153527751.17838
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Galvanized Pipes Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Galvanized Pipes Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Віакон Україна"""
Importer Address
03191, Київ, Вільямса, д.4 Україна
Exporter Name ViaCon sp.z.o.o.
Product Description
1.Z'yednannya pipes of galvanized stali- bandage w.........
HS Code 7307998000Value 148.9867464
Quantity 0Unit UA205020
Net Weight 66.28
Origin Country POLAND

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