Ukraine Import Data of Gall | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gall

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of gall collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of gall imports.

Gall Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Gall

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173073110001. Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis) living (aquaculture) bezpervynnoyi of packaging art. 192753. Net net weight 153 kg. Date catching 26/04 / 17r. Expiry date 05.10.17 r.Vyrobnyk Laguna SNC Di FaccioM.E Sgubin C.,. (CE-IT-F4957) .Krayina manufacturing-IT. .ITALY0UA100120153387.2740976 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/2017407110000"1.Yaytsya fresh in their shells, poultry (chicken Gallus domesticus) fertilized for incubation final hybrid meat and egg cross" "Farm" "- 14400 pieces. (Without primary packaging is not intended for retail sale) Origin - Hungary (HU). "HUNGARY14400UA3051609791970.62737
29/Apr/20173821000010Cultural 1.Seredovyscha for growing microorganisms: nutritional seredovyschazahalnoho purpose: (M028) Peptone Water Peptonna water 500g art. M028-500G-2 pcs. (M044) Dextrose Broth soup 500g sugar art. M044-500G -1sht. (M065) Deoxycholate Citrate Agar deoxycholate-citrate agar 100g art. M065-100G -1sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purple 500hart. M083-500G -10sht. (M099) Simmons Citrate Agar agar Simmons citrate 500hart. M099-500G -8sht. (M104) Candida Medium Medium with bismuth for hrybivCandida 500g art. M104-500G -1sht. (M1418) HiCrome UTI Agar, Modified 500g art.M1418-500G -1sht. (M202) Cary - Blair Medium Base (Transport Medium w / o Charcoal) 500g art. M202-500G -2sht. (M204) Buffered Glycerol Saline Base, OsnovaFosfatnoho buffer with glycerol 500g art. M204-500G -1sht. (M314) Tinsdale AgarBase basis Tinsdalya agar 500g art. M314-500G -4sht. (M352) CLED Medium (with Andrade Indicator) Lactose-tsystyyovyy agar (indicator Andrede ibromt ymolovym blue) 500g art. M352-500G -1sht. (M450) Tryptose Blood Agar Basewith Yeast Extract basis tryptoznoho blood agar with yeast ekstraktom500h art. M450-500G -1sht. (M882) Diphtheria Virulence Agar Base 500g art.M882-500G -2sht. (M972) Bile Esculin Agar agar gall-eskulynovyy 500g art.M972-500G -2sht. FD006) Campylobacter Supplement-I (Blaser-Wang) dlyakampilobakteriy additive, and art. FD006-5VL -1sht. (FD018) Middlebrook OADC GrowthSupplement art. FD018-1VL -6sht. (FD019) Middlebrook ADC Growth SupplementRostova additive for ADC Mycobacterium art. FD019-1VL -2sht. (M081) MacConkey Agarwith CV, NaCl and 0,15% Bile Salts AharMakKonki with Crystal and 0.15% of bile salts 500g art. M081-500G -4sht. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple BulyonMakKonki 500g of bromocresol purple art. M083-500G -6sht. (M130) Rogosa SLAgar, Agar Rogoza SL 500 grams art. M130-500G -20sht. (M198) Middlebrook 7H9 BrothBase basis Midlbruka 7H9 broth 500g art. M198-500G -1sht. (M199) Middlebrook7H10 Agar Base 500g art. M199-500G -1sht. (M770) Mannitol Motility Test MediumNapivridke medium with mannitol 500g art. M770-500G -1sht. (M826) Hugh LeifsonMedium Hugh medium-Leyfsona 500g art. M826-500G -1sht. (OD001) GI-plusupakovka 10 pieces of art. OD001-1PK -5sht. (RM002) Beef Extract Powder M'yasnyyekstrakt dry 500g art. RM002-500G-1am. (RM1049) Meat Peptone P Tire Meat peptone, Type R 500g art. RM1049-500G-1am. (FD014) Supplement (Perfringens TSC Supplement) Addition of tsykloserynomT.SC art. FD014-5VL -3sht. (FD068) Sulpha Supplement Selektyvnaya additive forallocation salmonellas art. FD068-5VL -5sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base 500g Osnovashokoladnoho agar art. M103-500G-1am. (M083) MacConkey Broth Purple Broth McConkie of bromocresol purpurnym500h art. M083-500G -16sht. (M103) Chocolate Agar Base Base aharu500h chocolate art. M103-500G-1am. (M144) Columbia Blood Agar Base Base kolumbiyskoho blood agar 500hart. M144-500G -10sht. M463) Tryptone Broth (Tryptone Water) 500g art. M463-500G-1shINDIA0UA125100156.9048551.590001
29/Apr/20173214900090"1 Mortars for surface preparation for facades, interior walls of buildings, floors, ceilings, putty" "Scialbatura" "in buckets of 25 kg., Is the pasty cement and limestone mixture with the addition of acrylic polymer binder - 36 gallons; putty "" Stucco Malta 6 "" in buckets of 25 kg., is the pastobodibnu cement-limestone mix - vider.Vsoho 28 - 64 buckets.. "ITALY0UA30506016001120.797043
28/Apr/2017407110000"1.Yaytsya fresh in their shells, poultry (chicken Gallus domesticus) fertilized for incubation final hybrid chickens cross" "ROSS 308 '' - 18,000 pieces. (Without primary packaging is not intended for retail sale) Origin - Hungary ( HU). "HUNGARY18000UA30516015303005.663005
28/Apr/201738249065001. Auxiliary products for foundry production, which serve as non-stick coating for coating cores and molds in casting ingots, steel, cast iron or non-ferrous alloys, non-stick paint from magnesite, is a liquid consisting of emulsion (without the addition of emulsifiers) magnesite in an organic environment from isopropyl alcohol containing mineral component of at least 60 wt.%, not containing ethyl ether (precursors) Thermocoat. Thermocoat AMG (based on magnesite mineral component content 65-73mas.%) To 200 gallons 25kg-5000kg. .SLOVENIA0UA11011050008704.800073
28/Apr/201784821090001.Skladovi (spare) parts and accessories for agricultural machinery: - spherical ball bearing art.KB0070466 - 3pc. - Ball bearing spherical art.70464 - 1pc. - Ball bearing spherical art.70464 - 2 pcs., Country of origin - ATTorhovelna mark - GallignaniVyrobnyk - Gallignani.AUSTRIA0UA1251203.39317.3811241
28/Apr/201784821090001.Skladovi (spare) parts and accessories for agricultural machinery: - ball bearing art.KB0070403 - 4pcs., Country of origin - DETorhovelna mark - GallignaniVyrobnyk - Gallignani.GERMANY0UA1251200.7264.43037223
28/Apr/2017407110000"1.Yaytsya fresh in their shells, poultry (chicken Gallus domesticus) fertilized for incubation final hybrid meat and egg cross" "Farm" "- 18,000 pieces. (Without primary packaging is not intended for retail sale) Origin - Hungary (HU). "HUNGARY18000UA30516015302431.27071
28/Apr/20172715000091"1.Hotovi materials (mixtures) based on the NAF tovoho bitumen: -Praymer bytumnыy-3456kh, 216 gallons (by 16kg.) TU 5775-013-00289973-2010. Sumishibituminozni based naftov.bitu m ready for use, zherstyanyhvidrah .Pryznacheni for processing concrete foundation, cement and sand screeds andother surfaces before laying lnyh Roofing and hidroizolyatsiynyhmaterialiv that naplavlyayutsya.Vyrobnyk: ZAO "" Orhkrovlya "" RosiyaKrayina production-RUTorhova mark - "" Orhkrovlya "". "RUSSIA0UA80717034562612.228039
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
02140 Київ пр.Григоренко 43 УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name Laguna SNC Di FaccioM.E Sgubin C.
Product Description
1. Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis.........
HS Code 307311000Value 387.2740976
Quantity 0Unit UA100120
Net Weight 153
Origin Country ITALY

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