Ukraine Import Data of G38 | Ukraine Import Statistics of G38

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G38 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of G38

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20178539219200"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage ponad100V (domestic, non-explosive, new): photo-optical lamps, spets.pryznachennya, studio, voltage 240V, power 2000W, potik52000Lm light, 3200K color temperature, duration of burning 400h, cap G38: 64789 CP / 73 2000W 240V G38 6X1 FKK OSRAMart.AA3004600AC, EAN: 4008321654038 - 60sht .; photo-optical lamps, spec. purpose studio, voltage 240V, 2000W for tuzhnist, 52000Lm light output, color temperature 3200K, firms required burning 400h , base G38: 64789 CP / 73 2000W 240V G38 6X1 FKK OSRAM art.A A3004600AC, EAN: 4008321654038 - Country of 72sht .; and: MX; The manufacturer: OSRAM GmbH; trade mark: OSRAM.. "MEXICO132UA12523055.7041234.275201 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201784812090001. Clamps for control of power pneumatic transmissions (electromagnetic, pneumatic) for technological equipment. VUVS-L25-M52-AD-G14-F8-1B2 2pcs. VUVS-L20-M32C-AZD-G18-F7-1C1 1pcs. VUVS-L20-M32U-MD-G18-F7-1C1 1pcs. VUVS-L25-B52 -D-G14-F8-1B2 2pcs. VUWS-L25-M52-M-G14 2pcs. MFH-3-3 / 4 2pcs. VUVS-L30-M32C-AD-G38-F8 2pcs. VUVS-L30-M32U-AD -G38-F8 2pcs .MLH-5-1 / 8-B 10pcs. .CHINA0UA1251008.85370.188027
27/Apr/201739173900901.Zapasni parts tahruntoobrobnoyi seeding equipment HORSCH company, tubes and hoses, flexible plastics, other: Tube nasinnyeprovoda G38 / 0.9art.00190211 -2000 mm.Torhovelna mark HORSCHVyrobnyk not danyhKrayina production CZ.CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1252700.616.7701711
25/Apr/201773072980001. Pneumatic stainless steel ring for production equipment. NPQM-L-G18-Q8-P10 2pcs .NPQH-T-Q8-E-P10 1pc .NPQH-D-G38-Q10-P10 1pc .NPQH-D-G14-Q10-P10 1pc .NPQH-L-G14- Q6-P10 10pcs .NPQH-D-G12-Q10 60pcs .NPQH-L-G14-Q6-P10 180pcs .NPQH-L-G18-Q6-P10 2300pcs .NPQH-L-G14-Q6-P10 170pcs .NPQH-D -G12-Q10 10pcs NPQH-D-G12-Q10 10pcs .NPQH-D-M5-Q6-P10 10pcs .NPQH-D-G18-Q6-P10 10pcs. NPQH-D-G14-Q8-P10 10pcs .NPQH-D-G38-Q8-P10 10pcs. NPQM-D-G14-Q8-P10 6pcs. .ITALY0UA12510055.9531931.449922
25/Apr/201774122000001.Fitynhy pneumatic brass for obladnannya.D of technological-1 / 2I-1A 10sht.NPFC-T-2G38-R38-FMF 2sht.NPFC-T-G38-2R38-FMM 3sht.NPFC-T-2G14-R14-FMF 1pc . .ITALY0UA1251001.41527.24594195
25/Apr/201784812090001.Elektromahnitni valves (pnevmorozpodilyuvachi) - power pneumatic control valves dlyatehnolohychnoho transmission equipment. VUVS-L20-M52-AD-G18-F7-1C1 1sht.VUVS-L25-M52-MD-G14-F8-1C1 1sht.VUVS-L30-M52-MD-G38-F8-1C1 1sht.VUVS-L20-M52 -MD-G18-F7 4sht.MFH-5-1 / 4-B 2sht.VUVS-L20-M32C-AD-G18-F7-1C1 3sht.VUVS-L20-M52-AD-G18-F7-1C1 1sht.MFH -5-1 / 4-B 2 pcs. .CHINA0UA1251003.947193.090969
25/Apr/201784819000001.Plyta pnevmorozpodilyuvachiv block installation - part of the pneumatic valve control of technological equipment. VABM-B10-20-G38-8-P53 1am. .CHINA0UA1251000.81512.53669486
25/Apr/20177412200000Pneumatic brass for 1.Fitynhy of technological equipment. NPFC-T-3G18-F 40sht.NPFC-T-3G14-F 40sht.NPFC-S-2G18-F 40sht.NPFC-S-2G14-F 40sht.NPFC-R-G14-G18-MF-R 40sht.NPFC -G12-G14-MF 40sht.E 1 / 8-1 / 4-MS 2sht.E 1 / 4-1 / 4-MS 5sht.E 1 / 4-3 / 8-MS-3 2sht.E / 8-1 / 2-MS 2sht.NPFC-R-G12-G14-MF 4sht.NPFC-L-R12-G12-MF 2sht.NPFC-R-G14-G18-MF 4sht.NPFC-R-G38-G14 -MF 2sht.NPFC-T-2G14-R14-FMF 5sht.NPFC-T-2G14-R14-FMF 5sht.D 1 / 4I-1 / 2A 10sht.NPFC-R-G12-G14-MF 5pcs. .ITALY0UA1251007.613131.3260025
25/Apr/201773072980001.Fitynhy pneumatic collet stainless steel of technological obladnannya.NPQM-D-G14F-Q10-P10 4sht.NPQM-D-Q14-E-P10 3sht.NPQM-L-Q14-E-P10 3sht.NPQM-L-G38 -Q14-P10 2 pcs. .ITALY0UA1251000.55117.80743029
25/Apr/201785076000001.Litiy-ion battery suhozaryadni with gel electrolyte, with hrafitovymelektrodom to mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and vacuum cleaners, battery Li-Ion 1860mA / h 3.7V to 25gr Model SM-G850 kat.№GH43-04278A-31sht ., battery Li-Ion 2200m / h 25gr to the model SM-G388F, kat.№GH43-04433A, 2 pcs., Battery Li-ion 2600 mA / h 30hr 4.35V to model GT-I9500kat.№GH43-03833A -88sht. , Battery Li-ion 3.7V 4000m / h 80hr to modeliGT-P6200 kat.№GH43-03615C-38sht., battery Li-Ion 3.7V, 250 mA / h, 20hr the model SM-R7200kat.№GH43-04532B -2sht ., Battery Li-ion 3.7V, 7900mA / h, 70hr modeliSM to-T800 kat.№GH43-04159C -4sht., battery Li-Ion 3220 mA / h , 3.7V, 52 December domodeli SM-N910-kat.№GH43-04309A 38sht., Battery Li-ion December 35, 1900mA / h 3.7 V to model GT-I9192kat.№GH43-03944A -6sht., Battery Li- Ion 4600mA / h 85hr to model GT-N5100kat.№GH43-03786B -8sht., Battery Li-ion 4900mA / h 82hr 3.8V to model SM-T700kat.№GH43-04206C-23sht., Akumuyaltor Li-Ion 3.7V, 200 mA / h to 10g model SM-R360, kat.№GH43-04611B -7sht. Battery 21.6V Li-lon, 2000m / h to 336hr modeliVS60K6050KW kat.№DJ96-00205A -1sht.VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REP. OF248UA12511011.9831384.635642
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G38 Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

G38 Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Підприємство зі 100% іноземною інвестицією ""ЛЕДВАНС"""
Importer Address
03680, м.Київ, вул.Ділова, 5
Exporter Name OSRAM GmbH
Product Description
"1.Lampy electric bulbs, halogen-tungsten, voltage.........
HS Code 8539219200Value 1234.275201
Quantity 132Unit UA125230
Net Weight 55.704
Origin Country MEXICO

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