Ukraine Trade Data of Fuse 6a Imports Under HS Code 39

Lookup Ukraine trade data of fuse 6a imports under HS code 39. Check Ukraine import trading parters of fuse 6a

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
04/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passenger a / m new art.0128100413 - plastic-Clip 4 pieces. art.0155305933 - plastic - clips plastic-10pc. art.0155310501 - clips - clips plastic-7sht. art.0155330001 - PLASTIC - plastic-clip 20pcs. art.0155330001 - PLASTIC - PLASTIC clips, 4 pieces. art.11296AG000 - clips - Plugs Radiator 1am. art.214401LA0A - ZAHLUSHKARADIATORA-1am. art.214401LA0A - Plugs Radiator 1am. art.214401LA0A -ZAHLUSHKA Radiator 1am. art.214401LA0A - Plugs Radiator 1am. art.215684EA0A- KREPIZH PLASTIC-1am. art.242101XJ0B - plastic-clip 2 pcs. art.243824BA0D- plastic cap fuse box, 1pc. art.243834BA0A - PLASTYKOVYYKORPUS-1am. art.26398ED000 - clips plastic-10pc. art.286268H90A - KLIPSYPLASTYKOVI-1am. art.321031MG0A - a plastic cover, 1 pc. art.4003792G00- PLASTIC CAP SNYY pro-1am. art.4003792G00 - plastic ZAHYSNYYKOVPACHOK-4 pieces. art.4003792G00 - plastic protective cap, 1pc. art.403431CJ4A- PLASTIC wheel-cap 1pc. art.62228CA010 - clips - PIDKRYLOK forward-1am. art.638434CB0A - PIDKRYLOK PEREDNIYLIVYY-1am. art.63843EL05B - ​​Lockers-1am. art.638468H300 - KLIPSYPLASTYKOVI-2 pcs. art.63848D4001 - clips plastic-3pc. art.63854JG000 -KOMPLEKT PLASTIC mud guards, 1pc. art.638611KA0A - wheel arch linings, arch lining wing-1am. art.638614CE0A - arch lining - plastic moldings, 1pc. art.727524CC0B - Molding LOBOVOHOSKLA-1am. art.727524CC0B - moldings, windshield 1am. art.739781FC0A -NAKLADKA-1am. art.739981KA0A - clips plastic-3pc. art.758924CB0A -PLASTYKOVYY engine protection, 1pc. art.767481MA0B - Lockers-1am. art.768501CJ5A -NAKLADKA the threshold-1am. art.768511KA0A - lining the threshold-1am. art.768523UB1A -NAKLADKA on the front wings, 1pc. art.768820M000 - PLASTIC - plastic moldings, 1pc. art.788604CE0A- arch lining wing-1am. art.806401BF1A - plastic door handles, - Clip-5pcs PLASTIC. art.826071KA0A - plastic RUCHKADVEREY-1am. art.82850JG00A - clips plastic-1am. art.82892JG00D - PLASTYKOVANAKLADKA-1am. art.82892JG00D - plastic lining-1am. art.84979JN20A- pad on the boot floor, 1 pc. art.85089JG00A - plastic moldings, - clips plastic-10pc. art.90901JG00D - PLASTYKOVANAKLADKA-1am. art.96401JJ52A- Sunglasses KOZYROK-1am. art.964201KA0A - plastic - Holder glass-1am. art.H08001KA00 - Side deflectors DVEREYK-T 1pc. art.H08001KA00 - deflector side doors KT-2sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - NissanVyrobnyk - Nissan International SAJAPAN0.00UA12519017.241,153.77 ***** 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
03/Apr/201739263000901.Zapasni parts from plastic, Decorative any passenger a / m new art.0155305933 - plastic clips, 10pc. art.0155305933 - KLIPSAPLASTYKOVA-13sht. art.0155309611 - Clip-5pcs PLASTIC. art.0155309611 - KLIPSYPLASTYKOVI-16sht. art.11296AG000 - clips plastic-12p. art.243824BA1B -KRYSHKA fuse box, 1pc. art.286594CD3A - plastic lining on OMYVACHFAR-1am. art.4003792G00 - plastic protective cap-4 pieces. art.6384801G00 -KLIPSY plastic-2 pcs. art.63854JG000 - KIT PLASTIC mud guards, - clips plastic-1am. art.65722AL500 - PLASTIC - PLASTIC Clip-5pcs. art.66916VC300 - - plastic moldings, 2 pcs. art.727251AN0A - PLASTYKOVIMOLDYNHY-1am. art.727521AA0A- rear window Frame-1am. art.758924GE0A - Motor protection - PLASTIC clips, 4 pieces. art.768820M000 - clips - arch lining wing-1am. art.8085089921- clip plastic-8 pieces. art.80 85089922- clip plastic-10pc. art.8094440U00- plastic cover, 1 pc. art.84920JN20A - plastic - Clip-5pcs PLASTIC. art.85284AL510 - PLASTIC - plastic lining-1am. art.969384U01A- clip plastic-8 pieces. art.96938ED000- plastic-Clip 4 pieces. art.H08001KA00- deflector side doors KT-3sht.Krayina origin - YaponiyaKrayina production - JPTorhovelna mark - NissanVyrobnyk - Nissan International SAJAPAN0.00UA1251906.21365.61 *****
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