Ukraine Import Data of Furnace Tray | Ukraine Import Statistics of Furnace Tray

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of furnace tray collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of furnace tray imports.

Furnace Tray Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Furnace Tray

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
26/Apr/20178514108000"1.Pechi industrial, electric, thermal processing of materials, resistance furnace, furnace ZnF500 -1sht. New. Unassembled for easy transportation. Civilian use. For its production potreb.Model: ZnF500. Series: DMF2016-029.Pryznachena AH destruction of tungsten carbide with molten tsynkom.Skladayetsya: -Korpus furnace (inner shell: 12mm, outer shell: 8 mm.) -1sht, the system of vacuum pump N-150-300CFM -1sht; -Basic vacuum pump ZJY-600-1200CFM -1sht , the system of vacuum solenoid valve -1sht DN150, DN150 solenoid valve -Basic -1sht, the system of vacuum valve pneumatically operated DN40 -1sht; -Pnevmatychno controlled vacuum valve -3sht DN16, DN16 ball valve -Vakumnyy -3sht; -Eoektromahnitnyy valve DN40 -2sht, the system of vacuum gauge Maxwell -1sht; -Hrafitovi heating elements and accessories -1komplekt, installation-chart -1 set, power-chart -1sht; -mechanism mounting -1sht; -Rozkydach -1sht; -Teploobminnyk cooling -3sht; -Korobka thermal insulation kit -1; -Syste ma rapid cooling kit -1, -1 set -Filtr ; -Podviyna thermocouple -2sht; -Transformator -2sht; -Pnevmatychno controlled regulator -1sht; -Kolona oholo TION -8 sets of water; -1komplekt system of vacuum gauge, pressure -Peretvoryuvach -2 kit, electric -1sht -Peremykach pressure, water flow -Permykach -4sht; -PLC -1komplekt communication module, control-panel -2sht; -Tyhli graphite ( -24sht graphite trays, connecting tubes -12sht, covers -4sht) -1 set, the shell part that comes oven: -1sht thermocouple, graphite heating elements -1 kit, sealing -1komplekt ceramic parts -1komplekt; Part that comes electrical components, fuse RS0-300A / 500V -2sht; trilateral module MTS500 / 1500V -1sht; switch DZ47-60C, 1P, 15A -1sht; -5sht fuse 2A; -2sht fuse 6A; Electric switches MY2NJ, DC24V -1sht; Trigger plate (three phase 4-20mA) -1sht.Produktyvnist: 500kg / batch of recovered powder. Min / Max operating temperature: 316 ° C / 1038 ° S.Typ heating oven oporu.Elektryka: 380V, 50Hz, 260kVA Trademark: DMFKrayina production: CN.Vyrobnyk: Zhuzhou Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace Co., Ltd. "CHINA0UA11012016623206800.0001 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
19/Apr/20179025198098"1.Termopary with a metal tube: 2xNiCr-Ni / K (length 1025mm diameter 20mm) -5sht., Metal tube made of steel 1.4232 thermal elements designed to measure temperature in the furnace through-hardening RHO4 by creating thermoelectric power with temperature and issuance of DC voltage to the controlling device. The thermocouple is welded to one end of the two heat-resistant wires with a diameter of 2 mm and a length of 1 m. These wires are refractory metal tube (under a metal tube are ceramic refractory mo "" section ""). At the other end of the wire is to connect the terminal compensation wires. One wire made of Ni-Cr-Si alloy, the other - with Ni-Si alloy. Action thermocouple is based on the principle of heating the junction of two various electrical conductors (wires) that give rise to electromotive force proportional to the temperature of their heating. The maximum operating temperature 1000hrad.S. thermocouple to use is. adv otovlennya year 2017. packed in cardboard boxes and placed on the Tree "" yanyy tray. Producer: "" Riva Sp.zoo "", PL. Trademark Riva. "POLAND5UA2050908941.2173064
19/Apr/20177326909890"1. Baskets (buckets) of iron or steel: SSO4- oven for 10 pieces. (Heat-resistant steel 1.4848 (X14CrNi25-21), 650h250h110mm basket size). Represent element loading mechanism of industrial gas furnace SSO4, intended for hardening metal parts (parts bearing) on ​​the basis of high-temperature heating, cooling and annealing. Made by welding. The bottom of the basket containing cut openings. Equipped with the sides of the metal protrusions rounded for installation. specifications: Max. working temperature deg. C-900, where the maximum weight avenues that can be placed in korzyni- 10kg. Baskets (buckets) of iron or steel: Kiln RVFOQ-424R- 2 pcs. (heat-resistant steel 1.4845 (X12CrNi25-21), 150h610h920mm basket size). Represent element loading mechanism industrial vacuum furnace dvohkamernyh electric furnaces RVFOQ-424R, designed for hardening metal parts based on their heating in a vacuum environment and further cooling in hartuvalni and oil. Made of heat-resistant steel bars, which "" are joined together by welding. The bottom basket special strengthened stripes. Baskets were used, year 2017. issue is packed on trees "" yanyy tray. Specifications PokaznykyMaks. operating temperature, gr.S 1150Maksymalna weight parts that can be placed in a basket, basket 400Habaryty kg mm 150h610h920Vyrobnyk- RIVA Sp. Z oo, PL. Trademark: RIVA.Korzyny not in use, the year 2016 issue is Vyrobnyk- RIVA Sp. Z oo, PL. Trademark: no danyh.Upakovano on trees "" yanyy pallet. "POLAND0UA205090190.510061.32623
18/Apr/201785169000001.Chastyny ​​household microwave ovens and minihlibopichok LG: nakladkaplastykova buttons microwave oven model MH-6346QM art.MFM30387304-2sht., Drive rotation plastic plate of microwave model MC-8087TRRart.5889W2A015M-1 pc., Plastic plates ring rotation MH6021N art microwave pechimodeli .5889W2A015Y, 2 pcs., plastic housing cap mikrohvylovoyipechi model MH-6646GQM art.3052W3M011C-4 pieces., glass tray for oven posudumikrohvylovoyi model MB-3744W-art.3390W1A035D 10pc., glass tray dlyaposudu microwave art.3390W1G012B-1pc., capacity baking x ibaminihlibopechi model HB-156JE art.5306FB2074A-1pc. pad plastic zknopkamy minihlibopechi art.EBZ60822108-2sht. pad buttons plastykovamikrohvylovoyi furnace model MB3949G art.MFM61853703-1sht., glass tray dlyaposudu microwave models MB-3744W art.3390W1A035D- 1 pc., capacity dlyavypikannya bread minihlibopechi model HB-156JE art.5306FB2074A-3pc., nakladkaplastykova buttons minihlibopechi art.EBZ60822103-2sht., capacity for vypikannyahliba minihlibopechi model HB-156JE art.5306FB2074A-1pc. pad plastykovadekoratyvna microwave door art .ADC74905801-1sht., plastic plate ykovaz buttons minihlibopechi art.EBZ60822108-3sht., Country of origin - KRTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA10001012.495196.0998294
13/Apr/201776151090001. PALLETS ALUMINUM baking bread in furnaces, NEW: BT burger tray under 59H80SM-4 pieces., BT perforated trays 80H100SM-15SHT., BT trays Baguette 80H100SM-20SHT.VYHOTOVLENI BY SHTAMPUVANNYA.VYKORYSTOVUYUTSYA as a universal auxiliary devices for baking bread furnaces dough blanks laid out on pallets, trays are placed on a cart, WHICH laminated the oven for baking. ALSO USED FOR TRANSPORTATION dough preparations and finished products during production. Manufactured by SHTAMPUVANNYA.VYROBNYK TEKSAN END. FIRIN MAK. SAN. VE TIC. LTD. STI. Country of TR. .TURKEY0UA902050150705.0000724
12/Apr/201773239900001.Vyroby ferrous metals: accessories for electric furnaces, metal tray to modeliBT63ASSTR kat.№DG63-00012A -3sht. .THAILAND0UA1251103.6616.72579991
06/Apr/201773239900001.Vyroby ferrous metals: accessories for electric furnaces, metal tray to modeliBT63ASSTR kat.№DG63-00011A -2sht., Metal tray to model BT63ASSTR / SBWkat.№DG63-00012A-2 pcs. .THAILAND0UA1251104.45924.4519027
06/Apr/201785169000001.Chastyny ​​household microwave ovens and minihlibopichok LG: cap korpusaplastykova microwave models MB-3744US-art.3052W1M014B 1pc., Zahlushkakorpusa microwave plastic model MB-3744US art.3052W1M014B-5pcs., Plug shell plastic microwave model MH-6646GQMart. 3052W3M011C-4pcs., plug shell plastic microwave-modeliMH 6646GQM art.3052W3M011C-4 pieces., glass tray for microwave dishes pechimodeli MB-3744W-art.3390W1A035D 1pc., container for baking bread minihlibopechimodeli HB-156JE art.5306FB2074A-1am. , container for baking bread minihl bopechimodeli HB-202CE art.5306FB2100A-1pc., ring plate rotation plastykovemikrohvylovoyi furnace art.5889W2A018C-1pc., cover with plastic knopkamyminihlibopechi art.EBZ60822108-1sht., plastic pad with buttons minihlibopechiart.EBZ60822108-4sht., a plastic cover with microwave buttons modeliMS oven-2348DRB art.MFM54169402-1sht., plastic pad with buttons mikrohvylovoyipechi events ales MS2548DRKS art.MFM54169405-2sht., cover with plastic knopkamymikrohvylovoyi furnace model MC-7642ES art.MFM54169501-2sht., Country of origin - KRTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG Electronics Inc.KOREA,REPUBLIC OF0UA1000102.10598.03988355
03/Apr/201785169000001.Chastyny ​​household microwave ovens and minihlibopichok LG: glass tray dlyaposudu microwave art.3390W1G012B-1pc., Cover with plastic knopkamymikrohvylovoyi furnace model MS-1949X-art.350681A001C 1pc. Pad plastic models zknopkamy microwave MS1949G art.MFM61853602-1sht ., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - LGVyrobnyk - LG ELECTRONICS TIANJIN APPLIANCES. .CHINA0UA1000101.0159.010150899
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Furnace Tray Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Furnace Tray Importer Sample

Date 26/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Техпоставка"""
Importer Address
м.Дніпропетровськ, 49000, вул.Миронова, буд.8, кв.25
Exporter Name Zhuzhou Diyuan Powder Metallurgy Furnace Co., Ltd.
Product Description
"1.Pechi industrial, electric, thermal processing .........
HS Code 8514108000Value 206800.0001
Quantity 0Unit UA110120
Net Weight 16623
Origin Country CHINA

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