Ukraine Import Data of Funny | Ukraine Import Statistics of Funny

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of funny collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of funny imports.

Funny Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Funny

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20176307901000"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse, 7 cm, set of 4 pcs., Polyester, plastic art. 20-7008 - 24 nabIhrashka d / cats, mice, 6 cm, set of 2 pieces, polyester, artificial fur art. 20-7009 - 6 nabIhrashka d \ cats, funny HARRY 33 cm, set 3 pcs., plush, polyester art. 20-7010 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on wheels, 11 cm, set of 2 pieces, plastic, polyester art. 20-7011 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat colored mouse, d = 4,5cm, in a set of 4 pieces., plush nylon art. 20-7029 - 6 nabIhrashka d / cat pink bird, XL, 12cm , plush, long '' I art. 20-7030 - 6 ShTIhrashka d / cats MY HEART, 5h6cm in set 2 pcs., plush, polyester, feather art. 20-7050 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, mouse JAZZY, 7cm, a set 3pc. asort.koloriv plush and polyester, feather art. 20-7053 - 3 nabIhrashka d / cat, funny mouse on WHEELS 11 cm, plastic, polyester, plush art. 20-7411 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats GOOD mouse, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7422 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats, mice, gerbils, a platter. 5 cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7424 - 36 ShTIhrashka d / m cats "" yachyk ZEBRA BALL, a platter., d = 4cm, plush art. 20-7426 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cat, spotted mice, 5cm, plush, polyester art. 20-7440 - 12 ShTDrazhnylka d / cats, flying mouse with a bell assorted, 46 cm, plastic, plush art. 20-7506 - 60 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE1, angular, 52H27H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8002 - 20 ShTZatochka-board A / cats THE EDGE2, angular, 80H28H1sm, plush, cardboard art. 20-8003 - 12 ShTHamak for rodents "" Smooth & Relax "" S, 18h18sm, polyester, plush art. 20-9001 - 12 ShTIhrashka d / cats gray mouse with audio, 5 cm ,, polyester, rubber, plush art. 20-7415 - 24 ShTIhrashka d / cats Mouse MIX, in a set of 4 pcs., Plush art. 20-7005 - 12 pc "CHINA0UA10107031.73379.6022011 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179503004100"1.Ihrashky as animals or other creatures m'yakonabyvni: Toy m" "is an interactive" "Funny Kitten" "art.C1156-24sht, Producer" "Hasbro SA" (the factory "Foshan City Nanhai Forward Winsome Toys Co., Ltd "China) trademark HASBRO, Country of origin CN;."CHINA0UA10012010.944418.317973
28/Apr/201796081099001.Ruchky roller (with variable core structure - wood): art.MO7442-04 / 10175676 Funny wooden pens-30sht, art.MO7442-10 / 10175677 Funny wooden pens-30sht, art.MO7442-48 / 10175678 Funny wooden pens-30sht. Total 90sht. .CHINA90UA2091400.9954.86969018
26/Apr/20179503004900"1.Ihrashky in the form of animals or other creatures, except people with plastics Funny Monster Art Fisher-Price. DRG13 - 360 pieces; Interactive Teaching robot BiBel (Rus.) Fisher-Price Art. FBC98 - 90 pieces; Country of CNTorhovelna MATTELVyrobnyk brand Mattel, Inc.. "CHINA0UA1001103064623.556126
25/Apr/20171704906500"1. Confectionery in the form of gum or jelly, including fruit paste (marmalade) as confectionery tsukru.Haribo." "Goldbaeren" "/ Golden Bear Candy 100g. -58500up.Haribo." "Goldbaeren" "/ Candy GOLDEN bear 200g. -12150up.Haribo. "" Cherries "" / Candy Funny CHERRY 200g. -4860up.Haribo. "" TropiFrutti "" / Tropical Fruit Candy 100g. -3900up.Haribo. "" Dinosaurier "" / Candy 200g dinosaurs. -2430up.Haribo. "" Starmix "" / Star Candy mix 100g. -7800up.Haribo. "" Happy Cola "" / Candy Fun Circles 200g. -7290up.Torhovelna HariboVyrobnyk brand Haribo production GmbH.Krayina AT. "AUSTRIA0UA1002101236641562.98244
24/Apr/20179026208000"1. Confectionery products in the form of gum or jelly, including fruit paste (marmalade) in the form of sugar confectionery.Haribo." Goldbaeren "" / Candy GOLDEN VEDMEDI 100g. -58500p.Haribo. "Goldbaeren" "/ GOLD candies VEDMEDI 200g. -12150.Haribo. "Cherries" "/ Sweets Sweets 200g. -4860y.Haribo." "TropiFrutti" / Candy TROPIC FRUITS 100g. -3900p.Haribo. "Dinosaurier" / Candy DINOZAVRIE 200g. -2430p.Haribo. "Starmix" "/ Candy Star Mix 100g. -7800p.Haribo." Happy Cola "/ Candy Funny Cola 200g. -7290p. Haribo Brand Manufacturer Haribo GmbH. The manufacturer of AT."GERMANY4UA1251200.86225.719884
24/Apr/20174016930090"1.Ihrashky in the form of animals or other creatures, except people with plastics Funny Monster Art Fisher-Price. DRG13 - 360 pieces; Interactive Teaching robot BiBel (Rus.) Fisher-Price Art. FBC98 - 90 pieces; Country of CNTorhovelna MATTELVyrobnyk brand Mattel, Inc.. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1251900.29.26428153
21/Apr/20179603293000"1.Schitky hair plastics flat brush for styling hair., Art.F1755400-192sht. (2 Cor.) Round brush for styling., Art.F1788100-54sht. (3kor.) Sophisticated brush hair mirror, art.F6176000-360sht. (3kor.) brush hair Funny fruit. -Plastic materials ABS, nylon, rubber. for children from 3 years., art.F6938900-120sht. (1 Cor.) The skeletal hairbrush , art.F8655900-36sht. (1 Cor.) Massage brush dlyavolossya., art.F9624100-72sht. (3kor.) Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - Ningbo Jiangbei Welong Plastic Products Co., Ltd. "CHINA834UA10021040.76622.0961049
21/Apr/201795030095001. Toys plasmasovi (unpowered) - rattles for babies, booklets, blocks with rattles function (beeper, bell): 2/084 Toy-booklet (changes color) Bear sht.2 96/150 Beanbag cow sht.2 108/167 clash. to cart turtles and octopus sht.2 12/237 rushing Beanbag ball sht.2 72/268-Teeth units Beanbag Magic Pen sht.2 288/450 Beanbag colored balls sht.2 480/459-Teeth units Beanbag Funny animals sht.2 72 / 630 Beanbag Bear with koralykamy sht.2 288/664 Beanbag Three balls sht.2 96/709-booklet Toy Cat soft beeper sht.2 100/717 Beanbag to cart giraffes and monkeys sht.2 12/727 Beanbag to cart Butterflies sht.2 24/804 Beanbag Ball sht.2 288/874 Beanbag Snail / butterfly sht.2 288/886 sht.2 Beanbag Phone 288/887 144 sht.2 Beanbag Wheel / 888 Beanbag dumbbells sht.68 240/017 IG Raska-booklet plush developing cauliflower ocean sht.74 12/009-booklet soft toy with beeper colored animals sht.81 24/001 Beanbag "Lollipop" sht.81 48/003 Brya zkaltse "Fish-Whale" 96 sht.81 / 004 Beanbag "Hrobachok" 192 sht.Vyrobnyk: Xerlon, Unhin Enterprise Company, CN for Canpol, PL Trade mark: Canpol babiesCHINA0UA2050902133369.839906
20/Apr/20173307900000"1.Kosmetychni agents not aerosol packaging: Children agent dlyakupannya" "Funny paint. Mixed pear" "series Naturals Kids, 100 mlart.F7026000-77 items (1 Cor) Country of origin - RUTorhovelna mark - AVONVyrobnyk - OOO" " Avon Products BEAUTY Kompani "". "RUSSIA0UA1002108.9328.67090936
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Funny Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Funny Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю 'ДІАМАНТ ЗОО'
Importer Address
10001, м. Житомир, вул. Ватутіна б.91/1, УКРАЇНА
Exporter Name ООО «Солей»
Product Description
"1. Goods tvarynIhrashka d / cats, fantastic mouse.........
HS Code 6307901000Value 379.6022011
Quantity 0Unit UA101070
Net Weight 31.73
Origin Country CHINA

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